• 52 years old
  • Born on November 21, 1958 in Grosse Point, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on July 14, 2011 in San Francisco, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kevin Mack, MD, MS.  

We hope to honor Kevin by making this a living memorial.  Please use this as a "hub" to share your stories and tributes.  Though you need to formally register to add anything, there is no advertising or spamming associated with registering.  You may leave brief tributes below, or longer stories on the "stories tab." 

A viewing was held on Tuesday evening, 6pm on July 19th, 2011 at St. Agnes Catholic Church on 1025 Masonic Avenue, San Francisco CA 94117.  The mass was held on Wednesday morning, 10am on July 20th, also at St. Agnes.  

A memorial service was held at 5:00 PM on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at Cole Hall, UCSF Parnassus Campus.  It was simulcast to the SFGH Cafeteria and to UC Berkeley University Hall, room 150.  Here is a link to the entire UCSF-based ceremony:

If you would like to download a copy of this event, email Amin ( and he will arrange for you to get access to it.

Kevin is buried in the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, at 1500 Mission Road; Colma, CA 94014. 

In lieu of flowers, donations to benefit his husband and children may be made to the Kevin Mack, MD Memorial Fund through Wells Fargo Bank.  Donations can be:

1) mailed c/o Amin Azzam to 348 51st Street #C; Oakland, CA 94609; or

2) made in person at any Wells Fargo Branch.  If you attempt to donate at a bank branch and the teller has troubles finding the account, encourage them to click on the "confidential tab" to locate the memorial fund.

Finally, Natalie Bybee (a dear close personal family friend) would like volunteers willing to create video clips of remembrances of Kevin so she can compile them as stories for his children.  If you are interested in offering a video remebrance, contact her directly at  More details on how you can contribute have now been posted under the "stories" tab of this site.

And on the eve of the 1 year anniversary of Kevin's death, here is an email from the UCSF psychiatry department chair:

Dear Department of Psychiatry Colleagues,

A year ago, on July 14, 2011, we lost our colleague Dr. Kevin Mack. I wanted to reach out to everyone in the department, in parallel with the school to medical students and faculty colleagues, and also in parallel with the UCSF- UCB Joint Medical Program to its community, as I know that many of us were deeply touched by Kevin. He brought laughter, warmth, support, and intellectual engagement to so many of us. I invite you to spend a special moment this weekend to remember him.

The School of Medicine announces the establishment of the Kevin Mack LGBT Champion Scholarship. This scholarship will honor Kevin’s open and unwavering commitment to the professional development and emotional support of all medical students, and especially those of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender identity. The scholarship will be awarded to one student each year in recognition of important contributions during medical school to the principles of non-discrimination and human rights that Kevin exemplified so strongly in word and deed. Details of the award and the application process will be distributed soon.   

The UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program honors Kevin's commitment and dedication to innovation in medical education with the creation of the Kevin Mack Medical Education Leadership Support Fund.  It supports the advancement and promotion of innovative educational efforts with an annual faculty support award. The fund will be formally established very soon.

At a department level, we instituted at this year’s Psychiatry Faculty Education Retreat the Annual Kevin Mack Life Lessons. Bestowed upon the session that best embodies Kevin’s spirit of life, loving and learning, this year the inaugural honored session was “Teaching Critical Thinking” led by David Elkin and Gilbert Villela.

Kevin will also be remembered by a special SFGH Psychiatry Grand Rounds session each Fall in his honor. The annual event will celebrate Kevin's playfulness, creativity, inspiration, teaching and mentoring.

Also, with colleagues I am planning a special activity for department members and alums to remember Kevin each year at the Fall national meeting of the Association of Academic Psychiatry, an organization that was near and dear to Kevin.

Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 20th November 2017
Dear Kevin: you would've been 59 this year!!! OMG....catching up with dear old Auntie. Now it's your 6th birthday in heaven and it still seems like yesterday that we talked.I still hear your voice and laughter. I think of you all the time and I know you welcomed our sweet Derek and your dear Uncle Dick into heaven. My sweetheart says he wants to meet my daddy, so please introduce them. I miss all of you so much. Love, Auntie Laurie
Posted by Joanna Mandell on 14th July 2017
Kevin, we miss you so much. I'm tutoring this fall, and I know I will be thinking about you all the time. Love you.
Posted by Paula Di Rita Wishart on 13th July 2017
Kevin, I am now older than you were when you left this earth. Your wisdom is missed, but the echoes of your love and mentorship remain with me.
Posted by Cheri Carey on 13th July 2017
I can't believe it's been 6 yrs. I talk about you all the time - especially at this time of year when the new interns arrive. I remember everything we shared working together at Cambridge. You will never be forgotten and will always have a special place in my heart.
Posted by Victor DiRita on 13th July 2017
Missing you as always Kevin. Kathy turns 60 today and her birthday is always a little less happy because we lost you. Love, Vic and Kathy
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 13th July 2017
My dear nephew, six years ago we lost you so tragically. I pray to you and for you every day along with my sis --your mom --and dear son and beloved husband -- who's death's I'm now mourning. The grief I feel from the deaths of those I love so much is paralyzing and life changing. I've lost my joy for life. All I can do now is pray for all the dear souls of the faithfully departed. May you all rest in peace. I also pray and hope to be rejoined again with all of you in eternal happiness in the loving arms of my husband and our dear Lord.
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on 20th November 2016
Dear Kevin, Happy Birthday dear friend. You never forgot a birthday and I'll never forget your's. You were a gift from God to us all. My heart is filled with gratitude for the blessing of you. I love you and miss you.
Posted by Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, MD on 20th November 2016
Happy birthday, dearest Kevin. Certainly an angel -- who is watching over all you held close to your heart .. and laughing and smiling with your beautiful smile. Love to your family.
Posted by Martin Zeoli on 12th November 2016
Kevin was a good friend and classmate of mine at DLS. We had our 40th reunion last night and we all miss him. Stories and laughs were shared. Kevin was truly a great guy.
Posted by Cheri Carey on 14th July 2016
I still miss you. Just the other day I said, if every human being showed the kindness that Kevin had, this world would be a much better place. Boy could we use you now!!! But I like to think that you have left your spirit with all your family, friends, and colleagues. You are always in my heart.
Posted by Jeff Maehara on 14th July 2016
Still thinking of you and hoping you know it. It's somewhere around 20+ years since I've heard your voice or seen you. This is the impact you have on people, greatest of mentors.
Posted by Maureen Mickus on 14th July 2016
Keviin, the thought of you is only one of joy and of a person who can completely light up a room with sheer goodness. I will remember you all of my life. You continue to be an inspiration to so many people and I feel completely privileged to have had you in my life. With loving memories of you my friend....
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 14th July 2016
Hard to believe it's been 5 years, Babycakes. Your memory and all you gave us are just as vibrant as ever. Aki sent me a photo from France would be so proud of the young lady she is becoming. You WILL NOT be forgotten...thank you again and again for your generous love. Miss you every day.
Posted by Sandie Harrington on 13th July 2016
So many days I wish to talk to you, Kevin. You touched me where it hurt and helped me heal. I wish there were more time. Your energy and spirit do live on, but oh how we long for you.
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on 13th July 2016
In so many countless ways we miss you in our lives, dearest friend and confidante. Our hearts still ache from our loss. I tell my children often about you--they are at the age that I first met you. How I wish they had had you in their lives to make the difference you made in mine. Praying for you and your family, Kevin. Please pray for all of us, too.
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 13th July 2016
Dearest Kevin: Our hearts were broken five years ago--it was a dreadful day. Many of us are still not mended and are still suffering from your loss in different ways. Five years ago today you may have left us as an earthly being, but you sure haven't left the hearts and minds of those who loved you, of those you loved, and of those you had such a tremendous impact on in your 52 years. You are alive everywhere! Your spirit lives on all around us--through Naoki, Aki and Nobu, your extended family and friends and your students and collegues... you left us a huge legacy of love. We still so miss your smile & laughter, your happy heart, your intellect, your love, your music, your stories, your passion for life and medicine and helping people and saving lives --those less fortunate and those suffering. You inspired so many people. We were honored and lucky to know you, Kevin Allen Mack. We continue to be proud to be your Auntie and Uncle, and we continue to celebrate you -- often. At milestone anniversaries like today however, many of us will be in deep reflection of you--remembering all of what you meant to us. We will recognize your contributions and the impacts you have made and the love you put into everything. We will listen to your voice in our head, your music in our ears, and, we will look at pictures of your smiling eyes. We will feel in our hearts the pleasures you still give us through these memories. Thank you! My dear Kevin, you were a sterling character of a man and I know I am a better person today because of you! Forever Missed!! Love, Auntie Laurie and Uncle Dick
