Let the memory of Keith be with us forever.
  • 52 years old
  • Born on September 30, 1966 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on February 20, 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Keith Tyler II 52 years old , born on September 30, 1966 and passed away on February 20, 2019. We will remember him forever.He made a difference to so many. Steve, his red headed step child, to Juan, the one he kept, his best friend, Kal. Ramon and a cracker, Mason and a binky, his Lukaboo and tomatoes, Jax his newest love, and Evie the baby girl he waited for his whole life. His children who loved him dearly and his gaming family. He loved his siblings and family so much and he was loved. 2 hearts once broken, came together to find that when joined, a brand new, strong and most perfectly formed heart emerged. She will forever feel his loss.

Posted by Keith Tyler II on August 14, 2019
Your voice when you sang, so beautiful, when you fell and broke your wrist, I think, was the beginning of the end. Your 2nd love, playing guitar. You tried to fill that void to no avail. Your depression seeped in and over took you. I miss that velvet voice. Or that gravely one that came later. Jax can find you in a picture, I won't let them forget you. I promised. I'm not sure how I still have all these tears keep coming. You were the only safe harbor for me to fall apart. I'm losing pieces of me every day. I'm not going to our reunion because I can't live thru all the "How are you holding up, or you are in a better place" it's not true, you should be here with me. I don't want to cry in front of them. I will go next year. I live you so much.

This is my place to talk to you. It's not the same, but it will have to do.
Posted by Mark Elliott on August 6, 2019
you weren't supposed to get to heaven before me. you were more like a brother to me than a cousin. the memories, the stories we could tell. yes, some of them not so clean, lol. many i could tell. we could right a book.
you were supposed to get to heaven before me. but i will look for you just the same. we will meet again, my brother, i will bring the beers
Posted by Keith Tyler II on August 6, 2019
I write on your phone, it is still active. I can't turn it off. That is a finality I can't face. I can't and don't do anything anymore but wait for this nightmare to end. Steve coughed in the playroom. For s split second I thought it was you. You have been such an intragal part of my life, we really became one. It's more than missing a leg, it's as if I don't know who I am without you because my insides died with you. There us this gaping hole .....I can't fill, I can't even try. I don't want to live. The loneliness is as if I'm in sensory deprivation container. I have so many words left unsaid. I should have checked one more time, I should have known. I told you once I called you Husband as my pet name for you. If you think about it, who else would ever hold that title in my heart. I have bills I can't pay. My house is dirty, and I don't care. I place a forced smile, so do the kids. We're all hoping if we don't talk about you, you'll come home like this never happened.  Well I m not fine or good. Or even ok. I'm broken, more like shattered. Useless, nonrecyclable. It does not get better or easier. If I hear one more platitude......I am selfish to the core. I want you here with me. We were supposed to grow old together .your birthday is coming up, and our anniversary. These meant more to me than Christmas. Could I surprise you. Could I hold off giving you your present. Never quite made it so you got two. I know you can't read this. But if words could tell what love could mean. You'd be surprised at all they'd say, sincere and yet serine.

Your wife
Posted by Ronda Tyler on February 27, 2019
I'm stuck in ground hog day, I wake up every morning just to remember I forgot. I think. I'll just go ask Keith, then I remember, I forgot, I cant open a jar, and I remember, I forgot, my msg sounds off, and I remember. I forgot. I get up to check on you, and I remember, I forgot,

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