Let the memory of Fred be with us forever
  • 84 years old
  • Born on September 19, 1928 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on October 13, 2012 in Houston Texas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Fred Cilurso 84 years old , born on September 19, 1928 and passed away on October 13, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th October 2018
Good morning love. I had a mass said for you yesterday I will never forget. However I’ve been quite sick in the hospital for 8days and not well enough to go to church. I was so broken hearted to miss that mass next year God willing I will have it done again hopefully I will be able to attend. We all miss you dearly you are always the topic of our conversations I am feeling a little better you know my problems that keep bugging me plus pneumonia. But I am a trooper and have you close to me every minute that helps me so much. If I miss contact with u please know. I haven’t forgotten u I love you forever and ever. God bless you Fred please keep me in your heart. I love always❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 19th September 2018
Happy BirthdY in the most beautiful in Gods creation..the kingdom of heaven..we went to. Visit you toDay. How very sad we sang to you kept telling you how we miss you......these past three days I had terrible nightmares, I kept calling for you..some how I don’t know how but you called my name it woke me from that horrible dream..I asked you if you. Called me you said “ yes” next. Night you slept on the bottom of the bed I asked you why you were. Sleeping down there. I felt you knee and asked you if that wasyour knee you said yes. I. Am Waiting for you to scream you said..... Then lasts nights horrible dream. I swarei felt like I was going out of my mind,,then all of asudden the whole house blew up ......I woke up it was 3:45 am I went I and made a cup of coffee..I was Afraid to go to back to bed and sleep I kuldip not take another bad. Dream. Finally I went back tobed and fell sound Sleep...... How I miss you Fred you always made me feel safe holding me in your arms when those horrible dreams came About.. now I’ve no one it’s a terrible feeling...I miss you. So much.....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 6th August 2018
Hi love it’s been a long time hasn’t it..? The time runs away from me,I wrap myself in all kinds of projects "...always by days end I realize I have not followed through as to what I promised I’d do today.....write to you...... I do visit you at our site..it is still difficult.. I can’t do the rainy days never ever snowy days..always on special days ,unless it is too difficult to get there...I no longer drive so as you know I must depend on someone...most of the time it is just fine but there are times it isn’t possible.however I get there perhaps a day or two afterwards.... Lyn always makes sure you have your special days with palms flowers wreaths and of course her heartfelt words talking to you.... All is fine with everyone..I have wondered if per chance you have seen lorrie in heaven??and all our love ones? I think about you every single day still cry when I hear our songs.. still feel you behind me singing Have I Told You Lately that I Love You.....when I hear it on the radio I go stand by the sink.......it will never end the emptiness the heartache the everlasting tears... I do recapture funny remarks you often made that amuse me...so much going on I can go on and on...but I’ll save all that when we meet again some sunny sunburst happy glorious ever lasting day of joy...until then ,I will see you in my dreams,hold you in my heart see you in every sunny,rainy cloudy ,snowy day today and for the rest of my life❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Forever....God Bless send kisses from heaven.. I know you are happy I will be too when we meet again. ,,,,,,
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th October 2017
I didn't forget yesterday..I went to see you talked for quite a while Karen and Robin were there also, Lyn had to work but she talked to you it isn't easy at all it has been five years and the void is still there..I just can't believe it's been five years it is still so difficult to accept I feel like you are here but I can't see you although I see you in my dreams only to wake up and you are gone.. all is well with everyone I hope you are happy and at peace without that terrible pain...How I wish we talked about you leaving ..I know you didn't want to see me cry so you kept everything inside,,and I feel so bad that you couldn't say what you wanted to say because you didn't want to see me cry,,I cried anyway and much more then I would have if we talked about you going home.. I will regret that the rest of my life. Always know you are never far from me . I carry you where ere I go.I ❤️ you then,i ❤️ you now and I will love you forever more❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 20th September 2017
Its a day after your 89th birthday want you to know I love you .yesterday,today, tomorrow and forever after.no one day goes by that you are not here with me.I just miss the sound of your voice ..yet I go back and hear it telling me everything is fine and cant wait to see me... love you always and forever,high as the ocean and,,,deep as the sky... our words to each other. they are engraved on our stone...thats eternal lmy endless love.....❤️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 20th September 2017
