Posted by Edward Rees on June 2, 2021
Dear Robert and the entire Juhkam Family.

There are no words to properly express my condolences properly. I wish you all well in a very difficult time. What a life well lived. I am sad I never met him. 

Posted by Jorge Tito on June 1, 2021
We are all very sorry for Joosep tragic situation.
As he was a surfer, and a sea lover, we brought this sand artwork to share our love with him and all family.
Posted by Muradh Mohideen on May 30, 2021
Dear Robert,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, please accept my deepest condolences. Cannot imagine what a difficult time this is for you and your family. Sending you thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Emma Brigham on May 30, 2021
Dearest Robert and Tiia,

Words cannot begin to express how truly sorry I am to hear of your loss. The pain must be unbearable and the grief overwhelming. Your family is in our thoughts and I wish you and Tiia strength and courage for the difficult days and weeks to come. With love, Emma & Gary.
Posted by Emily Chakavarika on May 28, 2021
Dear Robert and family,

Please accept my sincere condolences on the untimely passing of your beloved son. The searing pain of loosing a child cannot be explained, and I can only imagine what you are going through as a family. You are in my thoughts and prayers and may Joosep's soul rest in peace.
Posted by Maj-Britt Isak on May 27, 2021
Dear Robert and Family,

We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your son.
Franz & Maj-Britt
Posted by Rene van Berkel on May 27, 2021
Dear Robert and family
Truly shocked by the tragic death of your beloved son, Joosep. As a parent, to lose your child is an unimaginable trauma, yet it happened in the full bloom of your son’s life. I wish you courage and strength to get through this horrible time. May he be remembered for the love and joy he brought to the people’s lives he touched. René
Posted by hanaa singer on May 27, 2021
Dear Robert, Tiia, leenu and Kaleep, Words don't come easy to me to reach out to you Tiia,Robert, Kaleep to express the deep sorrow we all feel. I cannot imagine how difficult this time is for the four of you, your families & friends.
Your 21 years with Joosep seems to have been an incredible gift—I know you realize that, and will always be grateful for the way he brought light to your family and helped all of you grow, and to expand and absorb your capacity to love.
You have so much to be proud of in Joosep’s life. Reading the tributes on the website, it is clear that he was a young man who was much loved by his peers and passionate about his interests. He was surely a young man of good character, great humour and sense of service having been raised by two wonderful parents. Tiia who i have come to love dearly and you Roberts whom I have come to respect so much. He has touched many lives across the three continents he lived in and you have people from across the world sharing in your pain today.
As they say, parents hold their children’s hands for just a little while and their hearts forever – he will surely live in your hearts and the hearts of many forever.
In this time of sorrow, mixed with gratitude for the great life that Joosep lived, please know that all your colleagues in Sri Lanka are all with you. As you take time to heal , we will be here to support and comfort you.
“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
Posted by Sahani Dikkumbura on May 27, 2021
Dear Robert and Tiia

We are still deeply shocked and saddened to hear the passing of your beloved son. We hope that the precious memories you have of your son will help you get through this difficult time. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family always. May his soul rest in peace.

- Wasanthi and Sahani
Posted by Patrick Keuleers on May 27, 2021
Dear Robert, Tiia and family
We are heartbroken after hearing the news of Joosep’s tragic accident. Our families have shared so many years. Words always fall short in these moments of sadness and pain, but our hearts are with you in these very difficult moments. Joosep lived his dream and his dream will continue to be lived. When we’ll admire the corals in the oceans, he will be there, in the thousand winds that blow and in the peaceful stars at night.


Bo, Farah, Marleen, Patrick
Posted by Brenda Barton on May 27, 2021
Dear Robert, Tiia, family and friends,

Our hearts are with you in this period of immense grief. We have seen what deeply dedicated parents you both are, with a close, supportive family. Your children a clear reflection and wonderful product of that. Sending strength to you as Joseep transitions to his new, beautiful universe.

