We will never forget your smile, silly ways, sense of humor, & your caring & helpful ways. We are so proud to be your sisters. We miss you so much. How we wish you could be here with us. You're forever in our thoughts & hearts.
  • 31 years old
  • Born on March 28, 1978 in Ponce (From GUAYANILLA), Puerto Rico, United States.
  • Passed away on September 24, 2009 in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our little  brother and loved one, Evaristo "Juny" Sierra Jr. who was born on March 28, 1978 and passed away on September 24, 2009. He was such a loving, kind and gentle son, brother, uncle and great friend. Juny had a heart of  gold. His smile was contagious and he always made us laugh. We will remember him forever. We invite all of you to join us in celebrating his beautiful life... God Bless!

Este sitio web  fue creado en la memoria de nuestro hermano pequeño y amado, Evaristo "Juny" Sierra Jr. , quien nació el 28 de Marzo de 1978 y falleció el 24 de Septiembre de 2009. Llegó a ser un amoroso, amable y gentil hijo,  hermano, tio y gran amigo. Juny tenía un corazón de oro. Su sonrisa era contagioso y siempre nos hacia reir. Lo recordaremos por siempre. Les invitamos a todos a unirse con nosotros para celebrar su hermosa vida... Dios te Bendiga!


 We wished heaven had a phone so we could hear your voice again. We thought of you today, but that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday and days before that too.We think of you in silence, We often speak your name. All we have are memories and your picture in a frame.Your memory is a keepsake, from which we'll never part. God has you in his arms... We have you in our heart! Missing you Always, Sisters 1 & 2 

Thank you for the tributes, stories, comments, and pictures you have shared with us. Feel free to share and add any stories  or pictures you have of Juny with us. We would love to hear and see the memories  you have of our brother...

Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 24, 2019
So today is 10 years since you were taken from us. And guess what? We're still waiting for JUSTICE. Can you see the look on my face, brother? You already know. I'm not complaining. Only because I know you're super good where you are now. Living the real life. I'm here at work trying to keep my mind off the FACTS. I miss you. Oh & I seen that they aired your crime stoppers in San Antonio on certain news channels. I guess it's cool. (shrugs shoulders) Wish we had JUSTICE. That would be way better. Anyway, at least the BEARS WON yesterday. That's always a plus and it makes me happy. Go Bears! I know I'm rambling. It's still hard knowing the reality. You're not here with us. My kids don't have Uncle. I don't have my brother... and this has been life for 10 years now. I miss you allot. One day, brother. One day. ILY. Say Hi to Dad for me. I know he's there with you. (sad face)
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on September 23, 2019
I couldn't sleep last night. Tossing and turning. And then i heard you call my name. It was so clear, not muffled and it wasn't a whisper either. You said "Veri!" You were right next to me Juny. I felt your presence and i woke up, i was wide awake, i quickly turned looking for you. I know it was you that called my name last night. I know you were there right by my side. I know it was real. Oh my God i was so happy you came to me. I know it was you Juny...

Tomorrow will mark your 10yr angelversary. I still can't believe that you're gone. There's nothing anybody can do or say that will bring you back. My heart will forever have a missing piece for you. You will not be forgotten that i can promise you.

I miss you.
I love you.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on April 1, 2019
Brother. I know I am late on leaving you a lil sumping for your BIRTHDAY... But I want to let you know that I didn't forget and will never forget your BIRTHDAY! MARCH 28th is a day I will never forget. Let alone forget you. I worked on your Birthday. My emotions were a witto off that day. I wanted to cry one minute then I would be ok. I can only smile when I think about you. I feel so much sadness in my heart still. I can't believe you have been gone for 10 years. I wonder what you would have been like at the wopping age of 41! I wonder what you would have looked like at 41! Would you have a witto greys? What hair style would you have been rockin? I know you still would have been the most stylish brother with the latest and the greatest. Veri took mom out to eat to celebrate your day. They ate so much. Especially mother. We miss your presence so much. Keep watching over me and the kids. Along with mom and sister. I know you must have celebrated with all our loved ones up in heaven. Tell dad to smile for me... but he has to show me his teeth when he smiles! HAHA. My heart is at peace knowing you are in a place where everything is GOLDEN... Wait for me! I love you so much. Sending BIG BEAR HUGS to you from here on earth to you up in heaven with JC and all our family. ILY Always and fo'eva! SISTER2. AGAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN...
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 24, 2018
It's been 9 years... and still no answers. No Justice. Nothing. Just like I've told mom & Veri. There's nothing that anyone can say or do that can ever bring you back. I have comfort in my heart knowing what I know based on what you've told me. So thank you. My heart may never be the same but just knowing where you are and how happy you are is the best feeling. Stay Gold. ILY & Miss you more than words. Today I'll have my moment and remember my only brother. The best brother ever.
Posted by Zack Nolen on March 28, 2018
Happy 40th Birthday, Juny! Crazy! It sure would've been fun. All smiles. I still think about you all the time, and miss you. I'll never forget about you, bro. With love, Roll Tide!