One more year will be passing. cant believe it ..I keep seeing you laying there we were holding hands. you looked so peaceful.. inside my heart was pounding, breaking, aching.praying..knowing you were but a breath away from me.. you muttered something ,,,,words that haunt me..I could not understand.......those moments are ecthed in my heart the place,day hour minute second and then......you were gone,,,,,,,,,,,,
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 7th January 2017
Hi honey how's my Fred? The holidays are over how I missed you especially when I heard Bing sing your c o nstantsog as soon as I started decorating."It's beginning to look like
Posted by Lyn Barney on 15th October 2016
Hi dad mom and I went to see u today I hope u like the flowers and the scarecrow we left. It was a beautiful day just like u and I lIke it warm and sunny. Sorry I couldn't make it on your birthday but u are always on my mind I'm sure u know that . Sure can't believe your not here. Mommy misses u so much it would be helpful if u let her know your ok. Keep watching over all of us. I miss u .love u always. Xoxo
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th October 2016
Fred, I was hoping to come visit you today but did not have a ride,,I am so sorry ...but I thought of you all day and I got so tired ,I think it was because I exhausted myself for wanting to be there...I never told you I gave your car to Dennis last year,, they were all on my case about driving with my bad neck, I am so sorry I listened to them. I hope you are not angry ...I am so so so sorry Now I must depend on others,, I am thinking of looking into getting one because then I can do my thing,,,,help me please. Ilu
Posted by Karen Cullen on 13th October 2016
Hi Daddy, can't believe time as gone by this fast! So much as happened to! I am sure you know because you were there with us all, my baby boy got married Saturday...and now Michael and Danielle are off on there honeymoon having the time of there lives. It's crazy that life goes on when such a big part is missing. I love and miss you dad, but I know you are with us all the time. And that's comforting. Watch over us and keep us safe and healthy. And I pray you are happy
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th October 2016
. I don't know where to begin.. I've been crying all day ..my heart aches like it did 4 years ago, it just doesn't stop there is no end to the pain,despair ,loss, emptiness,wishing ,hoping,praying, and a million other sad lonely feelings ,can't name them, all.. I just miss you so very very much, sometimes I can't go on this tribute because all I do is cry cry and cry. I keep remembering how you would pretend you were feeling fine ,so that I wouldn't cry, I cried anyway when You could not see me .today I am so empty in side,crying all day, could not get to go to the cemetery, Lyn working .Robin hurt her arm and could not get here.... I have beautiful flowers all ready to take to you ...I can't get those words you yelled at me that day I told you to get up to go to the Dr,, you didn't want to go.. you (said Adeline I am dying I'm dying, what's the use of going to see the Dr ) I can't get that sound to go away,those words, I refused to believe.I yelled back to you."" Stop saying that ,you are not dying , don't ever say that again ""and you didn't ,you think you hid it from me. But it is etched in my mind and pierces my heart.. because you would not say what you wanted to say those last days ,because you didn't want to see me cry...Fred if only we could have said the things that are now gone, left unspoken till we meet again.. please know I have so many regrets,I more or less made you stop saying what you felt inside because I Told you Never! To say it again and you didn't ..you left me wishing I bit my tounge that day, and I will regret it the rest on my life...The flowers I have ARE from my Pets rehearsal dinner ..a day before his wedding...YOU were there I took you with me his wife is precious she shares your birth date 9/19. I had a very special dance with Michael and all I could think of was you.....big Michael waved your handkerchief When the Bride and Groom walked down the dance floor .....he gave it to me and I gave l It to Rick to treasure......... I must say see you one sunny day because I will never say Good by.....hold my hand keep me strong help me to adjust I try ,try try, so hard but at times I slip into that place I left you ,so dark and cold.. but I will love you only and always .high as the Ocean and As Deep as the sky that's eternal ..after all these years.........❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th October 2016
On your birthday Sept 19. I... started to leave you a message but I could not say what I wanted to say because . I cried so much , I laid down ,and fell asleep.... I could not get any words ,right words to say...all I felt was numb. I had not forgotten you ,Lyn and I went to visit you that day we both cried left you flowers and enough tears to keep them from dying too. Belated wishes will follow you ,love ,hugs and sweet kisses ,,,until that bright sunny day comes around, ,,stay with me always.....I'll.❤️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th October 2016
Lyn finds it difficult to go on this site so does Rick and Kathy... some time Robin will drop in, but Karen always does..usually she asks you on St Patrick's Day... ""am I Poasa wear qween??."" You remember that I'm sure.... I can still picture the little blonde beauty Asking you that question..... she also remembers that too......love you.....
