This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Emmanuel Ogunbor. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Bisola Fatimah Ahmed on August 22, 2021
May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Nkiru Onwughalu on August 15, 2021
Heaven has gained an Angel! Although I never had the privilege of meeting you in person, I learnt a lot about you through my dear friend Ruth Otaru. I always respected and admired the values you imbibed in her. Your gentleness, kindness and love shines through her. Although you are now in heaven, Your legacy lives on! Rest on in God’s Bosom till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Blessing Ogunbor on August 8, 2021
Thank you Daddy for your prayers and blessings. I am glad I had the opportunity of knowing your sweet personality. I enjoyed the quality time we spent together and always looked forward to hearing your sweet soft voice on the phone. You will surely be missed. Sleep well daddy and continue to Rest in Peace. 
                              Blessing Ogunbor. ( Daughter in-law)
Posted by Michael Otaru on August 8, 2021
A calm demeanor! That gentle smile! Awesome and welcoming personality who always made you feel extra special no matter the time of day.

As we had long discussions on various topics ranging from the health and well being of our loved ones, all the way to politicking and the economies of Nigeria, Africa, and the globe in general; the wisdom of a man well travelled always wins the day as he gently and quietly tells me that as long as we are steadfast as a people and we contribute our best as individuals, we will always triumph.

He was non-judgmental in all his interactions, and is one of the few people that made me feel I should always strive to be better.

I will forever miss the "Great One" who embraced me into his flock as my second father...a beautiful mind has gone from us and there is no replica/duplicate for the one who called me...Mickey Joe!

Rest Now & Rest In Power, Engineer E.A. Ogunbor!
Posted by Izoduwa Ayoade on August 8, 2021
* Dear grandpa, I miss you and even though you are not here, you are one of my favorite loved one. Rest in peace*

Ethan Ogunbor
(Grand son)
Posted by Christian O on August 6, 2021
Dear grandpa in heaven, thank you for everything you’ve done for our family. You came almost every year and that was a constant in my life. Every moment with you was so enjoyable. I love you so dearly and I will miss you so much. I love you grandpa rest in peace.
Posted by Lauryn O on August 6, 2021
Every visit with my grandpa was filled with laughter, love, and knowledge. When grandpa visited, we would always go into his room after waking up to do our daily exercises. Those exercises in the morning made me feel that I could conquer any challenge I might face during the day. Grandpa, thank you for all the love and memories you shared with us. I’ll always remember you with a smile. My loving grandpa, you will be forever loved and forever missed.

Rest in Peace, Grandpa. ❤️

Lauryn Ogunbor (Granddaughter)
Posted by Ade Ayoade on August 6, 2021
Dear daddy, we hate to see you go and we mourn your passing every day but we thank God for your life well spent, family left behind and those whose lives you’ve impacted positively. We know that you are in the Lord’s bosom and guided by the heavenly angels. Your memories will remain with us forever. Rest In Peace till we meet again (son in law)
Posted by Tiey Rex on August 5, 2021
Dear Big Uncle
I remember every time you saw me you would say my name in a special way. You always emphasized the "Zo" in my name! Then you would ask what I was up to. And I would tell you plenty story just to say what I was doing whether working or business. And you would end by saying "o be vba o. Well done" Uruese kakabo uncle for always taking the time. We miss you big uncle. Rest in peace. From Omozo Ogunronbi

Posted by Zizi Frederick-Amadasun on August 4, 2021
Daddy! As I always called you.

When I heard of your passing I couldn't comprehend a thing all through that day,I was sad.

Too many things going through my head... So, I won't be seeing him in family gatherings again, so he is not going to ask me "Where is your daddy" any more, we are no longer going to have conversations about work and school again.

Hmmm! You always knew and wanted to know what I was doing and what my next steps were.

Thank you Uncle for been there always even when you didn't know you were there,thank you.

