This is a place to remember, relive and celebrate the light and laughter that was our Geetha Rajagopal.  Born on October 4, 1976, and just 44 years young, was called upon to brighten up the heavens on May 11, 2021. We will remember her through our tributes here and in our individual and collective memories. Forever.
Posted by Melissa Mann on June 14, 2021
To Geetha's family and friends,
I had the pleasure of working with Geetha for a couple of years, most recently on a big project at work. As many have said, she was always happy and upbeat and could bring a smile to your face even when the topic being discussed was difficult. She was full of energy and gave it away to others constantly - she supported and lifted up coworkers every day. That's the lesson she taught me - that by lifting up others, the whole team is better. I'm sorry her life here with us was too short. My wish is that her joy will live on in everyone she touched, and especially her husband and son. 
Melissa Mann
Posted by Erin Mitchell on June 8, 2021
Please know that Geetha was a delightful colleague and someone who was grateful and joyful for her life in the big and small moments. I had the opportunity to work with her on two large and long-term projects over the past several years. She brought a joy and excitement to every meeting. Her smile would light up the room and she had a positive impact on everyone. We will forever miss collaborating with her. Her time with us was much too short. Thinking of all you.
Posted by Pawas Anand on June 4, 2021
From Kellie Mondell, UHG

I had the honor of working with Geetha over the past year. We worked on some org design efforts together and this is where I met my favorite dynamic duo of G&G. Geetha and Gayatri were such an amazing force to partner with for this work. My team would affectionately refer to them as G&G with both always having a good chuckle when we would call them by this nickname. Geetha loved to talk about her son and we would compare parenting tips and tricks. While she was a dedicated employee and so talented in her craft, it was clear that being his mother was her #1 job. I will miss Geetha’s wonderful laugh, super creative can-do attitude and spending the first 5-10 mins of each call just connecting as humans, even if we were living in completely different parts of the world. Geetha was an amazing woman and I know she is watching over all of us!

Sending thoughts of comfort and happy memories.
Posted by Pawas Anand on June 4, 2021
From Jena Plekkenpol, UHG

I’ll always remember the glowing smile and vibrant personality that Geetha brought to work! No matter what time of day she hopped on a call, she brought a cheerful and positive attitude. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to cross paths with Geetha at UnitedHealth Group
Posted by Pawas Anand on June 4, 2021
From Steph Nelson, UHG

What I’d like you to know about Geetha – she was a wonderful colleague. She had great ideas and was full of positivity. I had the opportunity to work with her since the beginning of 2021 on a project and was so impressed with her style and energy. My heart goes out to all of you. Please know she made a positive impact on me and members of our team
Posted by Gayatri Varma on May 31, 2021
Geetha was a very dear friend and my intellectual partner. She and I got acquainted when she joined my team at UHG in 2012

And what an incredible 9 years of knowing her – she was my partner in crime for many initiatives – across India, Philippines, Ireland & Brazil. Never to back down from a challenging task, Geetha brought all her energy, spirit and passion to every discussion. I have fond memories of various discussions & disagreements over a cuppa!
In fact, over the last 18 months, we would meet at Café Tesu, spend the first 20 minutes as ‘home room’ – checking in on each other, our families, politics and current affairs – all of which were extremely passionate discussions! We’d then shift gears and plough through work at break neck speed – because Geetha would always want to be home in time before Anirudh’s afternoon nap!

She always thought of the team and others and I salute her for intellect, problem solving skills and her application of concepts towards creating meaningful and high impact interventions!

She brought energy to every conversation & loved a good party!
Geetha and I share many common traits & also our birthdays. That day will never be the same for me now. Your will forever be missed, my dear friend. Rest in peace!
Posted by Amit Bhuchar on May 31, 2021
Geetha, I don’t think we interacted much really... other than the occasional ‘hi’ at XL. I kind of remember meeting you at the induction of my batch mates at HCL an year after, but could be wrong!

But know this... there are a million and more people like me who you impacted just by your aura. Your ever present, warm smile and calm demeanour was a gift, not just for the lucky ones who knew you well, but for the many others who either didn’t have that chance, or had it but didn’t use it.

May your legacy be one where we pass on that smile and good vibes to people around us.

Geetha, yes, you’ve left this world too soon :( You’ll always be missed... and fondly remembered. May your family, friends, and loved ones have the courage to handle the huge vacuum you leave behind. May your son grow up to be the good human you would have wanted him to be!

Amit (XLRI -01)
Posted by Swati Singh on May 30, 2021
Geetha was a friend, sister, mentor all rolled into one. She was family. Our friendship began in 2004 . After that, she was with me at every important stage in my life, sharing happiness in my highs and lending her shoulder in the moments of despair. She was my"Go to Person" for any personal and professional challenges.
Geetha's positive attitude, zest for life, bright and charming personality with an infectious smile, always brought cheer to everyone around. She has touched so many people with her persona, that all of us have a story to tell about how she has influenced our lives.
Geetha was so passionate about everything she did, be it her HR consultancy, cross cultural work or issues that she chose to spoke about. Even as a mother ,she was always full of new ideas and approaches on how to bring up Anirudh be it "Amma School" , storytelling sessions or numerous videos that she made.
My heart goes out for our little Anirudh. I am sure Geetha is watching him from the heavens and her blessings will always be there with him.
She has gone too soon. It's not sunk in yet and I think, it will never sink in that she is not there. She has left a void that can never be filled. This world needed you Geets. I wish, we could turn back time and bring you back. May God give strength to all friends and family to bear your loss.
Thank you for being part of lives. You will always live in our hearts. Love you forever Geets!!
Posted by Sonia Chauhan on May 28, 2021
Very upset since I know her hospitalization.
I called her with an expectation that Sonia,I am better but It was not her instead Mr. Samit picked the phone and told about her situation.
Since that moment, we all were praying but God didn't listened us don't know why.
Feeling very much heartbroken and not able to believe that such a great personality can leave untimely.
Geetha Rajagopal ji was a lady with passionate ,loving heart loved by all around her.
I always look at her balcony and window of her bedroom from my front yard with a hope to see her smile face again waving bye to me.
You are missed by all.
Heartfelt condolences to the family. Praying God to help us bearing us with huge loss
Posted by Mahima Chawla on May 23, 2021
My bestie, I cannot believe that you are gone and that I will never be able to see you again. But for me you will always be there. You will always live in my heart  

