This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jane Nicholson, 54, born on May 18, 1957 and passed away on November 23, 2011. We will remember her forever. She seemed shy and reserved, but once you got to know her, she was a funny girl! She had a heart of gold and loved her family above all else. She loved her husband Rich more then words can express, and he was the reason she decided to fight the evil disease that stole her life. She was quiet a lot of the time, but once you got her going, she said and did some of the funniest things ever. She defiantly marched to the beat of a different drum, but that's one of the most endearing things about her. It seems we never know what we have til it's gone, and this certainly holds true in this situation. When we found out she only had a couple months left- NO ONE could believe it. She never hurt a fly. She never smoked even one cigarette, never did illegal drugs or drank even socially. She always put everyone else first ahead of herself. Including her animals. When Sammy (her new puppy) was sick with Parvo- she went and visited him every single day and laid in his kennel with him, and she knew she wasn't feeling well, she just was not sure why yet- but she refused to do anything about what was going on with her until she knew her puppy was going to be ok. That speaks volumes about the love she had for her family (yes, Sammy is part of her family) Then we got her to go to N. Fl where we found out she was more sick then we ever could have ever imagined. The last couple months went super fast. We took her to the Josh Groben show and she had the time of her life. She looked beautiful and even wore tall platform shoes to the show. Even @ age 54- she still had "it". She did what made her happy. During the Josh show- she stood up and played her "air-violin" as she was known for. 

Although she never had any of her "own"  biological children, aside from her animals, she always wanted a big family, which is exactly what she got when she married into the Nicholson family 15 years ago. She got two wonderful step sons Matt and Eric, who gave her some pretty nice daughters in law- Nikki (aka Leslie),Karen and Mary. And between the 3 of those women, they gave her a total of 7 grand babies. She was always looking for things to buy them, she loved to shop for the grand kids more so then shopping for herself! 

She always spoke highly of her mother, and always said how pretty and social she was. She was a 'daddy's girl' and loved him so much. She has a sister Alane that she totally enjoyed spending time with. She also has a brother in TX. 

When she first learned of how serious her illness was, she went catatonic on us. She didn't want to fight. She wanted to give up quickly, until the love of her life came up behind her while standing in the kitchen with tears in his eyes and asked "What will it take for you to fight this" She replied "Marry me again" And with that, we planned a wedding for Thanksgiving day. Her health was declining faster then then the wedding day was approaching, so the day before we were set to go to the Hilton in Daytona, we called a justice of the peace to the house, and had a very beautiful intimate ceremony in her bedroom with herself, her groom, her matron of honor (Her sister) and her 2 flower girls Phoebe n Paige, and her daughter in law Karen. They exchanged their written vows and retied the knot and then we rushed off to The Hilton a day early for her honeymoon. The next day was the last day Jane was with us. She took her last breath while she was asleep and being held by her husband who helped her cross over to the other side and gave her directions to The Rainbow Bridge, where Levi their dog was waiting for her. She will always be missed. All we have is the time that is NOW. So in Jane's honor, and for yourself, live everyday like it's your last, smile big, dance when it's not 'appropriate' and do what makes you happy. That's how Jane did it, and she did it well.

Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 19, 2021
Missing you!  Love Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2020
Nine years since you left I still think of you always. Love Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2020
Happy birthday babe. Miss you always.  Love Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2019
Eight years have gone by so quickly.I disagreed with you on getting another puppy after Levi died but you must have known that I would need Sammy to get me through you leaving.            Love ❤️ always Rich
Posted by Debora Crow on June 3, 2019
Hi Jane, I know we do not know each other, But I have heard a lot about you from your husband. And seeing how we almost share a birthday, my being on May 17th I need to ask a favor from one Taurus to another. I just lost a really close friend of 28 yrs on April 18th, her name is Amanda Carter. if you can keep an eye on her. I will promise to keep in eye on Rich and Sammy... besides my dog seems to love your dog anyway. :) Well Thank you in advance Debora.
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2019
Hey Babe                                      Still so hard to believe it’s been almost 8 years.Happy Birthday Babe ! Sammy and I are hanging in there. I don’t believe in an afterlife but if there is one I hope we see each other again . Love Rich
Posted by alane patterson on May 18, 2019
Happy Birthday Sis. I sure miss you and wish we were having a birthday dinner at Red Lobster like we used to. I hope you're happy up there and having a good time with Mom and Dad and Jim. Love you, Alane.
Posted by alane patterson on May 18, 2019
Jane, sure missed you at Thanksgiving yesterday and remember our many Thanksgivings together, especially the last one. Hope you ate lots of good food in Heaven
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2018
Seven years ago you left me. Really tough day. Miss you always. I guess you do what you were doing when you drop Sammy he really helped me through the tough times . Love you                                   
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2018
Happy Birthday Mom.                            Love Sammy.
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2018
Happy birthday babe                            Miss you love you       Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2017
Today started out a little bit rough really miss you Jane. The holidays are the hardest.I had dinner with Matt and his family.Spending the day with him Mary and Paige Savannah and Skyler really helped me today miss you always.      Love Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2016
Five years since you left.They say it gets easier with time.That's not true.Miss you ,Love you,  Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2016
Happy Birthday Miss you everyday.                               Love ya
Posted by alane patterson on December 9, 2015
Wow, Jane. I've been thinking it has been 2 years and realized it has actually been 4. It seems like yesterday that I was driving to Deltona and watching movies with you and having oreo milkshakes and eclairs for dinner. Save a spot for me next to you & Mom and Dad up there in Heaven and I'll keep playing your favorite songs from The Band Perry and Bon Jovi for you. Love you always, Alane.....
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2015
Babe ,Four years now I truly miss you,It is so unfair such a good person like you was taken from us all.As long as I am alive so are you.Love you, Rich
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on August 14, 2015
Hey Jane.
I finished my last therapy session last week. Almost a whole year of therapy. My 14th birthday is tomarrow too. Pretty happy about that.
Its getting harder everyday without you.
So many good changes. Skyler and savannah know who you are.
We told them.
They where happy.
I heard "you raise me up" today on Pandora an hour ago.
I cried like a baby.
I looked up, and saw a darker grey color vanish away from above me.
Was that you? I hope it was.
Rex is doing good.
Getting fat.
I can't write anymore, my phone is wet, and I can't see from all the crying.
Love you and I miss you, SO much.
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2015
Happy birthday baby. Lots of changes in my life but one constant is that you are not here to share them with me.Miss you, Love you
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on May 18, 2015
Hi Jane
Happy Birthday!! I miss you so much.
I really do. I still cry every week, and then I have flashbacks of you and I, alot. But don't worry, mom got me a therapist for that.
I got a gecko. His name is Rex. Super cool reptile.
I'll be driving towards the end of this year.
I have all As and Bs and one C on my progress report.
And I have a ceremony next week. Not sure when.
One last thing,
My best friend, Lamar Hawkins, he's in heaven to. Tell him I miss much to.
Send some more signs.
Love you,
Phoebe Nicholson, age 13
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2014
Today makes it three years since you were taken away from me.Life does go on but you are always in my thoughts. When I give Sammie his treats one is heart shaped and I always tell him that this one is from Mommie. Miss and Love you. Rich
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on November 23, 2014
Hey Jane. Wow. 3 years already.. You were so strong to keep fighting. How's Levi? I'd say the last year has been kinda tough without you. New things have happened. I'm learning to speak Spanish now. Its great.. School is rough. The kids are jerks, and the teachers are absolutely crazy. I've "adopted" most of your clothes. Although its been 3 years, I don't know why, but I feel more and more... Uh.. Sad and kinda emptyish. One of my teachers have noticed. I miss you. A lot. So does Sammie. Paige, well. Paige is Paige. She is still kinda, off track about you leaving. But other than that, she is good. I love you more than you'll ever know. By the way, I asked, and Skyler + Savannah sorta remember/know you. ;)
Posted by Elaine Dahl on November 23, 2014
See you soon! John 5:28,29
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2014
Posted by Karen Nicholson on May 18, 2014
I hope they have Red Lobster in heaven. Saw Sammy the other week. I know ur proud. Everyone down here is doing well. I know ur watching! Ur on everyone's mind and as always live on in our hearts. ❤️
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 4, 2014
Yesterday was the Relay for Life. Special thank to all who lit a luminary for Jane.
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on December 24, 2013
I'm not lighting a candle this time, but I am keeping a rose with me for when I meet you at rainbow bridge in a long time. All I want for Christmas is you by my side, picking my gifts out and hugging me at the end, maybe spilling some hot cocoa now and then. I love you and miss you so much, I don't know how I am still smiling.. merry Christmas <3