You will forever be in my heart❤️.
Posted by EDE OBASEKI on August 2, 2021
Dear cousins
My heart reaches out to you and your families during this very difficult time. May God’s love bring each of you peace and strength.
I pray that God will comfort you , watch and guide over you like you’ve never experienced. 
Although it may seem your dad Pa Emmanuel Ogunbor is no longer here, his memory will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who loved him.
May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Please accept my deepest sympathy.
Posted by Izoduwa Ayoade on August 2, 2021
My Darling Daddy, the one who was strict and loving at the same time, how you did that still amazes me. It was hilarious when I got married and everyone wanted to know who the “Bold” young man was to have the liver to come tell you he was taking your baby girl away. I remember our first quarrel, it was the 25th of December 1999 and it lasted a while, that incident made you nickname me “OgaMadam”. Daddy, you were principled and thought us to be contented with whatever we had. Your last few months with us I will cherish for the rest of my life. I loved how we bonded how you smiled and your face lit up at seeing us, how you will hold my hands firmly, rub my back and whisper well done. Most importantly for me, how you gave your life to Christ, I cried that day, it was so up-lifting. Daddy, you were not perfect, well we all are not.
I will miss your lovely smile and how you say “OgaMadam!where have you been” anytime you miss or haven’t heard from me in a while. I thought I was strong but your demise hit me really hard. On Some days, I wake up and say “oh! I am going to see daddy today” and then reality sets in that you are gone.
Sleep well Daddy, till we meet to part no more.
( Daughter)
Posted by ORHUE O on August 1, 2021
                     Many years never to be forgotten
                             In our hearts

Echoes of laughter, histories, stories, nicknames and things you say will continue to linger in our hearts and memories will never fade away.
A protective and loving father yet strict to impact discipline. You did not know everything but grew your strength and wisdom from your parents and grandparents before them.

You have shouldered a lot of responsibilities, and experienced great pain over the years; but used your immense experience to give great counsel to others.
You have indeed showed us that this world is an institution we can never graduate from but rather just passing through. The life training you gave was never in vain.

With several milestones still to be achieved, I Thank You Daddy: For the gift of life; For keeping me strong and for letting me know that there is always a light at the end of every tunnel; For teaching me different skills and enabling me grow my talents so I am always able to turn lemons to lemonade.
Indeed, I will always be proud of, and thankful to you.

Your passing has been very hard for me but:
As your name stands "Aimuamwonosa we can not question the will of God & Emmanuel God is with us "
We will continue to stay strong and forge forward
Until we meet again, in eternal bliss.


Posted by Osamudiamen Emmanuel Ogun... on July 29, 2021

During my early age as a young boy in primary school when I first heard of the death of a class mate parent I became afraid and wished such should never befall me, even into adulthood mere thinking towards that direction still brings some sudden fear despite my strong Christian principles and faith, I usually pray inwards that it shouldn’t occur at an unprepared timing or imagine how it will come but finally it came. Today it saddens me to use the word ‘’WAS’’ to describe Daddy and not ‘’ IS’’.

Daddy during our growing up age was a disciplinarian to the core he never spared the rod on any negative action myself and my siblings exhibited, his approach was spare the rod and spoil the child. It got to a time I started thinking in my mind if he was our biological father, our friends and neighbours dared coming to our house to play with us, those who braved it to come he had a way of asking them if they had no home work to do after school, house chores or even after school lessons by the time he will put that question to them on one or two occasions they will never come to our house again. Of utmost importance to him he was interested in us getting a good education with flying colours whenever anyone is in that cadre you will observe the rod will be restrained from such a person a little.

Holidays were for extra lessons and training on vigorous house chores spanning into making large gardens in then our large compound in GRA Ikeja, if he was going to work when we were on holidays he will diplomatically calculate how many hours of lectures from our home private lesson teacher, we will have and then give farming as well as house chores that will keep us busy till they (himself and our mum) return back from work. When he comes back from work he will look at our faces and if he suspects anything that we had enough time for play he will go straight to the TV even if the TV was off he will place his hand behind the TV if it is hot or warm he will say so you people have been playing and watching TV all day’’ hence the next day he will increase the farming and house chores so that we have no time to play and some times he will just pay an impromptu visit home between 12pm and 2pm just to check on what we are doing who ever is not at home during such visits without proper permission will invite the rod on himself or herself.

Once I braved up and asked him why he was using this approach on us he said it was training and that it will help us in the future because we don’t know where we will end up or what will become of the country and world at large with respect to survival instincts and tactics same my mother said too. And through to their words it is true there is nothing that I cannot do or stand for positively today with respect to survival.

As I grew older I started to understand him more that behind that very strict front posed by him he was a very soft, cool ,caring and understanding father who want the best for his kid and people connected to him, he told me that it is the wish and prayers of every parent that the life of their kids should better than theirs anything short of this he said watch there is something playing out that is not the real heart of such parent. He told me a proverb which literarily means help me beat my child or kill my child by a parent to someone is not from the bottom of the heart of such parent.

Some of the things he personally told me he said “ I should always remember this that I have a clean and clear heart that I should maintain it and shouldn’t derail from it because it will take me far in life and even if people will plan against one it will fail as a result of my good heart”.

He imbibed in me the spirit of contentment and handwork towards ones own vision and goals. Where ever you are where you may be do not say Yes when you mean to say no and vice versa these were some of the things he shared with me I kept to heart and watched them play out they were really true word and words of gold.