I have so many beautiful memories of you Geets.. I don't know from where to begin..
It goes back 17 years...Our friendship began in the year 2004..we were both working for Hewitt Associates at that time. Geetha was this bright and charming person, a die hard professional but also very easy to speak to, with no pretence.. I learnt so much from her in our professional journey. We spent 3 years as working professionals in Hewitt and at that time we also became very close friends. Her sunshine smile, hearty laugh, warm hug and beautiful heart will always stay with me. Miss you Geets!
Posted by jayamalini ramaratnam on May 22, 2021
Even as I pen down these few lines, it has not sunk in that Geethu (as I used to call her), is no longer with us. When I think of her the 1st word that comes to the mind is ‘brightness’….brightness of the face, smile, heart and overall persona. Always one with a beautiful smile, Geetha brought warmth, positivity and cheer. Still recall the late night cafeteria discussions at XLRI and the fun times on the dance floor…..regret not being able to meet in person over the past few years. You are sorely missed Geethu….may you rest in peace and bring the heavens your cheer and positivity. Wishing your family all the strength….my prayers go out to them.  
Posted by Sujata Sharma on May 21, 2021
Dear Geetha.di..How we can belive that you are no more with us....not just a good neighbour. .you were always like a family...we the building people are so broken and shaken to belive that you are not there anymore.You are gone too soon... would always remember your lovely smile and the little chitchats eveyday from balcony and stairs and the lovely time we spent...would always be remembered..our get togethers on Holi Diwali and Christmas..would always be missed...
Posted by Harvinder Singh on May 20, 2021
Starting this note with extremely fond memories of the time spent with you - whether it was a professional meeting or an informal gathering in below 8. Your smile and radiance always brightened the room even before you opened the door to enter. Your infectious laughter still rings in my ears. Every time i close my eyes and think about you, I only remember images of you spreading joy and inspiration around you as a friend, colleague and a leader. I struggle to find even a single memory of you flustered or angry. I still remember your voice when you called from India to tell me a good news - and I realized that you were more happy for me than I was for myself. Despite not having met or talked in years, this loss is palpable.
Anirudh, when you grow up and read these, I hope and pray you will have the same brilliance and smile of your mom on your face and realize how many lives she touched in her lifetime.
Posted by Maya John on May 19, 2021
Some people are meant to light up their worlds with warmth, love and happiness and Geetha, you were one of the good ones.
Always a strong head on your shoulders and that gorgeous smile.
May your soul rest in peace.
May your family find strength in having your loving presence in their lives.
XLRI Batch of 2000 is reeling from your loss and we will always hold you in our hearts.
Posted by Vijay Gogoi on May 18, 2021
It feels so unreal to write a tribute for Geetha. Worked with her for a good 4-5 years in Accenture and remember her as the forever energetic and enthusiastic friend and colleague. She was brilliant in her area and despite her young age she was recognised as an expert and leader by leaders across the global firm. As a friend I remember her as always the first one to step into the dance floor and the last one to get off. She was full of life and had an infectious energy that inspired everyone around her.

Will miss her. May God give the strength to her family to bear this huge loss. Wishing Anirudh a wonderful life ahead inspired by the gem of a soul - Geetha. Om Shanti .
Posted by Kaustubh Agarwal on May 18, 2021
I have had a long association with Geetha through our journey of cross-cultural learning, and teaching thereafter. We had many an enriching conversation over national cultures, corporate learning and life in general. We had stayed in touch after she left Hewitt (Aon). She was always the optimist, always helpful and forever learning.

Deeply missed. My heart goes out for her loving family.
Posted by Gaurav Lahiri on May 18, 2021
Will always remember Geetha for her super cool, relaxed and happy self.. XL days dancing during the wet nights..we crossed path a few times in our careers but never managed to spend quality time.. so regret that. Thank you Geetha for being in our lives..
Posted by Nive dita on May 17, 2021
Dear Geetha,
You will be highly missed by all of us. You were a mentor, a friend and an inspiration for me. The time we spent together will always be cherished by me.
Posted by Prabhash Thakur on May 17, 2021
Geetha and I were classmates during our MBA. We were in different streams, worked in different companies and lived in different cities. We would not get a chance to connect after graduation. So, I thought.

Sixteen years after graduating, I was about to start a venture and I badly wanted to speak to someone who had done it before and would be honest about the experience. So, I reached out to Geetha. We spoke as if we had graduated only a day before. With her usual innocent and charming manner of approaching difficult choices, she put all my self-doubts to rest. It is hard to believe that she is not with us anymore.

