Posted by Mbella Nganje on July 1, 2021
To God must we leave all about us. My dear friend he who created you knows what is good for you farewell my dear friend.
Posted by Ma Emilia on June 22, 2021
''Verily verily I say unto you
Verily verily message ever new
He that believeth in the Son, tis true
Hath everlasting life''

My Dear Erico

61 years ago, God chose me as the vessel through which you came into the world

God gave you life through me and has now called you to rest

He has called you to rest from your earthly struggles

We cannot question His ways for they are not our ways

Thank you for blessing my life and the lives of so many others

Rest on son until we meet again

Posted by Immaculate Nkengim on June 6, 2021
My Dearest brother in-law Eric,

I can't even believe am doing this because ever since that faithful day your passing was announced, I kept mentally playing to myself it was just a dream. But my reality actually kicked in this weekend and it has indeed been tough for us.
I may not have known you for so long, but you inspired me in countless ways, how you managed to always wear a smile despite your struggles, ensuring everyone was fine and even finding possible solutions to other problems was mind blowing to me. I will miss all your big bro advice. Brother I still hear you call me " ma Emma, weti you di cook post ma own for UPS oh"  your giggles and jokes, beautiful
greeting cards you sent us year round, so much laughter you brought to our home and hearts. Your love was contagious and unexplainable. But I do trust that greater is He that was in you and will remain with your soul. The kids and us prayed for you everyday for God's will to be done in your life, but am ashamed to say it's still so difficult to accept. Your work on earth was done, we loved you but your Father in heaven loved you more and Elin keeps reminding us " uncle Eric is gone up to heaven " . May your rest peacefully brother, were there is no more tube, oxygen tanks etc. We miss you dearly and you will forever remain in our hearts, until  we meet again.
Posted by Noel Djoumessi Anangfac on June 6, 2021

Always there for everyone and putting everyone before your own very self

Just like my other siblings, I do not know how to call you by your name Eric. Not because it was a difficult name to call nor was it scary to mentioned your name. Rather it was our own way of expressing love and show respect to you as an elder brother, a disciplinarian and the gentle soul who loved to see his siblings clean and well groomed with a purpose in life.

My heart is heavy and light at the same time. Heavy because you are no longer of this world and would be missed so very much and the pain seems not to go away. Light because you are now wearing your crown of victory and sitting at the table of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for these were the words of your niece Elin when she came to our room that fateful morning and asked me daddy why are you like that? I held her close and told her your uncle Eric died and she said; "Uncle Eric has gone to heaven to meet God."

Writing has been something I cherish but sitting on my keyboard, I suddenly do not know how to begin or from where to start because the memories are just to many to recount. Is it the flogging when I stole sugar from the sugar cup after breakfast and would say there is nothing in my mouth when you asked even when I could not answer the question you asked, the do not eat your bread since you drank your tea already (as it was always fun for me to drink my tea and show of my bread outside in the mornings), the study times in my primary school days when I will read an entire lesson but will not be able to point at a single word, your reminder for me to plan and encourage us as a family to do something so that we do not always find ourselves in an emergency situation, the show of love through call, seasonal and occasional greeting cards and wishes to all family members, friends and students? The list is endless and this is how endless your love and concern for family was and will always be. You have always been there at the right time

I remembered visiting you with Elin in 2015 and you recounted a little of your life story in Texas with so much calm, love and smile (oh that never fading SMILE even when in pain). Before then, I only knew you were not well and that you had lung issues. The reality and severity of your condition manifested itself when we went out to run a few errands and almost at the end of our errands you told me your oxygen bag is running out of battery; that was the scariest day of my life as I came to the realization that the air I might be taking for granted, you were now using but devices to be able to breath. I remembered us getting home and I had to run into the house to bring out the longest nasal prong I have ever seen and when you had them on it was felt like being alive again.

We went to church and after mass you introduced Elin and me to your friends and parishioners. I remember vividly the words of Mrs. Mary Jane; " Noel, your brother is a good man and it is so sad that for him to live someone else has to die. I love him so much and that is what I want you to know that Eric is a good man."

