Kyoko, London Eye, September 2006
Kyoko Yoshino Bourns
  • Date of passing: Nov 25, 2014

This site was created in memory of our loved one, Kyoko Yoshino Bourns. We will remember her forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Becky Lourey on 3rd December 2017

"Thank you for giving us all this opportunity to remember.  It was wonderful to slowly look at all of the pictures and treasure her life.  It is also comforting to know that her legacy and love and spirit are with her children forever."

This tribute was added by Kevin Haggerty on 25th November 2017

"God Bless you and the kids Nate!"

This tribute was added by Cindy Markwell on 25th November 2016

"I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Nate, Ethan and Kaya. You would be very proud of all of them. Nate is a wonderful father and Ethan and Kaya are beautiful and happy children. You would be happy to see how strong willed Kaya is. She so reminds me of you. My thoughts are with you more often than you would imagine. There will always be a special place in my heart for you."

This tribute was added by Blanca Aldasoro on 25th November 2016

"Mis oraciones para Kyoko hoy, y todo el amor para su linda familia! Que sean colmados con bendiciones que llenen sus corazones hoy y siempre!"

This tribute was added by Randi Bourns on 25th November 2016

"Dear Kyoko,  I have been very grateful to have spent the past two weeks with Nate, Ethan and Kaya.  We think of you ,speak of you and remember you every day.  You would be very proud of your intelligent, beautiful and sweet children and their father.  We miss you always.  Love, Randi (or Grandi to Ethan and Kaya)"

This tribute was added by Patricia Peterson on 27th November 2015

"I have been thinking of Kyoko and her family all this week and felt her strength and the strength of those she left behind.

Jung more or less says that if we don't experience great pain somewhere in our experiences that we will not know life.  A life of only joy does not develop our depths as one of happiness and sorrow.  There is a bigger picture than we mortals can see.

Blessings on Kyoko wherever she may be."

This tribute was added by Cindy Markwell on 26th November 2015

"Kyoko truly will be forever missed. She is always on my mind and in my heart. On this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful she was in my life."

This tribute was added by Claudette Martinez on 26th November 2015

"On the anniversary of Kyoko's passing, I just want to light a candle for a wonderful person who touched a lot of people."

This tribute was added by Phillips Bourns on 14th November 2015

"November 2015, on the anniversary of your passing:

My dear Kyoko,

We miss you so much.  Randi and I have had the pleasure of visits with Nate and the kids several times during the year in East Finchley and in St. Paul, MN.  Randi was with them in Iceland and London while their dad attended to some work.  Of course, we communicate frequently via SKYPE, etc..  They were here for Christmas last year and though it was somewhat subdued by your physical absence, Ethan and Kaya seemed to enjoy it all.  They will be here again this Christmas.  They are Christmas.  The man you chose to be your loving husband has been a marvelous father to them.  I know that he thinks of you all the time, and he works a labor of love in your memory.  Your children are marvelous, and your husband is their escort in life.  You remain - and shall always be - their guiding light.


This tribute was added by Phillips Bourns on 8th April 2015

"Nate, Kaya and Ethan called us on Facetime on Easter Sunday.  That way we watch the kids at home - this time, Kaya stayed at her dad's side to talk with us; she proudly showed off the medal her brother had won in his football match a day earlier.  

     Kyoko, your family in East Finchley is doing well.  They suffer, of course, and think of you continuously - none more than Nate, I think.  On the date that Easter fell this year was the one-year anniversary of their move to England from Mexico.  Kyoko was very ill, but the family's move was a way for her to provide her children with continuing profitable exposure to the world.  They were comfortable in Mexico and had learned so much, but Kyoko thought that they needed to learn and grow for a few years in Europe.  To understand why she did not want to move her family to Japan or to the USA one needs to understand that Kyoko had a plan of helping build great children with as much exposure to life as she could imagine.   She knew Japan; and Nate knew the USA.  

Kaya and Ethan, and Nate go forward together and individually, and help each other willingly.  It is beautiful.  But, we do miss you.