Geetha- You have left this world for another. But I know that you would be full of peace and joy, just as you were here.
Posted by Michael Mili on May 16, 2021
Gone too soon!

Geetha your omnipresent smile transcends the space between life and the life beyond!

“May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true...
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young.
May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
And may you stay forever young!!!”
- Bob Dylan
Posted by sridhar govindan on May 16, 2021
Geethu as we call in our family was and is our most favourite grand child from maternal side. Her mother is  my eldest sister. Geethu was something special from the day she was born in 1976.   Watched her from infant days to womanhood,  she was most intelligent , most hardworking , most  helpful to others. She had achieved enormous success in her professional career reaching unprecedented heights still she was modest.  She set may  ench marks which will  e difficult to surpass by our own  extended family memers. The  sunami of  condolence messages  being received in FB and other social  forum , shows her popularity, her helping nature, her cooperation,  her  desire to acheive and her desire to be great. And she was  great. Now that she  has become Shining Star, She is the Greatest. 
Posted by Gayatri Joshi on May 16, 2021
I knew Geetha from XLRI. It was hard to miss her. An infectious wide smile (always), a calm demeanor, a hardworking disposition and a flavour for everything fun is how I would describe Geetha. I cannot imagine the loss that your family feels , Geetha. I know you are up there looking out for them and being an angel for your son. I was going through the photographs and over the years one thing has remained a constant... Your wide very cheering very girlish smile. It is this smile that I will remember forever. Live on... Smile on...dearest Geetha...
Posted by Vikash Sinha on May 16, 2021
To have lost such a wonderful person at such a young age...Geetha, you'll be missed by everyone...Om Sadgati!
Posted by Manoj Madhusudanan on May 15, 2021
We were batchmates at XLRI. My memories of Geetha from campus are around her heart-warming smile, a positive and helpful attitude and high energy. You cannot think of Geetha without that smile on her face.

Some years ago, Geetha and I happened to work in the same office complex, for different companies. Occasionally, we used to meet each other while running between meetings. Even if she was in a hurry, she always took a pause and made sure that every such short greeting was one filled with a genuine smile and a sincere inquiry of well being.

I wish I could get to know this wonderful soul more while she was around us. I don't know what to say or how to react to her untimely passing. Terribly saddened to see her leave all of us. Praying deeply for Geetha's soul in the upward journey. Also, praying from the core of my heart that God gives her family all the strength to cope with the loss.
Posted by Melanie Martinelli on May 15, 2021
Geetha - just 2 weeks ago we spoke and you asked me if I could jump in to work on one of your projects while you wanted and needed to take care of your sick relatives. And yes here I am working on your beautiful project remembering our various intercultural conversations ♥.  So grateful for the moments spent with you, the opportunity to learn from you and the chance to hug you and laugh with you.
Posted by Shonalie GR on May 15, 2021
I met Geetha in our XLRI HR mba Class.
Through the two years I have fond memories of Geetha pushing me awake when I would fall asleep studying & keeping our spirits up by encouraging us to not give up during demanding exams. Every memory of Xlri has Geetha’s energetic and happy presence infused in it. Whether it was a dance party or a serious computer project - she was a very reliable leader and a dependable friend.
Over the years I admired her success as an international HR manager working across cultures and building bridges with a wide variety of people in many countries.
Her departure is mourned by all her classmates who have been doing daily prayers and holding zoom calls to comfort each other about her shocking loss. Our heart goes out to little Ani, her loving husband, parents, brother and sister and every friend and family member.
No words are enough to describe a vivacious personality like Geetha’s.
"I am better for knowing you, better for loving you, better for having met you. May you be as Joyful in the next life, my friend, as I was in this one by knowing you."
Memories & tears. Rest well my friend.
Posted by Dianne Hofner Saphiere on May 15, 2021
Geetha, you have lit up this world with your joy and passion. You have left us far too soon and much too in need if your talents. I loved and admired you so. Bless your son and husband. I know you’ll be watching over them as the ángel you are with a devilish twinkle in your eye. ❤️❤️ Please, God, may this horrible pandemic ease.
Posted by Jayanth Narayanan on May 15, 2021
I will remember you as my classmate from XL with the most infectious smile, zest for life & boundless positivity. You were a gift that was taken away from us too soon. I pray that your family finds the strength to bear this loss. Your birthday message to your son that I saw on Facebook really brought me to tears. I am sure you will watch over your little one from wherever you are and be his guiding light as he grows up. Your blessings will always protect him.
Posted by Ashutosh Mishra on May 15, 2021
Although I didn't meet Geetha after passing out of XL, she is there in my memory as a jolly, friendly and kind-hearted person. She could be always seen smiling and laughing with friends around the XL campus during those wonderful years of 1998-2000. Her untimely departure is a stark reminder of how unpredictable life is and how short a time all of us have here. May God almighty give her peace and happiness where ever she is. All strength to her family, specially the little one she has left behind. Om Shanti
Posted by Vikas Batra on May 14, 2021
I remember Geetha as very friendly, ever smiling, and always eager and happy to help. Praying God gives peace to her soul and strength to her family to overcome the loss.
Posted by Arati Mohanram on May 15, 2021
Geets with the sparkling smile. Unbelievable that you are not here. Recall our wild wet night dancing, Bhutan holiday , your warmth and the TGIF cheers at CP. Prayers and love to uncle, aunty, Indu, Samit,Ani, Indu and Hari.
Posted by Udaya Menon on May 14, 2021

