A tribute to My Godfather

Shared by YOUPA Marc Donald Achanyi on May 20, 2021
Mr Eric Anangfac, words nor tears can't express   my feeling's. I got the news of ur demise on a Sunday after Church service. I wept for 3 days , and prayed that God should forgive ur sins and give u eternal rest. U were my teacher, adviser , mentor and Godfather. May ur Gentle Soul Rest in perfect peace . Ur smiles will lit up the heavens and ur jokes will remain forever in our memories 
                ADIEU MR. ERIC ANANGFAC

Gone too Soon

Shared by Ms. Bernadette Njeuma on May 13, 2021
Eric, the chubby little boy I knew as Theophilus Anangfac was raised for the most part by his late maternal grandma and I, his auntie Bernadette. Even as a kid of about six years old he had the gift of making me chuckle with full belly laughs. On his first day of school, he came back home and I asked him how his day went. In his almost severe stuttering voice, he told me that during their lunch break, he went to eat at "dania che" . It took me a while to figure out that he meant "dining shed"... not to mention him referring to "milk of magnesia" as "mikcommandesia". The most striking incident however that portrayed Eric's  heart of gold and his compassionate nature was when his late cousin, Isaac Njeuma had fallen into a six foot deep pit behind our childhood residence. Not knowing what had taken place, I saw Eric zoom past me like a shuttle. In my bewilderment, I started to ask what happened but he was gone returning a few seconds later with a wooden ladder. I followed right behind him to discover that his cousin had fallen into the pit while they were playing. I looked in and saw a set of eyes looking up at us like a little puppy looking to be rescued. The amazing thing is that even as a 10 year old child, Eric had the presence of mind and concern to think fast on his feet to resolve what would otherwise have turned out to be a tragic outcome. Oh, how  these childhood memories abound yet, space is so limited.
 My dear Eric, you grew up to be a hardworking, intelligent,  respectful, very caring and compassionate person as many have and will testify. I will forever miss you even as I'll cherish and hold on to your welcoming smile and endearing personality that touched everyone who crossed your path. Rest in perfect peace mola Ekeke as your Grandma fondly refered to you. It's unfair that you have preceded us your aunties and your mom. Alas, I'll give it to you sweetie! You fought a great fight with this devastating condition. May your soul rest in eternal peace in the company of our growing family members' club. Love always, your one and only
Auntie Bern.

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