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The Best Mom Anyone Can Ask For 一個最好的母親

Mother of six, grandmother of seven, and great-grandmother of one ~ by the grace of God, Mom lived for 97 years! Not a short time, but to us, it's just not long enough. It's sad to see her leave, and we all wish she could be with us just a little longer.

Mom left us a legacy of kindness, diligence, perseverance, and selfless love. As a mother and a nurse, her life had been a gift and blessing to many. Not only to her children and their families, but also to many relatives, friends and countless patients. The ways she touched our lives will be fondly remembered and greatly missed.  

She was born to a family of four siblings (two brothers and a sister) in a fishing village called Cheung Chau in Hong Kong. Back then, as a girl, she was not encouraged to get an education. However, through incredible determination and perseverance, not only did she self-supported herself in finishing middle school, she even managed to get a nursing degree and served as a full-time nurse at the Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals for over 30 years.  

Being a full-time nurse was hard enough. The fact that she played the dual role of a mother and a homemaker in raising six kids is beyond our comprehension. She was blessed with multiple talents: she could cook and knit as good as any housewife; she could solve domestic problems as well as any engineer; she could take care of our sicknesses as effectively as any healthcare provider; and she could speak Fukinese as fluent as any Fukinese (she learned to speak the language only after she married our father).  

Above all, she was the best mother we could ask for.  

When we were kids, she never forced us to do our homework. When we handed her our (usually subpar) report cards for her signature, her sadness was apparent. Sensing her disappointment, we would feel sorry and would try to study a little harder.... at least for a while. All in all, we all had very happy and healthy childhood in which mom allowed us to develop our abilities naturally. Fortunately, one way or another, we inherited some of her traits, talents, abilities and wisdom… in medicine, engineering, cooking, knitting, music, etc.  

As naughty as we could have been at times, she never raised her voice or gave us a spanking, but she did care very much about our character development. By setting examples for us to follow, she led us to become decent, honest, considerate and kind individuals.  

Mom (and Dad) never took any time off. There were no such things as vacation or eating-out for them. Her absolute selfless commitment to the family taught us to take care of each other no matter the circumstances, and instilled in us family values that would last forever. 

As much as she wanted to, being a working mom of six, she scarcely had the time or energy left to pursue or deepen her faith. A year after she immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong after retirement, mom suffered a severe stroke which caused her to lose mobility entirely in her left arm. Despite the challenges, she never uttered a word of complaint. Instead, she resubmitted her trust to the Lord and led the rest of her life with an even stronger faith in God.

Mommy, we take comfort in knowing that your toiling on earth had ended, and are now resting in peace with our Heavenly Father. It's just so hard to say goodbye. Missing you so much!

媽媽是六個兒女的母親,七個孫子的祖母,和一個曾孫的曾祖母。 藉着主的恩典,她活到九十七歲!時間算是不短,但在我們心中,還是不夠。很悲傷不捨的看到她離世,我們都希望她可以在我們身邊多留一點時間。 










Article on Mom

Mom was interviewed by ‘Hong Kong Memory’ 「香港記憶」 eleven years ago. The title of the article was ‘Retired Nurse’ 「退休護士」.

A Happy Mother

She enjoys life, to the very end, because we all enjoy being around with her.

A Champion Mom

Yee Hong was the senior home in which she happily spent her Last 5 years with a lot of funs, meeting new friends, and most amazingly, where she 'single-handedly' won the championship in Mahjong contest, earlier this year 2020.  Some game we as her children had not even seen her playing before her retirement in Hong Kong.  Mother, you are a champion in the race of life, this trophy says it all.