Posted by Kathleen Ressel on March 23, 2021
I will always remember your sparkling eyes and quick smile.
Posted by Kathleen Ressel on March 23, 2021
Everybody should know a Helga Williams - One of a kind!- It made my day when I could visit with her (and Bill) -Doris Glick
Posted by Ilona Brandt-Sasin on March 16, 2021
Helga was very much a people person. I remember when I first met her, it was late 1999 and my unit was still under construction. I came by to see how the job is progressing and I ran into Helga. She was planting some flowers and stopped what she was doing to chat with me. I learned that we both are from Europe and we both survived World War II, so we had a lot in common to talk about. When I finally moved in, in April of 2000 Helga took me under her wing. She showed me places like the library, the museum, stores and so on. She introduced me to a group of German ladies, I was the only Polish member in the group but they were very welcoming. We had a lot of fun together. Getting lunch, night swimming at one of the ladies' private pool, and going for hikes. We walked every day, I was pushing a stroller with my granddaughter with one hand and walking my dog Lucky with the other hand.
Later on when we were both less physically active, Helga and I always attended the operas transmitted from the New York Metropolitan Opera.
She was a great friend and someone you can always count on. We miss her.
Love, Ilona.
Posted by Terri Bond on March 2, 2021
Helga loved any reason to "party" as I recall. Every person and occasion was special. Living life was her goal. Her smile and warmth were endearing to all. Did she have a temper? Family and friends were special treasures. May she continue dancing and laughing up there. 
Posted by Jo Ann Kemp on March 2, 2021
Those of us in Kansas always looked forward to your road trips to Kansas, and our trips to Colorado. Fun times and cheerful memories. Helga loved life and it showed in her smile.
Posted by Sandy Wiggins on February 23, 2021
I moved to this neighborhood as a single, widowed woman and Helga was the first to get a luncheon together to welcome me. From that point on her sweet smile and wave greeted me from across the yard warming my heart and making me feel at home and we developed a closeness, like family. Her stories she told, the care and love she had for her family and friends was immense. She was the best hostess, making the most delicious food. She truly impacted my life and will never be forgotten and will always hold a place in my heart.
Miss you my friend - Love, Sandy
Posted by Jacqui Ballinger on February 17, 2021
Omi, MayBelle and I miss you so much! We think of you constantly and we miss being able to visit with you. Hope you're resting in total peace. You would be so proud of our girl. We both wish we could give you hugs every day!
Posted by Kathleen Sullivan on February 17, 2021
I worked with Helga for many years, she was a lovely, lively person who always enjoyed putting people at ease and making them feel welcome. When I think of Helga I will always remember her smiling and laughing - and offering food! She made a positive difference in the lives of so many, myself included.
Posted by Danielle Isenhart on February 17, 2021
Grandma, I miss you so much! What brings me some comfort is remembering all the great times we shared together. My favorite memories are all the great home cooked meals and holidays, times up at the family cabin, and trips together (Europe, cruise, and times out on the east coast). You were always there for me and I will never forget it.
Posted by Doris Sommers on February 16, 2021
We have so many fun and beautiful memories of Helga. What a classy lady with so much life and energy. Loved listening to Helga and my mother sharing stories of their childhood in Bremerhaven. Her wonderful fabulous German meals. She loved cooking and hosting beautiful dinners for family and friends. What a hostess she was!  She was such a lovely friend to our family. Rich and I will never forget Helga. A very giving and caring person that we miss dearly. 
Love and Hugs to Bill and family!
Posted by Sharon Benson on February 16, 2021
My dearest friend, Helga.
I’m grateful for having you as a job share partner at the Westminster Library where we met some 40 years ago. After retirement, we stayed in touch meeting for regular lunches where we had long meaningful conversations. We talked about everything sharing our lives with one another.
Bob and I so enjoyed attending the numerous Saturday evening plays with you and Bill at the Arvada Center, more good memories. I cherish the fun times we had and am thankful for such a special friend. I miss you each and every day and always will.
With love, Sharon
Posted by Bill Williams on February 15, 2021
Mein Schatz, I miss you very much. I have so many happy and sad
memories. I am sure that I will love you and miss you every day
for the rest of my life, Bill.
Posted by Doreen Roman on February 15, 2021
Mom I will never forget you. I miss you SO much. I hope and pray that everyone who ever knew you leaves a comment also. I can rest a little easier now that I have some type of celebration of your life. Friends, family can post here, and you wont be forgotten! till we meet again,
your daughter.

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