Her Life


Before we knew Jane was sick, me Rich and her went up to North Fl. The girl could sing!!! However, I have never heard anyone sing the way she did (kinda high pitched opera like) to her 'new favorite song' by EMNEM of all artists.... "Not afraid" The Dr's up there really made her mad and for a couple days after she was released from the hospital, she was dropping f bombs as if it were normal. I never heard this lady cus in the 11 yrs I knew her!  And she did it like it was going out of style. Which brings me to the next part of our adventure...... When we were coming back from N Fl., she had me doing hand motions and singing out loud to her type of music. Total eclipse of the heart for one, and we were so into it, I was driving about 95 mph, Rich was sleepin in the back seat, and we were doing our hand motions, which resulted In a $300 ticket. Well Worth it tho, however I thought that she was going to beat the cop up because of how he treated us. The Barney Fife guy was lucky Rich was holden her back. She was a funny lady, and taught me to loose inhibitions cuz when your with people that really matter, they won't judge you! Be silly, let loose and live life while your alive cuz stupid looks and criticism do not matter once your gone. I love u Jane, And I know u know that!!! And don't worry sister, me n the girls (and Rich of coarse) are taken good care of Sammy!

Love u Lady- and every time I see a pickle drop from the sky- I know it will be you aiming at me!!! :-)

Love your sister daughter or whatever it was that people thought I was to u!! I prefer the cool Aunt I never had!

Love forever and beyond..... Karen N.