her Life


A purple Wishing well with butterflies stands on the loney Road side where she was last seen with 3 wish on a brass plaque.

Her favorite Movie was Titanic, Favorite actor and love of her life Leonardo Decaprio. Favorite somg Our heats will go on.

Favorite meal Roast Dinner.

Before going on her adventure with a newly made friend Lisa Hayley worked a Madora Bay Deli where she was well thought of.

Hayley went to Greenfields Primary School and then to Coodanup High School Mandurah.

She was a quite loving girl with a big Heart and loved life, Her Family and friends will never be able to have closure until Hayley is found and given the funeral only fit for the princess she was.

... DESCRIPTION (at time of disappearance):
AGE: 17 years

HEIGHT: 152cm
EYES: Grey with brown fleck
HAIR: Long brown hair
COMPLEXION: Fair with freckles

The day that 17 year old Hayley Marie DODD disappeared will be forever etched in the memory of all West Australians.

Hayley was born on the 30th of November,1981 and is daughter to Margaret and Raymond DODD and sister to Martin, Toni, Byron and Rae-Anne. Hayley enjoyed a good loving relationship with her family and contacted them every day whilst away from home. She liked to visit her friends and go shopping but was shy around strangers Hayley had a dream of travelling around Australia At the time of her disappearance she had a small, petite build and consequently looked a lot younger than her age.

Hayley and a friend travelled from Mandurah to Dongara on Thursday the 22nd of July. 1999 with the intention of staying and working for a while, however, a week later Hayley decided to catch up with family friends on their farm between Badgingarra and Moora.

She set off on the 160km (approximate) trek on foot from Dongara at around 8am on Thursday the 29th of July, 1999, wearing light brown suede hiking boots, blue denim jeans, a black v neck top, light grey jacket with hood and silver sunglasses. She was carrying a light brown coloured backpack with the word EQUIP on the flap.

Although she never reached her destination there have been several sightings:

Confirmed sightings place Hayley hitchhiking on the eastern side of Brand Highway just south of Dongara between 8.30am and 9.45am.

Hayley approached the driver of a yellow Scania Prime Mover at the Ampol Service Station for a lift to Badgingarra. The Prime Mover was towing a 50 tonne low loader on a trailer. During the lift Hayley told the driver she was going to stay with family friends in the Moora area but would be returning to Dongara on the following Monday or Tuesday. He told her he would also be returning to the Dongara area around that time and gave her his name and mobile number in case she wanted a lift. Hayley appeared happy and in good spirits.

Between 10.20am and 10.30am Hayley was dropped off at the Badgingarra road-house. Witnesses observed Hayley alight from the truck and walk to the nearby telephone box. Hayley went into the roadhouse and purchased a bottle of water and a packet of potato chips. After leaving the roadhouse she was sighted walking Meagher Drive past the Badgingarra Tavern towards the golf course on North West Road.

Between 10.45am and 11.00am it is believed Hayley was given a lift to Winjardie Road which is approximately 11km east from Brand Highway. A witness driving along North West Road observed a young girl walking alone on the left hand side of the road and although she wasn’t hitch hiking stopped and offered her a lift. The girl accepted the lift and got into the vehicle. Although the witness did not obtain the girls name she described a person fitting Hayley’s description. The girl also told the witness that she had left Dongara that morning and was going to visit friends who lived near Moora and added that she had arrived at Badgingarra quicker than she thought and that her friends may not be home when she arrived.

The witness then dropped her off at the intersection of Winjardie and North West Roads before turning onto Winjardie Road to travel to her workplace.

Subsequent sightings between 10.48am and 11.00am have placed a young girl (believed to be Hayley) standing on the northern side of North West Road at the corner of Winjardie Road and between the old Badgingarra townsite and the Badgingarra rubbish tip. One of these witnesses was driving a Nissan Navara Utility.

There are a number of witnesses who described seeing Hayley on the North West Road approximately five kilometres east of the Moora/Dandaragan Road intersection. This person was observed kneeling down on the road verge rummaging through her backpack.

Hayley did not make it to the farm and has never been seen again.

On Friday July 30 1999 Hayley’s mother reported her missing.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Hayley DODD make a report online or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, where all calls are strictly confidential, and rewards are offered. Please quote Reference Number 5693.