Posted by Joanna Mandell on 16th April 2016
Kevin, we think of you often and miss you frequently. Wish i could tell you so many things.
Posted by Hiroyuki Mitsuishi on 8th December 2015
I do not forget you forever. The lecture that you have done at Kyoto in Japan was splendid. Many your japanese friends do not still forget you.
Posted by David Elkin on 20th November 2015
Kevin, every year we have a memorial grand rounds at SF General to honor your life and spirit, your passion for education and innovation, and your love of connection and connecting others, and the playfulness that you brought to every activity. Jeff Bridges in his book The Dude and The Zen Master talked about not distinguishing between work and play: plork! You embodied that philosophy and helped spread it to others. This year's talk was something that I developed with Gilbert Villela, how the archetypal figure of the Trickster can bring creativity and new perspectives to art, science, patient care, and education. It was the best way to honor you on your birthday! So as much as we all miss you, we get to celebrate your life and continue to remember you, our dear friend and mentor, in a way that I hope you would have wanted. Hugs, to you, and to all of the friends, colleagues and family whose lives you touched and infused with laughter, learning, and love.
Posted by Stephen Martin on 20th November 2015
I still teach in primary care and still have the benefit of Kevin's insights as to how to help people learn and care and flourish. I miss you, Kevin.
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 20th November 2015
Wow, you would've been 57 dear Kevin. Loved talking to you on your special day. You loved your birthday and you loved everyone's birthday. You truly made every day special for the people in your life. I miss you so. We all miss you so. Your light and love are still shining dear nephew. xxx Aunt Laurie & Uncle Dick
Posted by Sandie Harrington on 14th July 2015
How DOES one impart such joy and love to everyone at the same time, yet, singly. Kevin? I have good news for you- my late stage cancer is gone! I am cured of cancer, and it will never come back. Kevin, why me? I can't help but wonder if, just maybe, Kevin, you helped me out. I love you, miss you, and know you are happy, and live on in two worlds. Sandie
Posted by Paula Di Rita Wishart on 14th July 2015
Your impact of open-hearted love is lasting, dear friend. This would have been a good year for you to celebrate that. Miss you still.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 14th July 2015
Ah, dear Kevin, you were remembered and celebrated so much yesterday, on the 4th anniversary of that dreadful day. We lit candles and said prayers. Susan B. and I toasted to you with champagne and memories. Aki and I texted (her, from Paris...) about how much we both miss you. But then, you probably already know all of this... Your light shines love love you , Babycakes! oxoxox
Posted by Christian Burke on 14th July 2015
Kevin, I think of you a lot and wish you could swing by my office again on your way home so we can talk technology and innovations. Would love to share kid stories with you now.
Posted by Andrea Crowley on 14th July 2015
Ah Kevin, I can't believe it has been another year. Finding out I was pregnant this year was bittersweet without you to celebrate with me. You always said I needed to tell you first, right after I told Andy. I had all of PES stand in for you, when I went in the chart room and screamed out the news. Thank you for convincing me it was a good idea! And thank you for being such a loving person to everyone. I try to emulate that, as best I can.
Posted by Kent Olson on 13th July 2015
Kevin, I smile and think of you each time the JMP students show me how powerful and fun it is for them to take the reins of their own learning adventure. Love and peace.
Posted by Diana Twin on 13th July 2015
Dearest Kevin. So wish you were still here, so much to share with you. I love you so much.
Posted by Cheri Carey on 13th July 2015
Oh Kevin I can't believe it's been 4 yrs! On June 26th, the day "love won", my oldest sent me a text "what a happy day! Kevin would have been so happy". You and Naoki made such an impression on my 2 sons - part of who they are as young men is because of their interactions with you! I miss you all the time! xo
Posted by Robert Buckley on 13th July 2015
Kevin - Four years already. And you've left me with an impossible goal, you rascal. Every day I try to carry all my friends and acquaintances around in my mind the way you did, and generously give my time to thinking of ways to benefit each and all the way you did, but every day I get too caught up in myself and my own little projects and I fail again. How did you get like that, I wonder? Did you teach yourself to be that generous, or did it just happen?
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on 13th July 2015
Dear friend, your legacy lives on. Thank you for showing us how to love. Miss you but holding you always in my heart.
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 13th July 2015