Fast forward to 2016, it was with great joy when Mimi informed me on December 27th at about 7Pm EST that you are in the OR undergoing surgery. I called Lyn and she told me the first one was successful and the surgeons are doing the second lungs. After a successful surgery, since my Immaculate was with child, I told her he will be named Eric because God gave you a second chance in life and his expected due date was December 27th, 2017. What greater joy and thanks could we have rendered to God other than naming our son after you. Jr., will always be a constant and permanent reminder of your love presence in our lives Brodah.

When we met in Minneapolis again in 2018 for Mimi's graduation, I knew the tubes were at last gone and the joy of seeing you breath without a device showed God's gift and greatness to mankind through you.

You always made out time to be active in our lives; physically, spiritually and through words and prayers. Seeing you going back to those nasal prongs again placed me in denial, yet you carried it with pride and love, always trying to put a smile on peoples faces and putting others first before your own very self even in sickness. Even in your sick bed you still helped in all means possible with little or no energy. It break my heart so much for not being able to see you before you could be born into eternity. I had planned to come visit on June 13th but had to inform you it could no longer be possible because of the numerous covid restrictions put in place. It was that beautiful Sunday that you just came out of the hospital and you were full of life again, your jokes and that giggle were all too real. I remember that soft voice saying it is okay Noel, you just need to check out your things real well before you make plans; always there for others and putting others first before your own self

Your life was, is and will always be a lesson for me and for all those who knew you because all what you did was from a place of love and some might have taken it to be punishment or hardhandedness.

All you had wished for is a strong and united family and we pray that your dead would not have been in vain.

Journey on Brodah, Journey on and know that you live in our home, our hearts and your story would be told to generations. You are at peace

My brodah who gave all his time, life and love for others and always putting people first

Requiesce in Pace Frater, till we meet to part no more.

Pa Noel as you would fondly call me

Posted by Eric Tangumonkem on June 4, 2021
Last night I saw you in my dream, doing the thing you loved and did best, teaching and you did not disappoint. A part of me told me you were gone, yet you were looking good, no more pain, sickness, sorrow, or any frailty. It was so refreshing to see you looking so well, I wanted to ask about the place you are in right now but did not. We met many years ago and you left a mark on me. Your classes were fun, educative, and inspiring. You also make sure that we studied hard and played hard as well. I was no match against you when it came to table tennis because of your long arms. After graduating, we met in Dallas Texas and all I know are fond memories of when I got to meet my "please sir again." The way you called me "doc" meant a lot and you always checked on me and my family. When you sent a text on special holidays you mentioned the names of our children and always inquired about "Ma Eli" which is referring to my wife, even though she is many years younger than you. Thank you for setting a good example and for the privilege of being your student. I became a geoscientist thanks to the solid physical geography foundation you laid. You will be missed dearly.
Posted by Embelle Njeuma on June 2, 2021
We met the Anangfac family over 15 years ago. Our sons were attending the same elementary school as Francis and Goretti. One of the teachers called us to say that there was a new family at the school that they’d like us to meet and see if they needed anything. The next day, we drove over to their apartment and met Eric for the first time, learning about his family and their journey to the Dallas area from Cameroon. After meeting Eric and getting to know his personality, we wanted to get involved with the Anangfac family and help where we could. The family was always so genuine and grateful, and the more people who heard their story, the more people wanted to get involved and help.

Another family that fell in love with Eric and his family as much as we did is the Hitch’s, who flew in from Lubbock to celebrate Eric’s life today.

To meet Eric was to love Eric. As time went on, we forged a friendship and love for Eric, as well as his beautiful children. God knew what he was doing when he brought our families together. There is so much we will miss about Eric, but the thing we will miss the most is his texts, scriptures of encouragement that he sent often, and genuine interest and concern for our families.

When we met 15 years ago, we thought we were put in Eric’s life to help him. But it was really the other way around. Even in his suffering, he would always turn the conversation back to how we were doing, as well as our families. He was a true friend who always found a way to put others first.

Until we meet again.