Posted by VERONICA HILLER on March 28, 2018
Hi brother...I think so it's somebody's boithday todaaaay! I wonder who?? HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY JUNY! THE BIG 4-0!!
I'm sitting here in bed thinking about so many things? What could've been... what should've been... what would've been your big day. I'm really trying not to cry because I know you hated to see me or Olgi cry or stress, but it's really really hard. I didn't think it would be this hard for me because I try to be strong for mom and sister but not today. I'm really falling apart. I just pray and ask God to give me strength. Because today I choose to celebrate your life with lots of love and laughter. Say hi to daddy for me. Tell him I am really missing him. I hope your enjoying your day with everyone.
I'm missing you always and loving you forever.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on March 28, 2018
Today would have been your 40th Birthday. I can't believe how time has gone. It sucks that you aren't with us. We won't ever get to see you get older. I always wonder what you'd look like now, 9 years later. I know you'd still look handsome and you'd still be the happy brother I always had. Today, me, mom and Veri talked about you on the phone. We laughed telling stories. Make a long story short, you and Veri had the BIGGEST BADDEST Birthday parties ever. Huge cakes and catering by Mami Celen. I, on another hand, not so much. That's what happens when you're the middle sister. I see. Can you see my face now? Not fair. It's ok, though.Seeing pics of of all of us makes things better and makes me happy! ILY and Miss you so much! Happy 40th Birthday In HEAVEN, Brother! CELEBRATE with Dad and all our LOVED ONES... JC is AMAZING! STAY GOLD!!! ~Sister2
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on February 12, 2018
Hi brother. I just wanted to say hi and to tell you how much I love and miss you. That's all. I could really use a BIG BEAR HUG right about now. I miss dad too. Can you tell him that I love him and that I miss him so much.... it's just so hard.
Love Sister1
Posted by Karen Bingham on September 24, 2017
Today is the day. The day when the impossible became my reality. The day when not just my life, but so many lives were permanently damaged, changed. The day that replays in my mind over and over and over....what I thought was a beginning to a happy life together became an end.
I miss you
I love you
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 24, 2017
8 years ago today you were taken from us and at times it still feels unreal. It sucks because no matter what is ever said or done, you will never come back to us. I just miss you, brother. My kids were robbed of their Uncle! I'll never get to see you grow old. (sighs) Now dad's with you. Just like he wanted to be. Best friends back together again. Huh? One day it will be all of us again. ILYBrother. Thank God for all the pictures and memories. Shine down on us today... Let me know you're near.
Posted by Karen Bingham on March 28, 2017
I think so it's somebody's birthday today!
You'd already be dressed in your best clothes, hair fixed, jewelry and sunglasses on, taking your mom to breakfast, enjoying all the birthday wishes coming through on your phone, waiting for your friends to stop by and celebrate with you. Until I can be there with you, enjoy your birthday with Sake, your grandparents and your dad. Happy Birthday Juny!
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on March 28, 2017
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on September 24, 2016
7yrs and it still feels like the very first day...so fresh in my mind. I remember you today as i do everyday. I love and miss you Juny...it's been a long day, without you my friend, and I'll tell you all about it when i see you again...
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on September 24, 2016
So much has been hapening and i know you see it all. Daddy will be here soon enough. Sister is graduating school and i know she worries when she takes her tests but i now you are there with her every step of the way.Ricardo got a promotion and we are super excited as you already know. Kalel is playing football and he's so tall and handsome and he's doing great at his position. Giomar is a handfull and i KNOW you see all his shenanigans, he's too much, you would have your hands full with him. Kayla has grown up to be a fine young woman and has a great career in the justice system. I know she worries if she's making you proud. But I knpw she is and i know you are super proud of her. Mom is doing as best as she can she keeps us on our toes, she does too much but i know you see that as well...lol. That's your momma. Me and Freddy are doing good too..but i guess you already know all this about the family...
