This tribute was added by Christina & Michael Katz on September 9, 2020
We are heartbroken to hear of Ian's passing. We care. Sending love, light and prayers to all. May love & memories bring you comfort. We are a community who loves and supports you. 
This tribute was added by Daniela Gil on September 8, 2020
Ian, when I first met you years ago, I remember just how present and amazing your spirit and energy were. You managed to turn even the most boring sets into something we could all enjoy. Practice was nothing short of a party thanks to you, and you always knew how to make the team laugh. Just being in a lane near yours or in the hot tub after practices when you were with your friends, joking around, made me and everyone else to laugh so hard our sides hurt. When I rejoined the team some years later, yours was one of the few faces I recognized. Even though our interactions became limited to just seeing each other immediately after your practice and right before mine, and seeing each other at team events after I rejoined, seeing your excitement and energy immediately after finishing your practice would always motivate me right before I got into the pool, and the jokes I would overhear would always brighten up even my dullest days. Ian, you’ve been one of my teammates for as long as I can remember, going way back to the early days of PAC swim. Seeing you work hard every day inspired me more than anything else ever could. I still remember the first day I met you, way back then. Your smile and spirit have stuck with me since then, and I will always remember them.
Rest in peace, Ian.
This tribute was added by Natalie Wang on September 2, 2020
Dear Ian,
I never got to know you personally after all these years of seeing you on the team, but I did know you as a big part of what I loved: PAC swim. Ever since the beginning of my life as a swimmer, I had the privilege of watching you be a supportive teammate who worked tirelessly to rise through the ranks in Butterfly. Although very few, my best memories of you were your enthusiasm, respect, and ability to bring people together pretty much anywhere like at practices. Not gonna lie when everyone was crammed into level 3/4 and still swam at the Bay Club, after practice I would always look forward to whatever smart-dumb jokes you and your friends would come up with. They were definitely something special because everybody within a 20ft radius of the hot tub would laugh. Aside from the jokes I believe the best quality about you was that you inspired a lot of people to really work hard and become a better person. A lot of the great things you accomplished reflected onto others and sparked new ambitions.
For that and many other things, I greatly appreciated having you as a teammate for several years. We’re all gonna miss you and we hope you’re at peace.
-Natalie Wang
This tribute was added by Makena Topolovac on September 1, 2020
Ian, I didn’t know you very well, but I saw you all the time at practice. I’m truly going to miss your laughter and smile. You were a kind, funny and extremely talented person. I really regret never taking to you. I hope one day we’ll meet again. One memory I remember was playing Minecraft with you once, and to be honest, you had the absolute best username (credits to Alex). We’re really going to miss you, Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Lucas Silva on September 1, 2020

Dear Ian,

You had a profound impact on my life that I will never forget. I admired you like I would an Olympic athlete. I strived to be half of what you were with your amazing swimming and work ethic. Everytime I watched you swim, I was blown away by the sheer speed and determination you had when you raced. Regardless of your accomplishments, you were a down to earth and humble person. I recall talking to you for the first and thinking, ‘Ian wants to talk and be friends with me? Why me, i'm not that fast’. Yet you talked and laughed with me as if you had known me my whole life. You would always cheer, support and lap count regardless of what swimming cut somebody was going for. You brought many laughs in and out of the pool and never failed to make anybody smile no matter how bad of a day they were having. I remember playing videogames with you and laughing uncontrollably as we spent many hours playing. Although we never had many moments together, those moments I will forever hold dearly. You have shown me what it is to be a great friend, swimmer and student. It is something that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.

My love and prayers go out to the Carsten family.