This tribute was added by Krystal Stein on 15th January 2015

"I looked up to Kyoko, she was my big sister that I didn't have growing up.  She was a very sweet, caring and strong person.  An amazing sister and friend to have.  She was so smart and a lot of fun.  She touched the hearts of all that knew her and that beauty of her will stay in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Sam Markwell on 12th January 2015

"Hold off the earth a while,/ Till I have caught her once more in mine arms"

This tribute was added by Robin Young on 17th December 2014

"For days I´ve searched for some words to share with you about such a truly beautiful person, Kyoko, your mother and wife, and always gracious host. And instead of words, I find myself smiling and crying.

I smile as I recall how Kyoko transitioned from one international capital, language and culture to another, from global environmental professional to mother, graciously, offering her carefully selected and deliciously prepared meals in your peaceful and loving and oh so neatly organized home (before and after the children were born the couch was still white!) to the friends and family from around the world who are all so blessed to have known such a special person. And I cry as I think that she won´t be there to give you a hug, smile, tell you it´s ok and what amazing people you are.

The smiles will remain as  Kyoko´s courageous and calm, yet adventurous, spirit lives on in Ethan and Kaya, in Nate´s love, and in the hearts of all of us who have known her.

Un gran abrazo de nuestra familia a la suya, Robin, Nico y Adrián"

This tribute was added by Cecilia Delgado on 15th December 2014

"Nate , Ethan y Kaya

Conocimos poco tiempo a su Esposa y Mama pero siempre fue con una sonrissa encantadora en verdad nos dolio mucho a toda la genereacion del Tomas Moro en Mexico y sepan que cuentan con todos en Mexico Un abrazo y mucha Luz

Vanessa Paco y Cecilia Camino"

This tribute was added by Gabrielle Nuijtens on 5th December 2014

"We can only imagine how hard it must be to have to live without Kyoko, your beloved wife and caring mother. We wish Nate, Ethan and Kaya strength and faith in this difficult time. When we count our blessings, you are always included.
Jacob, Gabrielle and Meike"

This tribute was added by Renee Holt on 5th December 2014

"Dear Nate,
Kyoko was a beautiful person, inside and out. She was warm, compassionate, funny and focused on whomever was with spending time with her. We are glad you two found each other and had the time together that you did, although it is so painful to think about your loss and the loss for your children. we are grateful for knowing Kyoko, too, and we have you and your kids in our thoughts now, sending you as much love as we can across the oceans. Our hearts go out to you.

Much love from Amie, Renee, Benjamin & Nicholas"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Joyce on 4th December 2014

"Dear Nate, Ethan, and Kaya:
We are so deeply sorry for your loss. We, too, have many happy memories of the time we shared with you all here in DF. Kyoko was a lovely woman and such a great mom. You created a beautiful family together, and I know her spirit lives on in your adorable children. Kyoko's strength and positivity throughout her struggle is remarkable and inspirational. We feel lucky to have known her.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Jenn, Gil, Mateo and Olivia"

This tribute was added by Geoff Chalmers on 4th December 2014

"Nate, Ethan and Kaya, know that many of us on many continents were thinking of you today - couldn't get you out of our minds, really. Mary, our trusty source in London, told us how moving the service was and how bravely you all got through such a hard day. I wish I was there with you all but I know you are in good hands with family and friends, and I know we will all get together soon. Reciban un abrazo calido de nuestra parte. Geoff, Christina, Lulu and Alex."

This tribute was added by Jim Winkler on 4th December 2014

"I am so sorry that many of us could not attend the memorial service today in London to share with Nate, Ethan, Kaya and family and friends the profound sorrow and also the joy that was Kyoko's life and spirit.  I hope that her indomitable spirit will comfort all of us, especially Nate, Ethan and Kaya, during the difficult days ahead, and over time, bring more joy than sorrow as she lives on in our hearts."

This tribute was added by alba rodriguez on 3rd December 2014

"Kyoko mujer alegre, siempre amable y sonriente, en su silencio se adivinaba un alma con gran misión. La de entregar amor a manos llenas a su querido esposo e hijos. Admirable por su fortaleza y dominio de sí. La primera vez que la ví junto a su esposo Nate (mi jefe) sin saber que eran esposos, me di cuenta que eran el uno para el otro, se miraban con dulzura. Puedo decir que lograron el amor perfecto, el que no pide nada a cambio y esa es el arma mas poderosa que ha dejado a sus hijos. "Kyoko de feliz memoria, Dios te ha llevado a disfrutar de su presencia, por tus méritos en esta tierra"."