Om Sai Ram..
Dearest Geets..
It has been hard writing these lines, because I am struggling to find the exact words to describe you and all the feelings involved with your untimely demise. Honestly Geets, it's still not sunk in, and i don't think it will ever, no words can express or fill the void that has been created. This emptiness saddens me. You will continue to live within all of us for your wonderful values, positivity and the epitome of strength you have been always to one and all who know you. Of course these made you a great human being that you are (i cant write were) and the legacy you have left behind for all of us to emulate, especially for your son Anirudh. My eyes fill when I think of Samit and Ani. I pray that all of us get the strength to bear with this huge loss . Your videos and posts kept inspiring all and honestly there were times I have felt what as a parent i have missed few things. Thank you Geets for being part of our lives and I am sure you are in a better place away from suffering .
Geetha- my friend- you can never be replaced , but will always be treasured!!
"The song may have ended- but the melody will linger on" Kind Prayers Uday
Posted by Anupama Sriram on May 14, 2021
Dear Geetha,

Geetha - As I hear your name what resonates in my mind is your lovely smile and the bubbly girl that you were in school. That smile of yours was captivating then and will always be.

Till last year, when I became a part of the school group, I had almost no touch with any of our schoolmates. But then it seemed like it was just yesterday when we had said bye and here we were back again, all of us together, just did not feel I was getting in touch after 26 long years. 

Every time you shared a video, I used to admire you, feel elated and proud of having such a friend. You were such an exuberant person, so lively, with loads of energy and motivating thoughts - a true inspiration.

I was in fact looking forward to the next get together hoping I would meet all of you in person but the pandemic has caused such havoc everywhere and turned life topsy turvy and worst of all was to lose you. I still can’t seem to come to terms with myself to accept that you are physically not present with us anymore but that charming smile of yours will live with us endlessly. You will continue to be an inspiration to me. Geetha, you will continue to be a part of us in our thoughts, forever…..

Pray that God gives strength to all your family members to bear this huge loss. Om shanthi.
Posted by Aparna Singh on May 14, 2021
Dear Geeta,

It has been over 20 years but seems like yesterday that we were doing our summer internship at Reckitt in Behala. This was the time I got to truly know you even though we had been classmates at XL. Those bus rides in the colourful Kolkata buses jangling and jolting but oh so merry...merry like your bubbly laughter that was your trademark and that everyone who knew you remembers with such fondness. How could someone with so much zest for life say goodbye to life so early? How could someone with all that energy and zeal lie motionless? We haven’t been in touch all these years and yet the very thought or mention of Geeta rings that laughter in my ears and splashes your smiling face before my eyes...the infectious, exuberant, vivacious smile that every picture in your tribute gallery reverberates...

I cannot pretend that I understand what your parents, your husband, your son and the rest of your family are going goes beyond comprehension...I can only pray that God give them the strength to deal with this blow, knowing that you are watching from up above, smiling and giggling and laughing as is your way...and will always be...
Posted by Madhu Bhatnagar on May 14, 2021
Posted on behalf of Mrs Manju Hariraj, cousin of Kavita Yadav:
So shocking about dear Geeta ! Just God’s ways ! We can’t foresee .... She was very happy healthy looking ! May God grant her eternal peace n Bless all family to bear this tragic loss ! Om Shanti

Though from South , she became like a Jaipur wali girl - bubbly n affectionate , outspoken n caring !
Her Saris are also very bubbly ! As she was herself!

May God bless dear Samit n baby Anirudh with Kindness n strength ! May Kavita become more strong n alert ! We send our best Lov to dear Bablee , Sarita , Poonam n Vinita s families !In this time of stress our heartfelt sympathies for all dears ! Geetha your going is not good , we want you more with Us ! May God give us good sense to believe this unfair happening !

Although she was high in Career but always wore Appropriate Saris n beautiful dresses ! She was Perfect in selecting tasteful clothes ! Admirable quality

Her small small things are coming to mind .. She made us , the Seniors proud by showing respect n kindness ! Very thoughtful n touched our lives closely . Yesterday whole evening we both listened Bhajans till bedtime ! But couldn’t sleep properly...God Please give us strength to bear this loss ....Om Shanti

So much is already written about dear lovely Geetha but still it looks less ! Just after Zoom Geeta Updesh we both learn many good things ! I shared some with Akesh too . We pray for her soul to reach highest order of God s wonderland n from there Bless her child n husband n all family !May God grant her eternal peace n strength to families left behind to bear this loss !Om Shanti !

Dear Kavita n Samit we have no power to show our Lov for you n baby Anirudh but believe me n our family all is with you in this hour . We pray for your well-being ! We are with you ! Your loss is our loss whole family's loss , but God’s will is Supreme !It is nobody's fault simply Destiny !
Posted by Juhi Sharma on May 14, 2021
To our beloved Geetha di, the first grand child of my maternal grand parents. It's been shattering to come to terms with your sudden demise due to Covid. It has hit me harder today after attending your prayer meet.

Last few days , I have only been scrolling through your photos and videos. I haven't been able to hold back my tears. In this particular photograph, you mention how you don't have a single photograph or video without Ani. It's true. In the last 4 years , we have seen you transform into the world's best mother. All our conversations were about you being a strong mom and how to bring in new kinder elements into Anirudh's life. It truly breaks my heart as I cannot come to terms with this cruel fate and life's unfairness towards our little baby boy Anirudh and Samit Jeeju.