He was friendly when ever we came home visiting or during our long-distance phone calls, during the last one year before his demise he usually try to call and check up on me he was really interested in my progress and he will say what is for you that you started and watered by yourself continue to work and focus on it one day you will achieve your goals. I will chat with him sometimes on his Christian status with God he will laugh and say I go to church every Sunday and I will laugh and say do you know what being born again is about it is different from church attendance he will just laugh but am glad few days before his passing away a friend of ours visited and made him rededicate his life to Christ which he did and it is the most important thing.

Two major things he wanted me to achieve that he wished to live to see as most times when he will call me he will say am not rushing you but it is a decision and choice you have to make from your heart never allow anybody influence it but you must do it and I usually promise him that I will do it, a part from that nothing else he really wanted from me as a son but happiness.

During his last days in the hospital every joke and play that I wanted to raise with him right from childhood days till now that I couldn’t do I was doing it with him on his sick bed examples his siblings call him Brother Emma, so in the hospital when am with him alone most times in order to get his attention I will call him brother Emma he will look at me and smile as if to say you calling me brother Emma you know what I would have done to you during my active days we both will just smile to each other, these events are milestone moments I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

On the morning he passed away or few minutes before his final exit from this world when I came into his private ward asking him how he was feeling today “he replied am doing fine” holding my hands tightly for a few minutes and I told him I was going to see his Doctors because he was supposed to be discharged a day before or that very day latest, it never occurred to me that in the next few minutes I will be called in that he was struggling between life and death as I watched the Doctors and Nurses struggling to revive him as I watched the readings of the oximeter on his hand fluctuating between life and death signals as well as me telling them to still try to carry out cardiac resuscitation which couldn’t bring him back and I looked at myself saying in my heart that this was the moment I dreaded most in my life it just occurred like a flash within seconds it was history.

He was a good pal to the end and am happy that he knew God before he passed away and the last prayer, he did with myself and my sister in the hospital with him praying for everyone was overwhelming. Am glad we all did everything humanly possible that we could do for him but it was just God’s time for him to go.

And with the aforementioned I won’t say goodbye but say Goodnight, Goodnight and Goodnight till we meet again on the resurrection morning. Shalom


Osamudiamen Emmanuel Ogunbor


Posted by Osarugue Iguodala on July 27, 2021
A brother, a friend and a FATHER. When the news of your passage was broken to me, I was saddened and enveloped in grief, but I remembered, "There's always a beginning and an ending", there's time for everything, (Ecc. 3:2).

A brother, a friend of humble demeanor, truthful and loving. A courageous and strong man.

A brother, a friend who loved his siblings and looked out for everybody. Ever present at all occasions; marriages, birthdays, retirements etc.

A diplomat per excellence! A rallying point!

Peace personified!

A brother, a friend who is quiet and contented. A man of honour, epitome of love who had a special concern for the welfare of all. A distinguished gentleman.

I am inspired and proud of your exemplary lifestyle.

Rest in perfect peace - A brother, a friend and a FATHER. Ughi vbie se Ovbi Oloke!

Oke ne mwinye!

Ovbiegbe no winhin, vbeko!

Iguodala Osarugue (Mrs.)
Posted by Odilile Oha on July 18, 2021
“The loss of a friend is devastating not to talk of a dear one, a father; A father of your type is a loss too many. Though we never met you but we saw you in your daughter, Orhue, and it saddened our hearts that you have to leave us too soon. Through Orhue and Micheal, we know you were a man that was loved and highly respected by everyone who met you. It is our prayer that Orhue and the others you left behind find peace, comfort and solace in the wonderful life you lived and shared with them.

Rest in peace Sir Ogunbor

Mr & Mrs CE Oha
Calgary, Canada
Posted by KOLADE ADEPOJU on July 12, 2021
Pa Ogunbor was a loving and caring father to his children and everyone that came in contact with him . May his soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord and May the Lord grant his family and loved ones the fortitude at a time like this...
Posted by OMOROGIEVA ILEKA on July 7, 2021

