Please join us for a Celebration of Life honoring Evan Huber on Saturday, March 7, 2020, 2:00 p.m., at the Salvation Army ARC Chapel, 86 Waverly Drive, Pasadena.  

In lieu of flowers, the family respectfully requests donations to the Salvation Army Pasadena Adult Rehabilitation Center:  

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"Your legacy isn't one thing... it's every life you touch" - Maya Angelou
Evan William Huber was born on April 10, 1985, in Santa Monica, California, to Hal Huber and Dawn (Huber) Larson.  He moved to Hoover, Alabama, in 1995 where he attended Berry Middle School and Hoover High School.  Following high school graduation, he returned to Southern California for a time, but ultimately settled in Hoover where he worked as an assistant manager in the retail industry. 

Evan was a gifted lyricist, especially favoring the music genre of rap/hip-hop to showcase his exceptional talents with the written word.  He kept detailed journals of his poetry and lyrics, often presenting his works as gifts to his loved ones, whom he loved fiercely and without reservation.

Evan passed away unexpectedly at the age of 34 on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.  He was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, Roy Huber, Jr., and his maternal grandparents, Sid and Wanda Fremgen.

Evan is survived by his parents, Hal Huber and Dawn Larson; stepmoms, Mary Palk and Kristine Larson; grandmother, Althea Huber; sister, Hallie (Kevin) Bush; brother, Joel Huber; nieces, Claire Auton, Kayla Bush and Alexis Bush; nephews, Aiden Bush and Calvin Bush; uncles, Thomas (Edna) Huber and Bucky Huber; his sweetheart, Tiffany Wade, and an extended clan of beloved family and friends.

Although his beautiful voice was silenced too soon, his memory lives on in the hearts of those who loved him.

We are especially grateful for the professional memorial services that were provided in Alabama by W. E. Lusain Funeral Home of Birmingham.
Posted by Annalace LeFevre on February 21, 2020
Evan. We haven’t talked in a while but that doesn’t make you any less of my brother. I can’t believe that you are gone. We love you and will always hold you in our memories.

-Lacey and Chuck

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Posted by Annalace LeFevre on February 21, 2020
Evan. We haven’t talked in a while but that doesn’t make you any less of my brother. I can’t believe that you are gone. We love you and will always hold you in our memories.

-Lacey and Chuck
his Life

Hallie's Eulogy for Her Brother

Good afternoon, and thank you all so much for being here with us this afternoon to celebrate the life of my brother, Evan.

This is definitely not how we expected to be spending this Monday afternoon.  But life has a way of changing our plans and forcing us to concentrate on what is right in front of us, so on behalf of our family, we thank you all for being here with us today.

Those of us who knew and loved Evan, knew he wasn’t perfect, as none of us are.  He could be the most stubborn, argumentative soul on the planet, and in the blink of an eye, stop in mid-sentence to tell you how much he loved you.  He was often torn between the softer side of his heart – the side that knew how much good there was in this world – and the darker side that often overtook him.  But the thing about Evan was: he never stopped looking for answers.  He reached out to his friends and family to try and gain a perspective on things that troubled him.  And as frustrating as his point of view could be at times, I will miss those long talks with him.

My brothers and I were all born and raised in Southern California, until we moved to Hoover to live with our dad in 1995.  It was during our California days that Evan discovered his love of rap music, and very specifically, the lyrics of the group, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.  I’ll be honest, we all kind of rolled our eyes when he announced in his teens that he was going to be a rapper (and insisted we call him Ev-N-Bone for a time), but if you ever had the privilege of reading some of Evan’s poetry, you’d know he was a truly gifted lyricist, expressing himself beautifully and authentically with these glimpses into his soul through the written word.

Besides his first love, which was definitely rap music, Evan was a lover of all things Star Wars, and all things Ninja Turtles.  On any given Christmas, he could be found having light saber wars with our youngest brother, Joel, while wearing a Ninja Turtle t-shirt.  Truly a big kid at heart, he was also a special favorite to my five kids, who bestowed their Uncle Evan with the nickname of “Unc-a-Junk,” a title he dearly loved.

