Let the memory of Jonathan be with us forever........When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. ~Author Unknown
  • 24 years old
  • Born on September 9, 1985 in Roswell, New Mexico, United States.
  • Passed away on November 11, 2009 in Roswell, New Mexico, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jonathan Hernandez 24 years old , born on September 9, 1985 and passed away on November 11, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 10th September 2018
33 that's what today is.. and this was your birthday celebration Son!! Happy 33rd in heaven! We love and miss you like crazy!!!
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 11th November 2017
Oh My handsome... 8 very long years it's been, I miss you as much today as I did that first dreadful day.... one more hug..one more kiss on the forehead saying... Mom it's all going to be ok...when we know it's not... it never will be without you here... please know how much your Momma misses you....
Posted by Arsilia Alvarez on 11th November 2016
Miss you Jonathan, not a day goes by I don't think of you, you touched many hearts, Love you❤you are our Angel, ❤
Posted by Jordan Hernandez on 11th November 2016
7 years without you seems like an eternity. Everyday Me, Mom, jovi, and tana have to think about what you would be doing and what kind of crazy shenanigans you would be pulling. Life is not the same without you and I hate that your nieces don't get to see what an amazing uncle you would have been. I love and miss you brother.
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 11th November 2016
7 years ago you got your wings my Handsome, not a second goes by that I don't wish I could just pick up the phone to hear your voice, or see that smiling handsome face that lit up any room you entered, or just hug. You... get one of those huge bear hugs and a kiss on my forehead like you'd always do and tell me "Mom...it'll all be ok"..like you would always do.....truth is Son... without you here it's never OK....You are missed so dearly my heart just aches, I know you surround us with your presence and your love, and your in the most special, safe...place right next to Jesus, but your Momma is selfish, wishes you were here on this earth with us, 7 years? , it seems like just yesterday, and although we learn to deal with this pain in different ways, that pain, that heartache never changes, I miss you My Son.....Love Mom....
Posted by Palomino FJFDNM on 11th September 2016
Happy Birthday to Jonathan, wow! 31 years you are in our memories, and what great memories that we have of you, God had a plan for you and now your our guardian angel watching over all of us. We love you too the moon and back. Jonathan you will live in our hearts forever. Rest in Peace, love always the Palomino's
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 9th September 2016
Happy happy birthday my handsome Son.. words cannot begin to express my love for you and how hard it is to not see you everyday, some days I get so mad because I can't sleep, and I want so bad to fall asleep so I maybe will get to see you in my dreams... I know you're celebrating and dancing in heaven my Son... but Momma sure misses you.... happy 31....
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 11th November 2015
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 10th September 2015
Today your birthday was suppose to be one of happiness and celebration but without you here on earth with us it makes for a very difficult day every year Now. As we celebrate the day you made me the happiest person on earth, we also have to do it without you here with us. I love and miss you My Son,please know you are very loved and missed so very much! Happy Birthday My Handsome, may you be singing and dancing this day away.. Momma loves and misses you!!
Posted by JoVonna Wrigtht on 9th September 2015
Happy birthday in heaven to our big brother who is missed SO much!! I know you are having the best time up there celebrating... and we are down here missing you and celebrating as well, trying our hardest to put a smile on for you today.... I love you and even though its hard it will be done!
Posted by Palomino FJFDNM on 9th September 2015
Happy Birthday to a special angel in heaven, may we always keep your lovely memory alive, and may you always keep sending us little blessings, to each and everyone of us, it could be a smile, or someone laughing at a rememberance of you or it could even be in all the clouds, or beautiful sunsets, we love and miss you Jonathan we want to thank Veronica for bringing this wonderful angel into this world.:)
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 28th August 2015
Momma sure loves and misses your bear hugs and kisses on the forehead..... :(
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 13th November 2014
We share pictures of life happening so you know you are always with us!! We love and miss you Son!!!
Posted by Ryan Payne on 11th November 2014
Miss u so much great friend! I'm asked always who's name is on my arm and even though it's saddens me why it is there I love to tell them about the great person u were. I'll never forget u Jon. Love u man!
Posted by Palomino FJFDNM on 11th November 2014
We sure do miss Jonathan very much! We just have to keep his memory alive, we will never forget you Jonathan. I know your everyone's angel above watching over us. Heaven has a great Angel with a beautiful heart.
Posted by Jordan Hernandez on 11th November 2014
I'm having such a hard time with this year's anniversary. You have missed so much and it really really hurts me that I can't just hug you. I pray that you come see me in my dreams soon. I haven't seen you in a while and I just want to hear your voice again.