Martha and George Lubke
Tina and Loyal Proffitt

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Posted by Embelle Njeuma on June 2, 2021
My dear Eric, you will be fondly remembered. I miss the times we spent cooking special foods when i was in Dallas. You taught me what it meant to be selfless through your frequent calls, inquiring about my wellbeing and that of all my children and grandchildren. You were the historian of the family who remembered all those who have left us and always had a special writeup to honor them. Your departure has left a big void in the family. Rest in perfect peace my brother. Rosa Befidi
Posted by Embelle Njeuma on May 31, 2021
Dear Brother Eric, this is surreal. I’ve been thinking of how best to articulate the deep loss and sadness I feel for this transition. I had gotten used to your whatsapp messages and funny jokes, sometimes plates of food.. the last being a bowl of some sweet peppersoup with pork. . I was first introduced to you as cousin Eric when my sister & I as children came on vacation to your mom, Aunty Emilia’s in Limbe when she lived by presbook. You were protective and soft spoken, and even then, you cracked jokes. We reunited again when you and your family moved to Dallas in the early 2000’s. Im not sure I should say i taught you driving, but we used my car for you to practice & perfect your driving skills. At the beginning of your illness, when we didnt know what was going on, late cousin Isaac & I were one of your first garde malades (hospital caretaker). Fast forward, I would say I enjoyed you most in the last 4 yrs. You constantly checked on me. So much so that, if a couple of days went by without hearing from you, I’d drop you a message. I received Christmas cards from you, birthday wishes galore and you somehow kept a list of njeuma-edimo family birthdays.. because in the last 2-3 yrs, you were the first to wish any of us a happy birthday with the best virtual birthday cake. That's a void you’ve left and I personally will miss that. Also, on my dad’s birthdate and transition anniversary, you always sent well thought out, warm messages of comfort to my mum, to christine & I. Our last Whatsapp exchange was on the monday before the Lord called you on Sunday. We did not hesitate to let each other know how much we appreciated each other. What I admired most was your inner strength. Solid no-shaking strength. You had what I will term horse power strength. That strength came from your faith in God. Thank you for the Rosary & prayer book you gave me when I visited you in February 2021. Papa, you try. I am missing you oh. Valiant soldier, take your rest. The gates of Heaven are open for you to majestically walk in! Walk tall, wall confidently. Receive your crown, my big brother and intercede for us. Eternal rest be granted unto you O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon you. Rest in peace.
Posted by Erika Obi on May 31, 2021
Tribute to my great handsome nephew Eric Anangfac who passed away so soon on 5-9-21.  
             Dear Eric, I miss your weekly calls to check on how I was doing with the aches and pains. I cherished your love for me always. Thanks. You are so loved by your living parents, other family members, friends and a host of well wishes. We cannot fill the gap your passsing away has created. The Lord loves you more and He has opened the gate of Heaven for you. Go in peace and Rest with the Lord, Amen.
-Love, Aunty Alice Njeuma
Posted by Anangfac Terese on May 31, 2021
My dearest brother
My first disciplinarian and teacher. Where do I start? I could write a a whole book but it will not contain all the things i have to say about you.
I want to thank you very much for all these years. I saw you beat the odds when you ended up in the ED with an O2 saturation of 35%.
I watched you struggle and still keep your sense of humor.
Tears flow down my cheeks each time I remember Jaden asking if he could help you with your oxygen tank when you visited us in NM.
You have been with me through the most memorable journeys of my life and for these, I will forever be grateful.
I begged you to fight and stay strong before your transplant and you did.
My joy was complete when I saw you breath without struggling after your transplant.
Alas it was short lived.
You prepared us for 10 yrs to face this day and yet our hearts were still not ready.
Even after calling our dad to ask for a place for your burial, I was still in denial.
It is a shame that I understood what you were going through but refused to accept it.
I could never walk 10 steps in your shoes.
Thank you for teaching me forgiveness, patience, endurance, love and most importantly gratitude for the little things we take for granted
No more tubes.
No more dry mouth.
Asleep in Jesus where none will ever wake to weep.
You have indeed fought a great fight and it is time to rest in the Lord
Fare thee well brother.
I know the angels accompanied you to Abraham's bossom.
You will forever be missed.
All the Js will miss you
No more hi Uncle, bye uncle!!

Our daily call rituals have finally come to end.
Please pray for us until we meet again.
Posted by Nkeng Rita on May 31, 2021
My dearest Mr Eric, Sir,
No amount of words can express the way I feel right now.
I give endless thanks and gratitude to Almighty God for putting you on my earth's journey. You played the role of a Father, a big brother, friend, counselor and an excellent teacher throughout. Always there for me and everyone. You became part of my family and everyone loved you.
Thank you sir. You are very much loved by us all.
Ndoh Er, I will miss you very much and you forever remain in my heart and prayers.
Lyn and family, thank you very much for everything.
To the kids (Tata, Martin, Mbamba, Goretti and Francis) and aunty and the entire family, my  sincere condolences.
God is in control and He loves you.

