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Her Life

Early Life in Oregon

March 8, 2017

Gwen (aka Gwennie) started life with two boisterous older siblings and two thrilled parents in a probably cold and probably rainy day in Portland, Oregon.  Many trips to St Agatha's, swim practice, and Irish dance later, and she could rightly claim the title of toughest 5 year old ever met.  She most certainly wore the turtle Halloween costume, and did it with style.  It is likely during this time that she developed a love of snacks.

Time passed, and the family welcomed a younger brother to the game table.  It wasn't long before dear Gwen was showing him the best of this world, and helping him understand the rest. 

She honed her eye-rolling ability when her mother would insist on showing Gwen's faint forehead vein through near translucent skin to close family as a symbol of the unusual things mother's find dear, but she secretly was smiling a little too, when her mother wasn't looking.