Brenda, Martin, Enrico
Posted by Enrico Aloi on May 26, 2021
My condolences to your family during this tough time.

I wanted to share the one interaction I had with Joosep. Even if it was just a beer one time in Sri Lanka at Coniston house. He was such an incredibly nice guy and we got along very well. I remember him telling me about his passion for marine biology. I will always remember him whenever I go diving and I hope I can help protect coral on his behalf.

We had similar interests and I wish I could have got to know him better.

My sincerest condolences,
Posted by Andrew Lawson on May 25, 2021
Mr. and Mrs. Juhkam,
I am so sorry for your tragic loss. All of the students and faculty in the College to whom I have spoken about Joosep remember him fondly. In reading the memories and stories on these pages, I am certain he was a special person that brought joy into the world. I hope knowing the impact he made brings you some peace.
Andrew Lawson
Dean of the College of Science at CSUMB
Posted by Kary Parker on May 25, 2021
Heartfelt condolences to the Juhkam Family

There are no words, only the hope and wish that your memories with Joosep will bring you comfort and solace, especially during this incredibly difficult time you are all going through.
This page is a beautiful tribute to Joosep and his life. It’s obvious the effect he had on so many people, whether they knew him briefly or for his lifetime.
Condolences to all Joosep’s friends and family. We send you love and support.

Love, Don and Kary Parker
Posted by Janet Gillespie on May 25, 2021
Dearest Robert, Tiia and family,
Our hearts are breaking for you. Though I only met Joosep a few times when he was younger he had such a kind soul and made those around him laugh. He reminds me of you and your father. He grew to be such an amazing young man so full of life. All of my family and myself send our deepest sympathy. Sending prayers and love. Praying God surrounds you with love and peace.
Love Janet and family
Posted by Kristel Kadak-Rahman on May 25, 2021
Kallid Tiia, Robert, Leenu ja Kaalep,

Ei ole sõnu, mis suudaks kirjeldada seda kurbust, mida me tunneme teie perele mõeldes. Joosep oli kaunis hing ja tema varane lahkumine südantlõhestav. Oleme leinas teiega. Mäletame Joosepit alati - Dhakast ja Pärnumaalt ja jagatud juttudest. See lehekülg siin on imeline austusavaldus tema rikkale elule. Aitäh, Joosep, et olid.

Kristel ja Rajon
Posted by Hannes Astok on May 25, 2021
Kallid Tiia ja Robert, Leenu, Kaalep,
sõnad on sellel hetkel jõuetud.
Meie kaastunne päikesepoisi Joosepi lahkumise puhul.

Maigi ja Hannes
Posted by Mona M'Bikay on May 25, 2021
Dear Tiia, dear Robert, dear Leenu and Kaleep,
We would like to express our sincere condolences to you.
It is hard to find the words to ease the heartache of losing a loved son and brother. I wish you to be guided by Joosep bright vibes. We remember him playing for AISD band in Dhaka.
We send you a lot of light to help you going through these difficult moments.
Our prayers are with you.
Rest in peace Joosep.
Kind regards,
Mona, Kairouan and Yannick
Posted by Calvin Dye Wisner on May 24, 2021
I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like Joosep. He was so caring and compassionate. Throughout my early years of college he was always looking out for me. He was everything that a friend should be. I’m so honored to have memories with him. We explored Big Sur beaches together and adventured all the way down to San Diego. I love him and there’s no one I would have rather taken those trips with.
Posted by Sarinda Perera on May 24, 2021
Dear Robert, Mrs. Juhkam and family,

There are no words to express my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved son Joosep. Wishing you great courage and strength to deal with your terrible loss.