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2013
It`s hard to believe two years have gone by since Jane left us. Thanks to all who keep coming to this site and keeping her memory alive. I am always running into people she knew and their stories of Jane has really helped me.Her roses bloomed this morning(her way of telling me all is well) I miss Jane, cancer really sucks
Posted by Karen Nicholson on November 23, 2013
2 years.... Can't really believe it. I heard total eclipse of the heart the other day..... It still gets me. I truly believe ur up in heaven Playin with Levi and watching over all of us.... Uve been slower with the pickles lately.... Send more pickles.  Xoxo
Posted by milton nicholson on November 23, 2013
seems like only yesterday I was visiting Rich and you were there..doing all you could to help make the night with family just right..hard to believe 2 years have passed..i can only say I think of you often and consider myself lucky to have known you,,
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2013
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2013
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2013
Posted by Jim Breslauer on May 18, 2013
3 things I remember about Jane: 1) she'd come flying into my room on Sunday mornings and read the comics with me and watch cartoons under a ridiculous black light poster of a tiger I had on my wall, 2) frisbee on the beach with her on sunny, windy summer days and 3) learning some really good cuss words I heard her use against a lifeguard once (long story). Happy birthday, Jane!
Posted by milton nicholson on May 18, 2013
Happy birthday to a wonderful lady gone to will always hold a special place in my heart...
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 9, 2013
We did the Relay for life. Keeping you in everyone's memory. Thanks to all who lit a luminaire. Special thanks to MILT,KAREN,NICKI N.HEATHER, NIKKI E,PHOEBE,PAIGE,LOGAN,LIAM,ANDLUKE for coming and showing their support.
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 1, 2013
I would like anyone interested to know that this week-end is the relay for life at Gemini Springs.I miss Jane and this helps keep her memory alive. The luminary walk is an awesome tribute.
Posted by Rich Nicholson on February 14, 2013
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2012
An entire year has past.I have met many new people and realize now that Jane was truly a one of a kind.The saying that you don`t know what you`ve got til it`s gone has a profound meaning to me.I miss Jane every day.
Posted by Karen Nicholson on November 6, 2012
I was getting in the truck a few weeks ago.... there was a pickle slice on the seat from the hamburger eaten in there the night before.... Although I know it probably fell out of the hamburger and got left behind.... it still made me think you may have something to do with it. PMNs still constantly talking about you. We all miss you.
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on August 10, 2012
My Grandmother
© Victoria L. Payne
In my Rose Garden of memories
I see you standing there
An angel in disguise
Who taught me how to care
I long to hear your voice
for real not in my dreams
I am missing you so much these days
how empty my world seems
People say time heals all wounds
that someday the pain will subside
But Grandma I can tell you
I think they must have lied
The emptiness I am feeling
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on August 10, 2012
These days go by without you
so dreary and so bleak
In my Rose Garden of memories
I know you'll always be
for though you're gone
from this mortal world
In my heart you'll always be
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on August 10, 2012
My heart is like a Rose garden (Janes fav!) My garden needs to be watered everyday.
And somebody has the very special hand to do so (Jane). With out her
My garden can not grow! But everytime I think about her, it's like she is here to water my garden. She is with us all.
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on August 10, 2012
We see that people are just looking but not well ya know, saying anything
So please people don't forget to light a candle with us. It will really help Opa and me! :-)
Posted by Rich Nicholson on July 25, 2012
Tonight your memory burns like a fire, with each passing hour it gets higher and higher.I sit in these flames and wish that you`ld come back to me. Times not healing anything.Eight months now. Love ya, Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on June 15, 2012
Happy anniversary. LOVE YOU- MISS YOU . RICH
Posted by milton nicholson on May 18, 2012
55.. think of you you and thank you for the time i had to get to enjoy your special wit and humor....
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2012
Posted by Phoebe Nicholson on May 18, 2012
Happy birthday Jane!!! U r still loved and never 2 b 4 gotten!!
Posted by Eric Nicholson on May 18, 2012
Happy Birthday Jane.. Today we remember and miss you! Nothing but good memories and Jane stories to share with the boys. They still play the wii you got them and ask about you. Liam said you couldn't go to his birthday party cause you were in heaven. Hope there is an olive garden up there.. Eat some extra breadsticks and chocolate cheesecake for all of us.. Love you Eric
Posted by Paige Nicholson on May 18, 2012
have a GREAT brithday jane have a good time in heaven!!!

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Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 19, 2021
Missing you!  Love Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on November 23, 2020
Nine years since you left I still think of you always. Love Rich
Posted by Rich Nicholson on May 18, 2020
Happy birthday babe. Miss you always.  Love Rich
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For all who miss her, but shared her song

Shared by Ted Babbit on March 6, 2012

The Minstrels


Holding sand within your hand

A mighty feat indeed

No matter how strong

It won’t be there long

It’s nature to be freed


As it falls

To the world it calls

In each grain a symphony

A gentle cascade

In harmony played

In heavens only key


Every note sincere

Then disappear

Her song played day to day

The lucky few

Were those she knew

When they heard her minstrels play

I bet...

Shared by Phoebe Nicholson on March 3, 2012

I Bet you I was the best 1st grandchild in the world! I bet you mom is still going nuts about you putting a pickle note on her back lasy year! I bet you You where the best Grandmother a 10 year old little girl could have!

(P.S. I bet you i got a qusetion. Are you gonna come to my Tropicanna Speeach on monday???


Shared by Phoebe Nicholson on November 30, 2011

He was waitin for her at rainbow ridge