Her Life

Horses were her life. When everything else seemed to be going wrong, when she felt she had no where else to turn, she found peace in them.

My time with her was far to short but, something I know without question is that whatever the world threw at her it was never so much that her horses couldnt make her smile. The sanctuary they gave may have been temporary but it was one she could always find.

All her life she felt the ocean calling her & the last four years she finaly was able to live her dream, to be near the ocean and work with horses. She lived in Florida 10 minutes from the ocean she loves, was going to college to be a marine biologist, (to care for & protect her beloved ocean just as she did everything she loves)she worked so hard & gave all of herself to whatever she did; its one reason she was so amazing, so perfect at ecerything she did. She was so gifted. As she finaly realized another dream, that of training, working & riding horses professionaly. She loved her students & tought them compassion for horses. A compassion, a love, a gentle understanding & grateful hand you had to see to believe & still there were times you just couldnt comprehend what was going on between her and the horses.... Amazing!

I love you Jodi, I mis you more than you could have ever known. See you soon my angel.  

She's Home now, waiting for me.

The pain became to much,

I failed my angel that was is and will forever be my soul-mate, lover, best friend, my everything.... my life.... my world.

She tried to call me at four a.m. and i didnt see that until it was to late. She text me for the last time at 4:58 and said "Love conquers all but reality... I love u. U will always have a piece of my broken heart". At 4:59 I text her back "and you will always have all of my heart".

I contiued to text her, call her etc the rest of the day, telling her happy birthday and how much I mis and love her; not realizing she was gone only minutes after she sent the text at 4:58.

Please wait for me angel..... You and you alone know and have my heart (as you are and have always been its keeper) and know now if you couldnt believe it before that I cant be happy without you.

This time we will never be torn apart, we'll go hand-n-hand forever. Come take me with you my sweet angel, my sexy Kidd Jo. I love you alone, forever!

The Black Hurricane

Hey Twitch,
Waiting for you to call back, don't know if your mad at me. Shaun was already on his way here and I didn't know it. I tried to persuade him otherwise telling him that my mom was coming but it didn't work.
Well I guess this is the moment of truth for me. I didn't want to do this so soon cuz it could put me in a bad way finacially real quick.
Baby we are so close to what we want...a life together. I hope your not mad at me. I guess after the next two days, i could possibly lose both of you, and i guess it's what I deserve.
But sexy I hope you will believe in our love because it is our love that's going to give me strength to do what I need to do. I'm gonna need you emotionally, physically, and mentally. I hope you will stand by me and carry me once again through the pain. You may not know it D, but in the time we have been together you have built a protection wall around me, and I have come to count on this wall to protect me, to keep me safe, to keep the tears from rollin, to keep my heart from breaking.
You have to know D that I love you with all my heart. Nothings changed all I have to look forward to is seeing you again, and I know now and forever that I have to have you in my life. I don't want to put a possible suicide on your shoulders. But I love you so much I can't go on with out your love, with out your touch, and those bueatiful blue eyes. Please Don't Let Go D. I need you and we only have 7 days to go. I am on a countdown for you to come home, and if you don't well then I wait for you at the bottom of the sea where the reef grows as a lonely seahorse waiting for my love to come home.
Nothing in this world can keep me from you. Not Heaven, Nor Hell, and nothing in between. My soul and heart is forever attatched to you. Please continue to be my strength. This weekend is going to be so hard for me. I need you. I will call and text i will not hide the fact that i talk to you and text you, that I love you.
I won't do it in front of him out of respect but i will be in touch this weekend and i hope you will answer my calls. I hope you will send me strength in your prays to get through this.
As i was driving around getting lost,...passing Navarre beach, our love has stained the sand and the memory burns in my heart, the radio never stops playing our songs over and over. There's the tears all for you D.
I need you to believe this whole weekend that i'm setting things right, now matter the consequence i will fight for you. Please love me twitch as i love you. Hang in there you are with me always, i love you baby.

Our New Life (letters of love)

Hey Love,

Hanging on, all the signs point towards me and you and our life together. I love and miss you so much D., you have no Idea. Everything reminds me of you and then, I reach for you, or anything that you may have touched. Searching for your smell and comfort in your arms. I can only sleep with you beside me. I can't wait to see you again, it's all I have to look forward to. Please call whenever you can, I love you D more than life itself. I need you. The only reason I smile is b/c I'm looking forward to your return home.


love j


Doug Holley

everything that comes forth from this awsome individual are nuggets of gold! if you ever have the privilage to truly know her treasure every second and let not even a blink go by unnoticed..... in the future you will crave to see it again, to hear her laugh and smile just one more time! I love you baby with every breath I take.