With deepest sympathy,
Posted by Rebekah Granlund on May 23, 2021
I wish there was an absolutely perfect set of words to say in order to properly memorialize Joosep. I was lucky enough to have met him at the beginning of last semester, as I was his best friend Ryan's downstairs neighbor. The very first time I met him, I was greeted with a smile and a handshake as he told me his name....not often do college kids shake hands during introductions! It made me smile. I could instantly tell that he had a heart of gold. During a less than ideal semester, a highlight of it was spending time talking to Joosep out on Ryan's balcony, or when he would come hang out with my dog and I (my tiny dog absolutely adored him). Joosep was always happy to share stories of the places he had lived and traveled, always encouraging me to do so if I had the chance. He gave me a new perspective on lots of things, and I will think of him often when I think of traveling or stepping out of my comfort zone. I mistook his quietness when we first met as arrogance, and I could not have been more wrong. He just needed a minute to warm up, and the second he did, he was a friend for life. He gave the BEST bear hugs, and as someone who is big on hugs....I will always miss his. They were the absolute best. To Joosep's parents....know that you two raised the sweetest of sweetheart boys. Joosep's physical presence will be missed here forever, but he will live on in every surfing trip, days spent on the beach, and his friends here at CSUMB will cherish every moment we were lucky enough to have with him. I know I will.
Posted by Rita Paju on May 23, 2021
Kallid Robert ja pere
Mälestame sügavas kurbuses poja Joosepi surma puhul.
Mõtleme teie peale. Saadame armastus ja kalli
Tädi Mea, Rita, Debbie ja Kerry, Kaili ja Tõnu, Karley, Rikki ja Shelly
Posted by Beate Trankmann on May 23, 2021
Dear Robert,
You and your family have been constantly on my mind for the past week and it is hard to find the right lines for this message. There are no words that can provide comfort or ever fill the void that Joosep’s departure leaves. Please know however that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart goes out to you. I wish you courage, strength and faith to pull through these dark times and that hope and light will eventually replace the darkness.

May Joosep rest in peace.

Posted by Lianne Kuppens on May 22, 2021
Dear Titia, Robert

From Yuka I heard this incredible sad news of the loss of your son. For ever missed ! To loose a child is unimaginable, is the fear of all parents ..... and yet it happens. There are no words for such loss, for such pain .
I hope that fantastic, great memories will soon take over the deep pain you must feel now. We have great memories of Dhaka.
Sending you all lots of strength and energy.
Yuka and Lianne
Posted by Koh Miyaoi on May 22, 2021
Dear Robert and the family, I am so sorry for your unexpected loss. I am also sorry I have no word of comfort to the unimaginable pain and grief you're going through. I pray that your love and memories shared with your beautiful son will give you courage and strength. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Ryan Stanley on May 21, 2021
There’s soo many great and wonderful things to say about my best friend Joosep. He was a rock and a major foundation in my life, and a person that I could count on for anything and it’s hard to not be able to see him again but I feel him and I know that he is still my rock and guiding force towards making the world a better place. Me and Joosep met our freshman year at Cal State Monterey Bay, the past looking back we were soo nieve and just excited to be away from our parents and on our own. Me and him shared that sense of responsibility, we didn’t like asking for money because we both knew there is more to life than being stingy or keeping a grudge because of it. He was my best friend in college and also our friend Calvin, we were brothers throughout college. I met joosep on the first day of college took me a little while with his name but he didn’t give me much hardships, his parents already gave their kids a weird one with the double letter names. But that was something about him that interested me was the uniqueness of his name and being not from America, he was a man that had experience the world and that was something that I wanted to do with him and I know he will be there with me when I go to all the places we spoke about. Me and joosep were also roommates our sophomore year and me Calvin and him had our own hall. It was crazy to be with them it was something that we always wanted, and with COVID this got cut short which is awful, and hard. Me and joosep also took a diving class together at CSUMB, and would wake up at 6:30am to go scuba diving on Saturday morning. Yea imagine that Saturday morning this changed our priorities for the better and he would always drive us because I didn’t have a parking pass. There was soo much to Joosep he was the sweetest person and always cared for me. In life you can let pain lead you towards things that will make the world a worse place but I choose to honor joosep by carrying on our passions and making sure I can make our oceans a better place even through small change I think that would be something he could be proud of me for. You will always be my guiding light brotha rest easy and until we meet again❤️❤️
Posted by Avery Tagu on May 21, 2021
Kallid Tiia, Robert, Leenu ja Kaalep

Meie südamest tulev kaastunned teile Joosepi surma puhul. See on ka shokk meile.

