Posted by Michael Phillips on April 6, 2022

It's been a whole year, we miss you and we will never forget you. I always see the 1-800-Got-Junk trunk around town. Every time I see it I picture you behind the wheel. We think of you often and the good times that we shared. Thanks for being there whenever we needed you. Rest easy my son.
Posted by Melissa Sullivan on May 8, 2021
Kyle always wanted me to succeed and supported me during tough times when we worked together.

When I was newer to teaching, I was having a hard time. I felt discouraged. So, I vented to Kyle about it, and he gave me this book called Tools for the Teacher, and it helped me out. He sincerely talked me off the ledge. I still have that book.

It meant a lot to me that Kyle cared enough for me to do well that he gave me the right tools to succeed. Kyle always believed I could do good.
Posted by Aj Silva on May 8, 2021
It was in November of 2015 that I first met Kyle. I had gone into our previous place of employment for a job interview. When he walked into the room to ask me some interview questions, he was quite the intimidating presence. With an impressive and massive beard, this man, dressed all in black, towering over me, sat down and asked me questions with the most stoic face. I somehow survived that interview, with my only game plan being to match his stoicism. When I started working at our previous place of employment, I had an impression that he would be a hard person to work under...I was immediately proven to be so incorrect. He immediately showed so much care for not only my training but to me as a person.

There was one instance where I had someone quit on me, and I decided to stay. Kyle could tell I was not too happy but wanted to show his appreciation for me. As I was stuck manning my department by myself, he walked up to me before leaving and asked me if he could buy and bring me dinner. I requested Thai food, he was more than willing to do that, but he asked me if there was anything else I needed. It is embarrassing to admit, but I am a cigarette smoker; I was all out of cigarettes, and I knew I would be pretty angry by the end of the shift. Knowing that may be a tall order, I gave him opportunities to say no. I was embarrassed. He looked at me and said, "It would be an honor. This will be the first time in my life I will ever buy cigarettes. I want to see how it feels." He followed through and came back with both Thai food and cigarettes for me. He was the most solid and friendly person I worked with who loved a good laugh and could see the comedy in chaos which brings me to my favorite memory. 

To raise money for a fundraiser, our previous employer had a hot dog barbecue in the front parking lot. After the barbecue was over, I sat at my desk and then got up to stretch my legs. While I walked around the building, I looked out to the parking lot to see a billow of smoke coming from the dumpster. Kyle and a couple of our other colleagues were throwing buckets of water on it. Someone had taken the burning charcoal and put it in a bucket of water; when the bucket of water did not put it out, it started melting, which eventually led to someone putting it in the dumpster. After seeing the smoke, I went and grabbed the fire extinguisher (which I was surprised no one else had thought of) and put it out. Kyle stood by me, watching me putting it out, and the look on his face was that of pride. He thought the situation was hilarious. The only downside is I felt he was disappointed that he did not think to grab the extinguisher himself. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I am sitting at my desk with my office door open, and I smell smoke coming from the back of the building. I open the backdoor to see a trashcan on fire with Kyle putting it out with an extinguisher. As I stand at the top of the stairs, he looked up at me, "You want in on this?" he said with a smile. I replied by nodding my head impishly yes. "Get down here!" he replied while waving his hand in a welcoming gesture. 

Kyle was a wonderful man with who I intended to interact with for years. He was so excited to take me to a Colombian restaurant to have arepas (my father is from Colombian, so he was delighted to see my opinion of his favorite Colombian restaurant) before we went to Ari Shaffir's, Renamed Storyteller Show. Kyle loved a good laugh. As fun as the times were that we had, I will remember him for his humor and his love, advocacy, and support. He will always be the guy who gave me an old Smith Corona to fix up and sell because he knew I had an interest. You see, I never got around to selling the typewriter he gave me, and now, I never will. It is now what I will keep; commemorating Kyle's goodness.
Posted by Luanne Spencer on April 28, 2021
We hired Kyle at Deluxe to be on a sales team when he was just a pup. He and I grew to have a wonderful bond. He was one of my favorites. He had the gift of gab and so enjoyed conversation. He would pop into my office frequently just to say hi. We would start chatting and I would have to remind him, and myself, to have him get on back to his desk before his manager came looking for him although truthfully I didn't want the conversation to end. 

