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Met at Senior Center

Shared by Rebecca Boyd on May 21, 2021
I first met Karan when I picked her up to take to the Senior Center. We got to be pretty good friends and found out that we actually went to the same high school, Jesse H Jones. We had so much in common including our outlook in life. Karan enjoyed her brief time at the center and enjoyed participating in as many activities as possible. I'm glad I got to know her and miss her now. 
Shared by Arlette Smith on May 12, 2021
I saw Karan three years ago for the first time since I had moved away.  We had been very close friends until I moved in 2005 to East Texas.  I first met her when I moved to La Porte and started teaching with her at La Porte Junior High.  She was my mentor in teaching Language Arts.  We made many fun memories together.  She was part of my family as I was of hers.  We took many road trips together along with Jan.  We had so much fun.  She even claimed my grandchildren as hers.  Being that I lived around the corner from her, we were really inseparable.  Karan helped me plan and coordinate my wedding all in one month.  It was truly a wedding to remember.  What I couldn't do, she could.  Of course, others helped too, but she did most of it.  Thank you Karan for all and the many other fond memories that we shared. You will truly be missed.
Shared by Vicki Pearson on May 8, 2021
As I have thought about Karan one memory keeps popping up. I was 16 when my mom, my sister Jami and I drove to Houston to participate in Karan's wedding weekend. I think the first event was a bridesmaid luncheon. Everything was so lovely. As a teen I was in awe of my older cousin. Jami was her flower girl who threatened to steal the show as a 4 year old "big girl". Loved the lavender dresses of the bridesmaids. It was a fun experience for me and my family. Karan was a beautiful bride.  She will be missed.

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