Rest in Peace

Lucas Silva
This tribute was added by Emily Kang on September 1, 2020

No amount of words can come close to your impact on me and my value on our friendship, but I will at least try to share a few of our memories. I remember when you, Thomas, and I would wait for each other to pack up after practice every day to walk up the stairs and rush to be the first to hold open the door for the others, saying “chivalry is not dead.” I remember each time you would proudly show me the words you knew in Korean, especially your favorite: sweet potato, which your grandma had taught you how to say. And all of the wonderful moments during our walks when I was in eighth grade and you were in seventh grade, the result of our spontaneous decision that, every other day, we would walk together to the bay club right after school. I’ll always remember the surge of excitement that I would feel when I saw you waiting in front of my history class after the bell rang. Each day, the topics of these walks’ conversations widely varied, but it never, ever mattered to me what they were, because I was always just so happy to be talking to you about absolutely anything. And we would laugh so much. I saw you then almost as my younger sibling, and I remember being so proud to watch you navigate the new school and grow into your own. I wish we could be walking under the bright orange leaves together just once more. Thank you for always keeping up our close friendship and conversations, for sending me your favorite memes, for being able to share good times with me and forget everything else while also naturally having vulnerable, caring moments. For, most recently, the hours that we spent gaming with Alex, Thomas, Johnny, and Charlotte: remember as you'd hype up my low-level Minecraft building skills while also jokingly raging when other players would vote for these builds despite (or, really, because of) how incredibly bad they were? These were honestly some of the best times of my quarantine— it was like we were just joking around at practice again, still poking fun at each other while sharing a lot of laughter. You had an incredible gift of making people feel comfortable, smile, and have fun, no matter in what context. Ian, every moment that I shared with you over all of the years, put together, has genuinely been part of the happiest times of my life. Thank you for all of the light you brought. To have known you and loved you has been such a privilege, and having you in our lives has absolutely made us all the better. I'll never forget you. I love you and miss you beyond words.
This tribute was added by Maureen Gillespie on September 1, 2020
I had the honor of coaching Ian briefly during my tenure as Head Age Group Swim Coach at PAC/Bay Club. There was rarely (if ever) a day where Ian greeted the coaches and me without his signature ear-to ear smile. He always came to practice with enthusiasm, positive energy, and a witty and quick sense of humor that was wise beyond his years. I fondly recall many a practice and dry land workout coming to a halt so that we could listen to one of his stories, jokes, or fun facts that usually turned into another lengthy story. His dedication, work ethic and tenacity were unmatched. His energy, charisma and laughter on the pool deck were contagious; you always knew when Ian was around and your day instantly improved with his presence. Ian was a fierce competitor, a loyal friend, and one of the most talented swimmers in the San Diego swim community. He respected his coaches and teammates immensely, and went out of his way to make this known to us. How fortunate we all are to have known him. We are all better because of it. May we continue to honor his legacy in and out of the pool. Rest in peace, Ian.
- Coach Maureen
This tribute was added by Charlotte Zhang on September 1, 2020
I have known Ian for six years. We grew up together on PAC sharing countless swim practices together, him never failing to make me laugh. My favorite practice was when Julianna was coaching so we were messing around playing ball toss and having contests of who could hold their breath the longest. I will miss sitting in the hot tub with him after practice and going on rants about anything and everything. It was always exciting to cheer for him at meets. I cherish the memory of cheering for him at futures when he got his summer junior national cut. I was proud to see him stand on the podium with his metal. I remember travel meets where we were crammed in the back for long car rides and staying up late in the hotel. We would play uno basically every meet and I love the time we played Egyptian slap with are feet resulting in a few minor injuries. Along with at Splash in Dash, I taught him a new card game and we played so many rounds that I almost missed my race. His stroke technique may not have been visually pleasing but he sure was fast. But he was was incredibly humble for all that he accomplished. I was so excited when I heard that he was moving to RSD because I had missed training with him so much. I will miss walking to class with him after lunch hearing how he was nervous for his AP world test or how his teachers were annoying. His epic Super Bowl parties where we didn’t watch very much of the game but we always made sure to watch the halftime performance. 

