Posted by Ikwo Oka on May 4, 2021
Still remember your laughter, Pastor Foluke! Thanks be unto God for all the great memories you left behind. May the Lord strengthen Pastor Emma Eze and the children. See you soon at first flight, ma.
Posted by Uzo Okpaka on May 2, 2021
Dear PFO, it’s one month today.... I miss you ...... we all miss you!!
Posted by Onyinx A on April 23, 2021
Oh my dear pastor and friend , so this is it ? This drama has turned to be the truth and i really feared so but then , I would have to deal with it head long . Dearest , you are sorely missed but in all these things, it's heaven gains. Sleep on dear pastor Mrs Foluke Eze . We will meet on rapture day.
Posted by Stella Woli on April 22, 2021
Good day pastor ma, how is heaven ma. Please ma greet my LORD and my GOD for me., greet the saints there.
I missed you so very much but I'm confident that very soon we will rapture together to be with the Lord forever.
I cannot forget your love for me your
elegant charming smiles ,your passion for the Lord .
But Im happy we did not lose you to the devil we gained, for heaven rejoice the day you change environment. Thank you for your teachings and prayers thank you for loving the church thank you for pastor.T thank for your impact in the Zone.Gloreeeee!
I love you pastor ma see you at rapture..
Sis Stella Isaiah
Posted by Sharon chukwuobasi on April 18, 2021
My woman, Today in Church we celebrated your life and gave thanks to God, I joined the church last year and became convinced I have found a home church. you made me feel at home and told me to always sit in the front seat that you like seeing me, you compliment me alot, My pastor ma, your life is simply AMAZING, I will dearly miss you, I will miss your gist, counsel, prayers and laughter, but I know to be absent in the body is to be present with The Lord, Sleep on my woman, Will gist you of all the might works wrought by the church when we meet on Rapture day. 
Posted by Eniola Akintola on April 18, 2021
Foluke, this is still a rude shock but your love and service for our Father in heaven consoles me as I believe you are with Christ. You were a sweet, loving, virtuous and hardworking wife, mother and a trustworthy friend to all.
Continue to sleep in glory and pray God keeps your loved ones here.
Posted by Monique Udoh on April 17, 2021
Pst Foluke as I fondly call you, words are not enough for me to express your personality.

First, as my pastor. You were simply amazing. A goal getter, a precise person, an accurate time keeper, a jovial person, a giver and dispenser of love.

Second, as a parent to Light up Your World (Best Home Tutors). You were so committed to your children's learning. You followed every bit of their learning and always at alert to raise an alarm of any slightest drop of grades. Like you usually say; "my children are the best and will always come out best".

These 3 innocent angels will so miss you and the impart you have created in their educational world. Is it the school runs? The school events? Follow up on Home tutor heart is broken.

Come to think of it, just on the 31st of March, we discussed concerning the continuation of the boys lessons and the quick intervention class for the girl during her short school holiday.

We all spent the holiday in pain and sorrow. Thank you for being so impactful and more thanks for the legacy you left behind. Till Jesus tarries, you would remain ever green in our heart.
Posted by Becky Adeyemi on April 17, 2021
My dearest most amazing Pst Foluke words thoughts, pundering can explain your exit .. said rather think remember your heart warming smiles down-to- earth persona, your ability to bring People into your circle Nd make them feel and Know that they are very important and you cherish their involvement in your space/ circle. I'm so glad I got to be with you like that..your transfiguration has further strengthened my principle of leaving and making an impact.. very positive ones.. in peoples lives.
Posted by Odafe Tachere on April 16, 2021
After many years of leaving school,we did not meet until you wanted to premier your movie,I help to facilitate the venue and you gave me and my family free tickets to attend the premier.
We came visiting when mama died under the platform of FOLSA 99, Little did I know that you are leaving us soonest.
Your kindness to humanity will forever live on. Rest in the blossom of the Lord, We will surely meet again in eternity.
Posted by Osayi Idahosa on April 16, 2021
You brought joy, happiness and laughter to all who met you; you will be sorely missed by everyone.
Posted by Yomi Ojerinde on April 16, 2021
Pastor Foluke
It always amazed me how you knew my name despite being my pastor for a short period.
You were indeed a burning and a shining light. Full of grace, truth and smiles.
We love you but the Lord loves you more and surely according to the time of life we'll meet again at the Lord's feet at the first flight.
Keep flourishing at the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May the good Lord continually comfort the family you've so shortly left behind.
Posted by Nancy Eluwa on April 15, 2021
Finally, my fingers can type this.

