Posted by TOSIN Ojemkinde on June 15, 2021
I proudly call you Aty Kemi you a lover of all with respect, a discipline and zealous woman, dedicated in her work, God fearing , trustworthy, a lover of the word of God and lover of children .Your death was a shocking news to me when I was anticipating to see you .Above all I can't forget your life story you told us in Sunday school in order not to make mistakes in life which have kept my dignity .Aunty kemi was a Teacher with experience, she smiles always and always says" let us do it well".I will miss you so dearly as your are to my heart.My joy is that heaven has gained a soul.May your soul rest in perfect peace Iya Aduke mi owon. Sun le se olugbala re.
Posted by Evang Builder J. Oluwafe... on June 14, 2021
Your death came as a shock to me on hearing the news of your demise.

It is also saddening.
But I am very sure that the Heavens have received a great visitor, a large heart.
Aunty Kemi served God with all her heart.

I have known her in the youth Fellowship of Lagos State Unification and the Eternal Youth at a very young age almost till date.

Her mark of Service to humanity and humility that is worthy of emulation is that She will always be at the Food Section of the Unification Youth Convention before the start of the Convention till after the end of the Convention.
She's very disclplined and caring and she served God in the C&S Church all the days of her life

I miss you dear sister, These are special icons that we will look up to as Elder women in the nearest future but she's gone home, who are we to question our Creator?

Rest in perfect peace, Aunty Kemi.

May God console uncle Niyi Afolabi and the Family, the Eternal Youth Fellowship, the Hotonu Mother Church and the C&S Church at Large in Jesus Name
Posted by kehinde Aina on June 11, 2021
Hmmmmm.....Oniwasu wa, as you fondly called me. Why this time big aunt? words have failed me. Rest on in the bossom of your Maker, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Lawal Odunayo on June 11, 2021
This is a shocking news to me. You were such a loving person to be with. I respect your humility, your heart of service can't be reconned with. You spread love to everyone who comes in contact with you, I just love your kind of being. I'm sure angels are rejoicing because one of the army returns home, and the consolation we have is that you rest in the Lord. We love you but God loves you more. Continue to rest till we meet to part no more. Simi laya olugbala titi Lai, Aunty kemi owon.
Posted by Bomi Aina on June 11, 2021
Hmmm! Auntie Kemi! Words failed me! Where do I even start from! Couldn't believe you are no more!
You are such a joyful person. Each time we meet, especially during events at the Headquarters Cathedral, you always radiate in the joy of the Lord. There was no way you'll make announcements that one won't smile, most especially when it has to do with the Afolabis, 'Òmò Baba wa ni wa', with so much confidence, that you all are true children of your Father. Each time you say it, I smile and mimick you. I love the way you dance, with smiles on your face! I hate to use past tense for you! And to think just this last Saturday, we were supposed to be in a Committee meeting together and Alagba Bambeke was telling us he was sure you'll be at the next meeting not knowing you were already on your way back home.
We all take solace in the fact that you lived an exemplary Christian life. Whatever was assigned to you in the Vineyard, you do with all your strength. I've never seen you complained or annoyed, for once. We are rest assured that you had gone back home to rest. The Bible says, 'a mu olododo lò siwaju ojò ibi.'
My heart goes to your loved ones, your dearest Mum, Bimpe, brothers and sisters. May the good Lord comfort them all.
Auntie Kemi, good night. Sleep on beloved till we meet at the resurrection morning.
Though we are mourning here but Heaven is rejoicing on your return back home.
A o pade leti odo
A! Won ti gun s'ebute.
Rest on beloved. You will no doubt, be greatly missed. Adieu!
Posted by Adenike Falade on June 10, 2021
How do I even start... it’s still like a dream to me but God knows best. Aunty Kemi like we usually call you, you happen to be the one person I know that doesn’t discriminate you care for everyone has your own. You were a mother to all. Following up on each child’s growth and prosperity is always your top priority, you don’t pretend when you are not happy with the situation around most especially amongst the youths...hmmmm words alone cannot describe how much we are going to miss you...
Keep resting mummy
Posted by Adagba Oluwasegun on June 10, 2021
Hmmmmmmmmm........Aunty Kemi as you are popularly called. At my First encounter with you from afar, I had another mind but when I was forced to come closer I found out you are such a loving mother who's hospitality and accommodation is rarely found anywhere.

At every Lagos State Youth Convention, if everywhere seems uncomfortable and unpleasant but with you at that your favorite spot; the Kitchen, a visit to the angle will definitely put a smile on your face. You are one of those very few that I always see a reception of love, I am therefore will to always come to your unit .

I knew you as a soldier of Christ who is always encouraging the people coming behind and also in front the need to sacrifice for God and worship God in the beauty in the right manner. The fact that you could merge discipline with your loving attitude is what I respect so much. You are a shoulder one could lay even till the last time we met.

Thank you for all you do for God, it is a point of encouragement for people like us coming from behind.

Your demise is a Shocks and a painful one to me personally but sure I know that despite we love you so much, God's love towards you in much more than that, That is why he has called you to rest in His bossom.