I look back upon all the memories with gratitude that I was lucky enough to know you. You were so compassionate, hilarious, talented, intelligent, and effortlessly cool. I will never forget you and all the love you have shown me. Love you forever my friend. Rest easy, Ian.
This tribute was added by Cami Collins on August 31, 2020
I first met Ian six years ago on PAC, but we became so much closer the past couple of years. In the past few years we made so many memories I will never forget. Whether we were swimming an awful butterfly set or walking into school every morning he always knew how to make everything fun. He was the most dedicated and talented swimmer I have ever met and I will cherish every moment I spent with him. In the past few years he moved into a house just down the street and Ian would always make fun of me for getting dropped off by my mom as a junior and senior in high school, but it made everyday better because we were able to walk into school together and walk to our mom’s cars together at the end of the day. We would talk about all the weird things that happened at school while speed walking as fast as we could up the hill to our mom’s cars. One of my favorite practices with Ian was the day he let me do visualization in the area where only THE boys were allowed. He told me this was only a temporary arrangement and when Alex was back at practice the next day I would have to visualize somewhere else. But everyday after that for the rest of the season they never kicked me out. After that day I never wanted to be at practice if Ian wasn’t there. He made every swim practice special with his contagious laugh and the biggest smile. Every moment I shared with him was special whether we were walking through the hallways or we were team traveling and fighting over the best spot in the mini van. He always pushed me to be a better student, athlete, and person and inspired me by sharing his dreams and aspirations of being a college level athlete. There is no one else I would’ve wanted to represent Bay Club Aquatics with. Rest in peace my friend. We all love and miss you so much.
This tribute was added by Lori Larocque on August 31, 2020
Sending love, light, peace and prayers to the family. Please know you have Neighbors and a community who loves you and will support you. 
This tribute was added by Jack Pollin on August 30, 2020
Over the last two years I have known you, there has never been a dull moment. You would come to school every single day with a smile and something funny to say. You made every class I had with you way more fun to be in. Thank you for all of the countless laughs and memories. Fly high Ian.
This tribute was added by Kaitlyn Chen on August 30, 2020
Dear Ian,
I regret not getting to know you better. I can tell what a kind, humorous and supportive friend you were by the deafening shrieks and fits of laughter emitted from my brother Alex’s room whenever he played video games with you. When you and Alex were in Level 5, you were always fooling around with each other between sets. I remember in practice you said, “A duck walks into a pharmacy..." At this point, my brother was already laughing because this joke had been told multiple times. You continued, "... and picks out some chapstick to buy. He walks up to the cashier and says, ‘Just put it on my bill’.” All of us burst out laughing because of the pure stupidity of the joke. Whoever you were around would inadvertently smile because you would always crack jokes and have a huge smile on your face. I will truly miss hearing my brother laugh at your witty remarks, seeing him go to the beach with you and come back home smiling, and finding out that you dropped an astonishing amount of time in a swim event. My prayers and deepest condolences go out to the Carsten family.

Rest easy, Ian.

-Kaitlyn Chen
This tribute was added by Ethan Purcell on August 30, 2020
(This was already posted on my Instagram but I’m going to post it here for those of you who haven’t seen my post)
Ian, I never thought I would be writing this to you. When I lost you Ian, a part of me died too. All my future memories with you were robbed from me. But more importantly, all of your potential was halted when we lost you. Ian, you were such an inspiring teammate, competitor, classmate, and friend all at the same time. You had it all going for you. Good grades, incredible swimming ability, and compassion are just a few of your outstanding traits and qualities you had. You inspired me to be better. You never left anyone out, even if they were a B swimmer. From drifting the jeep at blacks and racing it to the car wash before my dad got mad at me, to cliff jumping in La Jolla, and talking about how shit school is every day with Ethan Cho and Parker, every experience I had with you was a memory. I could name countless more, like that time we played chief keef before my 200 free and I went 1:45. You always were there to cheer me on, no matter the circumstances. You would even come to meets we weren’t attending, and cheer Bruce and I on in the 200 free, hoping we would get a futures cut. You were one of a kind bro. I wish I could talk to you one more time about our college aspirations, I wish we could go off roading one more time, and I wish we could complain together one more time about how hard school is. I wish I could hear that weird laugh that you had Ian. I wish you could’ve qualified for trials this year and I could watch you on TV. I wish there was a lot of things that I could do one more time with you. But they aren’t changing. Ian, I know you are gone forever, but I am going to live my life in your name. I am going to succeed for you. Ian, you were and still are a part of my soul forever. Ian, I am going to hold my hand high on the podium at trials one day for you, I am going to succeed one day for you. I am going to live the life that got cut short for you. Ian, I am going to honor you forever as a teammate, competitor, and most importantly friend. Ian, I am going to live for you. I love you bro always and forever❤️❤️

