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Birthday Pranks

Shared by Dan Warner on April 7, 2021
I miss Eric in so many ways.  With the start of baseball season it reminds me of how I miss watching games together.  I miss our banter about which NY team was better ... and then telling him he was a closet Yankees fan.  Ultimately we would both agree on a for sure fact, “Dodgers suck!”

I recall a time Eric swapped my Yankees license plate frame for a Mets version.  I’m not sure how long it was there before a coworker said to me, “I thought you were a Yankees fan.  What’s up with the Met’s license frame on your car?” 

Not too long afterward the same prank was played on Rika.  Those of you that know her probably also know she doesn’t like people messing with her car.  She let Eric know that clearly she didn’t think that was a very funny prank!   ;-)

For your birthday, I’m taking the risk for you,brother.  Wish me luck!  

Egg fights

Shared by Rika Warner on April 5, 2021
A tradition I grew up with in my family was to have "egg fights" with our colored eggs on Easter. I recently found a picture slide of my parents performing this tradition from 1973! Many years ago we introduced this game to the Truitts who happily joined the fun.

The goal is to be beat all other players by cracking their egg and walking away with at least one end intact on your own egg. Both players hold their eggs in "fighting" position. One player holds their egg still while the other aims and hits the end. If your end cracks, switch to the other end. Now players swap who holds still and who hits. The pair of players keeps playing until one is eliminated by having both ends cracked. The player who has at least one end unscathed proceeds to another player/challenger. The final player to make it through to the end wins the highly coveted EGG CHAMPION rights!! :D

A silly little game that has been around for decades and still brings out the kid in all of us which is probably why Eric enjoyed playing it so much. Missing you forever, Eric! 

Truitt family picture

Shared by Rika Warner on March 24, 2021
Just a short video that made me chuckle. I would imagine most families have experienced similarly when trying to get a group photo taken together.

You are forever missed, Eric! 

Guitar playing

Shared by Rika Warner on March 18, 2021
This was taken on the evening of his first chemo treatment as Eric was feeling well enough to come hang out on our back deck by the fire table. Since he was trying to stay hydrated he drank water as he had imbibed the day before and was informed by the nursing staff to avoid that for future treatments. Unfortunately that was relatively short-lived as only a few hours later he was in such horrible pain that Elaine had to take him to the ER

It was always so soothing to our ears to hear him play while we talked about anything and everything under the sun. I recall asking him many times over the years, “did you bring your guitar?” So often he would downplay his talent that it became important to us to encourage him. His musicianship was AMAZING! It didn’t matter if what he played was recognizable from a radio tune or something he was creating as he played. It always brought us joy!! I wish I had captured more on video but I’m glad I have some gems to reminisce and listen to. Eric, you were and always will be one of my best friends. You are forever missed <3


Shared by Mark Lightner on March 11, 2021
Some of my favorite memories of Eric is wine tasting, guys night and his quotes. “So there I was“, Eric was always up for wine tasting. I learned a lot about wines on our trips. Farquhar was our favorite tasting. On guys nights, he wanted to invite other guys to join us so that we could help them with their problems or situations. “You take the tuna fish, you feed it mayonnaise”. Eric was more than a brother-in-law, he was a great friend. And my favorite quote............ “Heard that on my wedding night”. I miss you Eric. Till we meet again.


Shared by Jackie Easter on February 28, 2021
How many of us can say Eric was a great hugger? Not just a quickie with a shoulder tap. No, a good hug that really conveyed his love and care. No patting, he said that was like saying “ok, I’m done now”. I’ll miss his hugs.

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