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Iced Coffee

September 10, 2014

Well, Kiddo, I've been thinking about you a lot again.  I've been remebering the day you showed me the way you made your iced coffee.  You were so excited to have me taste it happy that I really liked it.  I went to the store last week and got creamer and have had home-made iced coffee a few times since and thought about you each time.  I told Grandpa that you are one that told me how to make it.  Thanks for the coffee and the memory.  I love you.

July 25, 2013
Man Bean, I can't believe you've been gone still. Sometimes I have to remind myself that you're not here...I just feel like you're still in Texas and we just lost touch. I remember taking this picture at Del Amo park. We had so many memories there. Anyways i had a dream about you the other night it was so vivid and i miss you. I miss you like the friend you were. You always knew how i felt before i told you. I Miss that. I have a beautiful 9 month old daughter now and I wish you couldve met her. Shes amazing she lights up my whole world. She wouldve lit up yours too. I've turned my life around right after you passed. I just wish we wouldve both done it sooner maybe you'd still be here. Miss you bean.

The Brave

September 10, 2012

JC I miss you so much bro, sometimes when I hear a certain song I cry because it reminds me you are gone... but I know you are in a better place and that I will see you there, I can't wait to see my brother again! I want to share this story that it's so beautiful, you Jonathan gave me the most special gift life could give me and it was all because you pushed me to be brave and talk to this one girl.
Summer School Villa Park 2009, it was in the first week of summer school, we were hanging out with the "Crew" and one day I saw this girl that just took my heart as she walked, I told you many times about her and even showed you who she was, you told me that I could totally talk to her, you encouraged me to do it and even tho it took you about two weeks to convince me to talk to her and one day I finally did, because of you, she seemed a little shy and confused and I only talked to her for a little bit, I thougth I was never going to see her again but you gave her my number and a week after she texted me, and from there I met the love of my life, a few days ago we celebrated our third anniversary and you were part of it, I love you JC and thank you so much for pushing me, for encouraging me and for giving Bralin my number, I will never be able to thank you enough!

JC I miss you and I will never ever forget you, thank you for all those beautiful memories my brother, I love you!

The Happiest Day Of My Life

March 6, 2012

Hey jc i am sorry it has token me this long to write to u i am just in shock still, i cant believe ur gone. i miss u so much. I am never going to forget those  random calls from u saying ur in cali and u wanna hange out.

      I remember the first time i met u we were both in the same summer school class in middle school. You were always making me laugh and smile when i was sad. i think thats why i  fall for u so fast :) i remember for the next couple of days u walked me home mostly everyday and you would buy me my favorite thing Starbucks :) the day i will never forget is the day u asked me to be your gf i was so happy, that day u gave me a note and inside the note was this heart neckless and to this day i still have it i look at it and i always think of u. A couple of days after we got together i was going to leave to Mexico i was so sad that i had to leave u, on the last time we spent together u gave me this big paper that had Bart Simpson on it  that u had drawn for me and in the back it had a poem on it. 

      "I seem to have a problem, i think i lost my heart,i cant find it anywhere,its
like i am searching through the dark, i was begging to panic wondering what to do then i remembered my heart belongs to you!!
From: JC BFFE (boyfriend for ever)"

I still have that paper and anytime i have a bad day or i am just missing u i get that paper and read the poem over and over again. I remember u and me would always say we were still bf and gf cuz we never broke up even if we were taken we would call each other bf and gf people would always look at us weird like we were crazy but the truth was we were both crazy abut each other, u were my best friend and i will never for get u EVER to me ur still my bf and u will always have a place in my heart no matter were we r. i love u so much 
Love u BFFE <3


December 10, 2011

Gah. I remember walking to 4th period and seeing you stand next to the teacher, your first day at Eastern Hills Highh. Teacher told me to raise my hand and then you sat next to mee! I asked you where were you comming from and you said, "far far away!" lol I smiled at you and said "yeahh me too I'm from California, I moved here a lil while ago". You looked at me in shock and said "OMG DUDE ME TOOOO!" lol!! It was soo much fun having you in that class, I remember you kept saying you were gonna marry me one day bc I knew about cars and it was HOT lol, silly you (:

When I found out what had happened I couldn't move, couldn't speak, till it hit me and I broke down in tears. grr, I can't believe you're gone. We had some really good times and I will never forget you Jc. You will always be in my heart! I will never forget your HUMUNGO SMILE! You were an amazing friend. I love you budddy! <3


November 14, 2011

Hey Jonathan remember when you lived in palmdale and my mom took care of you,and you always brought scary movies nd we would watch them together nd stay up all day until school started. When you would pick me up from school, and You and I always doing stupid stuff together You Alex & Me, & When we were all in LA nd you were trying to go fast in my moms van. We had some amazing times nd i miss You more and more every single day i still cry for you:'( Your my big brother nd you will always be my big brother i love you so so so much nd i promise we will see each other again:'(<33 I will still pray for you everyday :'(<333 I love you Jonathan:'(<333333333333

Our first grounding together :)

October 10, 2011

Hey flaco do you remember when you got our butts grounded for an entire month, not for being late but for not telling dad where we went after the movies.

Heres the story..

