Posted by Deb Gagnon on March 5, 2021
I am someone who received Mrs. Plunkett's (sorry, I've known her since I was 11 so I still cannot come to call her 'Judy' even though I am now 56!) kindness and love for most of my life. From the moment I met Holly, Mrs. Plunkett welcomed me into her home at 12 South Lane. I spent so much time there and still walk by every time I return home for a visit... Such great memories and Mrs. Plunkett is the primary reason why. She made me feel welcomed, always, and one of the Plunkett/Murphy family. Such a beautiful, joyful, and grace-filled soul. I will be forever grateful to have had her in my life and to have had her as a role model of non-judgmental, unconditional love. I will cherish my last visit with her and watch Mama Mia 2 in her honor! I miss you so much already, Mrs. Plunkett... I wish we had more time to talk, reminisce, and enjoy one another. I promise to always be a true and loving friend to your children, which you seemed to have always trusted I would...
Posted by Leo Dawson on March 2, 2021
This is the post for Tom Murphy
Judy's brother:

Judy, Judy, Judy!!! She was a “Buffalo Gal” through and through. 

My lovely (think Elizabeth Taylor) and strong older sister. She passed away from life on earth to join her parents, Francis and Winifred, and her sisters, Rosie & Linda into the domain of God just 6 days after her 79th Birthday. 

My heart is hollow and I send all my love, support, sympathies and condolences to the Plunkett and Murphy families. 

Judy was especially proud of her children: Holly, John and Linda Ann and her multiple grand-children. She worked hard to provide her kids with the drive and education they needed to succeed in life and all 3 have excelled in their chosen fields because of her unreserved love, instruction and affection. 

Judy was a fun-loving free spirit who enjoyed dressing-up for any occasion, event or holiday. Her costumes were always something to behold. She evoked laughter wherever she happened to be. Her Buffalo Bills outfit was on hand for every game. 

Judy always had time for her family and friends. She extended a helping hand whenever it was needed and extended her compassion to whomever was in need. She felt especially blessed to be able to spend so much quality time with her youngest sister, Molly Murphy. Going to the movies, eating out and playing at the Casino with Molly were her favorite past times. They were a well-known pair. 

Judy took care of people her entire life. She cared for Dad, Mom and Mrs. Doll to name just 3 of the dozens of patients that she helped in their hours of need. 

Judy asked me to help Linda Ann when she became embroiled in a legal fight. Judy was very brave when she had to testify on the stand because she was very shy in public settings and worried that she might say the wrong thing. On the contrary, her testimony was pivotal in saving Linda Ann’s family by keeping Taylor together with Ryan, Linda and Steve. I was so proud of her! 

Judy, Judy, Judy!!! 

Now, I will fill my heart with fond memories of you in “All Your Glory!” You saved me when I needed saving. That is the same heart that you Branded so I could be found among the Indians if I ever got lost. I’ve been lost since your death, but now I am returned and find myself moving forward filled with wonderful memories of you. 
Posted by Virginia K Scattergood on February 28, 2021
Linda and family-

We will carry fond memories of Grandma Judy with us. From her cheering the “bros” on at baseball games to playing with them during play dates, we are privileged to have known her.

With love,
The Scattergoods
Posted by Edna Garza-Guerra on February 23, 2021
Dear Linda,

My deepest condolences for the loss of your Mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you/your loved ones. Linda, please find comfort knowing that your Mom will always be with you in spirit and is smiling down from above because she had the perfect daughter. I got to briefly meet your Mom when I visited Olga when she was living in Washington, DC in 2021. She was so sweet and friendly, I really enjoyed meeting her. She will be missed.

Thank you for support when Olga/I lost our Mom. You were with us and I hope you know that we are with you now. Stay strong! We love you.... Your Mom will be in my daily prayers, she will NOT be forgotten!
Posted by Olga DeLuna on February 23, 2021
I thank the Lord for giving my daughter and I the blessing of having met Judi and we are so grateful that she was part of our lives. Judi was such a wonderful and true friend; always looking out for everyone else and talking about her children with such pride and joy. Judi was a true caring and kind person who was always willing to lend a helping hand. She gave such love so willingly and welcomed us into her family with open arms when we found ourselves so far from home and family. It was a true blessing to share a lot of family dinners, holidays, and birthdays making memories to cherish for a lifetime. Family dinners were always a special time to laugh and enjoy with loved ones and we were always included as part of the family.

Judi is now gone from our arms, but still held in the hearts of all those she touched. 

Goldfarb Family: Remember, the good times and the memories Judi left behind with all those she so graciously loved and cherished. Those memories will carry you through the tough times ahead. She will be walking beside us every day until we meet again.

In Deepest Sympathy,
Olga and Jeanette DeLuna

Posted by Jennifer Regelman on February 21, 2021
The first time I met Grandma Judy she told me her whole life story! I felt like I’d known her my whole life! She was such a cool cat. Funny and easygoing and always cracking jokes. She was a free spirit and a lot of fun! I will miss her dearly. May her memory be for a blessing.
Posted by Marilyn Goldfarb on February 18, 2021
I do believe in angels - and know that you are one -and a very special one. It was wonderful to have you share a lot of family dinners, holidays, birthdays and even some travel. Spending time at Bethany Beach with the family was always a special time. Never quite long enough - but so great! It was also fun to have lunch together - just you and me. We could talk and joke, complain, and laugh about everyone and everything! I shall miss that.
Thank you for Linda - you raised a very special daughter. I am happy that she and Steve found each other.
Someone once told me that cardinals (birds) are messengers from heaven.
I have one that lives in my bushes and every time I see him I will think of you. Love you - you will be missed.
Rest in peace and may your memory be a blessing.
Posted by Leo Dawson on February 18, 2021
This Tribute is from your loving daughter Holly.