Dear Cousins,
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time on the demise of your beloved Dad, Pa. Emmanuel Ogunbor. The news of his glorious exit was most unexpected. A soft-spoken family man of peace; respectful, humble and a true gentleman.
I remember him fondly for his kindness to my siblings and I during our trying moments. You must take solace in the enduring values he impacted on you and the entire family.
I thank God for his life and know that his memory and legacy will continue to live in the hearts of those whose lives he touched.
It is my prayer that the Almighty God grants you and the entire family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. 
May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Posted by Aihanuwa Theresa Eregie on July 5, 2021
May your soul rest in perfect peace until the resurrection morning, when we all shall meet to part no more. Adieu Uncle.
Posted by Edugie Agbonson on July 4, 2021
Its been a few weeks now and the news of your passing still feels unreal. I would miss seeing and chatting with you most weekends while growing up,the get togethers at your house and the great memories made that cannot be erased. Sleep in peace uncle for your memory lives in our hearts.
Posted by Alenkhe Hadassah on July 3, 2021
Flight on Angels wings!!!.... ..   .......  
Your cheerfulness, your openness, your willingness, your readiness was a resolve at your later end . What a way to say good night. See you on the resurrection morning Pa Emmanuel, indeed God is with us . Adieu  Comfort and consolation for all your loved ones.
Posted by IROGUEHI BENTON on July 2, 2021
Rest in peace Uncle. Goodbye Uncle, I believe more than ever that someday we will meet again. May your soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Osayawe Agu on July 2, 2021
May the Good Lord grant him eternal rest grant him and shine perpetual light upon him. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, Rest in Perfect Peace, through God's mercy. Amen.
Posted by IKPONMWOSA OBASEKI on July 2, 2021
Eternal rest grant him O Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace. Amen 
Posted by Edwin Osa Ogunbor on July 2, 2021
Brother Emma (as we your siblings knew and called you and later Daddy after the passing on of our dear father), you were a brother and father to all of us your siblings. You were firm but friendly just as our late Dad and Mum were. You kept the legacy of the Ogunbor/Oloke family intact. I cannot say it was all a bed of roses but I cherished and respected you. Your memories will always remain forever. Sleep on in the bosom of the Lord until the resurrection day. May your gentle and loving soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Ryan AL on June 18, 2021
Dear Grandpa. I know your soul is no more on this planet but i want to thank you for all the great things you have done for all of us. We all miss you and we will remember you forever.


From OluwaSeun Ayoade (Grandson)
Posted by ꧁•smol Bean•꧂ on June 18, 2021
My grandpa was the best grandpa ever. I can remember all the times we visited each other. I can never forget my grandpa. He was kind, loving, nice, I could mention a million reasons why I love him

Oluwatomi Ayoade ( Grand daughter )
Posted by Dolly Ukpong on June 17, 2021
A gentle and loving dad, you will be missed, may the resurrection hope be our source of comfort
Posted by Iyobo Innih on June 16, 2021
Rest In Peace dear Uncle. You always had a kind word to share and a warm smile every time I saw you. You were always there when we needed you. Thank you for being an amazing example. You will be missed.
Posted by Eseosa Agbonlahor on June 16, 2021
We thank God for the life you lived and the lives you touched. May your soul rest in peace Uncle.
Posted by olamide adekoya on June 15, 2021
Time may pass and fade away but memories of you will always stay.
Posted by Christiana Ola on June 15, 2021
Rest In Peace sir. We love you but God loves you more
Posted by oluwatosin ojobo on June 15, 2021
Rest in peace uncle, you will be missed
Posted by Precious Ogunbor on June 15, 2021
Thank you so much for the blessings you given to me
You’re an irreplaceable father and I will cherish all the moments we’ve had
Continue to rest in the Arms of the Lord.
Posted by Osas Amadin on June 15, 2021
Rest in peace uncle. You lived a great life. You'll surely be missed by all of us.
Posted by Noel OGUNBOR on June 14, 2021
We will miss you uncle Papa Osahon as we fondly called you .Thanks for all the care , and love you gave to us all .May the good lord bless your soul Amen . Rest in Power

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Posted by Bisola Fatimah Ahmed on August 22, 2021
May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Nkiru Onwughalu on August 15, 2021
Heaven has gained an Angel! Although I never had the privilege of meeting you in person, I learnt a lot about you through my dear friend Ruth Otaru. I always respected and admired the values you imbibed in her. Your gentleness, kindness and love shines through her. Although you are now in heaven, Your legacy lives on! Rest on in God’s Bosom till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Blessing Ogunbor on August 8, 2021
Thank you Daddy for your prayers and blessings. I am glad I had the opportunity of knowing your sweet personality. I enjoyed the quality time we spent together and always looked forward to hearing your sweet soft voice on the phone. You will surely be missed. Sleep well daddy and continue to Rest in Peace. 
                              Blessing Ogunbor. ( Daughter in-law)
his Life


Emmanuel Aimuamwonosa Ogunbor was born on the third day of October 1938 to the late Pa Edward Ogbebor Ogunbor of the Oloke Family of Benin Kingdom and the late Madam Imade Elizabeth Ogunbor (nee Edogun). He was the first son and eldest child of his parents.