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 4th March 2016
Hello Fred. How is everything up there in the great beyond. What a glorious beautiful place to be..are you waiting for me...I hope so,I've so much to tell you we are all fine just missing you every single day at times I see you in my dreams that always cheers me up but I don't like waking to find you are not here..I know you are happy and at rest no more horrible pain or worry.. That is the only thought. That gives me a little consolation Until we meet again I love you always and forever keep me in your heart and in all your prayers.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Karen Cullen on 3rd March 2016
Hi Daddy, It's one of those days. Everything I hear brings back so many memories of you! I guess you are thinking about me to, I feel it! It brings a smile and a feeling of comfort when I know you are reaching out to, that same day..well all is good with me and my family, thank god! please continue to watch over us all. I hope and pray you have beautiful wonderful days everyday in heaven, no worries,no hunger, no pain...I miss you Dad, but I have wonderful memories to fill my days..Love you Daddy xoxo⭐️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 19th January 2016
Hello my love,did you think I forgot you?never happen,it's been rather hectic lately I've not been feeling too well ,same problem over n over again..Christmas came and went so did the New Year .hereit is 2days after Lyns 63rd birthday,,she is more precious then ever, I AM STAYING WITH HER FOR A WHILE TILL I get better..her and J can't do enough for me, and Monet is such a good girl you'd be so proud she loves J listens to him a really good girl I hope when I go home she stays this way. How is it in heaven hon I can only imagine the beauty,the peacefulness ,harmony love ,radiance and all the glimmering gold...have you been with mom and daddy Sal. Quid Mary JoeJohnny Norman Mae rose And especially your mom and Auntie Betty? Wait for me,hold a special place,I love you Fred Miss you so very much, it never gets easy it is always difficult,,I talk to you sometime I get an answer. Keep me in all your prayers like I keep you.remember always I am only a breath away until we meet again love you like the first day we met....
