Let the memory of Kirstin be with us forever
  • 15 years old
  • Born on June 27, 1994 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
  • Passed away on May 13, 2010 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kirstin Leigh Deguara, 15, born on June 27, 1994 and passed away on May 13, 2010. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Debra Brown on May 13, 2019
9 Year Anniversary of your Death,just typing those words send shivers down my spine,it felt like we had lost you all over again.Remembering you is easy Kirstin we loved you so much,still do ,and will keep you in our hearts until we are united,Love always Mum :)
Posted by Debra Brown on May 12, 2017
Today marks 7 years without your bright bubbly self in lives, it was a pleasure to be your mum, if only for the time we had. Mothers Day tomorrow ,I have my memory of our last one we had together, it will always be treasured. Miss you so much Kirst <3
Posted by Debra Brown on June 26, 2016
Today and 13/5/10 hurts my heart like nothing else ,except of course for missing your siblings ,Mathew,Scott & Sonia frown emoticon:(
Happy 22nd Birthday my Beautiful girl,so many plans you had wanted to achieve in your life by this age,where ever you are Kirstin,I send you the warmest of hugs and my love,I hope one day we can be reunited,I miss you every day,until then,I'll be seeing you in my dreams. frown emoticon:(
Posted by Debra Brown on May 13, 2016
6 years without your loving ,beautiful, cheeky self in our lives. I wish I could honestly say it's become easier to deal with your death, but No! it isn't, it's still as heart breaking.

As long as I live, You will Live
As long as I Live, You will be remembered
As long as I Live, You will be loved
As long as I Live, You will be missed
Love & Miss You , Kirstin
Posted by Debra Brown on June 29, 2015
Laying a flower is all I can do for you Kirst,with all my heart I wished you were still here in the flesh,so you could have celebrated your 21st Birthday.Many Happy returns,I took flowers for you and had the all familiar tears for how everything has turned out.Forever in my thoughts,Love you.Mum <3
Posted by Debra Brown on June 27, 2014
27 June 1994 @ 0019 hrs at Mater Women's Hospital,Pimlico.
A precious little chubby 6 lb baby girl was born into the world,all pink with dark hair(.my first daughter ) "Kirstin Leigh Deguara"
Nan and Aunty Julie were first to hold you.
You were loved before you were born and the love only intensified at first glance at you.
Where ever you are Kirst,with all of my heart, I wish you a very Happy 20th Birthday.Love forever Mum.Miss you every second. <3
Posted by Debra Brown on May 14, 2014
Dearest Kirst,You can't imagine how much I miss you,I just can't get my head around how everything turned out..Today is the day I found out you'd been killed,but Not the day you died.
I will miss you,Today,Tomorrow and Always,until my last breathe and we are reunited,Love you..Mum <3
Posted by Debra Brown on May 13, 2013
Hey Kirst nearly that terrible time 3 years ago,I'm still in shock from the repercussions of that night..I wish we hadn't spent so much time on the small things and enjoyed just being mum and daughter.So much hurt,sadness,anger and hate,so many emotions,just shows how important you were to everybody.R.I.P Kirstin,one day we'll all be there with you. <3 Mum
Posted by Debra Brown on September 11, 2012
Kirstin,my lovely girl,it was a devastating long fight for you,but on the 24th of August 2012.The girl that drove you in front of a truck to your death,was found by a jury;Unanimously Guilty of Dangerous driving causing death.The sentence didn't suit the charge,but the knowledge the Gulit will be with her for life is her Karma to carry.Megan had a pink ribbon for luck from you.Love you-Mum
Posted by Debra Brown on May 17, 2012
Sunday,13th of May,2012  ( 2Years )
I got a visit from Xavier,we spent the night remembering you ,going over the possibilities of what and why it was you that died that night.I don't think any further insight was discovered.It is Thursday night again,sad memories always seem to find me.I love you Kirstin.<3
Posted by Debra Brown on May 7, 2012
Well Kirst,it's nearly 2 years since you were taken from us,It seems I'm left to feel the brunt of every-ones anger and miss givings.Nothing new for me,Huh.Life moves on I suppose,hurt and sorrow never goes away though.
As I fought for you in life ,I'm still doing the same,against all the odds,accountability for your death will happen. Living life sometimes is the punishment! I miss u.
Posted by Rebecca Cook on May 6, 2012
Dear my beloved cousin Kirstin Leigh... It has almost been two years since you left us, and those two years with out you have been hell. I just wish that night was just a big dream, but its not. My life is never going to be the same without you in it, I still cry when I see photo's of your beautiful face. I miss seeing your big smile and that cute little laugh you had. Miss you beautiful.
Posted by Debra Brown on February 24, 2012
My Dearest Kirst,your never far from my thoughts,I think about you,and even talk to you as you know .I hope your keeping well,and not too unhappy watching life proceed without you it's definitely not the same with you gone.I hope to finalize this memorial after Isabella's trial.
I'm hopeful for a jail term,but won't hold my breathe.
I'll fight for your right to life forever.I love you,Mum
Posted by Debra Brown on June 30, 2011
Hey Kirstin;It's been another Birthday 4 you,Your 17th.
I wrote on your memorials on face book,but had missed this one.
your not forgotten,we concreted your memorial at home the kids put heaps of gems through the concrete for you.
Posted by Debra Brown on March 17, 2011
I light this candle In memory of our special girl;Yes Kirstin you were special,and still are.I miss you so much it tares me apart,it has been 10 months now.It's Sonia's birthday soon,I love you,Kirst,miss you heaps too.Love Mum <3
Posted by Debra Brown on October 4, 2010
If tears could build me a highway,and my heartache could melt away, I'd trudge all the way to heaven to find you,and bring you home to me again.We had no "farewell my love",no" goodbye mum".My heart aches with a sadness only an mother would know- My Silent tears they flow-what it meant to be your mum,I should know-                          R.I.P MY Daughter-Kirstin Leigh
Posted by Debra Brown on September 21, 2010
Oh Kirstin,if only....I wish I could erase time and bring you back.No-way would this have happened.Now when your looking down,as I know you would be.You will know WHY I was so protective of you ,why I didn't want to let you go.It was always for you,I love you,miss your cheeky smile,your loving arms hugging me.Foreva will love you.mum.
Posted by Rebecca Cook on September 17, 2010
"To my beautiful cousin" A poem