This tribute was added by Nayeli Torres on 3rd December 2014

"Mi queridísima amiga Kyoko por fin puedo escribir acerca de ti, aunque me duele tanto tener que hablar ahora que no estás, y despedirme. Kyoko tan dulce y tan buena mi querida chocolis. Conocí a mi amiga trabajando y mientras más la conocía más me sorprendía lo amable y querida que era siempre con todos, gracias a ella pienso en Japón con tanta admiración, algo deben hacer bien para que alguien como ella haya crecido ahí. Me quedo con tu sonrisa y mis recuerdos del tiempo que tuve la fortuna de compartir contigo."

This tribute was added by Blanca Aldasoro on 3rd December 2014

"Para mi Kyoko fue una mujer que admiré mucho porque proyectaba dulzura y porque supo generar muchas bendiciones en su vida. Lo mejor que me tocó conocer de ella son Ethan y Kaya. Tengo una imagen gravada de Ethan, como de 4 años, cubriendo con su cuerpo a Kaya, que empezaba a caminar, para protegerla de un perro que se aproximaba a ella, y al cual Ethan percibió como un peligro. Dos niños tan lindos sólo pueden ser el resultado de la unión de dos maravillosos seres humanos como Nate y Kyoko. Que la energía del amor mantenga unidos los  corazones de los cuatro por siempre. Abrazos desde México."

This tribute was added by Caryl Alarcon on 2nd December 2014

"I met Kyoko in Mexico City.  I admired her for the work she was doing there and also for the kind, quiet, and loving person she was.  When Kyoko was expecting Ethan, a group of us helped her prepare her nest.  We sewed crib bedding, painted pictures of animals to match the crib, and we grew to know Kyoko much more.  On one occasion Kyoko shared with me that she was unsure she even wanted children.  But that all changed after Ethan and Kaya.  She fell deeply in love with them.  She glowed with joy.  You will be forever missed, Kyoko."

This tribute was added by karem pantin on 2nd December 2014

"Kyoko dirigió y coordino una visita del Secretario General, ahí surgió mi gran admiración por ella. Conocí a una persona fuerte pero gentil; decidida pero tranquila; con plena entereza y rectitud. También conocí su parte cálida y amorosa a través de su familia, dándoles siempre su lugar y el tiempo que merecían. Kyoko, tu paso por el mundo fue corto, pero siempre lo he pensado, perdurarás de acuerdo con la huella que hayas dejado, tu huella es enorme, seguirás entre nosotros siempre."

This tribute was added by Samantha Cairns on 2nd December 2014

"Having met Kyoko in August 2011 when our daughter Isabella joined kinder with Ethan, we have known Kyoko mainly throughout her illness.  Yet that is not how we see her or will remember her.  Like others we will remember her kindness, her quiet intelligence, her ability to know and speak what was really important, her willingness to listen and to offer encouragement, her smile, her wit and an overwhelming will to live.  And even more so we will remember her as a wonderful mother to Ethan and Kaya; the way she spoke to them, her sense of fun, attentiveness, the exquisite costumes she made for the school performances, (Frieda Kahlo and Tutankhamun spring to mind though she joked with Ethan she would rather he have been Nelson Mandela!).  There was the calm and considered way she dealt with the trials of growing up and her sheer joy in them.  They shine with all these qualities.

She gave us a lasting memory of her generous spirit when she took Isabella for a day late August 2013 whilst we packed for our move back to the UK.  The day was just for Ethan & Isabella to remember and enjoy as by now they had become the best of friends and we were sure they would miss each other.  There was scooting round the Chapultepec lakes, a trip to the play area, waffles in El Lago restaurant, a trip to the cinema and more play back home with Kaya.  Then if that wasn’t enough, later that evening a memento of the day dropped into our in-box.  A beautiful movie with video and pictures of their day titled ‘Amigos para Siempre’ (friends forever).  It was an expression of pure love.  Kyoko knew how to love and we will hold her, together with Nate, Ethan and Kaya in our hearts forever.  

