Posted by Mnooj Gupta on March 4, 2021
RIP My friend... Love from india.
Posted by Diana Holguin on February 13, 2021
I really only knew Hector for a few years but it felt like much much longer. He and Morvyn became some of my best friends in Rio and we would party and go on adventures together often - to the beaches, hikes up to Dois Irmaos, festivals, etc. I toured Fiocruz twice with Hector as host extraordinaire... I'll never forget his passion for his work, his humor, his big smile, his generosity and just everything about him. Hector and Morvyn also spent an unforgettable New Year's Eve with me at the Copacabana Palace. I remember walking back to their place in the wee hours after that NYE celebration and some guy approached me in a somewhat aggressive way and Hector stepped in to protect me and told the guy off. It was such a sweet big brother kind of moment. We had an epic joint birthday/despedida celebration before I left Brazil (I'm May 24th, Hector the 25th, and another friend Pedro the 26th). After I left, we remained in touch via messenger and occasionally Facetime. So lucky to have these memories and more of Hector. Mi querido amigo. Siempre te recordaré. Thinking of you Morvyn and sending you so much love and strength right now.
Posted by Alex Seven on February 12, 2021
When I knew Hector, it was many years ago, I was just a Child, I was struck by his fiery red hair and his great level of English, he played in a band (La Tinta) together with some cousins, I always admired his way of seeing life and his desire to travel through the world, I admired him for many years and I will always remember him with that joy that identified him.
Posted by David Forrest on February 12, 2021
The short time i knew Hector was bookended with acts of charity. We met in 2010 in Liverpool where we both worked. He had, on nothing more than a passing acquaintance with my new gf and their common language, offered his house as a venue for a surprise party she wanted to throw me. More than this, he had gone to the trouble of buying me a birthday card. It read “happy birthday, please respect my house”. He carried a red fender acoustic and led everyone in a singalong of Bamboleo and La Bamba. In the coming years, i never saw Hector outside of work without that guitar.
Six years later we were both working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was broke and desperately trying to get back to Scotland to see his mother-in-law before she died. He crashed into my lab and tried to sell me his guitar. I was shocked. I asked him how much he needed, gave it to him and told him his guitar would be safe until he bought it back. When i last saw him we were standing at a bus stop in Edinburgh as i handed his guitar back to him.
It’s doubtful i could ever have repaid the tremendous generosity of spirit Hector showed me in the time we had together, but i feel very fortunate to have been able to return a little of it to a very deserving man. The bright warmth of his company was something very special.
Posted by George Montaudon on February 12, 2021
A Héctor lo conocí hace muchos años cuando mi hermano Alejandro y yo éramos niños, casi casi adolescentes, recuerdo cuando a Héctor nos lo encontrábamos en el camión viajando del centro de Toluca hacia la Colonia la mora, siempre iba alegre y cantando, le valía madre lo que opinaran de el, sin embargo el seguía cantando recuerdo que nuestra amistad empezó un día en el Gimnasio de taekwondo en el cual éramos compañeros, ese día empezamos a hablar de bandas de rock y algunas otras cosas más, por lo cual nos identificábamos de alguna manera, la gran capacidad mental que tenía Héctor era impresionante muy dedicado en las meditaciones de taekwondo y siempre tratándome de enseñar algunas palabras en inglés.
Años después creamos una banda de covers ( nacho en el bajo, Héctor vocalista, Alejandro en la guitarra, Renan de espectador y yo en la batería) en la cual solo tocábamos música alternativa.
Héctor fue como un hermano más en la familia, siempre querido por mis padres hermanos y tíos , el también estuvo presente en el nacimiento y crecimiento de mi hermano Óscar.