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 11th November 2014
I miss you Son.... I just miss you.....
Posted by Cyndi Rae Lara on 10th September 2014
As I sit, listen and read the posts for Johnathan, My heart brakes for you Vern and the girls. I remember one night he walked across the street, And for god only knows how many hours (the sun came up). We laughed until it hurt. About girls, baseball good things, bad things. But most of all he said more then a couple of times he would say just how proud of his mom he was, That she took care of all of them on her own. Vern my friend, my sister he is and will always be so very proud of you and he's ALWAYS THERE next to you As far as his nieces he met them long before you all did and he sits and plays with them, They know who he is, watch them smile at total air its Jonathan. I know its hard my friend my sister he has a hugh bucket of tears you have shed and when he sees you he will replenish them over you as if not one was ever shed. My friend, my sister and girls. God is good and the strongest are taken to provide for you. My upmost respect and love. Happy birthday Johnathan my friend, my brother. I will always remember your amazing smile my friend my brother.
Posted by TanaJade Hernandez on 9th September 2014
Happy birthday brother. I love you.
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 9th September 2014
The way you show me you are still with us brings such happiness through all the heartache i feel every minute of everyday. You walked your sister down the aisle and sat right next to me where you belong at one the most beautiful weddings ever... i know you were dancing the night away with all of us! Words cannot express what i feel for you Son, but knowing you know how much you are loved and missed helps to make days bearable. I love you Son, dance with Angels and tell God I said "thank you for allowing ME to be your Mom!
Posted by Jordan Hernandez on 12th March 2014
Brother, so much has happened. I finally graduated college! I did it! with two babies I did it! I just hope you know that I do a lot of what I do so i can make you proud. I miss you so much. I still think to myself that you are just on one of your vacations. Its been so long but it doesnt feel like it. I still remember the last kiss you gave me on my forehead. I love you brother so much.
Posted by TanaJade Hernandez on 11th March 2014
I remember when you and I were both heartbroken at the same time we both shared the couch watched TV all day didn't shower didn't say a word to each other but we knew we were both hurting so we stayed right there on the couch together till Jordan got home and fed us we starved all day ha ha...I wish we would have talked I have so much to say to you, I miss you brother so much.
Posted by Anna Juarez on 1st February 2014
I remember you when you and your mom, dad stayed with Tia Maggie and Joe you were so adorable: you were always getting into stuff playing with your little sisters. It was a sad day when you left the family but God needed you with him just like he needed my brother; you will always be remembered with loving thoughts.
Posted by TanaJade Hernandez on 31st January 2014
I'm missing you a lot today but that's nothing new sometimes I get so mad at myself I know you would hate to see me cry but I can't help it you would call me a big ol sissy I'm sure. I love you and I miss you everyday just thought I'd let you know. I love you brother.
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 11th November 2013
It's been 4 yrs since you were taken from us Son...not a second goes by that I don't miss every bit of you.....fly with the angels my Son....Momma loves you...
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 2nd November 2012
today is Dia de los muertos..this is a day to honor our passed loved ones.....this is inn memory of you and Gramp Mike, I know you ar both having a blast in heaven, watchig over all of us...I love and miss you so much Son....
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 24th October 2012
Today is nothing special, just another day missing you, and missing your voice, your phone calls, your hugs, your Smile.. oh that smile... I miss you Son, so very much, I know you are with me everyday, I feel your presence, your love, I know thats what keeps me going each and everyday. Today is just another day I miss you so very, very much. Mom......
Posted by Jordan Hernandez on 17th October 2012
Another day without you brother. I still try to think that You are just hunting or just so busy that we havent seen you in a few weeks. I know I know I don't show it very often but not a day goes by that i dont cry because of the thought that ill never see or hear you again. I miss you brother and please continue to stay by my side and lead me in the right direction. -Bri
Posted by Natalie Viscuso on 22nd September 2012
Missing you, Jon. Always.
Posted by Rhonda Nunez on 10th September 2012
Jon you are so truly loved and missed mijo, but as great as your death was such a loss to us, we know we are so blessed to have you as the angel looking down on us.. God Bless and Happy Birthday
Posted by Palomino Family Palomino'... on 9th September 2012
Happy Birthday Jonathan you will never be forgotten. We miss you very much. Today we were in church, and I looked down to read the bulletein, and the mass was offered for you by your family. What a great blessing. We will keep your memory going:)
Posted by JoVonna Wrigtht on 16th April 2012
this weekend me & my friends went to one of the last placed i had a blast with u at, i thought i wasnt going to have fun just thinking of all the things we said & did that night, but i have a blast! the memories i have of us made it that much better as i was dancing i could see me & you on the dance floor battling LOL that smile & just remembering all the FUN u ALWAYS had! I MISS U BROTHER
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 15th February 2012
I know today is just one of the many days I wish you were here with us, it is Aliana's 2nd birthday, and she is so smart, and loves her Uncle Jonthun...she points you out in our family picture, I know you are with each one of us all the time, but I am selfish and and very sad that you were unable to meet her here on earth, Love and miss you so Much My Son!
