her Life

Gwendolyn's Purpose

Gwendolyn spent her life reaching others with the HOPE of Christ! Her desire was to reach the most vulnerable and innocent among us. The Children! She herself constantly witnessed the loss of hope many young people were experiencing due to the circumstances in life that run us all over. She felt while all of us get hit, the most vulnerable are those young ones among us! She wanted to let them know "BUT GOD"! She felt God had given her a desire and calling for these young ones. And it was also very personal, close to her heart.

She herself was a teenage mom at 17. She witnessed first hand the difficulties of this. As she grew in Christ, her passion to help young moms and dads know that there was hope in Christ continued to grow! Through her work with OBHC, LIFEWIZE, OFPC, KEEP, HOPE, DAPA, Cherokee Hills and others she drove that point home! Hear her in her own words!