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Gentle giant revisited...

Shared by Lysa Leland on December 1, 2020
For the most part, Forbes may have come across as a gentle giant, but you certainly did not want to cross him. There is this story, from his sea days, that my sister reminded me of. Neither of us can remember the general time in his life (late 60’s?). He was working on a deep sea lobster boat, going out for days at a time from Woods Hole MA. It was rigorous and dangerous work, with a motley crew. When the boat came ashore, they would all head for the local bar. One night, a crew member was getting roughed up by some of the locals. If anything, Forbes was loyal. He saw red and immediately came to the aid of his badgered mate. Well that apparently started a general riot in the bar, decimating the place and landing my brother in the hoosegow. Upon release he was told by the police that in no uncertain terms was he ever to step foot in Woods Hole again.
Other similar jobs: Forbes also worked on an offshore Texas oil rig… On ski patrol, he dealt with dynamite to set off avalanches (as well as setting broken bones…). He was always pretty tough, daring and fearless. (Elaborations? Corrections? More stories?)

Jazz aficionado

Shared by Lysa Leland on November 26, 2020
Early on, Forbes was a jazz aficionado. When confined to boarding school (they did not get along), he decided one Sunday in the late 1950’s to escape. (He disliked meaningless rules.) Somehow he got public transport taking about an hour into Boston, and made his way to the Jazz Workshop, a nightclub on Boylston Street. Using his charms and dogged persistence, he wiled his way in, under age (it may even have been through the kind graces of a band member at the stage door…). I can’t recall who he went to see, but certainly the likes of Miles Davis, John Coltrain, Duke Ellington… As Forbes's luck would have it, one of his teachers just happened to be there, spotted him, and regretfully informed him that he would have to report this serious infraction. Whatever punishment he had to endure, I am sure that it was all well worth it. [Years later I remember going with him to the same club to see Stevie Wonder, when he told me this story.]
I invite anyone who has more details to please elaborate!

Some recent examples of Forbes's humor

Shared by Lysa Leland on November 21, 2020
Examples of Forbes’s humor from friends:  
"I was telling him how bored I was with being on this lockdown and he told me that he made a little box; put grass seed in it and was watching it grow and it was keeping him totally entertained.  He said it with such a straight face that I thought he had entirely lost his mind.  I swear I thought he was serious until he burst out laughing - about five minutes later.  He could make me believe anything.  He had the driest sense of humor and could tell you anything with such a straight face."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
From a friend who remembers this incident while having dinner in a restaurant with Forbes and Marilyn:  After ordering his usual vodka martini, Forbes complained to the waitress: “There isn't enough alcohol in this drink to inebriate a fly.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
                   Email from Forbes on Oct 24th:                                                                                            Sending pics of my rescue dog, Rin Tin Tin                                                                                             Found scrap metal Rinty in the dumpster.                                                                                                         No piddle walks in the rain or snow                                                                                                                     No buying dog food                                                                                                                                Perfect pooch                                                                                                                                               [Does it wag its tail, I ask?)                                                                                                               with difficulty  clanks a lot                                                                                                                                     He recently said he would bring Rinty along on a walk with a friend but only if it wasn't raining because he didn't want his dog to suffer from "rust."  
[Apologies about the formatting. When you click "Publish" it all goes haywire. I've tried my best. Also, he sent photos of Rin Tin Tin but for some reason they won't download.]

One of Forbes's stories: Arnold

Shared by Lysa Leland on November 20, 2020
Years ago, Forbes told me this story about his canine buddy Arnold who lived down the road from his cabin at the Sanctuary (Willard Pond, NH). Arnold was a mix of beagle and blue tick hound, independent, social and “with a beautiful soulful face.” She (Forbes usually referred to her as “he”) would regularly hang out at the cabin, especially enjoying musical gatherings (her favorite song was “Blue— you’re a good dog you.”) She was everyone’s friend, but with Forbes especially. In February 2020, Forbes sent this story to his friends Jan & Roz who knew Arnold well in those days (early 70’s). Thank you Jan for these details and sending me the story in Forbes's words…                                                                                      *****************************
The story of Arnold naturally reads like a Shakespearean tragedy.  Why?  She had tragic flaw that ultimately led to her death.  Arnold couldn't resist the temptation to chase deer.  Occasionally the local Fish & Game warden would come to the cabin asking the whereabouts of Arnold.  I played dumb which was relatively easy for me.  However, one late fall day Arnold arrived on my doorstep with his "hang-dog" look.  I knew he was, at once, in trouble.  This time he was in serious trouble.  I heard a car by the garden,  It was F&G warden's car.  I, immediately, hid Arnold in the woodshed.  The warden asked me if I had seen Arnold.  This time it was serious.  Arnold was accused of killing a deer.  "No" was my answer trying to act nonchalant and hoping Arnold wouldn't blow his cover and get us both in deep shit.  Satisfied the warden left.
Arnold stayed with me for 2 weeks.  I tried to not look suspicious buying dogfood at the Cash Market.  Then one late fall morning Arnold went to the door.  She stood at the door not with the usual excited "tail wagging the dog."  This time Arnold spoke to me with a sadness in her eyes which said "I'm sorry but I have to go."  
A week later I heard from the Lowell's that Arnold had been shot chasing deer.
This the last chapter of the Arnold story.  The real Arnold story is the joy that she brought to our lives.

My dear friend...

Shared by Diana Smith on November 10, 2020
How I will miss his compassion; his understanding; his generosity and his sense of humor.  No matter who you were, Forbes always made you feel like the most important person in front of him.  He and his long-time companion, Marilyn, shared so many memories with my husband and me that will be held close to my heart forever.  Our mutual love of music was always a constant.  His love of jazz and my disdain of jazz gave him many opportunities to bait me with discussions about "real music."  By the same token, we went to many many classical concerts where I was in my element but he seemed to know as much about the composers, programs, etc. as I did, sometimes more.  How I will miss those discussions on music, life, and just being friends, for that is surely what Forbes was - my friend.  I am so blessed to have known him and will be eternally grateful for his love.  As the eagle soars, Forbes, I know you will, too.  Be at peace. Be with Marilyn.  Know you were treasured.  Until we meet again~

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