Años después cada quien tomó un rumbo diferente pero la amistad siempre siguió, el estuvo de viaje, estudiando en diferentes países tratando de lograr metas y objetivos los cuales llevó a cabo.
La última vez que tuve el gusto de estar con el fue en diciembre del 2018, yo venia regresando de escocia, recuerdo que estuvimos platicando acerca de su suegro (Callum) una persona muy agradable a la cual conocí en ese viaje a Escocia.
También quiero que sepan que Héctor siempre estuvo dentro del círculo de mis mejores amigos voy a extrañar el volver a ver sus ojos azules, tono de voz, la gran alegría con la que nos reuníamos y sobre todo cuando el me decía “ pinche coco eres una mamada”
Hay muchas historias acerca de el, amigos en común y que yo podría contar pero creo que no acabaría, les mando un abrazo a todos los que conocieron y fueron parte de la vida de Héctor.
Posted by linda munive on February 9, 2021
a su esposa, a su padre y hermanos.
Conocí a Héctor en Río de Janeiro, recuerdo las gratas veladas musicales con un grupo de buenos amigos del Consulado mexicano, y saboreamos una deliciosa paella que él mismo nos preparó. Llevaré en mi corazón al amigo alegre , gentil y noble ser humano. Héctor.
Descanse en paz
Linda Munive
Posted by Vickie Curtis on February 9, 2021
Hector was the most amazing communicator and we had lots of fun developing public engagement activities while he was at the WCIP in Glasgow. A few years ago, we produced two short films with Mike Callaghan on leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. These have been viewed thousands of times and really show Hector’s skills as a medical entomologist. In the film about leishmaniasis, Hector dissects a tiny sandfly (the size of a midge) to reveal the leishmania parasites. I couldn't help but be impressed with the incredible skill required for this high precision work, and it was wonderful to be able to highlight this side of parasitology research. Going to the insectory with Hector was always great, and we brought some of this work to Glasgow Science Festival in 2017. Hector kept the audience spell bound as he dissected mosquitoes and sandflies! After Hector’s return to Mexico, we stayed in touch, and planned to collaborate again. While sadly I will not have that opportunity, I'll always be inspired by Hector’s work and his generous and warm approach to communicating about his research. Hector was one of a kind and will greatly missed. Much love to Morvyn and Hector's family and friends.
I raise a glass of single malt to you Heckie as I listen to Queens of the Stone Age!
Posted by Tansy Hammarton on February 9, 2021
Such sad news.  Hector was one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever met - always happy and so passionate about his sand flies. Such a talented scientist & science communicator & so much fun. You'll be missed by so many. R.I.P. Hector.
Posted by Kevin Rattigan on February 8, 2021
I'm so sad and sorry to hear this. was lucky to work alongside Hector during the end of my PhD. He brighted up every meeting and conversation he was in and Glasgow was lucky to have him while we did. Kevin
Posted by Francesco Baldini on February 8, 2021
I had the priviledge to meet Hector in Glasgow and be embraced by his passion, kindness, energy and humanity. We had plans to keep working together in Mexico on disease vectors. I am so sad and sorry. My deepest condolences to all Hector’s family.
Posted by Rod Dillon on February 8, 2021
Hector came to study for his PhD with me in Liverpool in 2007. We immediately developed a great rapport, I was impressed with his encyclopaedic knowledge of the UK.
Hector lived life at full throttle, extracting joy from all his experiences.
I found a real friend and I was so pleased that he understood and joined in with my obsession with working across science and the arts. One of our shared projects was the lambanana which we painted with the life cycle of the disease that we were researching; leishmaniasis. He loved to engage with the public and share his enthusiasm for science research
Hector was a real all rounder, I call him a polymath; there are few people who could move easily through the arts and science worlds and also be an accomplished musician, dancer, marital arts expert, cook, party goer.