Avery, Maarja, Rasmus ja Tauri
Posted by Renaud Meyer on May 21, 2021
Dear Robert and family,
Difficult to find the words to express how i want to share with you my sadness and how i wish i could help you all to go through this tragic episode.
I recall in Joosep a super active little boy when i visited your house in Bangkok many years ago and i see from the tribute to him that he had confirmed this through his youth and life as a young adult.
May he rest in peace and you find comfort and support from those who love you to go through this.
Posted by Claire Van der Vaeren on May 21, 2021
May you rest in peace, Joosep.
May the memories of your dreams warm the hearts of your family and friends.

Dear Robert and family
You are in my thoughts and in my prayers.
Posted by TIINA VASKA on May 20, 2021
Kallid Robert ja Tiia,

Sudamest kaastunne teile Joosepi surma puhul. Ei oska ette kujutatagi teie kurbust ja tuhjust.

teie peale moeldes,
Tiina ja Marcus
Posted by Andrea Berardo on May 20, 2021
Dear Tiia and Robert,
We heard about the tragic loss of your son. Elisa and I are deeply touched and our hearts are with you in your time of sorrow.
Elisa and Andrea
Posted by Steven Miron on May 19, 2021
Dear Robert, Tiia, Leenu and Kaalep,
I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Joosep. My niece, Leanne, who was Joosep's classmate, told me the tragic news. 
I have been grieving for your family since I learned about this, and as a parent, my heart is further shattered. And still, I can't imagine the depth of the pain you must be feeling.
I have seen the beautiful photos and tributes to your beloved son, whom I met in NYC when he was an infant.  My niece Leanne was very fond of Joosep. She recently saw him on zoom, and they said they would get together soon. Joosep will be dearly missed. I hope you find some solace in your memories of him.
Jonathan and Achong are also grieving. 
We send you our deepest condolences and love,
Steve, Achong and Jonathan
Posted by Besian Xhezo on May 19, 2021
Dear Robert and family,

Heartbroken to hear of Joosep's early departure. What a light he has shined - so much passion and how much accomplished already. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sincerely, Besian
Posted by Diana gao on May 19, 2021
Dear Robert and family,
I am so shocked at the passing of your beloved son, Joosep. I see such a warm, lively, bright young man coming out of these photos, memoir. My deepest condolences to you and your family. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you. Please take care.
Posted by Jaak Ranniste on May 19, 2021
Kallis Robert ja pere,

Meie südamlikud kaastunned.

Temast nüüd lugedes on kahju et me Joosepit ei kohtanud.

Helve ja Jaak
Posted by Maret Tamme on May 19, 2021
Kallid Tiia, Robert, Leenu, Kaalep, Klaara ja Maie!

Sügav kaastunne kaotuse puhul. Oleme mõttes teiega.

Ka sisaliku tee kivil jätab jälje,
kuigi me seda ei näe.
Iga mõte, mis tuleb ja läheb,
jääb kuhugi alles.
See, mis sa naeratades kinkisid,
võib kunagi otsa saada,
aga naeratus jääb.
Rõõm, mida sa kinni püüda ei teadnud,
jääb igavesti ootama.
Isegi ütlemata jäänud sõnad
on mõttes öeldud
ja kuhugi tallele pandud.
Kuidas muidu meie lühikeste päevade arv
saab täita aja määratud salved.
Kuidas muidu üksainus silmapilk
võib kivi paigalt veeretada.