-Your friend Ethan Purcell
This tribute was added by Cassidy Liu on August 30, 2020
Ian, you were the best man in bay club. You carried bay club in everything. Whether it was swimming or hyping up the team for a swim, you brought the whole team together. Your accomplishments in swimming dwarfed anything I can or will ever do. I am proud to be even called a teammate of yours. Thank you for the good times in swim. Hope you're doing well wherever you are. I know you're gonna be crushing it.
This tribute was added by Katrina Hunt on August 30, 2020
Dear Tracy, Doug, and Adam—I'm so sorry for what you all are going through right now, and no doubt words can't begin to express the pain you're feeling. The days of our baby-and-toddler playgroup seem like ages ago, but also just like yesterday. I've been thinking of you all ever since I learned and will continue to be holding you in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing the service online this morning, and I hope it gives you some peace knowing how much Ian has been loved, and is still loved.
This tribute was added by Allie Wong on August 30, 2020
Dear Ian,

Though I only knew you a short amount of time, you have heavily influenced who I am today. From the moment I met you, you filled my life with so much happiness and love. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you at CIFS and how even though I wasn't swimming I stayed at the meet all day and came back for finals day just so I could talk to you again. I’m so thankful Charlotte introduced us because I know my life would not be the same had I not met you. I’m thankful for all the time we spent together and all the conversations we had. I’m thankful that even just for a few months I could be there for you and be your shoulder to cry on.
I never stopped thinking or caring about you and I never will. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget you. Rest easy Ian.

Allie Wong
This tribute was added by Juliet Chan on August 30, 2020
We were so incredibly saddened to hear of Ian’s passing. Though we hadn’t seen you guys enough since we moved from San Diego in 2010, I’ll never forget how thoughtful and sweet Ian was with Connor right before we moved when he was so nervous to be leaving (I think we took the boys out to Coronado and had ice cream). While I can’t imagine the pain your family is feeling now, please know you are all in our prayers and Ian will always be remembered so fondly.
Love and hugs to you all,
The Chan family (Juliet, Victor and Connor)
This tribute was added by Michael Xu on August 30, 2020

I vividly remember you and I sitting outside the Panda Express at the Irvine Spectrum Center during our team trip to Sectionals last year. After finishing our Chinese food, you started asking questions about swimming in college: what goal times to set, how to begin the college search. I realized you were already envisioning the next few years of your swim career; you had a level of maturity I had never seen in someone who was about to turn 15.

Before this trip, I knew you as a fellow teammate on PAC/BAY. I knew your distinctive butterfly and enjoyed your contagious laugh between sets. You had a wonderful sense of humor and an extensive knowledge of the English Premier League. Most importantly, I knew you had a bright future. In my last year as a PAC/BAY swimmer, I noticed you were beating me in several freestyle races in practice. I remember watching your 200 fly at 2018 WAGs, where you dropped 6 seconds from prelims and your dad was jumping with joy.

Joining you on the Sectionals trip was one of the best moments of my swim career, and the memories from that trip are forever engrained in my mind and my phone. The endless jokes we shared, annoying Hannah for using Snapchat, constantly chanting "#vibes", gorging on Chick-fil-a and Five Guys with Takato in a span of 3 hours. I also witnessed you absolutely popping off (i.e. crushing it) at this meet, especially in the 200 fly. You placed 9th and qualified for your first Sectionals final, which was insane. When we arrived for finals that day, you asked me to say "RNG" hoping that you would randomly be in the championship final. Once we walked to the heat sheet, we saw that your were in lane 8 of the championship final, and you screamed in excitement. I wish I recorded that moment.

I understand that you are no longer here with us, but I'm struggling to accept that. As a teammate, I knew your future was brighter than the Sun, but as one of your many friends, I will cherish your bright smile and personality. I'll always keep you in my heart and mind. There's only one Futures medalist who is/was a Brighton and Hove fan and drinks/drank Rockstar on meet day, and that's you Ian.