January 1st still plays vividly in my head. With a seed in my hands, I walked up to you. That was my first time talking to you. You prayed for me to be strengthened. I am happy I never delayed in responding to the Holy Spirit's instruction in giving you a seed. Your legacies speak on.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
But you are more than all colours
Shining forever in our hearts.

Posted by Lanre Phillips on April 15, 2021
Pastor Foluke, nor be so we talk am oh. My consolation rests in the fact that you are with Jesus. Your impact will never be forgotten. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, genuine care will be deeply missed. Sleep well, Pst F.
Posted by Uzo Amuzie on April 15, 2021
Thank you very much for your love and care towards I and my family, I love you now and always . Your memories will forever be engraved in my heart .I love you pastor Ma
Posted by Ogodo Nyerho on April 15, 2021
Farewell Esteemed Pastor Foluke,

Thank you for all you did while you were with us. You are in better place, though we did not envisage that you will go so soon to be with the Lord, but you will be missed......

Till we meet again at the sound of the trumpet.....

For CE Kubwa 2 Group
Posted by Nwakaego Iwobi on April 15, 2021
My Wonderful Madam, you're more than a madam to me. You took me like your own..You corrected me with love. I miss the way you laugh and play with me whenever we are cooking...tears fill my eyes. You're my mother and I love you so much Maa, May your soul continue to rest in peace. I miss you so much, my great Mummy. Till we meet to part no more.
From Favour Joseph
Posted by Nwakaego Iwobi on April 15, 2021
Mum, left without saying anything to me. You took me like a brother not like an employee. You trusted and believed in me. You were my friend and my Pastor! You strengthen me and gave me words of encouragement anytime am feeling down.
You understood me more than anyone I have worked for in my life. My wonderful Madam!!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH. Your love for me will be in my heart till Jesus Christ comes.
Rest in Peace my mummy, my friend, wonderful Madam and my Esteemed Pastor!!!
From Mr. P
Posted by FAITH JOHN-N on April 13, 2021
Pastor Foluke Eze ma,

It's hard to pen my thoughts, it's hard to accept the reality that you left before the flight, it's hard....really hard to take it.

Your life is a message, it's a message of life to me. Even in death you emit life to all. Rest on ma. We love you. I love you.
Posted by Julia Elue on April 13, 2021
Hummmm....this is really so strong and hard for me to handle.... however, we all draw our strength from the Lord.

Pst Foluke, you were not only a pastor to me but a stood close and available at all times.

Miss u more than I can fathom.

Rest on in the Lord...we meet soon to part no more as the Lord decrees.

Pastor, Christ Embassy Asokoro 2,
Asokoro group
Ministry Centre Abuja
Posted by Moses Ejodamen Elue on April 13, 2021
Dear Pastor Foluke, May your gentle soul rest in the blossom of God

You are so kind and ever full of life, ever smiling and cheerful.

Brother MO! as you always called me whenever you greet me. I still couldn't believe its true until I saw my Pastor Emma and his words to me was "Brother Moses, your friend has left us oo"

Tears roll down my eyes and it then dawned on me that it it true indeed.

The good Lord will comfort your children and your family at such a time as this that they need you more than ever before.

We will surely miss you Pastor Foluke Eze.

Our assurance is that you have gone to be with the Lord and gone to rest from all the troubles of this world. We love you so dearly but God loves you more.
Rest In Peace.