Flaco was going to go to the movies, i didnt feel like going and he saw me in my room and said " you are going, i dont like you being at the house all the time, so you have fifteen minutes" i left the house without my hair being done because jc was always so punctual. we went to the movies i forgot which movie, he got bored so we left in the middle of it and you wanted to go bowling, we decided to go to main event, which was a full 30minutes away. That night was hilarious, you got your fingers stuck in the ball bcuz you had said "nigga i thought all the holes were the same size!!" lol. after about an hour dad called, we said where we were at and he told us to enjoy and to be home after, right when we got home our dear big brother said " you guys smell that?, i smell as burning." you and me looked at eachother, as we were on our way upstairs, dad said " by the way, you guys are grounded, next time you guys tell me where u r going" lesson learned, we never forgot to call him. funniest month of my life, up all night, passed out all day. and we did absolutely nothing but be dumb. you always made me laugh, no matter what mood i was in. my superman, my bestfriend, and my brother always and forever. remember flaco what you said "two against the world nigga". i love you.

the sausage day !! hahah

September 16, 2011

 the one giving him the sausage its meeee "pao" :] , that was a fun day he had a blast specially when we where taking pictures of him together with his friends and dad ""pretending"" to drink beer hahah , love you jonathan !!! 

Almost Catching Neighbors House on Fire

September 15, 2011

I remember when we lived in the house in Whittier. Your Grandma was in the kitchen cooking while I was in the front yard watching you. You had a rocket and some type of fire work and kept telling me you wanted to light it up. I told you no cause we had a lot of pine trees and one could catch on fire, well knowing you, you didn't care and still lite the rocket and the firework on top of the rocket. The rocket flew over to the neighbors house and landed on the roof. I started screaming at you when I saw the firework throwing sparks everywhere and the rocket caught completely on fire. You still managed to calm me down and tell me it was ok. Well thank God it was ok. The fire subsided pretty quickly that it didn't give a chance for any part of the roof to catch on fire. We both busted laughing afterwards and then you got stung by a bee but you didn't care. You were in pain but still kept wondering around to see what else you would come up with. You always had some type of invention on your mind. Love You Always, Ur Tia!


September 14, 2011

 i remember once when u come over to my house and my  bird stared yelling at you. so you start to fight back. one of the other people who was over here had a long jacket so you ask for it and start acting like a bird. saying what now my wings are longer then your bring it bird bring it. ever time i think about i start laughting.

Night to Remember

September 13, 2011

There are so many stories to share about JC, and so little room to type it all. My favorite memory was when he came up to me at school and said... "I'm taking you out for your birthday, somewhere niiiccceee". My parents naturally loved him already cause he was my best friend (big brother). I was really excited my parents said yes, and getting all dressed up made this birthday dinner all the better. He took me to P.F. Changs, he wanted it to be fancy. He ordered a ton of food that none of us where even close to finishing, and just joked and laughed all night long. The best part of the night was when he went for a walk to digest the food. He was really quiet for once, and I started to tease him. "Have you gone mute, JC?" "No, just thinking sammy". "I was thinking about... how you are my best friend and I truly love you, I dont want to ever lose you. OK?" At that moment I didn't know what to say. It was so sincere, so warm. He gave me a huge hug and whispered in my ear "Happy Birthday, little sis".

- Thinking about that now... I want to apologize JC for our last conversation. Those were definitley not the words i wanted to say to you. I love you SOO much, and I wish I could speak to you once again.


September 12, 2011

i remember a time when we used to play sword fighting with the paper towel rolls it was so fun. i also remember when i didnt get you anything for your birthday so i wrote a note saying sorry for not getting you anything and then i slipped the note under your door and then you came out saying,'Its cool" i was crying after i put the note under the door btw. anyway another time i remember was when you climed up the balcony and couldn't get down. i was trying to calm you down but that didn't help but you were smiling and laughing when you said that. i'm gonna miss you bro now and forever R.I.P ps... I still have your shirt :P


September 12, 2011

I remember we were at my best friends house and it was the first time you guys had met and i was so happy that my best friend and you my boyfriend at that time had got along so great i remeber we were out side with all the teenagers that lived there and you were making them all laugh and we were all talking having a good time and you were playing with fire and i kept telling you to stop until all of asudden you almost burned my boob off i was so scared and you and everyone else just kept laughing haha...everyone kept saying how much of a fun great guy you were and id just smile because i knew that. you always knew what to say or do to make people smile and laugh..but ill never forget your smile and laugh because thats just how i want to remember you as a happy loving young man...I love you and dont ever leave our sides... 


September 12, 2011

 i member for valentines i really didnt expect anything especially from you we have only been talking for a short while but that day i was at work at Mc Donalds :) (u loved mcd's) and u text u said hey come to the front and so there i go and from the corner u come with a big bear a ballon and a flower :) that meant sooo much to me i could tell u cared u were a veryy caring person idk why u had to go i wish i couldve seen u one last time;(

When We Were In Your Truck

September 12, 2011

I remember tht when we were in your truck sometgin of your truck broke n i was like :0 haa nn then you startin to scream at me bt not in a angry way you was like you broke it!!! n i say no i didnt it jst fall i was all scare i though u were mad haa bt later you said na im jst kiddin haa... ima miss you a lot jonathan i still have more memories with you which it was very fun you really had a grat heart n cool person i jst dont understand why u have to go why you n couldt be me :(  you were someone who kns how to chear up someppl tht they were sad we all gonna miss you n need you boii bt you r in a ritee place r.i.p jc i will never forgt you :(

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