Shared by Rachel Tolson Nash on August 13, 2022
Posted by Rachel Tolson Nash on August 5, 2022
My sincere condolences to the Pittman family on the loss of your beloved Joanne..... 
I recall the three of us (Joanne, myself and the late Norma Adams) were close friends during the late 60's. Joanne had a caring, fun & lively personality. We often enjoyed going over each other's house to hang out, trying styles on each other's hair & also shopping in the Georgetown area--- sometimes picking outfits that match.
Even though many years have past & we had lost contact, I'm grateful to reflect & value, having known such a kind individual & also the blessing of many wonderful memories!
Prayerfully......    Rachel
Shared by Gaile Wells on July 28, 2022
My dearest Sister,

It's tough for me to sit here and write this letter to you. I’m trying to come to grips with the fact that you are no longer here with us in the flesh. Whenever I called you during your work week you always answered or returned my call. You would say “What’s up” is there anything wrong? I would say, I’m just calling to check on my sister and hear how you are doing. You would say “ I’m fine just working, but I have a few minutes. No matter how busy you were you always had a few minutes to talk to me. You always asked how was the girls and Dwight. You enjoyed the mini video clips I would send you of Sadie acting out. You would say “ Sadie has an old soul” and laugh. Yeah, I ‘m missing your laugh and miss hearing your voice. You were a generous and giving person and your best quality was helping anyone who sought your help or advice.  I will no longer hear you say goodbye, and I love you after our conversations. I love you and missing you so very much. You are no longer in pain or struggling to breathe and sleep. God wanted you with him and his will was done. Rest in sleep my dear sweet sister. ❤️

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