His Life

One year on, thank you and remember...

One year on since our Joosep departed our world to God’s home in heaven…..

It has been a journey of endless agonizing grief and disbelief, sadness and tears, questions and coping with the painful reality of the loss of Joosep.

We are profoundly grateful for the prayers, good thoughts, gestures, and support that we have received. Your support helps us to stay strong and get through the most painful times. Our heartfelt thank you to all of you for being there for us!

Joosep asked us to keep him in our hearts, and we ask you to keep him in your memories. We miss Joosep. Three simple words that carry such a heavy weight of indescribable feelings.

We hope that Joosep’s memory page can be a source of joy and inspiration to you. You see, Joosep was a genuine joy. A social, caring person. One who also took on the burdens of others, without complaint, indeed with pleasure and commitment. Keep posting. Tell your stories and share your memories of Joosep.

We’ve put more photos and videos. This site will stay, visit now and again, please.

As you visit, we invite you to begin by reading the open Letter that we shared on the about page….

Tiia and Robert