Posted by Kelechi Iwuala on April 13, 2021
Esteemed Pastor Foluke Ma, full of grace and truth. You are the only one that ever calls me Pkay Paulcy !! There is always an excitement whenever you call people by there names and we laugh over it.
It is said that its when someone passes on that you will hear lots of positive things about the person but your case is different. Every words spoken about you is who you are and I wish I could say all of them.
On Saturday before I heard of the news, I was sharing a word with my leaders where Paul said in Phi 1:21, "For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain". I asked them, at what point will death be gain for anyone.. I answered them, It's when one has truely lived for Christ and has affected many lives which you have done and will still be doing now that you have gone to be with the Lord. Your genuine life story will yet turn many to righteousness.
As we prayed for your family and members of your church, you smiled and said, death is swallowed up in victory, and indeed, death is swallowed in victory.
God gained in your work here on earth, People gained in your work here on earth, Christ Embassy gained in your work here on earth, Christ Embassy Abuja Zone gained in your work here on earth and you gained because you lived for Christ and death became gain for you.

Adieu Beautiful one, we love you..
Your Pkay Paulcy
C E Karimo
Posted by Pastor Onyechere Uche on April 13, 2021

Dearest Pastor Fols as i fondly call you! I believe and pray that God allows you a glimpse into all we write and say to you! I know you did your best as it is with you ,i guess you saw the very beautiful heaven side!

The shock of your passing on left me with days of no appetite, little sleep, 2kg weight loss in a week and questioooons!...Our Zonal Pastor said we should stop the questions, moreover you are in that better place where we will join you at the rapture!

I havent changed my expression to you whether in your presence or absence of your warmness, friendship, jokes, smiles, laughter and gifts (bags,clothes,etc) to me! Wow! Who will call me...Dearest Deaconess? Who will i laugh and yab with at marriage counselling classes?Who will call out Pastor Carlton-Chris Biodun ..names in full?Our many unfinished matters o? Chai! I wished you gave us an opportunity to call you back, pray or nurse you! Oh My heart! can't be broken!

All your works in church, the Zone, the kingdom, to brethren and all keep speaking. Your impact and personality is irreplaceable but God will help!

Well,i ll keep relating and chatting like you are there o ...because you are alive in my heart! Carlton has asked alot of questions and eventually preached to me that you will be resurrected by Jesus! I agreed with him!

Pastor Emma and your lovely children of God are strengthened only by the Holy spirit and so are we all. Carlton misses you, the church, our Zone and iI miss you!

Keep resting in the bossom of the lord till we meet to part no more!

See you at the rapture!
Rahu Nkeoma enyi m oma !

Posted by Chioma Philip on April 13, 2021
Good night Pastor ma, I have finally gathered enough courage to pen something down since you passed on.

As a shooting star your impact is being felt, since I know crying won't change anything I caution myself but it so difficult to stop because you will always call me sis Chioms and give me a firm hug, I love you pastor ma.

I am consoled by the fact that you are among the cloud of witnesses, it is not the end but a transition. See you on resurrection morning beloved pastor Foluke Eze
Posted by Jacy Royal on April 13, 2021
Dearest Pastor Foluke.

The angels looked down from heaven one night.
They searched for miles afar,
And deep within the distance
They could see a shining star.

They knew that very instant
That the star was theirs to gain,
So they took you up to heaven,
Forever to remain.

You'll always be in our hearts as a dear friend and sister.
Until we meet again at the Master's feet to part no more.

The times and moments we spent together were very impactful. The many jokes and laughs were so priceless . Despite the pains in our hearts yet we smile each time we think of those moments that are now memories for us!

Take your rest O beautiful woman of God.
We will miss you!

From Pastors Osaro & Jacy Aideyan❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Christiana Iyile on April 13, 2021
Pastor Foluke ma, the news of your passing came as a big shock to me, to the point that I was seriously waiting to receive a confirmation that it was all a joke. But it never happened! Oh!
Pastor ma, thank you so much for being a Super Mum to my husband and I. Though I only met you one on one on a few occasions whenever I came into Abuja, I was always assured of your love to my family. You are a great encouragement to the work of God in Kubwa Group and Abuja Zone in general. I find it very difficult to address you in past tense because you will always be alive in my heart, you've only transited to the other side of heaven.
Till we meet again, continue to rest in the Lord's bosom.