We will miss you Kyoko.
Sam, Max and Isabella"

This tribute was added by Yuri Ito on 2nd December 2014

きょうこさんとはyaxcheel Montessori幼稚園で出会い、子供達の成長を共に見てきました。きょうこさんの美しく優しい笑顔はいつまでも私達の心の中に生きています。

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Kyoko.
I met Kyoko Yaxcheel montessori in Mexico city,Ethan and Kaya are my son Ryunosuke's friends. Kyoko was a great mother ,beatiful  lovely person it was my pleasure to have known her, it really was.
Please accept my sincere condolences.
May her soul rest in peace.

Un abrazo fuerte,

This tribute was added by Nadina Naime Rayes on 1st December 2014

"Querida Kioko, te recordamos con mucho cariño. Aunque tu estancia en el Tomas fue breve, no pasó inadvertida; tu y tu linda familia dejaron semillitas de cariño en todos y los llevamos siempre en el corazón.
Gracias por tu amistad y tu amable trato. Efectivamente, nunca escuché de ti algo negativo o una queja... No sabia por lo que estabas pasando y eso es lo mas impresionante. Siempre nos diste lo mejor de ti a los que te rodeamos.
Este es un tributo a una campeona. Aunque no era tu intención, nos enseñaste mucho con tu persona y tu partida.
Deseo que tus niños hermosos, tu esposo y tu familia estén bien y sientan paz en sus corazones.

Descansa en Paz y que Dios te bendiga.

Siempre te recordaré así... Alegre y campeona! ... disfrutando el tiempo presente y dando lo mejor de ti..."

This tribute was added by Paola Gómez on 1st December 2014

"Kyoko was one of my best and dearest friends, we had that complicity that one only gets with family members or after spending hours of chatting and laughter, deadlines, parties, joys and sorrows, which was our case. She was loved by everyone that knew her and I was not the exception.

I remember her coming everyday into my office to talk about our days, our families, the most irrelevant things of the day and the most important issues. She was so enthusiastic and passionate, but above all we all knew she loved her family deeply, that was the most important thing in the world for her. I cherished her friendship and trust, I hope I was worthy of hers.

Long after we both left UNDP I was lucky enough to keep close contact and visited her as much as the circumstances let us, she was still passionate about everything, happy and still a super mom, as Nate said, to her babies. Her love for her family was contagious and we love them as it was our own family. I am going to miss her wise advices and her laugh; but also her smile that irradiated peace even when times were difficult.

My thoughts, love and prayers are with Nate, Ethan and Kaya. I would like to let you know that we were truly blessed for having her in our lives; we will keep her memory and try to live up to her example of love and strength. Thank you for sharing her with the rest us, I am certain she lives still within you and she will be taking care of you from above.

Amiga hermosa, Kyky te quiero!!!"

This tribute was added by Greg Markwell on 1st December 2014

"My sorrow is hard to covey. Kyoko was wonderful a mother, daughter, wife, niece, whatever...but a wonderful person and a friend, and more,  to us all.  We will grievously miss her, and we loved her"

This tribute was added by Lou Casagrande on 1st December 2014

"Kyoko, we can only marvel at your spirit and courage and how you and Nate kept living and enjoying life through such a test.  Even though we were with you just a few times (most memorably in Mexico in the Spring of 2011), we shall always remember your strength and quiet determination.  We shall remain forever your loving admirers as part of the Bourns extended family."

This tribute was added by Colleen Green on 1st December 2014

"Kyoko, you had quiet strength and gentle spirit.  I am awed at the way you have managed the horror of this illness, and so incrediblysad that your time with us (especially Nate, Ethan and Kaya) was cut short.  Having spent a lovely afternoon with your family, I can see that your spirit will live on.  Go in peace. I am blessed to have known you."