Rukku chitti was your biggest fan and never stopped gushing about you to me and Shreya. I would often tell my team about you and share your journey with so much joy and pride as I myself looked up to you for the life you lead smashing so many stereotypes. You were a powerhouse with all the hats you wore and succeeded in every role with so much grace and strength. Sending prayers to you up there as I know you will continue to watch over your child and protect your family even from the heavens.

I will miss your bright , shiny smile, your funny quacks and cheerful laughter in the room. No family scene will ever be the same. You were truly the pride of our family. This loss is irrevocable. Rest in peace. We will dearly miss you.
Posted by Harsha Almad on May 14, 2021
When I close my eyes and think of Geetha, I visualize someone with a big smile across the face...I’m sure anyone reading this message likely has a similar mental image. Such is the legacy of Geetha...and how she is remembered by those whose life she touched. Aniruddh - your mama lived to inspire many people like me. She’s in gods hands now, always smiling upon you.

Posted by Madhu Bhatnagar on May 14, 2021
Posting on behalf of Kiran Saxena, First Cousin of Kavita:

Attended the zoom meeting with a very heavy heart. Only
God has the power to soothe and console. Our sentiments expressed in whatever words can never suffice. At such moments silence may speak louder than words. Our prayers are there for both sides of the families. Om Om Om

Geetha was very close to my heart. All have spoken about her pleasant personality and so many of her wonderful qualities. I would specially like to appreciate her for the way she merged beautifully with the family she came into after marriage!! Here
I thank and appreciate the samskars given to her by her admirable parents. When my father passed away we had a lunch at a temple as a closing ceremony of mourning period. Geetha was very new to our family. Even in my dazed state
I couldn't help but noticing how quietly
Geeta was serving everyone! That image of an angel of a girl will always remain with me. Tragic as it is, today her soul has really become angelic!! ️️
Posted by Sonia Kumar on May 14, 2021
Geetha was the girl in my class in XLRI who was always smiling and always ready to help anyone. She had so much zest for life. You will be missed. Lots of strength to the family to deal with this great loss.
Posted by Nitin Bajaj on May 14, 2021
I will always cherish the last time we met, and smile when I remember your helpless giggling at my telling of the tale of the banner. You were one of the good ones GR, and you will be missed.
Posted by Tiyash Bandyopadhyay on May 14, 2021
The friend with a big radiant infectious smile. Overflowing with love for for Aniruddh and always doing creative things with him. Advocate for working moms. The one who was not afraid to put her talents out there for all to benefit and the world is better for it. I am so grateful and happy we connected in college and beyond.
Posted by Eshwary Krishnan on May 14, 2021
God has been unfair.cruel. He just plucked one of the most beautiful flowers n kept her all to himself. Maybe God needed her, but I thought Ani needed her more .

Still can’t comprehend this . It pains me to write this...
Her infectious smile n energy would just pump up the atmosphere. A charming vivacious but equally strong inspiring one , who led by example. She had so much depth in every conversation.a lot to give to the world.

Always a call away...fond memories of Geetha go back all the way to 1991.. Can never forget the time we spent in the bus... those days noida to school used to take 2hrs.. n it used to be like a picnic ... sitting chatting singing doing the home work .. talking about crushes n what not.... then the phase of visiting each other’s houses... eating chatting spending days together... fursat ke din bitaye the ... come exams n the frantic calls about doubts ...mind just keeps going back to those memories Geetha.

The pride that you had for Anirudh is visible in your was always a delight to watch you in action... we would eagerly look forward to reading your gitapath , n your Instagram stories on lifevidani that would brighten our days. I remember how we would discuss school admissions n you were so particular about YOU choosing a school for ANi rather than the school choosing ani... we could just go on for hours on phone...Our chitchats during Navaratri n our school get togethers will not be the same without you.

You have left us with such beautiful memories.... time can’t heal the pain left by your absence. A part of you will remain with me ... forever.

Your last message still makes me chill n numb.

now the words ring a bell... really Geetha Is this how you wanted to settle,?
Little did I realise what you meant Geetha.

She was your world samit... you n Ani were her world. This shattered life will take time to reshape.
My prayers to God to give Ani n Samit n the entire family to cope with her absence .

I’m sure as people say you are at a better place. But this world was a better place with you in it.
Posted by Reena Mathur on May 14, 2021
Respected Smt and Shree Rajagopal ji and family

With a grieving heart, we are sending our condolences for you and your family.
We are equally shocked and stunned at this devastating turn of events, and are unable to come to terms with this finality.
Geetha's loving, friendly and positive disposition  won her every one's affection for her, and that is why it is a personal loss to each one of us.

She was all in one, happy, smiling, joyful, intellectual, writer, poet, singer and so much more.

We will miss you Geetah, and keep you in our heart as a golden memory. 

We are joining you all in this hour of separation and loss

Rekha and family
Renu and family
Beena and family
Reena Meena Nihal
( first cousins of Kavita chand)
Posted by Kanchana Venkatesh Ghosh on May 14, 2021
Geetha…. Never thought I would find myself writing this for you.