Viia, Tanel, Mari, Ada, Maret

Posted by Dominica Capozucca on May 19, 2021
After we left Bangladesh, you and I communicated with each other once or twice. I always find it difficult to communicate with people who are not present in my daily reality. Maybe this is my way of interpreting the nomadic life we lead.
This does not mean that I forget people. Some of them are very present with me, I think about them a lot and constantly. The Kask Juhkam family is one of them.
Two weeks ago I went to Maastricht to visit Bruno, I went with Lorenzo in the car. And I always ask them about their friends, the current ones and those from other places. That time, I asked Bruno about Joosep. I don't know, it came to my memory and like a very big desire to see him, as sometimes happens to me with Fahmid or Hang Seung, for example, just to name a few.
In February 2020, Lorenzo and I went to Talinn. Not just because it's in front of Helsinki, but because it IS Talinn. The capital of Estonia. ESTONIA. The country of Tiia, Robert, Joosep, Kaalep and Leenu. Walking through the streets, I remembered when the kids had a t-shirt with the handmade flag. At the international fair in Dhaka, we shared a international stand together, and made a t-shirt combining our names. Joosep was with me selling empanadas, helping all the time. A kind and gentle boy, with a great willingness to help, to support others unconditionally.
That same year there was a football tournament at a French school, and Joosep was not part of the team. However, he came to all the practices and was always by my side, not saying much but supporting his friends. Bruno showed me a picture of that moment, Joosep is there with his cap, the greatest fan. And that's why the team photo is with him included, even if he didn't play.
Joosep was a sweet, polite boy. We all have not so good things about our character, I can't remember Joosep's, there are none. Cheerful playing drums, eating like you want to eat what he was eating at the Nordic club, going by rickshaw to Gulshan 1, jumping in the pool, singing with an angel voice with his choir and always a smile on his face.
I don't know how one copes with the loss of a child. It takes time. I send you strength, calm, time and my message that I am thinking of you and hugging you. Ma armastan sind väga ja olen kauguses koos sinuga.
Posted by Sripalee De Silva on May 19, 2021
Dear Robert,

Deeply saddened to hear the loss of your beloved son. Eventhough he left at such a young age I am pretty sure he had a joyful and a well-lived life.

I offer my deepest condolences to you and your family at this difficult time. May the outpouring of sympathy, the kind acts of friends and family help you through this difficult time.

May he attain the supreme bliss of nirvana.

Posted by mohamed Muzain on May 19, 2021
I am saddened by the news of your beloved son, Our heartfelt condolence to you and your family. May God rest his soul in peace.  No words can comfort you and your family during this difficult period, Our prayers are for your family.

Muzain & Family
Posted by Kelly y Fabrice Cavallin on May 19, 2021
Dear Tiia Robert & Kaalep, our heart and all our love with you in this terribly hard moment.
Kelly, Fabrice, Giulia & Santino.
Posted by Papia Chatterjee on May 19, 2021
Dear Tiia and family

I am so so saddened to know of the passing of this beautiful human being I used to know as an ever smiling energetic young boy. My heartfelt condolences to all of you. May you find strength to bear this loss. I believe those who love us, never really leave us.
Lots and lots of love
Posted by Sabrina Lee on May 18, 2021
To the family and friends of Yoosep,

I can’t imagine the pain everyone is going through and I wish you strength to get through this painful time.

I was Yoosep’s Residential Advisor for his 1st year at CSUMB. I was the one watching over everyone who lived on my floor and was basically their big sister. He was such a positive individual and was so full of light. His energy is truly contagious! When other residents would walk pass me without saying “hi” he would be the one to always address me. We bonded, we talked, we laughed. He was always supportive in showing up to our community events. I remember every weekend he would always go out and just have fun! Seeing him and his friends walk in my hall and the small talks we would have about the fun things they did made me so happy. It crushed me when CSUMB sent the email today with this heartbreaking news. I couldn’t believe it. Though this is a painful time, I can honestly say that Yoosep has touched so many people, including myself. He is truly an inspiration and will be a reminder to myself to live life to the fullest! His light will live on!
Posted by Kanni Wignaraja on May 18, 2021
Dear Robert, Tiia, Leenu and Kaalep,

Your UNDP family and friends across the Asia-Pacific are with you through this period of deep loss. Looking through the photos and reading of Joosep's adventures, it brings to life an amazing, warm young man who was a gift to all who knew him. As Joosep loved nature - the skies, winds and oceans around the world will carry his memories, his laughter and his spirit, and always keep him close to you.

