Posted by mary fisk on January 27, 2021
hey baby girl i want you to know that momma has not forgot about yoou this pain will never go away i hope your flying high in the sky in i hope your having the time of your life up there with your great grandma you are my sunshine when my days are gray you all ways find away to let us know that you are with us trevor is missing you like crazy you can tell its starting to get to him lord i just dont understand why her i will be stopping bye to wright to you often love until next time fly high in the heavens
Posted by Paula Thornton on March 18, 2019
my little love how i miss your sweet smile the way you use to take my coffee and the why you use to put my hair up my little love i will never be the same with out you rest in peace my little angel love all ways mommy and daddy
Posted by Paula Thornton on March 17, 2019
Hey sweetheart,
Grammy just wanted to write to say how much she loves and misses you. I still don't understand why you had to leave why Jesus had to call you out of all the people here on earth the loneliness is killing me. I miss your sweet kisses and hugs and you crawling in the bed with me and every night you would help me out of the tub, your sweet little hands holding mine as I walked to make sure I didn't fall. I miss holding you and rocking playing with your hair. Grammy never had the chance to play tea as much as I wanted with you,,, you know I wanted to have real big girl tea party with you and your little friends. Jasmine I love and miss you so much, I'm sending tons of hugs and kisses to heaven please catch them angel and hold them close to your heart for they are coming straight from mine. Love you always Grammy
Posted by Paula Thornton on March 6, 2019
Jazzy I wanted to write you a sweet little note to say I love you. Thank you my Angel for teaching me to love beyond any thing I ever knew possible. You brought so much happiness to my life. Your sweet memories is what I am clinging to, You know what Grammy found today? I found a video of you and your brothers and cousins running around my table laughing and singing, guess what baby girl? I never thought I would hear your voice again but I did in the video I heard you laugh and play so hard I saw your beautiful smile and you having the time of your life playing in grandmas kitchen. God I miss you so much all I can do is sit here and type to you while tears roll down my cheek. Everyone thinks this grandma is ok but truth be told I''m torn to pieces because my hearts with you in Heaven baby girl... I love you... Grammy will be back often to write to you I promise... Kisses and hugs to heaven just for you my Lil Ms Sunshine.
Posted by Paula Thornton on March 6, 2019
Jasmine I lite this candle for you because you brought so much love and light in our lives I will always love and miss you sweetie your will always be my little sunshine.
Posted by Paula Thornton on March 6, 2019
My sweet Jasmine I love and miss you so much.

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