This tribute was added by Analilia Huitrón on 1st December 2014

"Conocí a Kyoko a la salida de un elevador. No tenía idea de que era la esposa de mi jefe (Nate). Segundos después lo supe, fue solo ver los ojos de complicidad y amor entre ellos. Kyoko me saludó y se presentó con una sonrisa que irradiaba paz y nobleza. Después, en cada ocasión que coincidíamos, era verla siempre positiva y sonriente. Y aunque tuve pocos momentos de conversación con ella, las anécdotas que escuchaba sobre Kyoko, me hacían saber lo cercano, amoroso, detallista, inteligente y dulce ser humano que era. Para muestra dos botones: Ethan y Kaya, unos pequeños adorables, amorosos, sonrientes, tiernos y felices. Ejemplo y reflejo de Kyoko y Nate, dos personas que han demostrado ser seres humanos inigualables y  que siempre tendrán toda mi admiración, respeto, aprecio y cariño.

Kyoko será un ejemplo de fuerza, esperanza, lucha y sencillez. Sin duda una luz que guiará el camino de sus seres queridos.

Nate, Ethan y Kaya, decirles que comparto bien la pena y el desánimo que causa la ausencia de un ser amado, con quien quisiéramos seguir compartiendo físicamente momentos de felicidad y alegría, pero al mismo tiempo puedo confiarles que esa persona trasciende y se encuentra en nuestras vidas y memoria día a día, acción tras acción, haciéndonos mejores personas. No pierdan nunca la fe de que ella sigue con ustedes y los cuida, porque así será.

Contar conmigo y mi familia siempre.  

This tribute was added by doug mclean on 1st December 2014

"Kyoko’s quiet and peaceful presence comforted many and will be missed by all. Memories of her smile, laughter and concern for others will be everlasting."

This tribute was added by John Jepsen on 1st December 2014

"My memories of Kyoko are from our early professional days at DAI - where I always admired Nate for his professional talents, but also his beautiful relationship with Kyoko. Kyoko was a quiet energy - always one to lend a smile, nod of understanding, or beautiful laugh to all conversations.  She always entered with gorgeous style and grace - a true beauty.  Sending much love and support to you, Nate, and to your gorgeous children."

This tribute was added by Marla Bilonick on 1st December 2014

"Echoing the thoughts of many others here. What was striking about Kyoko was her beauty and grace. Both qualities were quiet...but that made them speak louder, somehow. Sending strength and much love to Nate, Ethan, and Kaya. Un abrazo fuerte, Marla"

This tribute was added by Maria M. Aguilar on 1st December 2014

"ue poco tiempo el que tuve oportunidad de conocer y tratar a Kioko.  Un ser humano ejemplar, de luz, serenidad y amor (un ángel). Pocas veces se tiene el privilegio que toquen tu vida y mi hija y Yo, también fuimos afortunadas; con sólo mirarla, su belleza física e interior, su paz, tocó nuestras vidas, dejándonos un gran ejemplo de vida y amor, también a través de su hermosa familia. Nate, Ethan, Kaya. Tienen un ANGEL por siempre y siempre estará en nuestro corazón."

This tribute was added by Kevin Haggerty on 1st December 2014

"I met Kyoko only once, in Mexico City. Her beauty charm and grace made that a memorable experience. My heart breaks for Nate and his family. God's grace is surely with her and with them."

This tribute was added by María José Mesén on 1st December 2014

"Siempre te recordaré con una sonrisa en el rostro e irradiando serenidad. Siempre amable, siempre dulce, aún en los momentos más difíciles. Y siempre ayudando en lo que podías, buscando una solución. You were a luminous human being Kyoko, a very bright women, a loving mother and the kindness of friends. I am blessed to have met you. Que esa paz y luz que tuviste en vida se extienda y siga presente en tus seres queridos. Nate, Ethan and Kaya my thoughts are with you."

This tribute was added by Alessandra Santorelli on 1st December 2014

"What can I say about our beautiful Kyoko that has not already been said. Having read all the tributes to Kyoko, it is clear that everyone saw in her what I saw in just the short time I knew her in Mexico City. Someone had already mentioned it, but Kyoko was a role-model for me and, I am sure, for others. A strong, beautiful (inside and out), intelligent woman who seemed to balance it all with ease and grace. She was so easy to talk to, caring, funny.....I could go on. I truly enjoyed the times we spent together and am blessed to have known her. I will never forget her.

Our thoughts and prayers for both Kyoko and Nate's families, and especially for Nate, Ethan and Kaya.