Posted by Allen E on May 30, 2021
Bro, over the last few years you constantly prepared us all for your eventual departure but it is still surreal that you have left us

Your extraordinary courage as you battled your condition, lurching from one crisis to the next was an inspiration to us all who sometimes moan over trivialities

Rest Bro


No more O2 cylinders, O2 concentrators, bpap machines, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary pseudomonas, hypercapnia, G tube feeds, anti rejection drugs....No more!

Rest Bro

It is Memorial weekend and we’re all fixing to get together again just like we did in 2019 in Chicago - Only difference is this time we’re coordinating efforts to ensure your wishes are carried out to the letter

I will miss your witticisms, dry sense of humour and guidance as a ‘grand frere’ as we dealt with life’s trials and tribulations....

But it is well - Will try to continue to hold the fort down as you implored numerous times

And to Lyn....

I have expressed my gratitude to you any number of times previously for all you did and continue to do

But I cannot say this enough times

YOU are and were the reason we had the bonus years we all had with Eric

Once again THANK YOU

Posted by Eunice Nguatem on May 22, 2021
Pa Eric ( as I called you), the news of your departure came to me as a total shock. It was a surprise because you assured me that you were recovering from the illness when we spoke in April. You were more concerned how I was coping with my mother's demise. You checked on my family and I every week through phone calls or text messages.

We often discussed about our days in Fontem and how my siblings and I used to play in the rain when we were younger. Your jokes and good spirits lifted me up when I lost my Mum. Thank you for being a therapist when I needed one. Even in your sick bed, you sent money to most parents in Nveh ( Fontem) as a token of your love and remembrance of them. What a selfless man you were !

Your unforeseen departure is another close reminder that death is inevitable, so we must prepare and wait for our time. Pa Eric, no amount of tears would bring you back, but your soft spoken and caring nature will forever remain with us. Say my 'hellos' to Aunty Joan as you called my Mum, while we pray and wait for our turn, where we shall meet to depart no more. You fought a good fight, and you deserve some rest. Rest in perfect peace our family friend and the best Geography teacher in the world !!!
You'll be forever missed !!!

Eunice Atabong (Canada)
Posted by Janet Ngongi on May 20, 2021
Dear Eric , This is Aunty Mboti bidding you farewell .I had hoped that you would pull through the latest crisis as you had done many times before ---- remember I promised I would make you special chin - chin when you got back on your feet , and you cheerfully agreed ? Alas , it was not to be . But even as I mourn your loss , I take comfort in the thought that you're now free of pain , and are with the Almighty God in whom you absolutely trusted all your life .
Because of my long friendship with your biological aunt , Josso ,you had come to regard me as your auntie too ( just as I thought of you as my nephew ). But I never imagined that even as you were passing through the valley of the shadow of death ,you would be thinking of me. After you passed ,as I reminisced about all the lovely inspirational messages you always sent me , many of which I had saved on my phone , I went to your page to read them over . That is when I discovered that you had sent me an electronic birthday cake on May 6th .But it was the caption you wrote beneath it which was so heart - wrenching . You had written " Early Happy Birthday Aunty Mboti ." My birthday is on the 8th of May . Which means you must have realized that you may not make it another 2 days ; yet , you wanted to make sure that I got a birthday greeting from you !!!  A..a..aah , how can I ever thank you ,dear Ekeke ,for such love and caring ??? Those of us who were blessed to have you in our lives will always remember what a gift you were , and hopefully TRY to continue in that spirit of caring for each other , as your legacy.  GO IN PEACE , DEAR ERIC.  
Aunty Mboti
P/S I would note that Eric did indeed transition on the night of May 8th , in the wee hours of May 9th.
Posted by Nkeng D. on May 15, 2021
Over a decade ago, I called to get some infos on a tolic I was working on, and you poured out ur knowledge throughout your drive to work. Amazing!!

You comforted me and my family when Nji Gabriel left us, and I just realized that u had sent me a Happy Thursday to which I didn't reply :( . You replied with an Amen when I shared a prayer with u.