Continue to enjoy your time with God on His Kingdom......Another mighty one has fallen...Well God be praised for He giventh and taketh!......Salute! Aunty Kemi

Oluwasegun Adagba
Posted by Aina Opeyemi Stephen on June 10, 2021
Auntie Kemi Omo Baba Apostle, hmmmm I'd to put myself up to write a tribute because your sudden demise was a terrible pain to the marrow. Okan wa gb'ogbe gidigan ni Hotonu.
Mummy Bimpe, a big tree has fallen in the C&S fold, most especially among the youths in Eternal Sacred Order as a whole. But who are
wee to question God that knows the end from the beginning.
Auntie Kemi, how we'll miss you and your sense of humour during the time of announcement, during the unification youth convention, during EGBE OMO JESU ANNIVERSARY & during the CHRISTMAS CAROL.
Who would be coming to tell me during those anniversaries and say "Bro Op e, orin ti a fe ko niyi?
You were such a diligent servant of God, you served God wholeheartedly till the end, and I'm confident you're now rejoicing with the saints in heaven.
This hymn is for you dearest sister.,
Ile'bukun Kan wa
Lehin aiye wa yi,
Wahala, irora,
At'ekun kii de 'be
Igbagbo yio d'opin
Ao de'reti l'ade,
Imole ailopin
Ni gbogbo ibe he.
Very loving and dearest sister in Christ, continue to rest in the heart of Christ your Saviour till we meet to part no more. We love you but God loves you most.
Adieu auntie Kemi! Farewell...
Posted by Bello Omolara on June 8, 2021
Mummy Ajayi was unable to read the appreciate letter from our family to the church for standing by us during our trying time, and that was the last I saw of her, sigh. I remember how much she diligently engaged in all assigned to her in God's vineyard,how she was a friend to all and a great help to so many. It's sad how we loose our loved ones but in the end who are we to question God? No one.

She stood by me as the secretary to the harvest committee back then apparently it was like she was doing all I was supposed to do.

Outside the vineyard I would call her to help me receive my goods all the way from Lagos Island and she would gladly say Omolara call me whenever you have goods to be sent to you I would send them through Iya Olu on Sunday. This she did wholeheartedly at anytime I beakon on her.

She would encourage me at all times for being strong,not relenting in achieving my goals.

Your good works are all I remember ma.

Till we meet again to part no more in that place where there is no tear,no sickness,but joy. We love you but God loves you more mum.

Rest on.
Posted by Doyinsola Ogunkunle on June 8, 2021
Mummy kemi
The GREAT MOTHER of the Youths
A Woman of Virtue
A Woman of Great Worth
A Woman of Noble Character
A Great Teacher
A Mother to All
She rejoices in God with a grateful heart and a joyful spirit
She is blessed with the gift of giving and willingness to help others
With her Life experiences,she touches the lives of a multitude of Youths and Children
Never will you see her angry,she wears a smile all the time
 My early Sunday school days was fun,educating and lively.All thanks to her. I learnt a whole lot from her from reading the Bible to learning interesting songs.Even Camp days At Headquarters and Maba, she made sure all her children were comfortable. I remember her dressing up for choreographers with bandana and gloves making sure they look all smart.she loved Egbe Omo jesu so much that she would buy and spend so much just to make the children happy and encouraged especially during the anniversary. I loved her Confidence in hurts so much that she is no more, I will miss hearing her voice during announcements and how she hypes and calls the names of those that want to do thanksgiving. I will miss laughing at her funny dance steps and her facial expressions.She was a perfect example of a STRONG WOMAN. She left a void that can never be filled..I will miss her dearly. She would forever remain in our hearts.We Love You but God Loves you even More.Till we see to part no more. Good Night!
Posted by Bosede Bakare on June 8, 2021
Oluwakẹmi, Iya Aduke, how do I begin to say something about you?
You were a worker that grumbles not.
You loved without adding guile.
You were straightforward in your relationship with all (and me in particular).
You were always available to help, rejoicing with everyone in times of joy and giving yourself to service without reservation.
Oh, Kẹmi, your departure is really a stab on my ribs, but through this excruciating pain, I rejoice that the Lord has taken you up for an eternal rest in a place where there are no sicknesses, no tribulations, no persecutions, where only joy exists.
We mourn your departure.
The heavens rejoice at your return to a glorious home.
Rest in perfect peace, my sister, until the great Resurrection Day when together with all the saints of the Lord, we shall meet to part no more.
Posted by Ajoseh Grace on June 8, 2021
Am speechless but Almighty Father loves you more than we do i will miss you mummy nobody to call me iya okomi orobo ,I love this your style can you help me to use 1yard 2 sew this your style You always make me smile anytime you said this to me lastly the name you normally called me Senapon . Rest in peace and not in pieces mummy. Masun ko si masimi Iya Aduke.
Posted by Elaff Favorite on June 8, 2021
Hmmmmmm she was a nice person to me and a gentle mummy she was the one that made me to stop been afraid of crowd the first time she told me to come take bible reading I was very shy but she took the fear in me and I took d bible reading she made me confident on that day and made my fear of facing crowd went Off i love u so much and I will miss u Mummy u were the best I love u my husband loves u and seraphim loves u but God loves you the most . From Tosin Odunsi
Posted by Ezekiel Nusonwhe on June 7, 2021
Mummy Kemi Ajayi (née Afolabi) u heard Gods whisper calling u home,u didnot want to leave us, we see ur fight. u loved us so much that u held on tight, until all ur strength was gone, and u could no longer hold on .finally u gave ur hand to God and slipped away quietly without telling us bye.

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