If tears could build a stairway ans heartache build a lane.We would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.No words of farwell spoken.No time to say "Goodbye".You were gone before we know it only God knows the reason why.Our Hearts still ache with sadness ans silent tears still flow.What it meant to have you with us No one can ever know.
Posted by Rebecca Cook on September 8, 2010
"My loving cousin" We did god have to take you away from us at the age of 15,well now I know you are an angle above watching over us all. Every night I look up in the sky to see you and to see how you are going and I always have a talk with you. I really hope I get to see you again please wait for me up there I will get there one day so Wait at the gate for me so I am not alone. Love you Babii xx
Posted by Rebecca Cook on September 6, 2010
My loving Cousin Kirstin, You were the most gorgeous, glamorous and bubbliest girl I knew. I still can't belive you're gone, it seems just like yesterday that we would fake a sicky at school to come home early. I remember when you used to laugh it made me laugh because it was just so cute. The way I remember you is your long brown hair and your hazeal eyes.
Posted by Debra Brown on September 6, 2010
My beautiful daughter ,I look at your last photo.I have, all dressed for graduation, "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL"
But no graduation for you my lovely,taken away before you have a chance to prove all your critics so wrong.You were different,sincere,true and happy to be alive.That taken AWAY.I MISS YOU,KIRSTIN.LOVE MUM
Posted by Debra Brown on August 31, 2010
My girl,some say Angel,Yes I suppose you must be now,We missed so much time ...How I wish it was different.You always loved me,I know cause your the only one to ring and say hey mum,can I come for tea.I will always remember how you never forgot mothers day.
Posted by Debra Brown on August 29, 2010
In loving memory of my precious first daughter,Kirstin Leigh Deguara,God seen the terrible pain you were in opened his arms and said come to me precious angel,You were an exception daughter,You loved to the end ."REST IN PEACE MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL"
Posted by Debra Brown on August 29, 2010
Our beautiful sister-; forever remembered,missed and loved Caitlin,Hayden,Haylie and Lachlan.We remember you every Thursday at the exact time you were called away.You are the brightest Star in our sky...Remember you always.

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