Dr. (Mrs.) Christiana Udukhomoh
Posted by Pastor Collins Enwerem on April 13, 2021
Esteemed Pastor Foluke Eze, You have served the Lord tirelessly, faithfully and with great compassion for his flock.
In wisdom you have instructed and in gentleness you have led.
You have shared our deepest joys and stood with us in our most trying times.
You have held us close to your heart, strengthening our hands, cheering our souls and assuring our hearts.
You shine forth in our midst, a radiant reflection of God's love,
Continually holding forth the word of truth.
You have taught what it means to commit wholeheartedly, to serve zealously and to love sacrificially and unconditionally.
In purity and passion, you have set our hearts ablaze with love for our Saviour and Lord.
Indeed a rare gem and a Keystone in our Noble Zone you were.
Thank you so much for your years of faithful and completely devoted service to the Lord.
We love you so much, you have been encrypted in our hearts and would forever be missed.
Rest on in peace HEAVEN'S GAIN
Posted by Nwakaego Iwobi on April 13, 2021
I met you at the most turbulent times in my consoled and comforted me. You took me in as your own. We laughed, played, prayed, quarreled, cried, cooked and drank together. You believed this word that has given us an inheritance among the saints so much. You are full of passion for fact you loved life! In deed this is the crudest shock ever..unannounced you slipped away into the world beyond...
With Thanksgiving I give God glory for allowing our path to cross.
Adieu My Friend, Mother, Big sister and importantly My Esteemed Pastor Fofoo!
Posted by Pastor Gabriel Obunezi on April 13, 2021

Towering icon of God.
Unapologetic kingdom zealot.
Meek and mild yet dogged, intolerant and persevering till the Lord’s work is done excellently.
Tranquil, calm soothing counselling voice nevertheless fierce in defence of His Truth.

Dear precious loving and esteemed Pastor Foluke Eze, to your legacy is total sold-out unapologetic commitment to The Lord Jesus Christ and His Church with whom you now abide, eternal.

Esteemed Pastor Emma Eze and the three previous young ones; cheer up its a matter of few years to the reunion by first flight rapture of the Church

CE Gwarinpa 2 Church
CE Deidei Group
Posted by Oyakhire J on April 13, 2021
Life long lived is good but life well lived is better.
For longevity bids time but purposeful living is timeless.

When a star is born, some may not know, but every star is then known by its glow.
For some want landmarks but you have made the mark in our lives.