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 25th November 2015
Happy Thanksgiving in heaven. I sent you an email your favorite song Amazing Grace it went through too I pray you get it,, I miss you Fred nothing is the same anymore it is all a big VOID such an empty world without you here,,, it is so good to dream of you I cherish every single dream that you talk to me. Another holiday without you I cannot believe it is four thanksgivings without you every time I look at that turkey leg I say to myself Fred would love to bite into that,,, I miss you hon the whole world is changing its bad out there lreally believe it won't be too long before the end of the world. I won't be sad because then I will be with you again forever an ever l love you always. ❤️
Posted by Karen Cullen on 13th October 2015
Hi Dad, thinking back over three years, wow so many things have happened. Yet knowing it's been three years since you were here brings sadness. I hope and pray from the faith we were all instilled with is true. That you watch over us and somehow you hear us and conform us from afar. And we can go on knowing we will all be back together one day. And that you aren't alone, everyone we love and as left us, you are all together, and that brings us comfort. The link to our chain is broken but it will be linked and in full circle on day. I love you daddy and miss you very much
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 12th October 2015
Well love this night 3 years ago,I was holding your hand,telling you I love you....I can no longer hold your hand which still causes me deep sadness ,but I hold you constantly in my heart ,thoughts and prayers.. It has not gotten easy, I miss you so very much.there are times when something happens or I think of something that you would like.. That .I say ( oh I must tell Fred .then I realize you are no longer here.too many times I feel that thought come into my mind..I also feel you here at times.especially at night when Monet turns around she moves the whole bed and for a few minutes I think it is you..You use to flip over instead of just turning over, and she does the same thing....so you see Fred you are only a breath away,even when I am asleep.tomorrow will be three years we will visit you with flowers and tears as usual .I will hold you in my dreams and prayer tonight like I always do, it will just be more difficult hopingI was really holding your hand all over again.....I love you high as the Ocean, and as Deep as the sky.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 19th September 2015
Happy happy day love,Lyn and I went to visit you yesterday,,placed those large yellow African merrigolds that you always liked..they are really pretty we hope you liked them played our songs there of course it wasn't easy. L pictured us dancing like we always did and -remembering the last time we danced. Was the day before we left for Texas, so that you could be cured..it. Didn't work out that way and that's why God called you home..... Kathy andRick sent me a beautiful collection of chocolate covered fruit ,,,you would have loved them I put them in front o f your picture, sang Happy Birthday through my tears. And tasted one for yo u. It was a difficult day ,,not doing much just thinking of you,,hope you had a great time in heaven,,you could not see me but I was ther with you and will always be,,love u always n forever. Happy happy day⭕️⭕️❌❌⭕️⭕️❌❌❤️
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 22nd June 2015
I did not get to go on line to wish you happy Fathers Day, yet I know you heard me say it over and over again.. It was not too good of a day to visit you it rained so hard off and on..but the dreams I had of you were worth more then a visit, you told me you are always here. And I know that is so true you made my day. My night and every. Second I breath, the only downfall was when I awoke you were gone.how disappointed that was..yet I know where ere I go you are here with me. I miss your presents,yet your spirit has bonded to me and will never leave I love you Fred, until we meet again,wait for me.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Karen Cullen on 21st June 2015
Happy Fathers Day Dad! I miss you very day dad and love you very much...The way I cope with you being gone is i have to force the thoughts out of my mind. Please don't think for a moment that I don't think about you...but I have to think about you and then force you out of my mind or I would cry all the time and be sad and I know you wouldn't want any of us to live like that. It's hard to live our lives without you in it. I just hope and pray that you are happy everyday and our believes that heaven is a better place and that we will all be together again is true! Kiss Danielle for me tell her to, that I love and miss her every day of my life...until....I love you Dad!
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 8th April 2015