I feel a hole in my life because I no longer have you. You who was there for me no matter what. Rescuing me from my father, the shoulder to cry on whenever I was hurt and no matter how old I was. The one who forgave my disrespectful and turbulent teenage years. The one who helped me make my wedding veil and plan my wedding and of course gave me away at my wedding. 

You were there for me as I learned to be a wife. You helped me make a house a home, and helped Leo and I get our house built. You and me doing the electrical wiring!!  You were there when I delivered my sons, Jacob and Zackery, and helped me learn how to be a mother. You told me the dust and mess will always be there but your children are only little for so long, and how true that was. I learned to live in kid chaos because of you!

Until I was an adult and more importantly a mother I never really understood the sacrifices that you made for your children and appreciated the fears and pain you must have had, like when you put me, John and Linda all on a plane and sent us to Florida for a month to be with our father, a man who had wronged you and you knew had a drinking problem.

You gave up personal love for your love of your children and you never once complained. You worked long hours to give us a great Christmas every year and wonderful birthdays and you continued that on by spoiling all of your grandchildren. Boy, did you make some serious wishes come true at Christmas for all 6 of them. 

You were a bright and shining light who loved to have fun and dress up for every holiday. You would walk into public stores with Santa Hats on and the crazy big Leprechaun Hat!  Holiday scarves, necklaces and earrings, along with crazy glasses. You still did all of that for this final year. You made others smile and brightened their days. 

You touched people's lives just by noticing that they existed. You could talk to anyone about anything and you genuinely cared what they had to say. 

You never forgot what it was like to struggle and you gave to others in need. Always helping with Adopt a family at Christmas, buying suitcases for foster children, and even in 2019 when you had me go to the store with you and fill your cart with food so we could go and donate it to the NT food pantry. 

There are so many lives you impacted. Caring for Erin, De Lynn and Skip after the loss of their father. Helping the Healey family with their children. Helping care for David Doll because Mrs. Doll could not because of her MS. Quitting your job to care for John after his terrible motorcycle accident and for the next 20 some years thanking the fireman who helped save his life. You helped both your parents in their life and at the end of their lives: Driving Grandpa to treatments and you were the one who was with your mom when she passed. Helping to raise Mimi, Jack and Grace and giving Julie piece of mind while she was working. Caring for your niece Jackie when she was so ill. Helping your friend Cindy who struggled. I know I am missing people because there were so many. And of course the many people you cared for as a home care aid. The list would be long, but I remember their names!

Of course I have to mention your partner in crime here and that would be the unsinkable Molly Murphy! The two of you were peas in a pod, making people smile and laugh every where you went. Jacob still mentions how when he went to the movies with the two of you how every single person in the Regal theater knew both you and Molly by name! You and Molly and occasionally me on adventures; Olcott Beach, Fatima Shrine, the Sunflowers. You and her and the selfies. You gave her joy and she could just be herself with you. Remember her dancing across the front of the movie theater to the music in the previews? Wow did you and I get joy from that. 

You cared and cared until you needed care. Even in this last year you fought to get better. You were robbed of some quality time by this horrible 2020 pandemic. But we still had our moments that we shared. Pedicures in the apartment. Drives in the sunshine. Decorating the apartment. You also still had the joy of seeing your Bills go to the AFC Championship game and you wore your Bills gear to cheer them on!! 

While I know you no longer wanted to live the way you were with pain, so much medication and no real quality of life, and I know in my heart you are now at peace and hopefully with your Mom, Dad, Rosemary, Linda, Aunt Mary, Aunt Lou and many more angels, I still wish I had you for a little longer. Please look down on me and my family and continue to tell me, "don't worry Holly, everything will be okay, don't worry Holly I am fine, don't worry Holly, I love you."

Posted by Katie Yackamovich on February 17, 2021
Our sister Judy has joined our sisters Linda and Rosemary in heaven. Spirit to spirit and heart to heart, sisters forever together and apart! She will be lovingly missed. Contributions can be made to her favorite charity, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

Kathy, Eileen and Molly
Posted by Patricia McAllester on February 16, 2021
My husband and I considered Judy a special person when she would come to care for him. Always smiling and so pleasant. Delighted to have known her as well as Holly. My condolences to Judy's family and sincere sympathy.
Posted by AnnMarie Guthartz on February 15, 2021
Sincere sympathy to you Eileen and your entire family, may she Rest In Peace.
Posted by Linda Goldfarb on February 15, 2021
You were always able to see the good in everything and everyone and now that you are an angel go ahead and cross that 'stream', chase your dreams knowing your family is so full of love because you loved us so deeply. My life has been truly blessed, so full of joy and loads of laughter because of you! I will miss having my best friend to talk to, to tell her about my day, the kids day, or making plans for our next trip. My heart is broken, but I will try and fill it with all the great times we have shared. I miss you and expect you to keep watch as you have always done and I know in my heart that I will see you again someday. I love you mom...L

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