Shared by Ibukun Olashore on August 25, 2019
It was a shock hearing about your passing to the Lord.  I just couldn’t believe it.  I remember the last time we spoke which was over an hour learning and realising we both have gone health and medical challenges.
We met years ago in the early nineties and continued our on and off friendship catching up as if time had not passed us by.

Yiu shall surely be missed and your memory can never erase from from heart.  You were a good friend.   Rest and sleep in the Boston of our Lord.  God be with you till we meet again. 
Shared by Temi Awofala on April 16, 2019

Dear Funmi, 

What a shock to hear of your sudden demise, so saddened by the news. You were such a kind soul. I remember you as a kind and caring person that would reach out to anyone associated with your dear friends. I attended your 50th birthday party as a friend of Ronke Adeoti and you were so keen to ensure I enjoyed myself that you asked Ronke back in USA to check that i had. You also reached out to me when you heard that I had a personal loss both by sending messages and when we met at events. That’s just a few personal examples of the kind and caring lady that you were. 

I pray the Lord receives your gentle soul in heaven and he givescomfort and hope to the loved ones you have left behind.  

Sleep in Peace dear daughter of the most high God

Shared by Trish Odusami on April 12, 2019

My darling sister, my ally, my confidant, my trusted I hurt daily at the thought of not seeing you again. Your sun has set! All we are left with are cherished memories.  Memories that will keep your spirit alive in all we your loved ones....always!

We met donkey years back...almost 30 years ago (WOW!!) through my sister in law and your bosom sister, Shade Onafalujo. You will use one eye to look at me and I will use one eye to look back...LOL. This was early days in London. My family met your family and we hit it off.  We did a lot together. You were always so helpful, too caring, loving, and generous to a fault. Once you liked someone, you gave them your all....and I mean your all.  You will give away any of your prized material things without batting an eyelid. Too generous!!!. You were also so straightforward with me.  I remember when I had a big 40th invite-only party and you invited 'the world'. I was annoyed that you invited too many people, you responded that 'if I am not capable of having a party, then I should not have one, as for you, it is your sister (me) having a party and you will invite everyone either I like it or not and you will pay for it'....and this statement opened the door for a much bigger and beautiful party.  You made my day and year, and even years to come. It was your raw honesty and bluntness that I loved. When you started your business, you tried everything to get me involved..and when I moved to New York, you said you wish I didn't move because it will be difficult to keep in touch but we did, and we still loved each other almost everyday..even though we were miles away. 

You will always be in my heart and soul. I loved you from the day we met and will always love you even as you rest with our Lord.  God bless your beautiful soul, Sis.  You were one in a million, and will always be.

Ronke Adeoti-Odusami.

Shared by Kemi Abah on April 12, 2019

Hmmmm Aunty Funmi, words seem so feeble in moments like these. The depth of my pain I cannot comprehend. 

My heart aches with so much sadness especially without saying goodbye. The good times we shared together, I shall cherish.

Till we meet again and part no more. On God we must rely; I will surely miss you .

Rest in perfect peace of the Lord. Amen 

                                                    Kemi Abah xx

Shared by Folashade Onafalujo on March 8, 2019

My dear loving sister and friend. You and I were planning the final burial ceremony of my late father. On your sick bed you asked how the preparations were going and checked when I was to travel. I responded and said: “Je ki ara e ya, then we talk”; my exact phrase.

How sad that you’re not going to be here to witness it happen. I could write a book on our lives together - How we met, the happy memories, sad times shared, the quarrels and making up. The positivity and honesty no matter how it hurts.

I thank God for making our paths cross, you’re one in a million a gentle soul, kind hearted who sees the best in everybody. I thank God for having spent Christmas together not knowing it would be the last- We had such a great and wonderful time with our lovely daughters there to spend time with us. You are irreplaceable and will be solely missed, but I know that you have indeed gone to rest. 

Thank you for the imprint you made in our lives, Love you my sister.


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