We love and miss you and today we will celebrate your life. Be on the lookout for the balloons...
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 21, 2016
Just cuz I was thinking about you... I miss you, Juny!
Posted by Mike Parker on May 24, 2016
Miss u Everyday big bro....i kno u watchin
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on March 28, 2016
Happy 38th Birthday in Heaven, Juny! We celebrated your birthday at Sister's with mom and dad, and the kids. The ice cream cake was deelish as well as the food. No matter how many birthdays come and go, we'll always celebrate and remember you! I love and miss you tremendously. Love always, Sister2.
Posted by Kayla Sierra on March 28, 2016
Happy Birthday Uncle!! I still wish you were here celebrating with us but I know it's probably 10x better in heaven. I miss you, I love you and I will see you again some day..
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on March 28, 2016
I think so it's somebody's birthday today! Yep it's your birthday. You would have been 38. But to the family you will forever be 31. Oh Juny i miss you so much and i wish you were still here with us. We celebrated your bday and mom & dad were here together to celebate with me & Olgi. I know it's nothing compared to the celebration you are having with our Savior. Until we see each other again I will celebrate and honor you... ILYJUNY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNY!
Love Sister1
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on February 14, 2016
Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven, Brother! I miss you so much... I still get sad knowing you're not here with us. If only me, you n Veri can be together again. Sending my love and hugs to you. ILY4Eva!
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on September 24, 2015
Hi brother. Today marks 6years since you been gone. It's not easy. I just want you to know that I MISS YOU & I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER! I wish I could have one of yor big bear hugs right about now because I sure need it. :'(
Posted by Kayla Sierra on September 24, 2015
You were the one who told me "I love you Kay..." when everybody else didn't want to talk to me.. I love you Uncle, I miss you and 6 years later still feels like "just yesterday." Gods Plan may seem unfair/ crazy at times but you are in a better place and that's what I know in my heart..
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on June 13, 2015
Brotherrrrr... I miss youuuuu!
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on March 28, 2015
Happy 37th Birthday in Heaven, brother. Today, we will celebrate You! It's a beautiful day today. It's nice, sunny & windy... We're going to go eat and remember you as we all knew you to be. Full of love, laughter, jokes & Fun! ILY4Eva!!!
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on March 28, 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNY! Today you would have turned 37, but to us you will forever be 31. How I wish you could be here with us. We love and miss you very much. I talked to dad awhile ago and he was a little bit sad. But he said he was going to be ok...Watch over him and mom. They miss you more than words...
Posted by Zack Nolen on March 28, 2015
Happy Birthday, Juny! We all miss you greatly.
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on January 3, 2015
HAPPY NEW YEAR BROTHER! Another year without you. Just know that I love and I miss you so much.... Love Sister1 XOXO
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on December 20, 2014
Hi brother! Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that I am missing you more than ever. I could really use one of your big Bear hugs right about now. It's almost "Pimas" time and I remember you used to get so excited because you wanted to open the gifts first thing in the morning, you couldn't wait you were like a little kid. With a big heart. I miss you so much...i know someday I will see your face again and smile and hug you and never let go... ILY Juny  ~Sister1
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on December 20, 2014
P.S...Sake turned 10years old on thursday and we celebrated and sang to her and she got a big treat! And can you give Ebby a big hug and kiss from me. I really miss her. I hope she's there by your side playing with you. That's all I wanted you to know. :)

