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For my baby ❤

Shared by Jennifer Smith on December 21, 2019
We had a love like no other, it was the kind of love that everyone wishes they had. This has my whole world upside down, my heart will forever be broken, your my everything and more. I can't wait until I see you again, that will be one of the best days of my life other than becoming your wife. Ill love you for infinity and beyond my love! 

A friend you could always count on.

Shared by Aletha Ellis on December 14, 2019
Keith was a great friend, and a great father. I met him 1998. At that time he had 3 children, and for a while I could not tell those were his step kids. He treated them all as though they were his own. During our friendship we became parents in the same year,  him for the 1st time biologically and me the 4rth and my last ( my baby) in 2000 ( we all wanted millennials). I never saw a more doting daddy. He was so proud of his babygirl Morgan. Than came Riley and he was super proud of his baby boy and for thier to be some more testosterone in the house. We raised our kids together and had many family outings together. You could never tell the difference between his biological kids and step kids, he even went on to adopt Brianne. We faded out of touch due to unforeseen circumstances. But  When he finally was able to be really happy and in-love, he contacted me and told me all about his wonderful GF Jennifer who became his beautiful wife. He wanted me to meet her which I have yet to do. Jennifer I never saw him more happy than the pictures with you, ( not posed but genuinely happy). He raved about her beauty and  how inlove he was and how she made him so happy. He stated how he missed his children, but he was so so happy.  He is an amazing man, and I’m honored to have known him, Rest In Peace Keith Smith. An angel Taken way too soon. You will be missed 4/ ever. 


Shared by Kimberly Smith on December 14, 2019
My wombmate, my twin, my protector and my best friend. The Twins. The Babies. We were inseparable for years.  Even in middle school; although, we each had our own friends we would still all hang out together. In high school we didn't always have the same lunch schedule. He would find my class and make faces at me through the window. We had our moments as all siblings do. Teenager fights.  Who gets to drive, who picks the TV show and the like. Oh the stories I could tell !!!  Life situations made distance between us but a few years ago we were able to reconnect.  I had my wombmate back! The best part of it he had found True Love, Miss Jen.   We have lost a great man. I lost my wombmate again. It hurts. Oh does it hurts!!!!! I know I am not the only one hurting. I pray for peace and some kind of comfort for us all.
Shared by Haley Reynolds on December 13, 2019
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Shared by Tina Spencer-Holliman on December 12, 2019
I’ve known Keith for a very long time.Keith was a great guy! He was the best dad. He was so good with all kids in general. He chose to raise kids that weren’t his and make them his without hesitation. I will forever remember his laugh. His giggle when him, Chris, Chad & Brian would tell “your mama” jokes. Will never forget it, ever. He always worked hard for his family. He deserved all the happiness. Definitely gone too soon. Many prayers for comfort & understanding for Jennifer, Brianne, Sydney, Morgan & Riley. I am so so sorry y’all are having to go through this. (((Hugs)))

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