Posted by Doug Holley on January 29, 2012
Baby, its been one week today and it just doesn't seem real. I keep thinking my phone is going to ring and once again I'll hear the tune that told me my angel was calling. I cant get past that morning, wondering,but never knowing, if I had done something/anything different you would still be here. I'm not doing good, I'm not ok baby. I need you. I mis you so much. I LOVE YOU JODI! xoxo
Posted by Doug Holley on January 28, 2012
The light of my world has gone. Loneliness, darkness & hoplessness have replaced the life u breathed n2 me. Every day is struggle to keep going on.I finaly found the one person I know was made for me & I for her.My animals are all that hold me here.. You will alwaty be my hero,my admiration for you only grows each passing day as does my love & need4u to be held by you, told hold & kiss U.

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