Dear Marcia Ma'am....Forever in our hearts.
Posted by Francis Angbo on April 12, 2021
''Words are not enough to express your contagious relationship and love for God.
You came to our lives and ministered to our family.
As you often address me (Brother)...I will miss you.
I know that God knows better.
Though your life was so short but very impactful.
You were a friend, sister, colleague, pastor and your love for your family was exemplary.
Continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of your maker''.
Pastor & Deaconess Angbo & Family.. (Family friend)
Posted by Mercy Michael on April 12, 2021
My beautiful, Elegant, Energetic, Tongue talking Pastor Ma. Words fail me to explain what you have done in my life and family...Hmmmm. I still find it very had to believe that you are no more with us bodily. My kids were also pained and asked if you have raptured? I answered and said yes with a smile... Pastor Ma, I will forever miss you so much... Till we meet again
Posted by Mary Ehiosun on April 12, 2021
My dearest and beloved Pastor ma, the news of your departure came with a shock, your influence over my Christian life, family can not be overemphasized, you made chriistianity so sweet and interesting. You believed in me, brought out the best in me, you were a great mentor, teaching us how a Christian home should be run you knew everyone's name and have a way of calling them in your own style. Never looking down on people, you related to the small, high and mighty with smiles. Even my children will missed your Sundays hugged.
My happiness is that you have joined the host of heaven to be among the witnesses. Pastor ma, l will forever love and cherish you.
Posted by Mary Otigbu on April 12, 2021
Pastor Foluke, I still find it so hard to believe you have left us all to be with the lord, without any notice no sign.Pastor few weeks ago my husband said you chatted with him on LinkedIn and asked of me.Then you have left.
Pastor i know you are in a better place.You really encouraged me in so many ways.All i can say is thank you.
I surrender to the all mighty.We love you. I love you.
It wont be long we will be leaving here and will see you again.Join the cloud of witness to cheer us up as we put the word to work.Forever loved and missed.
Posted by Rachel Philip on April 11, 2021
Ma, I am deeply shocked about your passage. I had the privilege to fellowship in your church in 2018 and your unfading smile captured my heart. I was more stunned when you came to give a rendition and welcome first timers, it was a noble moment. I know you're in a better place but I wished you stayed on. My prayer is for God to comfort your family, the church and all that you loved. Rest in Him!
Posted by Emeka Neo Nkwocha on April 11, 2021
Posted by Omolola Iniedu on April 11, 2021
Pastor, my mama. It’s still like a dream to me and hard to let go. You impacted my life and took me as your daughter. Your love, smiles, advice, prayers...are cherished moments I had with you. Who will Ethan run to hug after services? We were at your house and Ethan asked “mummy where’s Pastor Foluke?” I couldn’t give him an answer. Do you know he still calls your name during our family morning prayers? How do I tell him to stop? We’ll miss you sooooo much but we have hope that’ll meet in heaven never to part again. I love you sooo much ma.
Posted by Chioma Azubuike on April 11, 2021
Pastor Foluke Ma,

Words will fail me Ma to say all that you are to our ministry and how you affected my life. Although we never had one on one closeness but there's this oral you always carry arround you Ma that always captivates you towards me,your ever sweet smiles,that alone can melt a hardened heart...Ma you always stand by the truth and am happy you affected my life with your words of advice during mother's week..I am working on everything you said ma on how to make my home great and I promise I will not leave those words..Keep smilling and resting in the bossom of The Lord.. Thank you Ma..You are the best. Farewell sweet woman of God.
Posted by Pastor Ajiri Iboje on April 11, 2021
Dear Pastor Foluke,