Love and miss you,
Michael Xu
This tribute was added by Leonor Youngblood on August 30, 2020
Dear Carsten Family,
I am heartbroken by the devastating news of Ian’s untimely departure from this world. He was my student last year and I feel so fortunate to have known him as I observed and appreciated the way he interacted with his peers and how he brought joy and kindness to our classroom. Ian’s smile would make everyone feel at ease. As his teacher, I could not have asked for a more responsible, eager to learn and respectful, caring student. He brought joy with his smile, ease with his kindness every time he was in our class. Ian will always remain in my heart. My deepest condolences to his family and friends, may he Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Matthew Ai on August 30, 2020
Dear Ian,

The time I was able to spend with you at PAC was unrivaled in great moments. I will forever cherish those hilarious memories from several years ago, in which you showed us all your immense creativity and joy. As a group we would freestyle rap battle in the pool and showers; Alex Chen, Varun Dutt, and I would all have a go at each other, and then you'd butt in with something totally genius, and we'd all shout "OOOHHH!!", making so much noise that we got in trouble once or twice. At one point we asked you what your "rapper name" was, and after pausing for a second, you said "Fourty-two double-oh RAW", with a comical emphasis on the "RAW." I don't remember if you ever explained how you came up with it, but we all found it so funny. At practice, when the clock hit 42:00 we'd all say your rapper nickname and look at you with grins on our faces, and it became a light-hearted tradition. And, of course, how could I ever forget those smaller idiosyncratic things—like that Phelps-esque backslap you'd do on the diving blocks before our race sets, or how you'd always joke with Thomas Park about having secretly stashed a pair of scissors in the bathroom—those little moments will also have a special place in my mind. Over the years, I didn't get to see you as much since you moved up to higher levels; and now, I'm coming to terms with the unbelievable fact that we'll never get to even say hi or hey anymore as we pass by each other between different levels of swim practice—but I will continue to think of you as time goes on. And one day, God willing, when this pandemic ends and we can get in the pool again, I will most definitely wait for the pace clock to hit 42:00, and I will grin, and gladly recall the wonderful memories made with you. Thank you Ian, and Rest in Peace.

Matthew Ai
This tribute was added by Debra Roberts on August 30, 2020
Dear Carsten family,
We remember all the neighborhood gatherings over the years. We were always greeted with smiles and laughter from Ian and Adam and thier friends.
The memorial today was truly special. Our hearts go out to you.
Rest in peace Ian.

The Roberts family
This tribute was added by Jennifer Gaboury on August 30, 2020
Dear Carsten Family,
Our hearts are filled with love for your family, and our memories of Ian will always be cherished. Ian was our son's first true friend, and the time we spent celebrating birthdays, playing together in the sandbox, and raising our kids in the toddler years remain treasured, even after all of these years. We love you, Ian.
We miss you,
The Gaboury Family
This tribute was added by Siena Shenbaga on August 30, 2020
I am shocked and devastated by Ian's passing. Although I knew Ian a long time ago, I can still remember when he and Adam would come over to our house and we would run around, watch tv, and eat our McDonald's happy meals with no care in the world. What you are going through right now is unimaginable and I send my love and support to your whole family.
This tribute was added by Renata Roy on August 30, 2020
Dear Carsten Family,
We are really sorry to hear about the loss of Ian. We are devastated and can't imagine your pain.
We are always here for you and will be praying for Ian.
Our deepest sympathy.
Love, Renata, Sumit, Kaia and Anya
This tribute was added by Tina Kim on August 30, 2020
So sorry for your loss, sending you my condolences to the family & friends! Ian will be missed! ❤️
This tribute was added by Lola Walker on August 29, 2020
Dear Ian,

From the moment I first saw your cute little face at JW Tumbles, you warmed my heart. Maddie and I were so lucky to spend many incredible play dates together with you and your mom during the toddler and preschool years. We’ll never forget the fun times we had celebrating your birthdays, the many trips to Balboa Park, and mornings at Legoland. Throughout the years, I loved meeting up with your mom over coffee or lunch to hear all about your latest hobbies, favorite school subjects, amazing achievements in swim - and the wonderful young man you had grown up to be. We love you and will miss your bright smile.