Jose and Alessandra"

This tribute was added by Crepin Christophe on 1st December 2014

"Kyoko was definetly a great women. We worked together when she was in DC, on TerrAfrica. She was always creative, happy to work, focused, very keen to learn new things and nice with everyone. Then, she moved to Mexico and we remained in touch for a while. Just great memories of the time spent with Kyoko."

This tribute was added by Yuri Damitz on 1st December 2014

"I met Kyoko in Monterey, when we were both right out of college. I was amazed by her confidence and ease with herself at that age. She seemed to know what she wanted and was willing to work hard for it. And with such grace.  I remember the first time she told me about falling in love with Nate. I still remember the sparkles in her eyes and thinking how beautiful they were. I simply could not imagine anyone can take over this perfect woman's heart, so completely, not until I saw them together.

She was the best friend in the true meaning of the word: she was kind and always there for you and yet was not afraid to give constructive feedback. I was too immature to fully appreciate her friendship at the time and we fell out of contact over the years. However, as the years went on, I often remembered our interactions, and realized how much she touched and changed me, at a very deep level. I thought she was blessed to have the life she wanted, with a beautiful family that she created with the person that she so dearly and passionately loved. But the truth is, I was the one who was blessed, along with everyone else who had a pleasure of receiving her friendship.

My prayers are with Nate, Ethan and Kaya."

This tribute was added by Ana María López on 30th November 2014

"Amiga hermosa, siempre estarás en mi mente y en mi corazón. Tu vida es un ejemplo de entereza, amor, prudencia y bondad. En todo el tiempo que te conocí jamás escuché que te quejaras de algo. Tu sola presencia irradiaba paz y serenidad. Siempre con una sonrisa y con una prudencia que calmaba los momentos más caóticos en la oficina... y vaya que nos tocaron varios!!!

Aún con toda la carga de trabajo y las actividades que tenías... siempre  encontrabas tiempo para preparar lunchs mágicos para Ethan y para Kaya.... para organizar nuestros intercambios navideños... Hey! por ti aprendimos a jugar yankee swap en Navidad!.

Un ser de luz...admirable en cada aspecto de tu vida... cada detalle con tanto amor y cuidado.

Kyky, el mayor tributo es seguir tu ejemplo como mujer y como ser humano... te lo dije muchas veces... pero una más y siempre: Te quiero muchísimo amiga!!!

Nate, Ethan y Kaya, de corazón mis oraciones están con ustedes. Les mando un enorme abrazo con todo mi cariño.


This tribute was added by Cindy Markwell on 30th November 2014

"I have read what others have said and every word is true. For years I have called her our beautiful Kyoko because it was true. She was one of the most beautiful people I have ever known.  She easily became part of my family when she and Nate moved to the DC area, and she graciously endured much from all our boys. She soon learned to give as good as she got. She was brave even as a much younger woman, and I admired her for that more than she knew. She proved it in the last few years. She was intelligent, educated, beautiful, accomplished. I have a hole in my heart and really have no words to describe my grief. My heart, as always, is with my beloved nephew, Nate, and with Ethan and Kaya."

This tribute was added by Laura Esquivel on 30th November 2014

"Que suerte tuve de conocer a Kyoko¡¡¡. Recuerdo la primera vez que la vi sentada en el Tomas Moro escuchando como sería la escuela de los niños, y como al verla pensé que no entendía nada... que sorpresa que hablaba mejor español que yo.

La pienso y solo puedo extrañarla y sentir su sonrisa, amabilidad, paz y todas las cosas positivas y lindas que transmitía solo de verla.

Tuve la gran oportunidad de convivir con ella en los partidos de futbol de los "Gansos Salvajes" en donde Ethan y mi hijo Pablo jugaban, de ser vecinas de Colonia en Polanco y darle "aventón" muchas veces, de escucharla y verla sonreír.

Siempre estará en mi corazón y pensamientos.

Un abrazo con toda el alma para Nate y en especial para los chiquitines de Ethan y Kaya. Que estén siempre llenos de bendiciones y paz. Desde México nuestro corazón esta con ustedes.