Hi sweetheart,I didn't get lost nor did I forget you are always on my mind I take you with me where ever I go for you are always in my heart.i took a few days rest in the hospital I am fine it's the same old thing I miss you so very much whenever I go in the hospital I see you sitting on the sofest chair holding my hand helping with the food tray watching TV it is awful knowing you are not there how many times you never left me I had to chase you home remember I can't forget it was a disappointing EASTER I didn't make my bread or the meat pie robin was sick KAREN is in Florida lyn went to breakfast with Matt and Nicole and the twins oh Fred you would be in your glory they are a true gift from God so heavenly blessed so beautiful lyn said they. We're so good ot a peep outof them,they are a very happy family,matt and Nicole are the greatest couple.so very proud happy and love thier life and the babies you would be so very proud of them I could just see the smile on your handsome face Please ask God and all your angel friends. To watch over them and take good care of Matt on Monday he goes for surgery on his back he has been in a lot of pain for so long hopefully the surgery will correct the problem also have them watch over our children gran and great children and of course mike den and Kathy too they are all so very dear andd precious to me lyn and I went to your site Monday hope you like the flowers. And the cross that Lyn placed on Palm Sunday it's been rather hectic but all is well I miss you as usarel my life is empty without you.just stay close and keep us in all your prayers like we do for you. Love and God bless.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 8th April 2015
Yesteryear yesterday today tomorrow and all the tomorrows That may follow you are forever bound within my heart and soul I did I do I will love you forever and ever high as the ocean and as deep as the sky. God bless
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th February 2015
Hi hon,tomorrow is Valentine's Day ,Iwant to let you know YOU are still and will always be MY VALENTINE. ...robin and I went to our site. We placed flowers and Valentine balloons.and I wrote a message on a Valentine card for you" we went early because it is going down below freezing on Valentine's day , we know you would not want me to be out on such a cold day.but in my heart and thoughts I am always there,I have not left you alone at all. Recently I read those Valentine books I gave you back in the good days..they are still in your night table drawer where you put them . We are all fine we all miss you still can't believe you are no longer here, I pray you are in your glory, with all our families ,and friends ,and most of all the angels that I love and our Lord..I love you Fred have a happy Valentine's Day ,hope you. Get to see Saint Valentine on His big day,, love,prayers and memories of you ,, Ads
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 8th January 2015
Miss miss miss you, it hurts so much when it snows, how I dread knowing how you hate the cold and there you are out there with all that snow on top of you,, I hope and pray you are warm and happy in Jesus arms. Till we meet again ,love you miss you dearly. Ads xxooxoxooo.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 8th January 2015
I place a flower in a vase next to your photo on the window sill over the sink and I look and talk to you every time there.. I will replace the flower because this one is on its way out,, love you ,will never get over missing you, or crying.yet in my heart I know you are always with me...love you always and forever....
Posted by Lyn Barney on 7th January 2015
Hi daddy its been a whlle I know but you are always with me and i think of u all the time so much has happened since we last talked i became a grandmother to two beautiful babies Addy ad Alex ., they are such a blessing and Matt and Nicole couldnt be happier and are great parents.the hoildays are over and you were greatly missed we went to Robins as usual and she did a great job and all was wonderful but the chair by the heater was empty but i could see you there. Jay and i stopped by to see you Christmas day i hope you saw us he wants to plant two small azayla bushes next to your head i hope thats ok i would put your favorite bush there but im afraid its much too big well its very cold out right now so you know me i wont be visiting till it warms up since im alot like you and hate the cold i know you understand that i keep telling mommy that but she would come no matter the weather she misses you so much but puts on a brave front for all of us but we all know how much she hurts, it would be nice if yu could give her some piece of mind and let her know your ok. well daddy i must brave the weather and clean off my car since we had some snow and its now ice. so till later remeber i love yu and miss you still cant believe your not hear to ask me if i could smell moms cooking and thats why i came by lol oh and guess what Jay messes up my hair just like you used to do drives me crazy but it does remind me of your warm afection. lots of love daddy stay warm which i know u have the perfect temperature all the time and i can see that smile. love kisses and hugs.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 3rd January 2015
