Posted by Max Menius on July 27, 2021
I remember as a kid Todd and me riding with Judy out to one of her job sites in the country where she had been clearing land. Judy had to go down a long dirt road that was full of potholes and bumps. We were in a pretty old dump truck. On the way back out from the job site, Judy drove fast enough that when she hit the potholes Todd and I were catapulted out of the seat with such force our heads would hit the roof of the truck. Judy laughed so hard. She would also put us in the front end loader (with the bucket raised high) and travel across the farm so we could get a nice 20 foot view of things. Judy loved creating adventures and memories with the people she loved. She had a great sense of humor. Her smile had energy. Her mother, Macy, also loved to laugh.
Posted by Shirley Bouvier on July 7, 2020
Roland and I were going through some old pictures the other day and there I found your high school senior picture.....Your were such a beautiful loving person and I wish I could give you a hug right now. Rest easy sweet cousin <3
Posted by Shirley Bouvier on July 29, 2016
Rest in peace my sweet cousin Judy. You lived and loved well and through your health struggles you have earned your angel wings. We didn't get to visit often, but when we
did get together our time was always filled with love and laughter. I'll miss that infectious smile and the knowing that you were always there for a friend in need. We love you and Cookie, always have and always will.
Posted by Max Menius on July 29, 2016
Judy loved deeply and was there for many people all throughout her life. I will cherish my memories of Judy, Cookie, Mom, and the rest of the family and the good times we spent together. Judy loved her father, Basil Hart, and she looked up to him and the example he set in her life. I know that she is at peace and with him now, and her mom Macy, and Scottie. Many hearts have been touched by Judy along the way. We were all better for having known her and for the time she shared with us being a cheerleader in our lives, a mentor, and a friend. We love you Judy, always and forever.
Posted by Anita Bachmann on July 29, 2016
Our family lost a sweet and dear family member this week. Judy was the essence of unconditional love- - always willing to lend a helping hand, always showing concern for others and always showing compassion for each person she met. Her love, admiration and respect for her Daddy (Uncle B) was something I will never forget. And she carried those same sentiments to others. 
Judy- you will be missed in our daily lives, but we will carry your spirit in our hearts forever.
Cookie- my love and prayers to you. You are and will always be "our family."
Anita (NeNe to Judy)
Posted by Dorothy Overby on July 29, 2016
Judy was a good person. Prayers lifted to her family and Cookie. May she RIP

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