Posted by Kayla Pruitt on October 22, 2018
While this is not a single story, an amalgamation of memories come to mind when I think of my grandfather. Sleeping over his house, falling asleep to TVland, and waking up in the morning to his Sunny Side up eggs and trying on his robe (which was always way too big on me). Drawing him pictures and writing notes to hang up in his office. The stuffed animal he got with me in 2004 in Alaska..I still sleep with this every night (even at 23 years old). Watching him complete sudoku puzzles effortlessly, and always beating me in a game of cards.
The memories are endless and consistent; you could always count on his smile to make you feel better, and his deep chuckle to remind you of what actually matters - family. I love and miss you endlessly, Opa. In my lifetime, I hope to accomplish a fraction of the things you have done in your 90 years.

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