Tracy, Doug, and Adam, we are deeply sorry and heartbroken for your loss. You are constantly in our thoughts. Lola, Rob, and Maddie
This tribute was added by Misty Douglas on August 29, 2020
The Douglas family is heartbroken upon hearing the news of Ian’s passing. He was such a special person both in and out of the water. The energy and light that radiated from his smile was something our family will never forget. He always treated everyone with love and respect and was extremely polite. In the water he was a joy to watch race. The sheer grit, determination and drive he had to succeed and accomplish his goals was something most athletes couldn’t compete with. Our girls will miss swimming with him both in club and in high school. I know it brought your family so much joy to watch him race as well, and it was fun to see the happiness and pride on your faces after he swam yet another phenomenal race. We are thinking of you all and thanks for raising such an amazing son. He has truly touched so many lives and his memory will live on forever.
This tribute was added by Charlotte Cong on August 29, 2020
thanks for being such a huge part of my life the past few years. our close friendship was unexpected but one of the things i’m most grateful for. you always knew exactly what to say everytime me or bella would come to you for advice. do you remember, all those years ago, when we tricked you into thinking bella was daniel for months and you texted her daily for advice on girls? it was the start of our friendship and i’m so grateful i had the opportunity to watch you grow as a swimmer and as a person. you were the catalyst to so many of my current hobbies and i wouldn't have been able to discover them without you. thank you for teaching me about street fashion. you showed me which brands were “cool” and sent me photos of your shopping hauls either. thank you for introducing me to UK radio stations and vaporwave music. your presence weaved its way through my spotify playlists with new artists and entire genres. do you remember going to the rich brian concert with bella and my school friends? you met chan and clicked instantly with him and we had so much fun getting lost in the crowd and nearly passing out from all the sweat and bodies. and i brought my fancy fanny pack that you ended up wearing because it looked better with your outfit. thank you for playing games with me too. i didn’t even know minecraft had a pvp server before you alex and thomas told me and learning how to play bedwars and other random minecraft games with you all was always so fun. and then we had our sessions with emily and johnny and we pushed afk people into the middle of the screen so that they would die. and then there was the league phase too. i remember you trying to teach me how to play league with kevin last summer and getting tilted at me because i was so bad. and this summer we played a few times, but this time i actually knew how to play so it went a bit better.thank you for opening up to me about your depression. the occasional snapchat from you, telling me that you were still feeling numb, that life felt rather aimless, always concerned me and i didnt know how to help beyond offering kind words and hope. thank you for confiding in me when you had trouble with allie, and allowing me and bella to give you advice on what to do. and thank you overall for just being such a supportive, admirable, humorous, inspiring, and loving friend. i wish i could have done more for you. i wish we could just go back to the day we blasted boy with luv and centipede in bellas car with the windows rolled down, driving back from the beach. i hope now you can rest easy. i love you. i’ll never forget you.
This tribute was added by Rosee Voigtlander on August 29, 2020
Dear Carsten Family,

We are so deeply sorry for your loss.
We just found out and we can’t imagine the pain; our hearts are absolutely broken.
Tracy and family, know that you are surrounded by the love of the entire community. Our thoughts and prayers are with your and your family in these difficult times.
Ian was so respectful, polite and always smiling. He will be forever in our hearts.
Rest In Peace Ian
This tribute was added by Austin Lathrop on August 29, 2020
Ian was a friend to me and a great swimmer especially in butterfly. Ian would always be very encouraging to me before my races and he was very kind to me. I looked up to Ian, as a swimmer and also a person. Rest in peace Ian.
This tribute was added by Jen McClellan on August 29, 2020
I am absolutely devastated by this news. Doug and Tracy, both of your kids have left huge impressions on my heart. We spent a few years together!! That smile of Ian’s....that infections, precious smile made each day special. Ian was always friendly and kind to each and every classmate. I am beyond heartbroken for your family. Adam, please know that your brother loved you and will watch over you forever. Doug and Tracy we are all engulfing you in love and light. You are not alone. I feel so blessed to have known Ian and will never forget his sweet soul.
This tribute was added by Lisa Shepherd on August 29, 2020
Twice on the first day of school you welcomed me with an infectious smile. And twice on the last day of school I sent you off saying, " You may not be in my class next year, but you will forever be in my heart." I'll say it once more...Ian you will forever be in my heart. Sending love and peace to all his family and friends.
This tribute was added by Karine Wenger on August 29, 2020
Dear Carsten family,
Our boys were teammates of Ian’s at the PAC and RSD- we were heartbroken to hear of his passing. May you find comfort in knowing that he touched so many lives and that his memory will be cherished by all who had the privilege to have known him. May you find strength In the support of friends and family during this difficult time.
Our deepest sympathy,
Karine, John, Jacque, Sébastien & Lorenzo Wenger
This tribute was added by Jennie Wei on August 29, 2020
Ian and my son Alex grew up swimming side by side in the water together. There are two things I will especially miss about Ian- his impeccable manners and his goofy smile. For a teen-aged boy, he had very impressive manners and was so respectful. When I took pictures of him with other swimmers, I always knew to take a series of shots. That way I could capture his grin which changed as he burst into silly, joyful laughter. 

