Centre parcs

Shared by Kathleen Hillis on May 15, 2016

I only knew Judith for 12 years, which was my whole life. We would go to centre parcs every year since me and Alicia were nearly 4 when Alex was only 3 months. We go to centre parcs every year with them and visit them every year. Judith was always happy, I have never seen her mad or angry in my life.

She helped me with my maths if I was confused. She was always there for me and was like a second mum to me almost. I am going to miss her very much xx

The Beginning!

Shared by Lucy Breeze on May 14, 2016

When I first met Judith, it was at our first anti-natal class. Judith was the only one who came without her other half as she had thought men wouldn't be there! She then spent the first half of the meeting ringing Steve to appologise and beg him to join her, we did laugh!
She was also the only one with completely matching accessories, red shoes, bag and jewellery! She did love to be coordinated, even in this photo with Alicia! We became instant firm friends and here we are with Alicia and Maddy celebrating their friend Martha's first birthday!
I have so many memories of you Judith...just wish there had been time to make more! 

Where to begin??!!

Shared by Kira Buhler on May 13, 2016

Jude launched herself into my life when I was a teaching student at Didsbury sharing a house with 5 pretty lively girls, Kate, Sam, Chants, Jude Fielding and Anne Marie.When Anne Marie moved out, Jude moved in! Jude was the life and soul of the party, and we had many of those in Tenby avenue!! Including the toga party, that is pictured in the gallery. We all got wrapped up in our duvet covers and marched off down to the off licence, the guy in the office licence didn't make any comment, he had probably seen a lot worse! Jude formed the back drop to my life, always finding a reason to laugh. I can't begin to imagine the world without her and miss her hugely. 

Judith and Steve

Shared by Neil Graves on May 13, 2016

Such a tragic loss of a great friend. Our lives first bisected when we were all at College together in Manchester and we've been close ever since. Roly and I would force Steve and Jude out of the taxi simultaneously after the weekend nightclub and curry house sessions at 3am, pressurizing them to get their acts together and become partners. It obviously worked! We miss you Jude and all the joy you gave to our lives xxx 

A lasting impact

Shared by Paul Corrie on May 13, 2016

Judith was parachuted into the maths department at Fitzharrys School after a disappointing OfSTED. How lucky we were! I had just taken over the department and her ideas, help and advice were invaluable. Of more immediate impact was her teaching a key class of Year 11 students and preparing them for their GCSE - they were so lucky to have her as a teacher. She was unstinting in her dedicaiton to their maths education and so many of them have her to thank for helping them do so well.
When I mentioned the news to my wife she was immediately aware of Judith as I had sung her praises so much. "I remember her - you wanted to keep her as long as you could".
Her impact lives on with our students and so very many others. 

Baby pianos....

Shared by Rosie Simmons on May 12, 2016

I remember Judith turning up on my door to drop something off with a small Alicia in the car. She was excited as she had just bought a baby play piano for Alicia to play in her cot by kicking her feet. ..... It sounded great fun and I have to say I was a bit jealous. A couple of weeks later I saw Judith in town and asked if the piano was working well ..... "We took the batteries out" ... "She would kick her feet in the middle of the night and wake us all up!!"


Shared by Helen Bray on May 12, 2016

Jude and I shared a house for 2 years when we met as newly-qualified teachers at Droylsden High School in Manchester. We worked together, we travelled together, we socialised together, we cooked together, we even holidayed together and in all that time I honestly can't remember a cross word between us. Not that we didn't drive each other mad with our obsessive ways - me with my constant dusting of the TV cabinet top, Jude with her constant trips to John Lewis (no internet shopping in those days), and always trying to out-diet each other! How many evenings did we spend with Sam, Kira, Seema and others and then, after returning from Jabez Clegg or the Boardwalk, we would sit in the back yard and gossip about the evening's events over a final drink and sneaky cigarette. 
Jude and I were living together when she met Steve. We suddenly had to start going swimming every Sunday evening because he was going to be there. And when Jude felt Steve wasn't being pro-active enough in getting the relationship going, she made me drive her round to his flat for her to deliver a note with her phone number on it. I didn't think it was a good idea, but in her inimitable style, Jude was determined. Fortunately Steve took the bait and the rest is history - how wrong was I!! 
We shared a lot of wonderful times and I am more sad than I can say this week. But I have great memories that I treasure and will always be grateful for. Thanks Jude.  Love you. RIP.

Shared by Jackie Polkey on May 12, 2016

I didn't know Judith socially, but through the children at Junior school.  She always stopped and chatted both at the school gates and when I saw her in Wallingford. She was very friendly, always upbeat and had a beautiful smile. I was very sorry to hear the news and sad for your loss. XX


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