Thank u for always being there.
I wish I had shared more with you, and I am sorry. You were a trooper, even in the face of death. Rest on, Ndo Er.

Peace upon ur kids & Family.
Till we meet again!
Posted by Maddy Motto on May 15, 2021
I have avoided this link but i courageously opened it this day to bid my final adieu. You were more than a teacher to me.

I only saw this day that we shared the same birthday.

Sometimes it was difficult to tell if you went through pains,u always went from one joke to the other. My heart is heavy and i wish i could do something more. Thank you for impacting my life.

Death is only an entrance to a better and higher life to be faced by all. I love you.
Posted by primus m. tazanu on May 14, 2021
Not only were you an exceptional teacher, you continued to display love and kindness towards us, your students. In a phone conversation with you a couple of years ago, you vehemently stated your path through SWC changed your life forever and by that you meant what you received and took from us is priceless. I totally agree! I last saw you at the car park in Dschang in the year 2000, and you were very proud that I graduated from the uni the previous year. Ndo E, you will forever missed!
Posted by NKENGLEFAC Jethro on May 14, 2021
Yes, the Lord also loves good people, witty people, intelligent people and loving people. You are honored and will be forever remembered dear.
I cry for many reasons, but more because I miss the company of a genuine personality, a spirit filled child of God, a mentor and a caregiver to all, no matter their work of life.

It is well in the name of Jesus

I am praying for you 
I miss you. Greet the heavenly realm beautiful occupants for me.
Posted by Imma Akwanga Njuate on May 14, 2021
Ndo E, as we all fondly called you, not a day has passed without me thinking of the fact that you have transitioned into Glory.
It is still hard to believe considering that we communicated just less than 2 weeks before.

I grew up with you as not only my teacher but my mentor and neighbour. You disciplined me when needed and guided when necessary.
I developed a love for geography because of you. Swiscol was fun partly because of you.

The memories of growing up with you and your family and kids, especially as I had the opportunity to play the role of big sis to Goretti and Emilia, are countless. I can't even start recounting all. I will treasure those memories forever.

You were the one who reached out to me after so many years, to recreate the connection and as always you shared a lot of messages of forgiveness and love with me, which I will treasure for ever.
Our last conversation was on April 29 and I was still planning to call you the following to find out how you were doing.
Then the shocking news arrived, news that I didn't even believe because I tried calling your phone on several occasions just to make sure that what I was reading and hearing was not true, but alas, it was confirmed as true.

You will be forever missed, sir and you will remain forever in our hearts.

The heavens are rejoicing now with an additional angel.

Thank you for all the love and advices that you showered on me, on us all.

I pray for strength and courage on the family you have left behind.

Fare thee well, Ndo E, till we meet again to part no more.

Posted by Leke Nkemanyim on May 14, 2021
It will take time for me to believe that we shall never meet again. Our last phone conversation is just like yesterday. I saw the very smiling face I met more than 30 years ago. I remember the excursion to lewoh and other places,the fun and all we share as student -teacher. 20 th batch of seat of wisdom will never forget a great Geography teacher that you were. U have gone ,but ur legacy rest forever.
 Adieu sir,May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace. It is now I can believe that good people never live long.
Posted by Tadong Sullivan on May 14, 2021
I will forever be grateful for everything you did for me and my family back in SWC. Your humor, diversity, knowledge, strict but with love and care understanding of life was unparalleled. You planted the seeds for my future in Fontem. Thanks alot Godfather and may your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Mildred Kangkolo on May 12, 2021
We are not skilled to understand what the Lord has willed and what He has as planned for us. Who are we to question Him. You fought a good fight and now He has given you rest. My heart bleeds, but I know you are in a better place. I will miss all the jokes, WhatsApp messages and cards you sent to brighten my dull moments. You will forever be missed big bro. Rest well brother Eric still we meet again.
Posted by Brendabell Tong on May 12, 2021
Big brother Eric you are gone to meet our Lord and savior. We will miss your fun, timely, & lovely seasons greeting cards you sent to us. You even went to the length of remembering my late brother’s one year anniversary of passing away. You were one of a kind. Rest well until we meet again to path no more. Brenda, as you fondly called me.
Posted by Ida Njee on May 12, 2021
My family and I will always remember how you made us feel loved. Thank you for the blessings you leave behind, you will never be forgotten.Rest in God’s loving Palms

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