his Life

Pete's Passing

On June 14,1990 Pete was working on a car and an accident had occurred and took Pete's life from his family but sent him home to heaven to be with his creator (GOD) and his family that passed before him. In his passing he left his Wife Pamela; 2 daughters Kinyette & Deidrea; 3 Sisters Mary, Cynthia & Flora; 3 brothers John, Gene & Aurthur; His parents Anna & John; and several nieces and nephews. His life was taken to soon he was only 27 years old when he passed away.

Pete will never be forgotten but will be missed and loved by all those who knew him.

Second Child Birth

On November 22,1986 Pete and Pam gave birth to their second child Deidrea Joann Hirshey. On this day Pete got his second wish for a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. He always told Pam that he would have 2 girls with the same hair and eye color as they did. This was the completion of their family they had always wanted together.


On December 8,1984 Pete and Pam made a desicion in this day that they would put their everlasting love for eachother on paper to show the world their dreams to have the perfect family had started. It was one of the best days of their lives.

First Childs Birth

On December 3.1984 Pete and Pam gave birth to their first child Kinyette Deann Hirshey- Briede. This is the first day Pete got one of his blonde haired Blue-eyed little girl he always wanted.

Harold's Birth

On March 20th Harold Pete Hirshey II was born to Anna Bell Ball-Springer and Harold Pete Hirshey I in Kentucky.