Posted by Tina Trujillo on 15th February 2012
Dear Mejo, It has taken me so long to post my fellings or even what a kind heart you have. How you always put others first even if they were not family. Now the whole world knows. I just want you to know because your right by my side every day, we work together, but I'm doing what you would have done if you were here on earth. You are a true inspritation in my life. I love you so much.
Posted by JoVonna Wrigtht on 15th December 2011
I am always hearing stories of how my loving brother touched someones life and just today i was reminded yet again by a person i dont even know who wrote me on facebook telling me about how motivating and fun Jonathan was! and that is what he loved to do ESPECIALLY around this time of year... i love and miss you brother
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 15th December 2011
I miss you so much Son.. every minute of everyday, but especially around this time of year, as you always tried your best to keep me focused on what was truly important... and I so miss that about you Son...The holidays were your favorite time of year and I am really trying to do my best to make them special again...
Posted by JoVonna Wrigtht on 15th November 2011
My amazing brother is missed by so many!! It makes me smile everytime i see someone remember him or talk about him! He was and Is truly a blessing to our family and now to all those families who he has saved with his giving of life! He is dearly missed and NEVER forgotten!! <3 JRH <3
Posted by Palomino Family Palomino'... on 12th November 2011
Jonathan you will always be in our hearts forever. We went to the church yesterday, and said a prayer for you and your family. Heaven did get another angel the night you left this world behind, Heand heaven got a little better the day it took you away from all of us. You memory will live on, and you will never be forgotten. God needed you more. We love you! :)
Posted by Amanda Garcia on 11th November 2011
I went to see you today and my heart hurts so much for you....I can't believe that you were taken away from all the people that you brought joy to. Your smile and your big heart was a gift to all of us. Jon....because you were so close to my brother.....you were my brother! I love u and I know you are watching down on us.....SMILING from heaven.
Posted by Brittany Peyton on 11th November 2011
Jon, I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart how much I dearly love, and miss you. From the first time I met you outside the yucca. I knew you would be in my life forever! Now in my heart. I knw God needed you for something so very special! He only takes the best! May He heal this pain so many have from losing you! I will never forget the times we had. See you when I get there!
Posted by Anthony Roybal on 11th November 2011
THE very first time I met jonathan, he was a calm cool collected dude! was very friendly and accepting of me as a new addition to his family! I knew him for about a year before his life was tragically taken from him. Jonathan, I knew u as a fun-loving, free spirited person! u will always be missed by all who knew you.-Anthony
Posted by Christine Martinez on 11th November 2011
Jonathan, your smile, your laugh, your wonderful sense of humor, your kind-hearted personality is greatly missed. How lucky they are in heaven to have an Angel like you. You are missed today and everyday. Gone way too soon.
Posted by Rhonda Nunez on 11th November 2011
My dear Jonathan what a smile he had, it would melt your heart no matter what.. Gabe and him were like brothers as a matter of fact my girls called him that too. I remember they went to different high schools but never let that pull them apart. The each had each others logo on their vehicle to represent each other..You will never be far from our hearts we love you mijo. Your truly missed.
Posted by Santana-Jade Hernandez on 9th November 2011
My Brother, i say that often, he is apart of my everday life. i would love to share my stories, to tell you all about all the great things he had done to tell you how absolutely amazing he is but im sure you all know il just share one thing that my big sister told me when i was deployed and misin my brother anytime you miss him just find that big bright star and know he is with you always
Posted by Jordan Hernandez on 8th November 2011
My Big Brother was just a title. He was always more than that. He was my protector, my teacher, my idol, my "Dad", most of all my hero. There are thousands of words in the English dictionary, but none that could even come close to describing the person my brother was. He was our laughter, our happiness and our motivation. He kept us going. He taught us to look at the beauty and joyin life.
Posted by Veronica Hernandez on 8th November 2011
Our Jonathan, a charismatic, golden hearted person we love, He was the light of many of our lives, he was like brightest, most shiny star that you see, he would walk into any room and everything would just stop . He loved his sisters like they were his own, his family was his life. He lived his life as if he “knew” something the rest of us didn’t.

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