Written by Toyin Oyewoga

Shared by Kunle Adesanya on June 3, 2021
  (MAY 11TH 1941 - MAY 31ST 2021)
Death can be so infernal and inconsiderate  atimes, so very rude for its ability to creep upon anyone surreptitiously unannounced. As mortals, our journey on earth begins and ends when we take our last breath. 
On May 11th, 2021, children, families and friends gathered together to celebrate the 80th birthday of our mother, grandmother, sister and cousin, MADAM FELICIA OLATOYOSI ADESANYA, Nee Taiwo, with fanfare only for "Mr. Death" to creep in and snatch her away unashamedly on Monday, May 31st, 2021.
A quintessential woman of substance and warmth, whose heart was a masterpiece of nature, a great teacher, counsellor and mentor, so good natured with discerning wisdom, that surpassed her peers in insight, courage and kindness, zeal, initiative and intelligence, a great woman and template to measure real caring mother...abiyamo tòótó...
  "B'àgbà ò bá tètè kú
 ó f'ôlá wôn rìn
 ó fî yân fândâ fândâ
( lf the elders don't hasten to their death, we'll enjoy the goodwill that they have accrued; we'll not only walk in their path, we'll stride with pride)...
Though the void created by your departure shall be difficult to fill, we take consolation in the fact that, you not only ran a good race, finished well leaving behind an impressionable mark and giant footprint in the sands of time, you died for your children to mourn and not the other way round...eni iwájú ò k'éhìn, eni èhìn ò s'íwájú.. In your memory, we shall keep faith in praying for God's peace on and repose of your sweet soul, forgive your sins and let perpetual light shine upon you.
"Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity..."
-- Ecclesiastes 12: 7 & 8
Until the resurrection day when we shall all meet to part no more, rest in peace, Màmá rere, omo Òjówò Olókinne, omo abéré ò w'àkò, èyí t'ó w'àkò se'nú àkò lòjolòjo!

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