My brother, Evan, was an alumni of the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, where he was introduced to the 12-step philosophy and recovery way of life.  The men he met there were so near and dear to his heart.  They not only helped him overcome the addiction demons he faced, but were also able to help him find a God of his understanding.  Don’t get me wrong, Evan still questioned, well, EVERYTHING, but the perspective from his “Sally boys” gave him a strong, stabilizing foundation that allowed him to reconnect with his spiritual side, and helped him get through a very dark time in his life.

Evan was blessed to have family that loved him on both sides of the country, both in Alabama and California.  He traveled back and forth often, but eventually settled down here in Hoover, where he shared an apartment with Joel and got on with the business of life.  He worked as an assistant manager in the retail industry, met his sweetheart, Tiffany, and had a bright future ahead when tragedy struck.  Last Tuesday, he went to sleep in the arms of the girl he loved, and never woke up.  His heart was simply too big for this world.  Despite valiant efforts of the Center Point Fire Department and the emergency staff at St. Vincent’s East, he never regained consciousness, and our world was forever changed. 

There is a Native American saying: “joy shared is doubled, and sorrow shared is halved”.  As you share our sorrow with your presence here today, the burden of grief becomes just a bit easier to bear.  So again, on behalf of our entire family, please know how grateful we are to have you here to share this celebration with us.  We ask that you keep us in your prayers, and remember to share as many “Evan stories” as you can think of. 

For it is in the storytelling that the memories of our loved ones live on.

Thank you so much.
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Shared by Nicole Galvez on February 21, 2020
I recently told one of my all time favorite childhood stories.  Just a normal day goofing around in the front yard of Evan's house when something- I'm thinking maybe it was a broomstick - falls over onto the other side of a brick wall. Hallie and I were probably 7 or 8 and Evan was probably 6 or 7 at the time.  Evan climbs over to get it (because he thought Alex (Joel) was too little, and didn't want him to get hurt and he wasn't about to let the girls do it). We had no idea the top row of bricks were loose.  Next thing we know a brick has fallen and Evan is on the ground with his foot bleeding like crazy. Hallie and I don't know what to do.  Thank goodness Dawn was immediately to the rescue. Dawn and my mom are rinsing off Evan's foot in the laundry room sink and realize he needs to go to the hospital and get stitches.  From out of nowhere Grandma appears and very assertively says "just put tape on it!" Our moms simultaneously shout "No!!"  

"Just put tape on it!" would be a life-long joke that made us laugh... crazy belly laugh, over and over again.  Evan - it has been years since we have spoken, but for me that will never negate the lifetime of memories, stories, love, and laughter.  My heart is broken, but I am confident that your grandparents and my mom welcomed you with open arms and are taking excellent care of you.  Rest well sweet Evan, we will miss you forever.

Coolest dude ever

Shared by Casey Young on February 21, 2020
I remember the first time we met. It was summer vacation after middle school. And I think me, your brother joel and others were playing "rock fight" outside of my house and you and harman were walking up the street from my house and I think we introduced ourselves in the middle of the street. And from that time on we both experienced life moments in strides. Passing highschool, getting jobs, relationships. the whole nine yards. There are moments in time with you that I continue to look back and laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. The last thing I heard from you is goodnight bro. And me returning the same to you. I wish we could have played video games more, hungout more, spoke more. I know I shared pictures of my newborn daughter to you. But I wished you could have meet her. And she would have hopefully seen just how sweet and lovable you really were. You ran me over with my own car by accident. But I love you for lifting me out of it. We got arrested for a stupid reason. But I love you for experiencing that with me. You shared your poems and spit mad lyrics to me until I bobbed my head in delight at how skilled you were. And I love you for that. When it was just me and you kicking it together and getting into mischief constantly pissing off our parents. I loved you for that. You introduced me to rappers and artist that I never would have known if it weren't for you. And I love you for that.  I'll always miss you. And I'll always laugh when I look at photographs.  You're in my heart until I no longer last.