She was there when i needed her

Shared by Koleen Otis-Wisher on 1st July 2013

My name is Koleen Otis-Wisher. I am her son Artie's first wife. Kay took me in while Artie was in juvinile hall. She was so kind to me. She treated me like a daughter when my own family had disowned me. She helped me through dealing with depression and an eating disorder. She was always an ear to listin to me. She supported me and was so kind. I raised her grand daughter Keegan. I feel bad because i took Keegan away and moved to NY. I had to get away from Artie and save Keegan. I know that Kay loved Keegan and me. I always felt bad for taking away Keegan but if it consoles Kay keegan looks just like her. She is a spitting image of Kay. Shge has a heart like Kay. She has values like Kay. She is a good young woman. Kay can know look down and see Keegan all she wants and help Keegan through all of her struggles. She needs Kay's guidance now. I hope that Kay wraps her arms around her and helps her. zKeegan has Kays smile and is small like Kay was. I know that Kay is with her and that consoles me. She may have missed Keegan growing up but she is with her now. I love you Kay and Keega needs your love and guidance. Please be witrh her and help her. Spread your wings and wrap them tightly around her please. You are so loved and missed. You were a good woman. You are greatly missed and we need your help from heaven. Keegan and I love you. Find your way.... Koleen and Keegan

PIcking out your own presents...

Shared by Kyleigh Nelson on 27th May 2013

It was 2008, Nana and I went shopping and we saw all the things I wanted for Christmas. I told Nana that these were the things I wanted and she just rolled her eyes. I begged and begged and she finally said yes and we went through all the aisles and I picked out all the things that I wanted. Then we went home and I helped her rap my own presents. Best Nana Ever!! You will always be in my heart!! You will be Forever Missed!!R.I.P Nana and wait for all of us in heaven!! Watch over and protect all of us please!! 



Touching gift

Shared by Devin Hunter on 20th March 2013

For my birthday one year after I had already opened most of my presents Aunt Kay walked in and casually handed me a gift - I was shocked when I opened it to find it was the exact game I had wanted the most- I didn't realize she even knew that I wanted it or where to find it.  Aunt Kay blew my mind...and it turned out to be one of the best games I played. 


Artie was pushed out of the car...

Shared by Chris Young on 20th March 2013

When Artie was about 5 yrs old Kay was driving and there was an argument- I guess Artie wanted to stop somewhere and Kay said no.  Kay was making a left turn on to Oracle Rd (in Tucson) when Artie decided to open the passenger door probably not realizing that he would be thrown from the car!  Kay rushed him to the hospital and when the doctor asked what happened Artie said "my mom pushed me out of the car."  We all laughed and laughed about that but Kay didn't think it was very funny for a few days ;)

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