Hello love, the holidays are all over, it was just as difficult as the other years, you were on my mind constantly. I talked to you all day every day. I put up some decorations, I felt so guilty but I wanted to be like it use to be, but it wasn't.. I could hear you tell me it's okOr perhaps it was me hopeing you would say ok... I listoned to carols, and every time I heard Bing Crosby sing my heart ached especially when I heard Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I could still hear you singing that when I started to decorate. It was not easy but I did put a little up. And our tree you bought in 2011 the white one I hung a few of my treasures on it. I put my dolls and a the teddy bears under the tree also put your photo in the dolls hand and made a beautiful decoration for you Sal,Mary ,joe rose,Mae quid.hung it next to the ones that we bought that say mom ,dad, you were never far from my thoughts, robin an I went to your site and placed a beautiful wreath with notes to you KAREN left a pointsetta and a balloon lyn and jay went Christmas Eve den And I went one day just before Christmas,,it is so difficult to know you are laying there out in the cold..although I know you are in heaven with àll our love ones,I am sure yourMother was so glad to see you so was Aunt Betty and all my family. They really loved my Fred. I made a few cookies and when I made the fish cakes I could not stop thinking of you,I talked to you the whole time I received a beautiful bouquet from Robert And Ginger and thier boys I took some flowers and put tem on your grav one day with lyn I alsohave flowers in a vase next to your picture I keep on the window sill in the kitchen, I see your smile that handsome face I love and talk to you every day.. I loved you then now always and forever until that glorious day that I see you again,watch over all of us and wait for me I'll be there when God calls me home.untill then and always ilove you forever and ever,Ads
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 3rd January 2015
Fred I wrote a detailed letter to you about all that I did for the holidays somehow it disappeared so I will just let you know I love you always it will be so wonderful to see you and be with you again, I love you always did always will even till the end of time.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 16th October 2014
It was a rather abusy day got quite a bit done,getting everything in order to. put awy for winter the leaves are changing colors I keep thinking of our trips to see the foliage the colors aren't. as brilliant and awesome as it use to be since you were here I can only imagine the glorious color in heaven hope you think of me as I do of you when you feast your eyes on all that beauty still waiting for you to let me know how you are I will keep waiting I love you miss you and think of you every single day
Posted by Karen Cullen on 13th October 2014
Dad, It's now two years that you have been away from us. Sometimes its hard to believe two years have passed then there are times when it feels so much longer. It's very hard not having you in our everyday lives, I miss talking to you, and seeing you, I know you are always with me and I can only pray you are happy and with everyone we know up there. Please watch over all of us, you are the twinkle I see in the sky! I love you and miss you very much Daddy...
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th October 2014
Hello sweetheart,need I tell you how terrible it's been without you these past weeks were so difficult I relived those last days over and over I can't beleive it two years I am so mixed up it seems I haven't seen you forever,yet it is hard to come to the conclusion that it has now been two years Robin and I went to visit you we left roses next to you it was raining and a bit chilly yet we didn't mind it at all we were captured in the reality that here you are laying beneath us so close yet so far.its not been easy still can't adjust neither can our children they feel the emptiness but won't say to much for feared I'd get too upset but Robin cries all the time with just mention of you please visit her in her dreams let her know how you are. Help her Fred she is so attached she can't hide it like the others do. But I can see and I know how very badly they feel we all miss you more then you could ever imagine,I feel close to you when I am here at home alone,I cannot sit in the living room in the evening like we always did your empty recliner just adds to the gloomy feeling thank GoD for your precious little Monet she is my Fred when I hug and kiss her she now sleeps on your. Side of the bed in her little pink bed so she is right next to my pillow just like you were there she is mylife saver. Thank you for spoiling her, I am at her command whenever she wants something she is so darn cute nobody can resist her..she sits at your site and keeps smelling I know she knows you are there that's theONLY time she doesn't bark and beg for us to pick her up. You must be so proud.i can go on and on,but I'll save the rest of my feelings before or after my prayers,I love you I miss you. You are AlWAYS on my mind attached to what is left of my broken heart in every prayer every day I love high as the ocean and as deep as the sky, forever into eternity good night GOD bless you I'll see you in my dreams please.