Our heart goes out to Morvyn and Hectors families. We miss him loads and will certainly never forget the impact he had on our lives.
Rod and Viv xxxx
Posted by Kathryn Crouch on February 8, 2021
So, so sad to hear of Hector's passing. I knew him from his time in Glasgow. He was a passionate scientist and communicator, but more importantly a kind man who brought joy, music and colour into the lives of everyone he touched. My thoughts are with his family.
Posted by Raihana Ithnin on February 8, 2021
Hector Diaz... He was a wonderful person, always cheerful, filling up the day when I was in Glasgow. I have never seen him with any stress or sad expression. He always excited when we talked about the sandfly insectarium that he developed in the lab. I still remembered that he showed me his 'old' lab book when he was studying Ph.D. Such a nice person and he looks like a 'big brother' to me. During the last meeting with the Barret's Christmas Party through zoom online, he was the cheerleader by playing his ukulele and La Bamba song. Such a memorable party for us although we are separated all over the world... All of my thoughts reside with Hector and Morvyn's extended families.

Hugs from Rai (Malaysia)
Posted by Emily Dickie on February 7, 2021
I worked with Hector only a short while at Glasgow before his return to Mexico but he was the sort of person who leaves a big impression - friendly, kind and welcoming to all. In a Christmas Zoom catch-up at the end of 2020, he was the life and soul of the virtual party (whoever says Zoom is boring has never been on a call with Hector!). For a man with so much life, it is difficult to believe he is no longer with us. I will never forget his passion and enthusiasm for his research and his eagerness to communicate it to others - if I can sustain half that enthusiasm in my career I'll be well pleased. He was an inspiration who will be very much missed.
Posted by Danielle Smyth on February 7, 2021
I'm very saddened by Hector's passing. I met him briefly when my lab moved to Glasgow University in early 2016 - he was instantly welcoming, such a memorable, genuine, big personality spirit. The place was a lot quieter when he moved from Glasgow and the world is dimmer today with his passing. Much love to his loved ones.
Posted by Susan Baillie on February 7, 2021
Such fond memories of sharing an office/working with ‘Heccie the sandfly guy’ at Glasgow Uni, no day was ever dull. Hector lit up the room whenever he went, a larger than life character, full of fun who had time for everyone.
He often talked about Morvyn and you could see how proud and in love he was. For such a big man he was a big softy.
Hector will be missed by so many xx
Posted by Mayrin H. on February 7, 2021
The powers that be están celebrando contentos de la suerte que tienen al tenerte con ellos. RIP Hector
Posted by Carlos López on February 6, 2021
Mucha luz en tu camino Héctor. Fue un gusto haber coincidido en este mundo. Siempre recordaré aquellas reuniones bohemias llenas de buena música con el equipo de Biología Molecular del CIESA. Descansa en paz, llegó tu momento de trascender. Mis condolencias a tu familia.
Posted by MISS PATRICIA BROWN on February 7, 2021
I didn't know you but through all these beautiful messages about you i feel i have come to know an amazing human being. R.I.P Hector.
Posted by Nicola Hamilton on February 7, 2021
Was lucky to meet Hector just as the Maizels group were joining Glasgow University- such a welcoming face for everyone . A new star shines bright tonight.
Posted by Ariel Silber on February 6, 2021
Hector was one of those rare people who makes you feel lucky for the simple fact of having had the opportunity to meet them, to share a beer, a time of intelligent conversation, for having laughed for a while together. My condolences to his family for the irreparable loss of him.
Posted by Ryan Ritchie on February 6, 2021
What a man, what a force of nature.

I didn’t know Hector for as long as others, and we never did get to have that whisky/chilli challenge but I will never forget his passion for science, music, story telling and people. He always made a hard day more positive and a good night out a brilliant night out, a true gentleman.

Posted by Francesca Tamarozzi on February 7, 2021
Together with Claudia, I shared the house with Hector in Liverpool for 4 years. We could not be more different persons, but those are among the best times of my life. Thank you Hector, for everything, the laughters, the tears, the songs, the fights, the hugs, the killer burgers, the frozen weekends in Evelyn, the bier, the philosophy and the science. Thank you for that call, last May, in full lock down, talking about the future. Thank you because you made people feel special. Goodbye.
Posted by Anna Logan on February 6, 2021
I met Hector only briefly during his time in Liverpool. But he was a man that made a big impression! A larger than life energy, he always had a smile, and I remember only fun and laughter, and sharing good times, in particular a trip with friends for New Years Eve. You’ll be missed Hector, my condolences to your family and friends and all who loved you. RIP.
Posted by Brian Suárez on February 6, 2021
Que rapido te fuiste Hector. Dejas gratos recuerdos y enseñanzas por varios rincones del mundo. Mis sinceras condolencias para tu esposa Morvyn, padres y amigos en tu querido México. 
Posted by Federica Giordani on February 6, 2021
A wonderful person, a dear friend, a great scientists. Hector was my office mate during his time in Glasgow. He was Hector Diaz, “like Cameron Diaz” as he had to explain a million times during his countless phone calls. In the end he printed out a phonetic alphabet and stuck it behind the phone. “Delta, India, Alpha, Zulu”. The alphabet became handy several times. We had so many laughs and giggling at his speaking to himself while working at the computer! I picked up many Spanish expressions he complained later I shouldn’t have picked up, but he was my Spanish teacher in the end! The day was never boring or sad with him around. I wished I had a fraction of his energy. I was looking forward to meeting him again for another pub night playing La Bamba. We are all so much poorer today. My thoughts are with Morvyn and his family.  
Posted by Liliana D'Alba on February 6, 2021
Adios amigo mío,
Siempre voy a recordar tu inagotable energía, tu gran pasión por la buena comida y la música, tu entusiasmo por aprender todo acerca de este mundo, tu calidez y eterna disposición por ayudar a un amigo que lo necesita. Tu excentricidad y singularidad aun cuando nos encontrábamos en lugares remotos buscando bichos debajo de las piedras o fósiles en paisajes escondidos.
Tu me motivaste a querer siempre ser la mejor, con tu espíritu competitivo y perseverante. En esos años de intenso estudio y descubrimiento personal formamos el mejor equipo en el que he trabajado nunca. Y como una pequeña familia, por 5 años compartimos muchos viajes, experiencias y emociones que me ayudaron a ser la persona que hoy soy.

Te voy a recordar cuando escuche a los Cranberries, cuando disfrute un buen mezcal o un café en Veracruz, cuando vea a los monos araña jugando en el zoológico o cuando me encuentre nuevamente rodeada de saguaros en una noche fría en el desierto. Y te cantare una canción de Silvio Rodriguez, como solías tu cantarnos en las noches en nuestras aventuras en el campo. Espero que en donde te encuentres escuches esta canción y te dibuje una sonrisa infinita.