Of course I will also miss cheering him on at meets alongside his parents. Forever loved and remembered.

To Tracy, Doug, and Adam, we are here to support you.
Love & prayers, Phil, Jennie, Alex & Kaitlyn Chen
This tribute was added by Rob Coppo on August 29, 2020
Dear Carsten Family,

On behalf of everyone at Torrey Pines High School, I want to offer our deepest, most heart-felt condolences on your loss. Ian touched so many lives with his smile, his infectious enthusiasm, and his caring heart. Our Falcon family will forever be here to support you, and honor Ian's memory.


Rob Coppo
This tribute was added by Jennifer Daniel-Duckering on August 29, 2020
We enjoyed 2 years of fun playing baseball with Ian in the DMLL - including the year the Mudcats "took the penant"!!! Ian always had a smile on his face and such a terrific attitude and he was a great friend to Zach while their lives intersected. Knowing him (and the rest of his family) was a truly a gift to our family. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with Ian and the whole family.
This tribute was added by Stacey Layle on August 29, 2020
Dear Carsten Family,

Our hearts were broken when we heard of the loss of Ian. We have fond memories of watching Ian race with his friends and family cheering him on from the end of the lane during swim meets. Our boys were definitely present in each other's lives, and Ethan will miss Ian. Ethan reminded me of some of their time together including little league games at Sage Canyon, video game playing during middle school years, or playing poker on the pool deck in between events at the TPHS swim meets. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and we wish you peace in the times ahead. 

Our deepest sympathy to you all.

Stacey, Aaron, Amelia and Ethan Cho
This tribute was added by Arman Agahi on August 29, 2020
I haven't talked with Ian in a while, but I could never forget the energy and joy he radiated, both in and out of practice. He brought happiness wherever he was, and was a pleasure to know and meet. I hope he knows how loved he is, and how much brighter he made the world.

Rest In Peace my friend, and take care.
This tribute was added by Ava Shew on August 29, 2020
When I think of Ian, I immediately think of a happy, confident, and talented person, always walking into practice with a smile on his face and a multitude of jokes in his back pocket. Practice was as fun as it was hard work, and he never failed to do either. I remember thinking to myself “he‘s the fastest swimmer I’ve ever met, he could do anything he wanted”. Our team spent many practices together. Early mornings, long afternoons, and many hot tub conversations. Bay Club was a family to me. Everyone knew each other, laughed together, suffered through the same torturous sets, we pushed each other to be the best swimmers (and best people) we could be. Everyone was accepted and included. Over quarantine, Ian started a twitch stream. The late nights spent watching him and “the boys” play Minecraft while I playfully teased them in the chat will forever be a bittersweet memory. It was one of the highlights of my summer. As an official moderator and dubbed loyal viewer, I proudly watched as Ian climbed to his goal of fifty followers, the magical number required to become affiliated on twitch. Shortly after the stream, a discord server was created for his rapidly growing following. There was no shortage of laughter and fun to be had when he went live and he was an amazing gamer, almost as talented with a mouse as in the pool. Even people who did not even know Ian were immediately drawn to his charisma and jokes, and he had almost effortlessly reached his goal. He was always so accepting and grateful for anyone who joined his stream. When my phone lit up with the notification from the discord saying he had reached fifty followers, I felt so proud of him. He really could do anything he wanted. Ian had a gift for bringing people together and it was guaranteed he would make you laugh in every conversation you had with him.

Ian, I hope with all my heart you are happy wherever you are now and can rest peacefully at last ❤️.
This tribute was added by Aimee Han on August 29, 2020
  although we weren't close in our five years as teammates, i always admired your stride and your confidence and your charisma and how talented you were at swimming. your emotional intelligence was beyond words. i always so deeply wished to be closer. though i'm eternally grateful to have seen you grow into an incredible person.

  i would do anything to give you a hug right now. rest easy buddy <3
This tribute was added by Mason Morris on August 29, 2020
When I heard you were joining RSD, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement. Over the past year we were neck and neck with our best 2 events, and I was so thrilled to have you as my training buddy. Even though we didn’t speak much, I was incredibly impressed with your talent and work ethic, and you motivated me at these past two championship meet. Rest easy Ian, and fly high fellow flier.
-Mason Morris
This tribute was added by Xavier Chauvapun on August 29, 2020
To my brother Ian: Thank you for the friendship that grew over the last 5 years. I sure am going to miss you! Our social kick sets will leaving lasting memories. The burning question will always be..."What did you have for lunch?"