Posted by Robin Herrmann on 21st September 2014
Happy birthday Daddy!!! Went to visit you today with mommy and lynx we put pretty flowers and some fall thing there mommy made it look really nice for you. I hope your special day was extra special for you up in heaven. We went to the keys me mommy Karen and Kathy when we were flying I was looking at the sky and said to mommy do you think were close to heaven where daddy is? I have missed you every single day dad there hasn't been one day you haven't been on my mind I wish so much if I could just see you one more time . I hear you talking all the time with diff Extent things that come up I will say things that I use to hear you say I find myself being a lot like you in certain ways and I just smile and treasure it remember I use to pinch your big toe when you would be on your recliner and you use to laugh at me I remember so many things even little things about you it's like they are sketched in my mind for eternity I can't wait to finally see you again some day ever since you left I'm not afraid to go anymore because I know you will be the first in line to see me and I just want a big hug and kiss from you your still my favorate person in the whole wife world rent I would tell you that and you would just laugh but it's true you were and will always be my hero and forever I will love you with all my heart and continue to miss you every single day . Daddy I do need a favor from you please watch over Tyler and Eric for me please always keep them both safe and healthy I feel that your already doing that for all of us and that your somehow giving mommy the strength she needs please talk to god and ask him to please leave mommy here for me I couldn't bear both of you being gone get dad a it wouldn't hurt to give me 6 winning numbers for the lottery !!! Now then I would know for sure you heard me so keep that in mind and if you could kind of put a rush on it that would be really great ! Goodnight daddy always remember how very much I love you and miss you and you always will be in my heart forever and ever kisses and hugs love you daddy your little pud robin xoxoxo
Posted by Karen Cullen on 19th September 2014
Happy Birthday Daddy! I miss you and love you very, very, much. Especially on special days like today! Just knowing how much you enjoyed little things like chocolate tasty cakes, or lemon merrang, or Coconut custard pies, you were so easy to please! I can remember you saying that's pretty cool if you got a new shirt or jacket and how your face would light up. You were always so appreciative to us kids! I hope u r having a great party up there with everyone. Kiss Danielle for me And go to her party on Oct 1st. You are ALWAYS with me DAD! XOXO
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 19th September 2014
Happy birthday sweetheart did you think I forgot about you never in a million years u are with me every second of my life Constantly did u hear me pray for you last night and EVERY single night did you hear me wish you happy birthday this morning as soon as I opened my eyes did you see and hear lyn robin and I at your site today we placed flowers and some little ornaments and two lights that will glow every night I love you Fred always did always will until the end of time.I hope u heard every word I said to you today.how did you like our singing to you we will never forget you love.you are engraved within our heart and soul love u pray you had a glorious birthday in heaven with all our loved ones stay with us forever we cannot see you but we know you are here with us every second love you high as the ocean and deep as the sky...I had those words inscribed on our stone I know you would like it we would say that to each other all the time.I can still see your face looking at me and telling me I love you Ads high as the ocean and as deep as the sky happy happy day sweetheart I am only a heart beat away.cant wait to see that face again love love love you always.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 19th September 2014
It was a long day,Lyn Robin and I spent most of the afternoon at your site KAREN is in the Keys RobKathy and I went also we came home on the 16th I had to be home for your birthday although you were tere wih me u would love Karen's little cottage. We had a wonderful time Monet was a little angel u would have been so proud she is YOU I take her with me when I go to see u.I tell her we are going to see Big Daddy" I really beleive she knows you are there she behaves extra good and she stays there with us without trying to roam she misses u too give my love to mom and daddy SalQuid Mary Joe your mom and Aunt Betty and to all of our loved ones,tell my Blessed Mother I thank her always for all my blessings..I know she hears me so does God they answer my prayers and I am ever so GREATFUL well hon until the next time continue to stay with us remember always I love you fred goodnight and God bless and hope you had a blessed birthday love always Ads
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th May 2014
Hello my love I have not written to u for a while but my thoughts and what is left of my broken heart is there with u in heaven Handel it with care it is so brokenI pray u are safe in our Lords hands I pray every night for Him to hold you I still say good morning to you and also good nite u are with me every second I love u always and forever I hold u in my dreams I want to keep dreaming then morning comes too quickly.life has changed drastically ,miss you terribly love you Fred love love love you God bless always
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th May 2014
It is 19 months today that you left me I know how much you tried to stay here with me u didn't want to see me cry I know that but I am still crying and I will until we meet again then it will be smiles hugs and kisses I miss u so much I try hard to keep busy you are always on my mind of course Monet keeps me stepping I am going to send her to obedience school she still does not Liston but when I tell her to come let me brush her hair and put bows on she runs to the utility room she loves to look and smell PERTTY I will let you know how she does in school how I wish you were here to watch her in class but I think you will be there too"won't you?