The fascinating part of this story is association. I belonged to a choir downtown called Soli Deo Gloria. I became friends with a gal that sat next to me in the alto section. Our friendship grew and during a conversation I believe Tina asked me where I worked. To my surprise she said her son worked there also. Small world it is as it was Kyle. I would not have known as they had different last names.

Kyle, thank you for the wonderful conversation, your bright smile and infectious laugh. You will always have a place in my heart. You loved life and it loved you right back!  
Posted by Marda Lang on April 23, 2021
We were fortunate enough to live on Pine Bluff Road at the same time Tina, Kyle and Austin lived here. Our boys played together a lot! Kyle was always a joy to be around. Sweet, kind, polite.

This is one of my favorite stories to tell about just Kyle and myself.

One day years ago, when Kyle who was about 14 years old, he came to the door.  I told him the boys weren’t home, but he stepped in and visited with me for a while. I stepped into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and Kyle hollered out “Well I need to go”. I heard the front door close.

When I stepped back into the living room, I could see Kyle walking slowly down the street, repeatedly glancing back at the house. Then I looked down and saw a snake slithering across the living room floor! I ran, in a panic, to the front porch and started screaming for Kyle to “Get back here right now!” He turned and looked at me with his wonderful smile. He did not ask why or seem even a little surprised by my screaming. He came back to the house, came in, got the snake, and left.

I returned to the living room and watched him walking down the street again. This time he was not glancing back, he was laughing! And in spite of myself I found myself laughing too.

Ornery little rascal.
Posted by Spencer Hickenlooper on April 21, 2021
I have known Kyle for a long time. I don't think I ever saw him not smiling. Looking back I can't believe some of the crazy things he talked me into. There is a video somewhere of him slapping me in the face with a phone book, or when I lost a bet and had to go sing karaoke at a bar. I think it is so fitting of Kyle that the last text I got from him was on my birthday and he told me to celebrate by buying a Colorado Avalanche banana hammock and rocking it.
Posted by Lori St.Germain on April 13, 2021
Kyle was on my sales team at Deluxe. He was so much fun and always made us laugh! He was quick with a kind word and always had my back. We jokingly called him my 'toady' - a nickname he gave himself - since I would jokingly threaten to get Kyle to take care of those on the team that were misbehaving. Although he could look menacing, we all knew that inside he was an incredibly sweet and sensitive guy who would do anything for you if you needed him. One day, I declared an official 'Kyle Spiller Day' at work and decorated his desk and had everyone bow and/or salute him, including the managers of the other teams. We sometimes played volleyball for our team meetings at Kyle's request and he was always just a great guy to be around. I know that the team loved him. Kyle was absolutely one of my very favorite people in the world, and I loved that we reconnected on FB and stayed friends. It was so great to see the love that he had for his dear wife Charlotte and how happy he was with her. I will miss my 'toady' every day and am so very thankful that I had the great pleasure of meeting him and having him in my life. Some people are just destined to impact how you see the world, and the world through Kyle's eyes was nothing less than spectacular. Thank you, my dear friend for all of the laughter and joy you brought into my life. I love you dearly and forever.
Posted by Nikki Walker-Alvaran on April 13, 2021
I played church volleyball with Kyle. It was always important to get there early enough so that we could be on the same team. With us both being fiercely competitive, we needed to be together to have any fun :) if we weren’t on the same team you bet he was just as hard on me as he could be and wasn’t shy about trash talking. I’ve never seen such a big guy move so fast! His smile and laugh were infectious.
Posted by victoria garrison on April 13, 2021
What has stayed with me from my time with Kyle as a student is a presence of great warmth, together with a fair share of clear-eyed discernment. The outcome was trust. In the confusion and complication of the high school classroom, with Kyle there I felt safe. He was steady. And around him there was always the chance of some humor, even if only in the form of a twinkle that lightened up the day. I hope the very, very best for his good journey on.
Posted by Michael Phillips on April 10, 2021
Kyle was my "Brute Squad", he was always helpful when there was heavy lifting to be done.

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