Shared by Pamela Snellbaker on July 19, 2017

You are beautiful...  you are Groot! ... you are life.

Auntie Loves YOU

Shared by Pamela Snellbaker on June 21, 2016

Its been a long hard year without you and your presence, but your Love is always felt.

On 6-15-16 we all got together to release some ballons with messages attached from each of us to you.. very healing for us. I took some pictures and Lovingly made this collage from some of them. WE LOVE YOU KADEN...Til we meet again.. 

The last avenger

Shared by Regina Fernandes on June 8, 2016

One year my son Kaden decided he wanted to put up our Christmas lights. He didn't really know how to do it but he was up for the challenge. While he was on the roof we took several videos of him performing in different characters. It's one of my best memories with my son! He was so funny and talented. I miss you Kaden 

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