He started his elementary school at Saint Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Benin City between 1944 and 1950. Thereafter he proceeded to Holy Trinity Grammer School Sabongida -Ora  for his secondary education, where he spent some few years and in 1956,he continued his secondary education at Western Boys High School, Benin City and graduated in 1961. He joined the then Postal and Telecommunication (P&T) in 1961 where he worked in Benin City and Lagos.


In 1968 he proceeded to the United States of America (USA) for further studies in the renowned Academy of Aeronautics, LaGuardia Airport in Flushing, New York, USA (which has now been renamed as Vaughn College of Aeronautics Engineering) where he graduated in 1976, majoring in Airframe and Power Plant Engineering. His major core training included: Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Electrical Systems, Aircraft Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Rigging and Weight Analysis, Aircraft Operations, Aircraft Systems and Ignition, Engine Electrical Systems, Modern Power Plants and Accessories, as well as Power Plant Systems.


In 1980, he proceeded to Oxford Air Training School in England for his Post Engineering Degree majoring in Aerodynamics, Pressurized Metal Airframes, Electrical & Instruments Systems Turbojet, Supercharged Piston Engines, V.P Propellers & Technical Air Legislation. Other certifications he obtained included: Commercial Pilot License (CPL); Navigation and Technical Course Certifications obtained with the award of CPL; Ground Training Course, Oxford; 32nd Airworthiness Certification  to Stanted and Luton area offices, Britain (1991). He also attended a training program at European Academy for Aviation Safety (EAFAS) at 31700 Blagnac, France.


On returning to Nigeria in 1976, he joined the Federal Ministry of Aviation and worked in the Civil Aviation Flying Unit (CAFU) between 1976 and 1982. From 1982 until he retired in October 2005, he worked in the Licensing Unit of the Ministry of Aviation in Lagos, Nigeria. His area of job jurisdiction covered issuance of Aviation licenses, renewal of licenses, replacement of licenses, validation of foreign licenses, and the preparing and supervising of examinations (Air-law and Technical exams) for Aircraft maintenance engineers. He rose through the ranks and finally retired as Deputy General Manager, Personnel Engineering Licensing and Training (PELT), Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) on the 3rd of October 2005.


During his time in the aviation industry, he was a member of several special committees such as: Appeal of Cases on the Harmonization Exercise in NCAA; NCAA Accommodation Committee; Chairman, Auditing of Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria just to mention a few.


Emmanuel Aimuamwonosa Ogunbor got married to his beloved wife of blessed memory, the late Irene Adesuwa Ogunbor (nee Osa) in the year 1970, until her demise on eight December 1998. The union is blessed with five children. In the year 2000, he married his current wife, Mrs Olayemi Idowu Ogunbor (nee Adekoya), the union is blessed with a son.


As a devoted Christian, Engr. E. A. Ogunbor was baptised at the Benin United Baptist Church by the late Rt Rev. S.I Usuanlele. He was one of the pioneering members of the First Baptist Church, Festac Town as well as Cornerstone Baptist Church, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos. On relocation to the inner suburb of Lagos after his retirement, he worshipped at his wife’s church St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Idimu Lagos state Diocese of Lagos West.


On June 11th 2021, Engr. E.A. Ogunbor went to be with the Lord at the age of 82. He was a husband, father, brother, father in-law, grandfather, uncle, and mentor to many people. He will be greatly missed and lovingly remembered by all, not just by him always being a respected and friendly gentleman, a patient, supportive, and wise counsellor, but most especially for his impact on the lives of the people who knew him on a professional and personal basis. For these and many more, we will definitely thank the Lord for blessing us with this Gem of a Man!


Left to celebrate him are his Brothers, Sisters, children in-laws, In-laws, grand-children, nieces, nephews, friends, and well -wishers as well as   his spouse and children namely:


Mrs Olayemi Idowu Ogunbor (nee Adekoya)

Esosa Osahon Ogunbor 

Uyiosa Ogunbor

Osamudiamen Emmanuel Ogunbor

Osagbemwenorhue Ruth. Otaru (nee Ogunbor)

Izoduwa O. Ayoade (nee Ogunbor)

Precious O. Ogunbor
Recent stories
Shared by Omoruyi Agbonlahor on June 14, 2021
Osahons' daddy as we say, you are the role model we looked up to for values. You will be truly missed. We looked up to your children for guidance and values which you instilled in brought your siblings together and always showed good leadership. Your guidance will be surely missed. As we celebrate you, we know you will rest in peace and remain blessed. Thanks you. Agbonlahor O.


Shared by Osamudiamen Emmanuel Ogun... on August 20, 2021