~Sister, Freddy, Sake, Chingwy, Bear & Tuna
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on September 24, 2014
Today is your 5th Angelversary brother and I still find it hard to believe that you're not here. I really could use one of your Juny bear hugs and tell me that it's going to be ok...today i will do nothing but remember and honor you and smile. I love you Juny but I miss you even more than ever...Love Sister1
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 24, 2014
Happy 5 year Angelversary Day in Heaven, Juny!
Not one word or gesture of yours could I ever forget. I'm just going to smile even if I don't want to. I know you would find something to make me laugh and smile about. I miss you. :'(
Posted by Edith Rivera on September 24, 2014
Miss you June Bug! Thinking of you. Til I see you again my friend.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 23, 2014
This week is a tough especially for mom & dad, but we remain strong together. Dad's in Puerto Rico for a few weeks so he could go to the cemetery tomorrow (9/24) with all our family. Mom will be with Veri tomorrow at her house, so she can be with sister. I will be here home thinking about you. Remembering how happy you would be when we were together. Come this weekend, we will all be together, like we always do yearly for you on your Angelversary day. 5 years of you being gone, and it still feels like if it was yesterday. We miss you so much. I thought I had more time with you... ILY Brother. ~Sister2
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on September 10, 2014
Just wanted to say hi brother....just wanted you to know that its beginning to hit me that 2 weeks from today will be 5yrs that you have been gone...I love you Juny but I miss you more....i could really use one of your bear hugs right about now. That's it.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on May 7, 2014
Just wanted to say Hello. You're always on my mind. I love you forever and always. I just wanted one of your hugs brother... That's all.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on March 28, 2014
Posted by Edith Rivera on March 28, 2014
Happy Birthday June Bug! Dance with the angels. Miss you
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on March 6, 2014
MARCH... Your Birthday Month. Another year without you. It sucks! Love you Brother, but I Miss You MORE!
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on January 2, 2014
Happy New Year Juny... I miss you so much. Maybe this year we will hear something about your case. We won't ever loose hope. One day something will come to light. I love you. ~Sister2
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on January 2, 2014
HAPPY NEW YEAR JUNITO! I'm laying this flower for you from mom and dad. They don't know how to use the computer so i'm doing it for them. They love and miss you very much. They are coping as best as they can. But they have hope that one day we will know something. MOM AND DAD LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH...
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on January 2, 2014
Hi brother, this is Freddy. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just wanted to leave you a little note to say that I am keeping my promise I made to you the first day we met. We are taking good care of Sake. She misses you. I love and miss you. You are in my heart always.
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on January 2, 2014
HAPPY NEW YEAR JUNY! I just want to say that i really miss you. That's all. It's a new year and I haven't lost faith or hope, i know that something will come to light. Me & Olgi will be your voice...
Posted by Stephanie Pease on September 26, 2013
Yesterday was really hard because I knew how real it was. 2 months ago you & I got to visit in a dream. Your visit was real, filled with tears, love & laughs. I didn't want to share it with anyone, I wanted to stay in that moment for as long as possible. You were you, but slightly transparent & that's how he both knew you weren't here anymore. Thank you for the visit, I miss you so much.
Posted by Karen Bingham on September 25, 2013
It's been 4 years and it's not getting any better....don't forget the last thing I told you
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 25, 2013
4 years without you... it still feels unreal to me. I can't sleep tonight because I keep replaying this day in my head. I felt lost. Everything was silenced and my heart ached so bad. I miss you so much. Why did they do this to you, Juny? Wish you were still here. Life isn't the same.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 25, 2013
Giomar loves You & he never got the chance to meet you. He knows his Uncle Juny. Sometimes he tells me when you're here with him. I stop whatever I'm doing to watch what he's doing. I sit & cry as he runs around telling me y'all are flying. Gio said he wanted big wings like Uncle. He tells me where you are. He points to your picture & points to the sky & says you're with Jesus. He luvs U!
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on September 16, 2013
Hi brother. Me and Freddy were listening to R.Kelly's song Happy People" and it made me think of you. So we started to dance for you. Wish you were here to dance with me. I miss you brother and i love you very much.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on September 13, 2013
Listening to Aventura, Juny... Every time we listen to bachata, we always think about you and how much you loved bachata. You were so romantical. (One hand on the chest, the other out & up, like you were dancing by yourself) How can we forget. I miss you, Brother.
Posted by Mary Walker Sierra on May 21, 2013
Wish you were here with me and the boys. I would have loved for you you to have met Giomar. He knows who his Uncle Juny is for sure! Every time he sees a picture of you, he says "that's my Uncle Juny!" You would have had a ball with him and Kalel both... I miss you so much.
Posted by VERONICA HILLER on May 21, 2013
Brother,i'm just sitting here with Chingwy & Sakë thinking of you &missing you & Ebby.As you knw Ebby went to heaven on my bday cuz she was sicky.I hope she's with you and having fun with no more pain.I really just want to give you a big hug & tell you how much I LOVE YOU.You are always in my heart.Give Ebby a BIG HUG from me & tell her i miss her so much. I love you both very much. :’( <3

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