Ve en paz querido Héctor

Goodbye my friend,
I will always remember your inexhaustible energy, your great passion for good food and music, your enthusiasm for learning everything about this world, your warmth and eternal willingness to help a friend in need. Your eccentricity and uniqueness even when we were in remote places looking for bugs under stones or fossils in hidden landscapes.
You motivated me to always seek to be the best, with your competitive and persevering spirit. In those years of intense study and personal discovery we formed the best team I have ever worked with. And as a small family, for 5 years we shared many trips, experiences and emotions that helped me to become the person I am today.
I will remember you when I listen to the Cranberries, when I enjoy a good mezcal or a coffee in Veracruz, when I see spider monkeys playing at the zoo or when I find myself surrounded by saguaros again on a cold night in the desert. And I will sing you a song by Silvio Rodriguez, as you used to sing to us at night in our adventures in the field. I hope that wherever you are you will listen to this song and it will bring an infinite smile to your face.
Go in peace dear Hector.
Posted by Carly Elliott on February 6, 2021
I’m so sorry Morvyn and Hector’s family. One of the first times I met Hector, we all went to a pantomime in Glasgow. Morvyn, being the ultimate and best pantomime guest, threw her heart and soul into it. Watching Hector watching Morvyn with pride and adoration told us all what we needed to know; that he loved everything about her and for that, we loved him instantly. Rest easy, Hector. It’s so evident from these messages just how missed you’ll be x
Posted by Mike Barrett on February 6, 2021
So sad and sorry. Hector was one of the greatest people I have met. His memory will be held by many, many in Glasgow. He shone a light. Our thoughts are with Morvyn and his family.
Posted by Daniel Paape on February 6, 2021
Rest in peace Hector. For me you were always a ‘ukulele-playing-Che-Guevara’, because on one of our first meetings you were wearing your green military hat. You were enthusiastic, kind and I envied the passion you showed for everything you cared about.
At the recent Barrett group online Xmas gathering you played, as you so often did, on your ukulele. Our 4 old daughter Isla was in total love with you and wanted you to carry on playing!
Our condolences to Morvyn, and to Hector’s & Morvyn’s families. The best people always leave this world far too early. We are thinking of you all.
Daniel, Cat and children.
Posted by Raquel Souza on February 6, 2021
Mi dulce amigo, mi Hermano! I´m grateful for had been met someone like you, a unique person that I never will forget. Thanks for all the support that you gave while we worked together in Fiocruz, Rio. For all happy moments and teaches that I keep in the bottom of my heart. Now, you will take your joy for the paradise!
Posted by MarceloG Lorenzo on February 6, 2021
Hasta la vista Hector! Aunque nos vimos unas pocas veces, guardo muy lindos recuerdos de esos momentos! Si algún día vuelvo a un Arthromint organizaré una pequeña ceremonia a la orilla del mar de la Ilha Grande con quienes te conocimos en Brasil. Y tomaremos unas cachaças por tu memoria! Te extrañaremos con cariño! Un abrazo a Morvyn y todos los que hoy sienten dolor por tu pérdida.
Posted by Richard McCulloch on February 6, 2021
Rest In Peace, Hector. I hope we can continue our debate about the correct use of cutlery at some time in the future. My deepest condolences to all Hector’s family. A beautiful man.
Posted by Kim Miller on February 6, 2021
Hector showed me nothing but kindness whenever we met. His love for science and food and music and Morvyn! radiated in a way that was almost visible! He always spoke with so much passion and depth of knowledge and openness to hearing other people's views and opinions. It's such a small memory amoungst many but I'll always value it...I remember when Hector told me the salsa I made for a dinner party at Morv's was "quite good" (it was probably terrible) then he told me all about the culture of salsa in Mexico with such joy that it made me want to do nothing else but make salsa again and again until it was better. I will strive to be encouraging and passionate and loving in the ways he was. I will miss you so much Hector. We love you. We will take care of your girl x
Posted by MexScot Alumni on February 6, 2021
On behalf of the MexScot Alumni Association, we are concerned about what happened to Hector.

His research and his studies will help others to continue with what he started.

We will miss him.
Posted by Anthony Dornan on February 6, 2021
I’m so sorry for your loss. Every time I met Hector I was always overwhelmed by the enthusiasm he had for work & life. I once met him leaving the Hanoi Bike Shop restaurant just off Byres Rd. He walked back in with me and stayed to keep me company so ‘I wouldn’t have to eat alone’. Always a joy to be around. Again the thoughts of my family to yours. A&K&D&M
Posted by Aileen QUINN on February 6, 2021
Thinking of you Morven during this difficult time ❤
Aileen x

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