My first memory of you is when you walked into our classroom (Grade 9), tall, confident and with your trademark smile. I recall some of us were contemplating if we should stand up and greet the new teacher – a confusion caused by your height. However, the face was that of a young girl of our age. The confusion lasted for a few seconds, as you wasted no time in introducing yourself. In the following days, we saw you getting along quite easily with all of us.

Living within a radius of a few kilometres from your house, I could visit your place anytime, interact with your parents and siblings, and talk about random things. I was always in awe of your father, whose calm and composed nature you seem to have inherited. I told this to you a few months back and you sent me a voice message, telling me that ‘both of us are actually famous for blowing our top’, with a chuckle. Even though I found it too hard to believe, I was fortunate enough to have received his guidance and career tips when I was completely clueless about what I wanted to do in life!

I also have fond memories of us attending the Vijaya Dashami event at our music teacher’s (Paattu maami, as we used to call her) house and participating in the events of our local Ganesh temple.

Unfortunately, we lost touch after passing out from school and got busy with something they call ‘Life’. Thankfully, the school WhatsApp group brought us back in touch. In the past few years, we have all appreciated and admired your posts, interviews, podcasts, videos, and story-telling sessions with the ‘ruler of your heart’, Anirudh – I remember something you said: “Ani is a god-sent and I remind myself of that every day”. It is inspiring how you managed to follow your dreams and achieved so much in such a short span of time. While a lot of us followed the most treaded path, you dared to be different and somehow always seemed to know what you wanted from life at each step. Like your sister mentioned - ‘You lived life Queen size’. Even on the day you were going to get admitted in the hospital, you sounded so calm. Your last message in the group - ‘Settled into my room at Paras finally’ also sounded so positive. Never did I imagine you would leave us so soon. It all feels so unfair…abrupt…unbelievable.

Without you, this group will never be complete again. Things may go back to normal, but our lives are not going to be the same. We will cherish your memories and you will live on in our hearts ‘Queen size’ forever.

Yes, you will be ‘forever missed’, Geetha. Hope you are in a better place now. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Meera Krishnan on May 14, 2021
It still hasn't sunk in that the Vivacious Geetha, with a smile on her face, her enthusiasm for life, her positive outlook and most of all her immense pride in her shared journey of learning with Anirudh, will no longer respond to Aniruddh's call of "Amma". Heartbreaking to think that she, who rejoiced in all of little Ani's achievements, proud of his ever-evolving Art, will not be a part of his growth.

With the loss of Geetha, we have undeniably lost a lustrous pearl of humanity, full of compassion, understanding and vibrant energy.

Prayers for the family to pull through these troubled times and for her beautiful soul to attain the Lotus feet of the Lord.
Posted by noelle catoto on May 14, 2021

Thank you for your leadership. I will always remember you as a great mentor, inspiring leader, never cease to support our team. Thank you for hiring me, I remember when I was applying, you were the last person to sign off... Will remember your beautiful smile :) Rest easy...
Posted by Jerome Ora on May 14, 2021
I’ve worked closely with Geetha in 2015 for only a short time but have always admired her wit, humor, candidness about topics she has strong opinions on, her firmness on what she believes in and her contagious laugh that reminds us that at the end of the day, there’s always something to smile, laugh, and look forward to in life. You will always be remembered, Geetha! Rest in peace.
Posted by Neha Gupta on May 14, 2021
Dear Geetha,

You were my colleagues, manager, mentor and above all a trusted friend. You gave me confidence and always believed in me. I always admired your confidence and energy. I always wondered if you had more than 24 hours in your day.... perfectly balancing every aspect of your life.

You left a big void in my life. You will be always in my memories and prayers.
Posted by sunita mohanty on May 14, 2021
The beauty of the smile, and the serenity of the heart-thats Geeta for you!
A life taken away too early, but we are here to celebrate this beautiful life, and not to mourn the loss!
You'll always stay in our hearts!
Posted by Amit Padalkar on May 13, 2021
Dear Geetha

Words cannot describe the depth of my disbelief and sadness at your passing.. you will be sorely missed.

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Posted by Melissa Mann on June 14, 2021
To Geetha's family and friends,
I had the pleasure of working with Geetha for a couple of years, most recently on a big project at work. As many have said, she was always happy and upbeat and could bring a smile to your face even when the topic being discussed was difficult. She was full of energy and gave it away to others constantly - she supported and lifted up coworkers every day. That's the lesson she taught me - that by lifting up others, the whole team is better. I'm sorry her life here with us was too short. My wish is that her joy will live on in everyone she touched, and especially her husband and son. 
Melissa Mann
Posted by Erin Mitchell on June 8, 2021
Please know that Geetha was a delightful colleague and someone who was grateful and joyful for her life in the big and small moments. I had the opportunity to work with her on two large and long-term projects over the past several years. She brought a joy and excitement to every meeting. Her smile would light up the room and she had a positive impact on everyone. We will forever miss collaborating with her. Her time with us was much too short. Thinking of all you.
Posted by Pawas Anand on June 4, 2021
From Kellie Mondell, UHG

I had the honor of working with Geetha over the past year. We worked on some org design efforts together and this is where I met my favorite dynamic duo of G&G. Geetha and Gayatri were such an amazing force to partner with for this work. My team would affectionately refer to them as G&G with both always having a good chuckle when we would call them by this nickname. Geetha loved to talk about her son and we would compare parenting tips and tricks. While she was a dedicated employee and so talented in her craft, it was clear that being his mother was her #1 job. I will miss Geetha’s wonderful laugh, super creative can-do attitude and spending the first 5-10 mins of each call just connecting as humans, even if we were living in completely different parts of the world. Geetha was an amazing woman and I know she is watching over all of us!

