Shared by Alyssa Hand on November 28, 2010

Frank will always and has always been known to me as Papa. I promised him a couple weeks ago that I would marry his grandson, Justin and I would take care of his two boys, his son Justin and papa's favorite boy Chase. He has always treated me like a grand daughter and as far and I know, he will always be my Papa. He was a great man and wonderful person to be around, whether it was just sitting there and talking to him about when he was younger or he was messing with me, making jokes he knew would gross me out, but he knew it would make me laugh. I have so many great memories of him, most of them are me laughing as Nan would chase Chase around the house and then go to Papa to save him. We will all miss him so much. Our only regret, was the night he passed, justin went to show him my wedding ring we had picked up and that was when we found out he had passed. The day before he had been so happy and filled with joy because of how all of his family and friends had come to see him. None of us could ever forget Papa, he was the one and only and he would always no matter what give you a hug and kiss and tell you he loved you. I wrote the obituary for Nan the night he passed, and made this site for her the next day just to express my love for him, from Chase, "his boy" who can't exactly type, and Justin, his son, who knew no one else but Papa as his father, and from me "the one too many damn A names in the house". lol. Alyssa, his soon to be grandaughter.  There is so much to say, but all I can say from us is, we love you Papa, and you will be severely missed and thought of daily. I told Chase you were now fishing with your Daddy and that you would always be looking out for us, like I know you will be. And that you were in the sun, so every time he saw the sunlight and felt that warm sun on him, that was you giving him your love. we love you always and forever.

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