This tribute was added by Geegee Baird on February 1, 2020
Days go into weeks but I feel like I going call you but then I remember your not here for me to call. I can’t understand nor do this anymore
This tribute was added by Geegee Baird on January 9, 2020
Truth, I miss you
This tribute was added by Jessie Rainwater on August 14, 2019
I love you so much Truth. You were my brother. I wish you would've talked to someone. Asked someone for help. Something. I think about you every day. Way more people love you then you could ever imagine. I miss you so much. I will do what you no longer can do. I will put joy into this world. You will always be remembered.
This tribute was added by Mrsk Tremble on June 17, 2019
Truth you will be missed so dearly. RIP
This tribute was added by Geegee Baird on June 17, 2019
Tickle tickle I try wake you up in the car from beach, and today- you not wake up. Forgive me for not saving you!! I love you forever!!!
This tribute was added by Wanda Henderson on June 16, 2019
Truth we loved you as a son you have given us many precious memories we will cherish the rest of our lives. Wether it be picking you up from school, cooking for you, spoiling you or you and Isabella just hanging out at the house . We have had some good times you brought a lot of joy and laughter to our lives. You became part of our family you were always smiling, acting silly and cutting up. We feel blessed to have know you and we have loved you dearly You will be so missed. You will forever be my boy, And I will be your Nana

Love you forever 
Mike and Wanda Henderson
This tribute was added by Ari Michelle on June 16, 2019 still doesn't feel real. Sometimes I think I'll hear from you telling me it's all a joke and that you'll be here again. I haven't been sleeping in two hurts, it really does. I know we haven't talked in a year but you were my family, still are and I'll cherish our memories forever.
Love Erica.
This tribute was added by Sandra Lauriello on June 16, 2019
There are no words. Praying for the family. May he Rest of Peace
This tribute was added by Aimee White on June 16, 2019
My beautiful son, my Biggaman, my light, my Truth. I'm devastated for your leaving us. My soul calls for your spirit to visit upon our broken hearts and brighten our view. Though, your smile, your funny and smart antics, the memories of you that we can all share with each other, remain forever. I love you so so so much!! I am forever changed. One of the greatest parts of me has left this Earth.

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