Sending thoughts of comfort and happy memories.
her Life

Geetha’s Life Story - from the family

Geetha Rajagopal

Geetha was born in Trichy (located on the banks of the River Cauvery in Tamil Nadu) on October 4, 1976 into a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar Family to her parents Mrs. Saroja and Mr. Rajagopal. She spent most of her formative years across Delhi and Chandigarh with a few years in Bangalore. 

Early years and Education

Geetha was an extremely bright student and effortlessly completed her schooling, usually at the top of the class. She studied in some of the best schools in Delhi and Chandigarh such as Vivek High School, Shivalik Public School, the Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute and DTEA Senior Secondary School. She secured some scholarships and accolades at the state and national level that were challenging to secure at the time. Geetha learnt Classical Carnatic vocal music during these years and that continued to drive her keen sense of music to this day. 

It speaks of her resilience that Geetha secured some of the highest marks in her Class XII Board Exams, that she wrote while suffering from the dreaded Chicken Pox disease. 

Geetha was an excellent sketch artist with a keen sense of fashion and style and desired to pursue a career in fashion design. However, that proved not feasible at the time and she chose to pursue a graduation in computer science. She did the same at the Jyoti Niwas College in Bangalore University, pursuant to her father's transfer to Bangalore in 1994. 

While at college, she aimed to pursue higher post-graduate studies in Business Management with a keen interest in Human Resource Management. She sought to do her MBA only from the top 5 business schools and worked relentlessly to achieve her goal. In 1998, she secured admission into the prestigious Xavier’s Labour Research Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur’s School of Business Management into their flagship course in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations.

At the time, she was amongst the first members of our community to pursue an MBA and the only woman candidate. This was greatly catalysed by the relentless & dogged physical, emotional and financial support she received from her parents in casting aside all prevalent dogmas and achieving her goals. 

Geetha had a great run at XLRI Jamshedpur and successfully navigated her way through MBA (1998-2000) while leading her HR Club, Sapphire, securing her summer internship at Reckitt & Coleman (now Benckiser) in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and finally securing an offer of employment in the coveted Senior Management Trainee program of the IT giant HCL Technologies. All this, while having a lot of fun, planning several trips to the places near & far with friends and a larger family at XLRI. 


She moved to Delhi with HCL Technologies and started working a new trail in the Human Resources space. She navigated a 4-year + stint at HCL Tech with much elan, working with some of the finest professionals (whom she was collaborating with to her last day in this world), working in multiple sub-functions, working on critical projects and engaging directly with the Senior Management of the Company.

She then worked for 3 years with Hewitt Associates in Gurgaon, also in the HR and Learning function. In this time, she developed her competencies in the sphere of Cross-Cultural Diversity and became a certified Master Trainer in this discipline. She also worked in the US for some projects of Hewitt as part of her professional commitments. 

Geetha then set to move into the world of Talent and Organisational Consulting, joining Accenture Management Consulting in 2007. This was the beginning of a gruelling 5-year work stint involving servicing global clients across India, South Africa, Ireland, UK, Norway, the US and Indonesia. She was helping deliver new-to-market solutions in a niche space and eventually rose through the ranks to be a part of the leadership team.

In 2012, Geetha joined the corporate giant UnitedHealth Group /Optum and executed various responsibilities to help scale a billion-dollar business. She was helping manage more than 25000 people across 5 countries. She had evolved into an expert of repute on Human Capital Strategy, HR Analytics, Change Management, HR Development & Workforce Transformation. Geetha worked for nearly 4 years full-time and 2 years part-time as a Consultant from 2019 till the very end. 

While at UHG in 2014/15, Geetha was part of a prestigious Executive Management Training program conducted for a select curated group of people from across the world, conducted at the Ivy League US universities such as Wharton and Harvard. 

Between 2016 and 2019, Geetha took a 3-year break from work to focus on raising a family, bringing her son Anirudh into this world and being a full-time stay-at-home mother. 

While at home, Geetha along with her colleague co-founded Phebus HR Advisory, a boutique consulting organisation focused on Recruitment, Capability Development and Human Capital Advisory solutions. Geetha devoted her time to building a legacy as an entrepreneur and built good traction with several reputed corporate clients. 

Family Life

Apart from Mr. Rajagopal and Mrs. Saroja, the parents, Geetha has a younger sister, Indu and the (youngest) brother, Hari. Indu Rajagopal is based in Toronto, Canada; is married to Arvind Raman and has two daughters- Sahana (11) and Keertana (5). Hari Rajagopal is based in Bangalore, India and is married to Varshaa Sriram. 

Geetha met her soulmate in Samit Yadav and got married in 2007. Geetha and Samit live in Delhi, India along with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Kavita Yadav and were blessed with a baby boy, Anirudh in February 2017. Anirudh is now 4 years of age and has recently joined Prep /KG class at the prestigious Sanskriti School, Delhi. 

Geetha was very close to the immediate family all through and was there through all the ups and downs of life for her father and mother, brother and sister and their families. Geetha could be counted upon to attend all functions (of joy or sorrow), travel long distances at short notice, and support the family. 

