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Shared by Mary Akobe on March 31, 2021
My tribute.
Baba mi, Abiyamo Tooto, su re o. I was not surprised when I received a call at about 7.30pm and I was told that Babà mi ti ku o ( my father is dead ) then I said ( Ogo ni fun olorun ni oke orun) , because I asked him on that faithful day Friday 4 Dec' 2020 that ( Sei ma de ba wo) will I meet you? He didn't reply me which I know my father didn't die but he went back home to rest with the Lord Jesus Christ. 1* my father is a man that loves his children and his wife, I could remember when we were Younger,he cooked for us he don't want us going hungry. 2* my father love everybody around him both his wife families. 3* my father don't fight Nor keep malice he usually say this ( aba juja, ahi eniton, okoature ja mi rin) if we fight and we did not settle,then when will we fight again. He's a peace Maker. 4* my father never feared death at anytime of his life because he always said and like singing a song makes by the ( orin itakete) Mr balogun of blessed memorial,( Bi mo ti le ku ma ye, honu fin ku se esin wipe Oro re da, Isa oku esegun re da....tori mo ti isi mi laiya jesu mi..., Truly my beloved father is resting with the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally my father died in the Lord because while he was in berith specialist hospital kwumba Suleja, two Angel's looking like a human being went to his bedside and held his hand and asked him to repeat the words of God after them which he did so and they prayed for him not more than 10mins, he gave up the ghost. I will really miss you Daddy. Daddy good night. Baba olufunke su re o.
Mrs Mary .F. Akobe Otunba.


Shared by OLUWABUNMI CHINEDU on March 27, 2021

Your memories are forever in my heart, though I cannot longer see you, you are always in my thought, when the sun rises each morning it remind me f your smile, when the wind blow in my hair it remind me of your loving care, when the wind sprinkles on my face it remind me of your laughter and when the rainbow light up the sky it remind me of your love. I will forever miss the one and only dad who call me ESITETE as pet name. You are the best dad in the whole wild world. Your memory will always be a part of each and every day of my live.

Yours Daughter

Oluwabunmi Esther Akobe Chinedu

Shared by Ronke Olowonefa on March 23, 2021
I remember how he use to check on my Dad who is also late now every Sunday morning to see his brother they were very close it was really a strong brother hood and the bound was very strong. Daddy Akobe my uncle was a very nice man and he cared so much about his siblings .we love him but God love him the most . Adiós my Uncle

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