The never ending jokes will never be forgotten. I love you buddy!

Pslam 127:3
"He heals the wounds of every shattered heart."
This tribute was added by Celese Lowe on August 29, 2020
You were special for so many reasons; it was obvious to me.

My fondest memories are the quiet times spent with you as a young child as we read bedtimes stories.

I miss your inquisitive nature and big smile. I could never deny loving a remarkable human being.

You made me feel special to have you in my life. You will always hold a place in my heart.
This tribute was added by Susan Parnes on August 29, 2020
Sending healing thoughts to Ian's family and friends. 
This tribute was added by Kristine Evans Marxer on August 29, 2020
The Marxer family love and thoughts are with Ian and his family at this time. Sending condolences and prayers to you with you
This tribute was added by Chan Park on August 29, 2020
I'll never forget your smile. I'll never forget the warmth that you showed when we first met. I'll never forget how quickly we bonded in one night and how I was constantly struck by how genuine you were in your kindness. I'll never forget how you were constantly trying to protect us from the crowd. I'll never forget how your eyes shone as you perfectly recited every word of that song. I'll never forget you. I love you always, and I'll miss you forever.

This tribute was added by Brooklyn Burns on August 29, 2020
I have known Ian for a few years now. He was truly the sweetest, happiest guy there was. He always had a big smile on his face and was laughing about some stupid joke that was definitely not funny. To the Carsten, all my love and prayers go to you I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through at this time. And to Ian, you are missed by so many including myself. You were loved and cherished by everyone around you. I hope you are at peace and know that the world is going to miss that big smile of yours.
This tribute was added by Katelyn Lee on August 29, 2020
I've only met Ian a few times during the swim meets, but I will never forget how great of a swimmer he was. Even though I have never spoken to Ian in person, I've heard about how kind, joyful, and positive he was.
My condolences go out to his family.
Rest in paradise Ian. You will be missed.
This tribute was added by Annika Ongteco on August 28, 2020

I can't believe I only met you just last year at the leadership summit, it always felt as though we had know eachother for years. I remember that day how for our group story we all collectively agreed to make Esteban present by himself and it was hilarious what he came up with. And afterwords, we began talking on instagram and making fun of cringey freshmen, complaining about walking home in the heat, becoming athlete reps together, and about our hopeless love lives. Soon we transitioned to snapping eachother everyday on snapchat and even becoming eachother's number 1 bff for a month. You were always so cool and confident in your wacky snaps of your face that it always brought a smile to mine. I still will never be able to fully understand your questionable taste in music like with your obsession over playboicarti though.
Truthfully, when I first met you I didn't even know how you were as a swimmer. I didn't know anything about what strokes you swam or how fast you were because none of them mattered to me. It was your outgoing and enthusiastic personality that got me to want to be your friend and to want to stick around you. Your contagious smile will never be forgotten. But I will say, the first time I ever saw you swim I was taken aback, I could not comprehend the fact that your ugly butterfly was able to beat the fastest butterflyer on my team ahahaha. You had such an amazing sense of determination and had a natural gift for the sport that it was a no brainer that you were able to achieve such high achievements in swim.
I just know that in your next life you will carry all this enthusiasm and determination over. It pains me that I wasn't able to reach out to you one last time or properly say goodbye. Hopefully in another life we can fulfill our promise of watching some regular cartoons together <3 Until then, your memory will live on in my heart and in the hearts of the people you've touched. Rest easy and fly high Ian, you will be missed so very much.

-Annika Ongteco
This tribute was added by Marissa Goswami on August 28, 2020
Although we were never especially close, I will always remember Ian as the guy who had the ability to make his teammates laugh no matter what. There always seemed to be more smiles and laughter at practice when he was there; he brightened the group in a way that few could. Rest easy Ian, I hope you’re doing well wherever you are.
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