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Missing my big bro

December 2, 2021
It's been 10 years big bro still can't understand it. But I know you in a better place still missing you like it happened yesterday love you king my big brother forever thank you for everything you did for me on this planet until we see each other again.❤️


May 15, 2013

I remember that times we (the three amigos (El, Russ, Jay), and the three amigas (Rhonda, Tammy, me) would sit in front of 615 watching people go by and making smart remarks about them. As we embarked on growing up and becoming adults we still had spend time together drinking and laughing about the dumb things we did as kids... Time flies and we all started having children and working those 9-5 jobs that we didnt realize that would keep us from spending time together... the sad separation where the three amigas relocated south while the three amigos remain north... Time flew and now the three amigas learned that one of the three amigos has departed and we never made it back north for our reunion.... I am sad to know that the three amigas and the three amigos will never get that chance to reunite and share our adult dumb stories... RIP my friend for life and death..

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