Geetha did a commendable job of blending into her husband’s family- assimilating effortlessly into their customs and emerged as the first port of call in the Clan to organise, provide valuable inputs and suggestions. Geetha made it a point to visit all relatives and cousins across the country and the world- fitting different visits into her gruelling travel schedules and not worrying about time & cost. Geetha blossomed in the love and appreciation of her immediate and extended family and was the focal point of the family. 

Geetha had many friends and colleagues across the world and treated her close friends like family. Her friends were as much a part of her travels as family. She loved to host people and was the consummate hostess. Geetha was also a generous host – and the valuable & thoughtful gifts (and return gifts) one often received blurred the boundaries between the host and guest! 

Taking a sabbatical from work after a flourishing 16-year career at the peak would be a tough call to make for many. Geetha took the call anyways and revelled in her new avatar as a mother. As in her professional journey, she wanted to be the best mother as well and set a benchmark for others. Her ‘Amma School’ was a bevy of learning activities that she conducted for Anirudh over and above the regular education he received at school. 

Passions and Interests

Geetha was never one to waste a minute and invoked her creative and literary juices while at home, composing blogs, vlogs, videos and even poems and songs. She was ever active on her blogspot, facebook page, Instagram and other social media. 

She offered her passionate opinions on a diverse range of subjects spanning Motherhood, Domestic and Global Politics, US & India healthcare systems, health & hygiene and Covid protocols. She could always be counted upon to offer clear, concise opinions without losing her composure; hearing all shades of opinion before making up her mind. 

Geetha’s keen sense of music was reflected in her sweet voice and her interests in different genres of music: Carnatic, Hindustani as well as other Western genres. Geetha also loved to dance and is remembered by all friends and family for wasting no time in getting people to shake a leg. 

Geetha loved the good life and was fond of travel in India and across the world. At ease with the world, she loved taking short breaks to travel around our beautiful country India as well. She had no dogmatic preferences and could combine a pilgrimage with a nature trek. She was as much at ease in her ancestral home in Trichy, lying without a pillow or bed on the stone floor as she would be in a luxurious 7-star resort in Dubai. 

Geetha was also a patron of the crafts. Her wardrobe reflected the same containing fine artisanal fabrics from across the land and an enviable collection of the Saris from different regions. Her curated collection of artefacts and souvenirs reflected her travel and refined tastes. 

Geetha was truly a global citizen with a deeply rooted Indian ethos. She was a strong and passionate votary of living in India, being a part of the Indian growth momentum; using one’s skills and leveraging the opportunities to make a mark for oneself and a difference to society.

Sudden end

Geetha’s happy existence in our world was tragically cut short by the dreaded Coronavirus infection. Geetha contracted the viral infection towards the last week of April, despite having taken the first vaccination shot in mid-April and maintaining all necessary precautions. She was hospitalised on April 29thand unfortunately passed away in hospital on May 11th, 2021,at the young age of 44. 

Geetha’s mother, Mrs. Saroja (67) also passed away tragically on May 25th, 2021, two weeks after, unable to come to terms with the trauma and grief of her first child’s untimely demise. 

Geetha is survived by her father, Mr. Rajagopal, Samit (husband), Anirudh (son), Kavita (mother-in-law), Indu (sister) Hari (brother) and other families. 

In summary

As a professional, Geetha transcended many boundaries and broke many glass ceilings. She achieved great professional success in a storied corporate career in a relatively short span of time. By the end, she commanded the respect of her colleagues and peers across the industry and was a much sought-after asset for any organisation. 

It would be safe to caption Geetha as an ‘Establishment-Rebel’: backed fully by her family to achieve her goals but rebelling against deeply rooted dogmas of the times in professional and family life. 

As a person, Geetha was deeply involved with her family and friends and provided valuable suggestions on the professional and personal fronts, whenever sought. She never forced her views and allowed them to sink into the intended recipient. 

She was an engaged and involved Daughter, Sister, Wife, Daughter-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Aunt and above all, Mother. 

Today, Anirudh is a living testimony of her painstaking efforts in nurturing a wonderful human being for the world. 

Geetha had high expectations from herself and her loved onesand set high benchmarks. We are sure that her son Anirudh will live up to her expectations in this world that she brought him into. The surviving family members will also attempt to live her dreams and channel her aspirations into their lives. 


Recent stories

Geetha: A Picture Story

Shared by Hari Rajagopal on June 11, 2021
Here are some pictures that try to capture our Geetha over the last 15 years from Google Photos and Picasa. 

Geetha made it a point to be around her family and for all key occasions, functions and ceremonies. She would travel without hesitation and at short notice across the cities, country and the world- with full preparation and fully dressed up ! 

Please look at the gallery for the relevant photos with captions.
Shared by Venkatesh N on May 17, 2021
"Geetha Rajagopal was my friend's daughter, my daughter's friend and my facebook friend.
As they say, God's ways are strange and cruel. He always takes away those dear to us from our midst, young or old, leaving us behind in shock and tears.
I pray to Him to give her aged parents, her husband and the little boy enough courage and fortitude to bear this unbearable loss.
Om Shanti
Shared by Michael Mili on May 16, 2021
Geetha was ever smiling

An imperfect incomplete sketch of Geetha I started scribbling, without her knowledge ... while she was sitting for the summer placements at XLRI in 1999.. She got up and left so could never complete it ... nor share it !! ....
Life is strange at times. 

“May God bless and keep you always

May your wishes all come true

May you build a ladder to the stars

And climb on every rung

May you stay forever young”

- Bob Dylan