Anytime i think of you all I can see is your ever smiling face. Your joy was contagious! You always had a smiley cheerful response and saw the good side to everything.
Your departure has left us in absolute shock. Our comfort however rests on the scriptures and as such we do not sorrow hopelessly. I know that we shall meet in the air at the sound of last trump.
I pray for Pastor Emma and the children that they continually receive the comfort of the Spirit.
Adieu Pastor Foluke Eze. Until we meet to part no more
Posted by Anyanwu Chinyere on April 10, 2021
Pastor ma, I don't have much to say than to say thank you for all the teachings, inspiration and encouragement in work we do. You were everywhere making sure that the work is being done perfectly. I will miss your after service hugs, cheerfulness and teasing. I love you Pastor ma.
Posted by Glory Nkechi Edwards on April 10, 2021
Business made me to cross paths with pastor foluke, and meeting her was one of my best moments of venturing into longrich.
I was amazed by her beautiful personality!!
she was a good listener, someone that would always give you listening ears , she was always willling to give you advice when ever you seeked her opinion.
she will be greatly missed!
may her Gentle soul rest in the Bossom of the Lord.
from Team Wealth Achievers  
Posted by Gabe Omale on April 10, 2021
I’m so heartbroken to hear about your passing I Know that you’re up in Heaven, I pray God grant everyone of us the comfort and strength during this difficult time. 
Posted by Eunice Ndukwe on April 10, 2021
My Pastor ,
My Mother,
My Mentor.
I take solace in the fact that you're in a better place.
I will miss your teachings, your charisma, your boldness, your sincerity.
The pain of no more having you here cuts deep but what can we do than to celebrate the excellence of a woman you are.
Posted by Nancy Dike on April 10, 2021
This is the first time that I'm not able to describe or interpret pain... What a rude shock! Ma, you didn't allow distance and your busy schedule keep you away from reaching out to and celebrating with people. Thank you for always laughing with me when you see a funny post on my status, thank you for the birthday wish and prayers on my birthday in February, I'll continually walk in those declaration. Your quick exit has kind of made me dumb but ma, I chose not to sorrow as one who has no hope. It's that great virtue of yours, that selfless act of service that has made you choose to go ahead to join the master to prepare a place for the rest of us. I'll keep you fresh in my heart as we await the Master's soon return, where you'll rise first and we'll be caught up to meet you in the air (that day is really close ma ). Thank you for giving to the Lord ma. Adieu Pastor. I live you.
Posted by Wale Tunji on April 10, 2021
I choose not to mourn your passing on, but to celebrate the exemplary and awesome Life you lived.
As a Person, you lived a Life engraved with the Word of God and worthy of emulation,
As a Pastor, you nurtured and stirred Faith, Hope and Love in us,
As a Wife, you led the women by example and remained that unshakable pillar and support for our beloved Pastor Emma Eze.
You fulfilled that scripture that says “as He is, so are we in this world”.
I love you so much Pastor.
You would be greatly missed.
Posted by Clement Anyanwu on April 10, 2021
The little time I got to know you was enough to tell your easy and loving personality.
You never saw yourself as superior, but made yourself available to all cadre of persons not withstanding if it were the first contact.
I personally miss the more of you I never saw or experienced but comforted because you are in a more befitting place than this sphere.
...till we meet again in glory, rest on ma.
Posted by Henrietta O. Felix on April 10, 2021
Hmmmmm! Tears are still in my eyes as i type this tribute. I remember how we chatted a few weeks before your departure and how we laughed together. You are one senior Pastor who cuts across every age group, able to fit in as if that's your age group, able to relate with everyone. Everyone i spoke with about your death spoke of how you close you were to them individually. That's the true definition of a rare gem.
I will really miss you Pastor ma, i love you so much and it hurts every time i remember you cannot be phyiscally reached anymore.
I take solace in God's word and in the confidence that we will see again on the day Christ comes for the rest of us.
Sleep on dearest Pastor Foluke, you were one in a million.
Posted by Tope Ukana on April 10, 2021
I am still in shock. Pastor you are an encourager. Lively and lovely. O death where is thy sting. Pastor Foluke you have fought a good fight, you have run the race and you kept the faith. Crowns of glory is laid up for you. To die is gain and to live is Christ. You lived your life for him why you are here on earth. There are lots of lessons I have learnt from your passing on to glory. I know you are really resting. Resting on Dear Sister and Pastor till we meet again to part no more. I love you, we all love you but God loves more. Good night Pastor ma
Posted by Bro Chijioke OKONKWO on April 10, 2021
Ma, u came into this world ,u saw ,u conquer,u will always be remember by ur good works, u touch so many life's why on Earth. Rest on . it's true that we have lost u but heaven has gained u Ma. Rest In perfect peace.
Posted by VINCENT VONTAU on April 10, 2021
Esteemed Pastor Ma, you Came, Saw and Conquered. You left without saying goodbye. You touched lives, you were loved by many, your presence bings Life and Laughter, You were a role model to many.
You have gone ahead to a most assured resting place till we meet to part no more.

Posted by Benjamin Anuge on April 10, 2021
Still looking for words! Your were an amazing person, full of love and positive energy. You displayed unfeigned love for me, my wife, my children and everything about me and my ministry. How I will miss the pet name you call me; Deacon Deacon!! You served the Lord exceptionally. Your home was home for me and everyone. You would fail to quickly fix a meal. Ha!! your transition simply is a HEAVEN'S GAIN. We will hold on this side of eternity and keep winning in your honour. I will miss you greatly but we will meet at Jesus feet in the morning. Writtng this is still one of the most difficult task I ever have to undertake. Rest well Woman of God.
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