Laura y Pablo Varela"

This tribute was added by Leah Gowron on 30th November 2014

"I'm just learning of Kyoko's illness and now her passing, and there are simply not words sufficient to express my deep sorrow over Nate's (and both the Yoshino and Bourns families' loss).  While I had not been in touch with Kyoko for a number of years, the MIIS alumni "Mafia" had her name pop up, sharing the joyful news of babies, work, moves, etc. I'll be looking into the sky tonight and thinking of Kyoko, wishing her peace and asking also for peace for Nate during these difficult days."

This tribute was added by Beth Boburg on 30th November 2014

"I met Kyoko in Mexico City. We were friends before she had Ethan and Kaya and then while we were raising our small kids. I would see her from time to time at social gatherings, especially with Christina Chalmers, or more often in Lincoln Park with her family. She always had a smile on her face and some kind words to say. We never spoke of her illness. And I always felt a calmness in her presence...She had an aura of gentle strength and authenticity. She was someone who was completely present, in the moment. And she could be really funny, making very witty observations. Not long before she moved to London, I would see her almost weekly at Ethan's martial arts classes. We would chat, and she would beam with pride watching her son in his class. It was obvious how much she adored her children. I feel grateful that I got the chance to know her. My heart goes out to Ethan, Kaya, and Nate."

This tribute was added by Claudette Martinez on 30th November 2014

""Kyoko was a very special person, kind, loving, smart and very strong. The kind of person that reminds you that there is goodness in this world. Kyoko always had a smile and something kind to share. I am sure that everybody knew her, agree she was amazing. Even if it was a very short time, it was a privilege to know her."  

Nate my prayers are with you, Ethan, and Kaya."

This tribute was added by Dylan Bourns on 30th November 2014

"Kyoko was an amazing woman.  She was a beautiful woman.  Caring, funny, loving, smart, and strong.  Of course you know all of this already.  You did not need to know her for very long or spend much time in her presence before one or all of these truly genuine qualities became evident.  I am heartbroken by our loss and in disbelief.  I will always miss her and will think of her often.  She brought out the best of all of us and I will always cherish the time we shared."

This tribute was added by Nieves Alva on 30th November 2014

"I will always remember Kyoko with a smile on her face and a kind word on her lips.  She made everyone feel welcomed and special.  Kyoko loved her family, she loved her friends… and it was easy to love her in return.  She was an angel… a being full of wisdom, light, love and happiness… that is how we remember her.  

Nate, Ethan, Kaya… our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Edgar, Joaquín, Juan Pablo and I feel very lucky and blessed to have met her."

This tribute was added by Phillips Bourns on 29th November 2014

"Randi and I visited Kyoko, Nate, Kaya and Ethan in London for 3 weeks in September.  We had known that she was ill almost from the beginning and hated the idea of it.  The reality of it is harder.  Kyoko was a beautiful and intelligent woman and a loving wife.  Kaya and Ethan are beautiful, too.  (And Nate.)  Of the hundreds of photos I made of Kyoko, they are almost all with Ethan and Kaya, for she was a loving and present mother.

It is difficult for us who love Kyoko to write what we mean.  I cannot.  I can only add the weight of my sorrow, and Kyoko would not like to hear that of me.  So, I write of the visual Kyoko - my photos of her; my visions of her and my memories of her.  The idea of her.  Yet, I cannot but think of Nate and Kaya and Ethan.  I know that Randi and I, Dylan and Krystal, and other family and friends will keep Kyoko in our memory.  

Perhaps this is a good way to do that as a beginning, for me, at least, and I thank Nate, Christina and Geoff Chalmers, and Maria Okeffe for this place to come for a brief moment.  I have much more to write - more to say, but it will take me time to work it out.  I have not yet been able to express myself clearly.  I will add some photos to this site, soon.  I hope you will do the same.

Phil Bourns"

This tribute was added by Geoff Chalmers on 27th November 2014

"Kyoko was a kind and gentle soul, the kind of soul that remains forever in the hearts of those she touched, including not just me but my whole family. That gentleness, that generosity, that spirit will live for so long in Ethan and Kaya. We are all so much richer for the time we had her in our lives - a time so unfairly short, but so meaningful."

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