Dearest Kevin: I miss you and need you more today than any other day with the sad news we rec'd on Uncle Dick yesterday. Please help me and guide me through this difficult time. So many of us have been so lost without you. It's sometimes hard to answer...."what would Kevin do?" I hope you are a happy soul dear one. You deserve to have peace. Loving you always and forever. Aunt Laurie & Uncle Dick
Posted by Maureen Mickus on 21st November 2014
Dear Kevin, You brought so much into this world and left so much behind as well. My experience at Kalamazoo College was brightened because you were part of it. I loved you dearly....Maureen
Posted by Richard Quint on 20th November 2014
Every time I enter the Joint Medical Program offices I am reminded that were it not for Kevin, I wouldn't be so involved with this treasure of medical education. His contributions vividly are reinforced every time a student stands up to teach her/his peers, asks a question, or draws insights from the learning process Kevin introduced and now is being imitated all around the country.
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on 20th November 2014
To my truly remarkable and unforgettable friend. Saying a special prayer for you on your birthday. Miss you.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 20th November 2014
Yes, sweet Kevin, another year has passed, and this is the 4th year we will not be able to celebrate our November birthdays together like we used to do. Although somehow you and I are always communing, and we celebrate joyfully together in spirit, if not in flesh. I think of you every day and love you still. oxoxoxo
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 20th November 2014
Thinking of you as I often do dear nephew, but today was your special day. I recall how you always remembered everyone's bday. I miss your contagious happiness you had for everyone. You are so missed.
Posted by Louai Bilal on 16th October 2014
Hi Kevin, Nora Volkow gave an awesome grand rounds in the department this week. I attended it from home sitting on my favorite couch, using My access remote system. It's a wonderful innovation that was once on our wish lists as teachers. Louai
Posted by Paula Di Rita Wishart on 15th July 2014
It's been 3 years, Kevin, and I am still learning lessons from how you lived your life. You are so missed in this world.
Posted by Stephen Martin on 15th July 2014
Kevin, very much miss your presence in this world and in the work of health. From someone who knew you too short a time.
Posted by Sandie Harrington on 15th July 2014
The world felt safer to me when you were in it. Missing you, thanking you for your friend Amin.
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on 14th July 2014
I pray for you often, Kevin, and I get so much comfort knowing that you are praying also for all of us! You have been gone for three years now, but you are present always in our hearts. You have given us a deeper understanding of what it means to love and that is quite a legacy.
Posted by Melanie Thomas on 13th July 2014
Wishing you were here as always. I miss your incredible combination of wisdom and humor. You sure are missed and loved around here, you know...
Posted by Maureen Mickus on 13th July 2014
Thinking of Kevin will always generate a sense of joy and gratitude for me. Kevin was a unique person and a true friend. My life was much richer for having him as part of it. I miss him and wish his family peace. He was a gift to all of us.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 13th July 2014
Three years can that be? Kevin, your spirit is so close, you are always with us! I talk to you at the garden ("Kevin's Corner") at SFGH... and Aki and I now text each other, keeping you with us! Gone but not forgotten...never were there truer words!
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 13th July 2014
There's not a week that goes by my dear nephew that I don't think of you, hear your voice talk to me about something, or actually see your smiling face just appear before me. Keeping you close is a comfort I cherish.That may be likely because I pray for you and I pray to you every week as well. Will always miss you here with us my sweet soul.
Posted by Robert Buckley on 3rd December 2013
Dear Kevin, I think of you all the time. Thank you for showing us a better way to live. I think you were somehow able to hold all your friends in your mind at the same time, in a sort of virtual theater, where you would imagine what would be interesting and delightful meetings and doings of each individual friend...and when a delightful possibility occurred to you, you would then call that person at 10 o'clock on a Saturday and tell them your wonderful thought. Thank you for that. I don't believe I'll ever have the energy and selflessness to do that, but it's a goal to strive toward. Say Hi to God for me.
Posted by Ron Gostek on 2nd December 2013
Saw Kathy and VIc in Ann Arbor back in September and we reminisced about our relationships with you and the some of the visits we had over the years. You are missed. In my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Anne Critchley on 21st November 2013
Still think of you often, you were so loved and admired, a true shining star. If you meet Jo give her one of your big comforting hugs and lots of love, miss you both......Anne xxx
Posted by Melanie Thomas on 20th November 2013
Hi dearest, thinking of you today and every day. Thanks for all of it, this world sure was brighter while you were in it. Just read Sara Hartley's tribute from 7/17/11 and agree wholeheartedly. It still seems a bit unclear what we are to do without you...

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