Bumpy Truck

Shared by Max Menius on July 7, 2018

As little kids, Judy drove Todd and me far out into the country to check on a timber clearing job she and her Dad had been working on. We were excited to be with her and to get a ride in the dump truck. As we left the job site, Judy took a rough dirt road out that had large potholes. 

For fun she would gun the engine and hit the potholes lifting Todd and me completely off the seat and bumping our heads on the roof of the truck. She laughed so hard and so did we!! 

Another time when I was visiting Judy on Military St. in Oxford, we left the back door open. When we came back, one of her Billy goats was standing on the Kitchen counter eating a loaf of bread Ah, so funny - will never forget it. Love you Judy Hart! We miss you, Max.

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