We are here for you, Kanni
Posted by Teresa Branca on May 18, 2021
Hello Tia and Robert,
I am so sorry for this terrible tragedy. I still can't believe what happened. Rye Neck lost one of his Captains ( one of the best ). Francesco will missed him. He with the rest of the football team made an altar with joosep photo, candles and flowers in the football field. Francesco went there every single day because he wanted to be sure that all the candles are lit.
R. I. P. Joosep. You always be in our hearts and in our prayers. We always love and remember you.
Posted by Ashlee Cardenas on May 18, 2021
To the family and friends of Joosep,

I was deeply saddened when I opened my school email to see the loss a fellow classmate. What an extraordinary human. May his light and love radiate through all that knew him. I will pray for comfort—so much love. 
Posted by Swarnim Wagle on May 18, 2021
Dear Robert,
I am so sorry to hear about this tragic, monumental loss. From the fond descriptions here, Joosep comes across as so warm, talented and compassionate, and very much a millennial young man groomed for this century. My deepest condolences to the family.
Swarnim Wagle
Kathmandu & New York.
Posted by Betelihem Tesfaye on May 18, 2021
Dear Robert,

Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for your family’s loss. Please accept my deepest condolences. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May the precious memories of your son bring you comfort and peace.

Posted by Dr. Fahmida Khatun on May 19, 2021
Dear Robert, Tiia and family,
I am shocked and devastated to hear about this heartbroken news. I have no words to console you for this irreparable loss. Joosep is so close to my heart. As my son Fahmid's dear friend he used to spend time and have sleepovers at our home during his stay at the American International School Dhaka. He was such a lively and fun loving young soul. He became one of our family persons. He would sometimes imitate me when I would ask the boys to make less noise. He would also call our house staff the way I would call them, and try one or two Bengali words.

He was a talented boy with skills in many areas including football and music. Fahmid, Mahir and Joosep had formed a band named "Full Metal Jacket" which is the initials of their names and they performed on stage. I have been hanging the poster of the three boys stylishly posing and holding their instruments all along in Fahmid's room. It is one of my favourite pictures. Today, I look at the picture with uncontrollable tears. I will post the picture in this page for you. I met Joosep last in June 2015 in New York when he came to take Fahmid to your home. Fahmid and I were waiting outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal. He hugged me when he saw me after two years. We walked to the Grand Central Station. All my memories with him are so vivid and I cannot really reconcile with the fact that he left us so soon. 

Fahmid is heartbroken, shocked and distraught. He just cannot stop thinking about Joosep. He was looking forward to meet him sometime and catch up. My husband Mamun finds it difficult to accept that Joosep's time is up so early.

My heart goes out to you. May you and your family have the strength to face this difficult time. Fahmid, Mamun and I pray for Joosep's eternal peace. We will cherish his loving memory always. He will live in our hearts. God bless you.
Posted by Stano Saling on May 18, 2021
Dear Robert,

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved son Joosep. My thoughts are with you and your family; please accept my deepest condolences. Let me know if there’s anything I could do.

Posted by Herte Gebretsadik on May 18, 2021
Dear Robert and family,
Just heard of the very sad news. Our hearts ache for you.
I remember the beautiful way you told me of Joosep and how he found the perfect place in Monterey CA.. My deepest sympathy to you and your entire family. May God give you the strength to cope.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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