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Business Partner & Friend

Shared by James Dereniak on January 18, 2021

Daffy and I hit it off rather quick. She scooped me up in 1990 at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts  and gave me the lead role opposite Daphne Von Braun, (Karen)  

I played Dr. Clive Jamison in what came to be known as" Passions Mountain", "Passions Pointe" and finally "Peachtree Manor."

As the show grew, I became co-writer, co-producer. This was Daffy's baby. Her show, her work and her talent. When she extended a partnership to me, it felt incredible. She always had the last decision and rightfully so. I respected her final decision. I brought Clive to life in a show she created. 

I wrote for Dr. Clive Jamison, Darren & Prudence. She took control of Daphne, Vanessa, Janet Greeneye, Lucky Lou and others.

Over the years not only did we remain business partners, she and I became dear friends.

A few years after we graduated we almost made it big with the show. We had a meeting with the president of CBS and all his executives in 1995. They watched the show with us and then turned to us and asked "Would you be willing to play your roles, Daphne and Dr. Clive and be executives writers, and executives in charge of story-line. We of course said "Yes"

Unfortunately, CBS was bought out and the deal fell through.

She was one of the only people who have always been by my side. I give respect and thankfulness to have known her as both, a business partner and friend.

Never too late Daffy!! They have holograms and somehow someway... Love you!!

Uh...Where's the Turkey?!!

Shared by James Dereniak on January 18, 2021
She and had spent several holidays together over the years and Thanksgiving was one of them. As always, Karen had a wonderful spread, lots of snacks: crunchy, creamy, & cheesy!

Then the wine would be poured. Stories told, memories hashed, Idea's created, goals set, laughs, insults "Clive you Idiot!"

When the sides were warmed the timer went off for the turkey!! Yea!!..Turkey! We were still very hungry...Russ should remember this.

She's chatting away...slips into her oven mitts and goes to open the oven..."Oh Damn! I forgot to put the Turkey in the damn oven!" We all laughed. Improvised with the contents of the fridge and enjoyed the rest of the eve!!

No worries!! Daffy to rescue for being Daffy!

It just seems like the time should not have come yet, my dear friend. Where is time going?

Get Your Gas From This Seductive, Sexy On-Air Talent! (Daffy!!)

Shared by James Dereniak on January 18, 2021
She and I had air-time together in our RTV-6 Class of 1990. Our strength laid in our video talent, not necessarily Radio. Well today, it was Radio.

I tossed a commercial her way and when I glanced over to her, headphones were half on and she looked as though she was being attacked by the control panel...however within a split second she turned on the mic and began to speak.

My jaw dropped as several people through the glass window looked up at the voice of Karen. It was a gas station commercial and because she was flustered, she started with a seductive, sensual tone and kept it through the entire commercial! 

She climaxed and segued into the music. She looked up and asked "What?"  I said it was the sexiest gas station commercial I have ever heard! She burst out laughing!! The entire school thought the same thing!

You were entirely Daffy!! Love you!

Who's He Hitting On?

Shared by James Dereniak on January 18, 2021
Karen (Daffy) and I headed out for an evening of cocktails and snacks at one of the local Restaurants.

We sat at the bar chatting-up the bartender and having a good time. 

This man approaches us and introduces himself. He's attractive, social, and flirtatious.
A half hour or so he excuses himself and walks away.

Karen and I look at each other then the bartender, back to each other and burst our laughing. Karen said "Who's he flirting with!?"
Bartender said he couldn't tell and I said "I think he wants us both!" LOL

Miss you my dear friend and business Partner! 

My Beautiful Friend!

Shared by Carole Polston on January 16, 2021
The day l first met Karen Lamb (Suzanne Plechette) and Larry Lamb (Alan Alda), l was bowled over! What a beautiful couple! Must l not forget Master Reme. Karen was kind, loving,  thoughtful, generous in spirit, opinionated, with a great sense of humor! She loved animals, and l found her to be someone you could always count on! She always loved hearing from those she so loved! Karen and l lived next door to each other until she moved out to California.  She loved going out to lunch and dinner. Karen loved to talk. I believe she was much softer on the inside than she wanted just anyone to see. Karen called it the way she saw it. I loved her dearly and miss her terribly! She was a wonderful friend. She loved her family and was proud of them! 
l still can’t get my mind around this. All of a sudden she was just a vapor! l am lost! 
Karen, until we meet again, my beautiful, gentle soul!Love you! 

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