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 13th May 2014
I can't believe I keep forgetting to tell u we will be great grand parents again this time it is big time Matt and Nicole will be having TWINS .God works in strange ways He called you home on 10/13-12 and the babies will be born on that date I was dumbfounded when they told me also much to our wishes they will have a GIRL and a BOY. They are naming them ADELINE GRACE and ALEXANDER MATTHEW I know you will be here to see them but for now please ask Sweet Jesus to watch over all of them I know you would be so happy to hear this good news. Watch over us sweetheart please God bless xoxoxo
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th April 2014
Hello sweetheart did you think I've forgotten you that will never happen.i have had a lot of problems when I go to bed I die I am so very tired.I feel you near me so many times so many strange things happen it must be you.I talk to you and I swear I hear your answer Monet keeps barking and forever smelling the floor at night she gets me up and walks around the whole house and I follow her.like a nut..she must feel your presence too I love you sweetheart now and forever till the end of time..god bless you with all the angels in your heavenly home I'll be there wait for me. Happy Palm Sunday miss you so very much.love
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th April 2014
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th April 2014
Good night love give kisses to all our loved ones,look for Pat he left us last Friday Robin and I went to his mass yesterday.it was beautiful.you were always on my mind "I cannot erase one thought,and I don't want to.now I'll go to sleep say my beads pray for you and go off to. Sleep dreaming of you,good night Fred God bless please let me see your face in my dreams,,,I know my eyes are bad but I know for certain I would see that handsome face,please hon,I love you.
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 28th November 2013
Hi hon, we'll this is the second thanksgiving without you.the pain has not lessened the emptiness won't go away.i am here in Texas with robin we came for ricks 60th birthday, I know you would love to share it with us.however you are right here in our thoughts and engraved in my heart I even have your airplane pants and shirt with me where ever thoul goest u go also I love you and miss you still.high as the ocean. Deep as the sky thats eternal love
Posted by Lyn Barney on 26th November 2013
Hi daddy well thanksgiving is almost here and we will miss u sitting at the head of the table i will take the turkey leg in honor of u. Mom is in texas but her heart is with you. hope your looking down on us this thursday we will be thinking of you love and kisses i love u daddy
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 3rd November 2013
Hi sweetheart,I went to Robins over nite with Karen. Tyler came home from the hospital my heart breaks knowing the whole life change all of them must make.my tears aware nearly dried up between the to of you Robin really needs u like she always did when she was upset or sick be there for her please pray to St Anthony with me. I love u so much
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 31st October 2013
Hi hon it's been rough these past weeks as much as I wanted to visit you I couldn'ti. Had that old pain problem again all I could do was rest wish u were here we'd rest together.we had bad news yesterdaay your Big Guy Tyler has type one diabetes wwe are lost for words I know how terrible you would feel Fred please askGod His Angeles And saints to pray with us for Tyler to get well p
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 31st October 2013
I am suppose to go to Texas on nov.11 I have to get better first I keep telling you to help me of course I pray constantly for you ouR family and especially for Tyler keep me with you in your heart and be a helper to our lord and watch over all of us we miss and love you so much it hurts you are never further from my heart when I close my eyes I see that handsome face I love you my love
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th October 2013
It was a difficult day yesterday, one year I still can't get use to the change in my life We had a mass said for u yesterday at 11:00am the girls went with me then we went to visit you, the grass is finally looking good it is greener then all the other sites when I saw it looking so good we were all so happy I spent the rest of the day thinking and talking to you until I fell asleep Lov u
Posted by Adeline Cilurso on 14th October 2013
when Rick called yesterday he said can u beleive it's a year already mom. I Sid no I still can't beleive any thing about it,I am just sitting here remenissising it is just too sad I spent a week at Karen's after I got out of the hospital I'm feeling much better it's hard to handle when I m in the hospital because you were lays there the whole day now you are in heaven watching over me lov

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